September 18, 2013

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Sauerbraten RecipesA marinated roast and gravy recipe often served with dumplings, boiled potatoes, spaetzle, and red cabbage. This page contains sauerbraten recipes.


A hairdresser applying hairspray to a client in a salon.

Removing Hairspray Residue from Vinyl...This page is about removing hairspray residue from vinyl flooring. When you have used hair spray in the same spot, over time it can buildup on the floor.


A woman looking at her shopping list in a supermarket.

Feeding a Family InexpensivelyThis page is about feeding a family inexpensively. You can reduce your grocery bill by buying less prepared food, and being creative.


Two high school students performing a skit.

Homecoming Skit IdeasThis page is about homecoming skit ideas. With a good theme, creating a short comedy skit for your classmates can be fun.


Leather Boots

Cleaning Cat Urine on Leather BootsThis page is about cleaning cat urine on leather boots. A foul odor and stain can be present when the cat finds your footwear a good place to go.


White dog sitting in the backyard.

Growing Vegetables Where Pets Have Pooped or PeedThis page is about growing vegetables where pets have pooped or peed. Knowing that your soil is safe for growing food is important.


Front Loader Washer

LG Front Loader Washer is Off BalanceThis page is about LG loader washer is off balance. Determining why you are having trouble with your washing machine may require a professional.



Pomeranian's Coat Not Growing BackThis page is about Pomeranian's coat not growing back. When your pet has health issues, it is important to consult with your veterinarian.


Canopy Bed

Canopy Bed IdeasThis page contains canopy bed ideas. There are many of kinds of fabric that work well to drape around your bed.


Bulldog Mix

Bulldog Mix PhotosThis page contains bulldog mix photos. There are so many wonderful companions of all kinds.



Installing a Tip Out Sink TrayThis page is about installing a tip out sink tray. A convenient creative way to use of all your kitchen space.


Homemade Spice Rack

Homemade Spice Rack IdeasThis page contains homemade spice rack ideas. There are creative ways to keep your spices close at hand and easy to find.


A family playing in a sprinkler.

Cheap Ways to Beat the HeatThis page contains cheap ways to beat the heat. Try some ways to cool your temperatures and your budget as well.


Monster Doughnuts

Making Monster DoughnutsThis page is about making monster doughnuts. Simple decorations can make food really scary for Halloween holiday fun.


Pork Adobo

Using Adobo SeasoningA distinctive spice mixture that is a blend of garlic, oregano, paprika, salt, pepper, cumin, chilis and other spices. This page is about using adobo seasoning.


A white couch with colorful pillows.

Pillow Dye Transferred onto SofaThis page is about pillow dye transfered onto sofa. Brightly colored throw pillows may not be color fast.


Olde English Bulldogge

Olde English Bulldogge Breed Information and...This page contains olde English bulldogge breed information and photos. A recently developed athletic breed that looks similar to the bulldogs of 1820's, and has a friendly temperament.



Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream Cake - slice of cake 2

Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream CakeIce cream cakes can be quite expensive to buy, but they are actually easy to make. I made this cake for my son's birthday and it turned out great!


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Low Calorie Orange CakeMy husband has to cut the sugar from his diet, but he loves sweets. I tried this cake tonight and we both loved it. It satisfied the sweet craving and was so good and moist.



Numi on a pedestal.

Numi (Lilac Point Siamese Mix)Numi has appeared in Thriftyfun before. I just wanted to share this recent photo. He looks like he is posing on a pedestal. He can certainly be full of himself.


Using Stainless Steel Pet Bowls

Using Stainless Steel Pet BowlsConsider using stainless steel bowls for you pet's food and water. There are several advantages to this type of bowl. Stainless steel is just that, it will not corrode or tarnish. It also does not absorb odors as a plastic bowl can. It will not break.


Drilling though heater ducting.

Magnetic Metal Chip and Shavings CatcherThe DH has been disassembling some old PCs to recycle the parts. While taking apart a hard drive he came up with a use for the powerful magnet inside.


mummy pringles can 2

Mummy Pringles CanThese quick and easy Mummy Pringles Cans are a great way to "dress up" some snacks for your Halloween party!



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Cleaning and Freshening a RefrigeratorWhat do I use to to clean and freshen your refrigerator? I have tried everything and it does not work.


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Parent Paying Child Support Going on Long Term DisabilityI have a son who will turn 16 in December and I have never missed a child support payment in 11 years. I underwent two brain surgeries and again I'm having some health issues. As of this moment I have been home on sick pay, but I may be put on disability soon.


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Packing Green TomatoesWe want to take green tomatoes to our daughter in Montana, we live in Indiana. Will putting them in a cooler with newspaper around them be a good way? We are driving.


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Ride On Mower Won't StartMy uncle disengaged my mower and now it won't start or turn on.


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Shopping for Kraft Roka Blue SpreadWhere can I send away to order this cheese spread in the 5 oz juice glass?


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Painting a BathtubI would like to spray paint my bath tub; it's enamel. What paint do I use?


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Jelly Not SettingI made my 1st batch of wild grape jelly today. The recipe called for 3 cups sugar to 4 cups juice. I had 24 cups of juice so I added 18 cups of sugar. After over 2 hours boiling and stirring it finally started sheeting off the spoon. I was told that it possibly would take that long.


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SSI and Child SupportI have a friend that draws SSI and he got a divorce. In my state, Tennessee, there is a primary parent and secondary parent, determined by the amount of time that each parent has the child.


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Collecting Colored Wine BottlesDoes anyone know where I can get empty wine bottles? I would really like to find some colored ones. I live in Rochester and would appreciate any suggestions. Thanks.


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Paying Child Support When Receiving DisabilityI am not paying child support. I have helped take care of my kids until I was disabled in 2012. I'm on disability now. Now my wife says she wants more money from me. What can I do? Or can she apply for child support now?


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Selling a Doll CollectionWhere can I get the most money for my thirteen porcelain dolls?


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Disability Benefits for My ChildrenMy ex-husband has been receiving disability benefits for himself for over 15 years. I recently found out that he has been claiming that he has full custody of our 2 children and is receiving disability benefits in their names also.


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Perm Left Hair Very DryI got a perm to get it straight, I got one in December and then in March. I haven't had one since. I love my perm very much, except when I come out of the shower my hair turns very, very dry.


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16th Birthday Party IdeasI'm turning 16 this November, but I have no idea what to do. I was wanting to go to the mall, but there won't be enough room for me and my friends to all squeeze into one vehicle. I want something for about 6 people, that isn't too expensive though. Thanks (:


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Homecoming Float IdeasWe are looking for ideas for are homecoming float. We are the Warriors and we are playing the Chargers.


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HIPPA Rights/POAMy sister and brother have POA over my mother. Neither one is helping her with her medical issues (doctor appt, diabetes, hospital, medication, etc). I feel as if they are not good POAs for her health. What rights do I have. I'm being told because of the HIPPA law, I have no rights and hospitals can't do anything since she does not understand the seriousness of her illness. I also live in a different state than they do.


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Septic Cleaning and Inspection Prior to SellingMy niece stayed with us for awhile and I am now selling my house. I am pretty sure she was throwing up a lot. Will I pass inspection?


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Tightening the Shell Loops on Gun BeltI have a gun holster that has shell loops that are to big. How can I tighten it up without getting the holster/belt also?


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Will Citrus Peel Used to Discourage Cats Attract Ants?I like the citrus peel solution for keeping cats out of the garden! However, would that encourage ants? We already have a problem with them, as we live at the beach and the soil is very sandy!


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Treating Soil Before Bringing Plants Inside for the WinterWhat do I use to treat the soil of plants that I want to bring inside for the winter? I have Safer Soap that I can treat the plant itself, but what about the soil?


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