July 25, 2013

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Weeds Between Pavers

Removing Weeds Between PaversIf weeds are growing between your pavers, they are not only unattractive but can be difficult to eradicate. This is a page about removing weeds between pavers.


A bulldog with a flatulence problem

Remedies for Dogs With GasThis page is about remedies for dogs with gas. If your dog has problems with flatulence, it must be something in their diet.


Las Vegas Nevada sign.

Las Vegas, Nevada Frugal Travel GuideThis page is about Las Vegas, Nevada frugal travel guide. When traveling it is nice to know what to expect and ways that you can save on expenses.



Calzone RecipesThese Italian half moon shaped baked pockets are often referred to as a sandwich pizza. This page contains calzone recipes.


Potato Knishes

Potato Knish RecipesThis page contains potato knish recipes. The potato knish is a tasty baked pastry filled with potatoes and seasonings.


Meatball Calzone

Meatball Calzone RecipesThese Italian half moon shaped baked pockets are often referred to as a sandwich pizza. This page contains meatball calzone recipes.


A stack of old cellphones.

Donating Old CellphonesThis is a page about donating old cellphones. There are a number of charitable organizations that accept donated cell phones to redistribute to persons in need.


weed sprayer

Protecting Plants When Spraying for WeedsThis is a page about protecting plants when spraying for weeds. Choosing the proper herbicide and application method is a good start toward protecting your plants.


Adult Group Home

Name Ideas for an Adult Group Home?This is a page about name ideas for an adult group home. Group homes serve a diversified clientele. Choosing a name can convey your philosophy and focus for the way support is provided.


Bra isolated on a white background.

Washing BrasThis is a page about washing bras. Bras can be washed by hand or in the machine if care is taken.


Rice in a cast iron pan.

Cooking Rice at High Altitudes?This is a page about cooking rice at high altitudes. Cooking at high altitudes can be tricky. Because the air is dryer and the pressure lower, water boils at a lower temperature and moisture evaporates into the air more quickly. This makes cooking even basic items such as rice a challenge.


A dog wearing a collar.

Making a Dog CollarThis is a page about making a dog collar. You can make fun, unique, and practical dog collars for your own pets, those of friends, or to sell.


Ham and Cheese Calzone

Ham and Cheese Calzone RecipesThese Italian half moon shaped baked pockets are often referred to as a sandwich pizza. This page contains ham and cheese calzone recipes.


A woman weeding in her garden.

Weeding Tips and TricksThis is a page about weeding tips and tricks. Hand weeding is generally preferred in garden areas to prevent harming the other plants. A few simple tips can help with both weeding and reducing the growth of weeds in your garden.


Grand Canyon

Grand Canyon Frugal Travel GuideHaving an idea what to expect when traveling makes your trip more fun. This page is about grand canyon frugal travel guide.



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Cream Cheese CrescentsThese are made with vanilla and sugar and butter and the cream cheese brings a rich and wonderful flavor.


White dog with curly fur.

Reign (Toy Poodle)This is Reign. She thinks she's a princess, but maybe that is because she's spoiled and loved like one lol.


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Drawstring Bag for Washing BrasOver the years I have had several bras get ruined in the washer with the hooks getting stuck on the holes to the washer and dryer. I purchased sheets that came in a draw string bag that really had no use after the sheets were taken out.


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Buy Half Sheet Paper TowelsIf you are going to use paper towels the most obvious savings are to always buy the "select-a-size" where there are already perforations for a half a sheet.


linoleum knife

Using a Linoleum Knife for Weed RemovalA linoleum knife makes a great weeding tool. The sharp hooked end will cut through almost any weed, just below the soil.


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Removing Label from Glass JarsSoak glass jars in hottest water that your faucet will allow. Make sure labels are completely submerged. If there is more than one label that can't be submerged rotate the jar until labels are peeling off on their own.



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Increasing the Amperage of a Circuit Breaker?Would changing a 15 amp circuit breaker to a 20 or 30 make it stronger?


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Disposing of Sugar Contaminated By Ants?I just opened a 25lb bag of sugar and the little creatures were inside and a trail coming to the bag from my front door! How does one dispose of that much sugar? Will it hurt the yard, flower beds, or storm drains? Certainly one shouldn't use it, argh!


Dog with athletic jersey on.

Dog Pees Next to Pad Sometimes?My Chihuahua mix is nearly 2 years old and the sweetest lovebug. When we got her she was only 3 pounds and extremely ill. The vet said she needed to learn to pee inside because she was so small they were afraid she would pick something else up.


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Puppies Have Worms?My 9 puppies are 6 days old and have worms. How do I help them?


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Tie Dyeing a White Dress?I wanna dye my white cotton dress with two colors. But the center of the dress I want to stay white. How do I keep the dye from running towards the center?


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Name Ideas for an Adult Group Home?I am opening a group home for adult, mentally disabled individuals, but before I can do that I have to come up with a company name.


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Painting Over Oil Based Varnish With Water Based?Can I use water based varnish on previously petroleum based varnished floors? The drying time is the main factor in this regard.


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Bathing Suit Dye Bled Onto Itself?I washed my blue and white striped bathing suit today and the white turned into like a grey. How can I make it white again?


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Activities for a Summer Party?I want too have a summer party with about 20-30 friends, both boys and girls. But, I do not have anything in my backyard such as; pool or trampoline. I was thinking about a bonfire.


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Bleach Spot on New Blouse?I accidentally got bleach from a spray cleaner on my new light green blouse. Any suggestions for removing the bleach?


Crafts for Young Children?What are some things both a one year old and 3 year old would enjoy?


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Cleaning Bottom of Burnt Pans?I cannot clean my fry pans that are burnt from using the gas too high. I tried all types of cleaners, but nothing works.


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Kitchen Wall Paint Color Advice?I have removed the wallpaper from my kitchen walls and now I want to paint. My appliances are black with oak cabinets, beige countertops, and a dark blue floor. Can you give me colors?


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Removing Dark Circles Under Eyes?What home remedies can you use to lighten up dark circles or get rid of them?


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Introducing a 4 Month Old Male Kitten to 2 Year Old Female Cat?So I've had cats in my life,for about 20 years now, and I can say comfortably that I have a good understanding of their body language and signs of any sort of emotion. But admittedly, I've never taken the time to do formal introductions until now.


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Making a Leather Mask?I'm making a leather mask for a Halloween masked ball and I'm going to soak it and let it air dry, so it hardens and retains its shape. I already have paper pieces cut out for the parts, but I want to know how much the leather will shrink before I stitch all the leather together.


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Getting Rid of Seed Ticks?My dog just got spayed so she cannot get wet for another week, but some how she has picked up a bunch of seed ticks. I have heard all kinds of thing regarding garlic. Can I spray her down with a water garlic mix just enough to make the ticks want to get off of her?


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Cause of Sap Dripping from My Fir Tree?I have a 60 foot fir tree that is dripping a lot of sap. What is causing this?


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Making a Faux Mink Dog Collar?I am making a fake mink collar for my friend's dog, but I can't up with anything catchy for the tag. Any ideas would be great! Thanks.


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Repairing Cracks in Ceramic Floor Tile?How do I repair hair line cracks in ceramic floor tile?


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