November 12, 2013

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A girl holding a basket full of vegetables.

Sharing Garden ProduceThis is a page about sharing garden produce. Even a modest backyard garden can yield more produce than one family can easily consume. Sharing your extra fruits and vegetables is a simple and kind way to provide fresh produce for friends and neighbors.


A toddler wearing jeans and a sweater.

Keeping a Toddler's Pants UpThis page is about keeping a toddler's pants up. Little people wearing big people's styles often need an adjustment, belt or suspenders to keep their pants up.


K-Cup Holder

K-Cup Holder IdeasThis is a page about K-Cup holder ideas. K-Cup storage can be a challenge, but there are all sorts of creative and thrifty ways to store your K-Cups.


Women playing bingo.

Making Bingo Cards?This is a page about making bingo cards. In addition to being a simple game which doesn't require much skill, bingo is a very fun, often addictive game that can also be used as an effective educational tool.


Crochet Hook

Making Crocheted Letters?This page is about making crocheted letters. Finding the right patterns can often be a challenge when you have an idea of what you would like to make.


pink tennis shoe

Donating Single Shoes?This page is about donating single shoes. Some companies make sample shoes for just one foot. They may be of use to some amputees.


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Mvelopes Budgeting System Reviews?This is a page about Mvelopes system reviews. Mvelopes is a home budgeting system that is based on the old envelope method of home finance where you stashed your money into different envelopes to last until the next pay period.


A couple working on their household budget.

Reducing Your Household BudgetThis is a page about reducing your household budget. It is important to budget for your household at all times, but it is especially vital during lean financial times. Reviewing your budget and finding places to eliminate or decrease outgoing funds will greatly help bring it into balance.


Potatoes Savoyard

Potatoes Savoyard RecipesThis page contains potato savoyard recipes. Try this classic French potato side dish, often made with Gruyere cheese and nutmeg.


Banana Split

Making a Banana SplitThis is a page about making a banana split. Perfect for sharing, the banana split is delightfully simple dessert to prepare. Put your own spin n this classic dessert by combining your favorite ice cream and topping flavors over a sliced banana.


Petstages Chew Toys

Petstages Chew Toy ReviewsThis page is about Petstages chew toy reviews. Dogs who love to chew need sturdy toys that can hold up to the wear and tear.


Safety Pin

Making a Safety Pin Basket?This page is about making a safety pin basket. These handy closable pins when hooked together, can be fashioned into a variety of things.


Watering a kitchen planter.

Creating Indoor GreeneryThis page is about creating indoor greenery. Whether you add living plants and herbs or cuttings and artificial plants, it is nice to decorate with vegetation.


White freezer with the door open.

Uses for Non-working Freezers?This is a page about uses for non-working freezers. If you have an old freezer that isn't working, you may be able to keep it out of the landfill by repurposing it.


Pony Beads

Crafts Using Pony BeadsThis is a page about crafts using pony beads. From simple bracelets to complex clothing and accessory designs, these large beads are a colorful and fun to craft with. Use pony beads for a variety of crafts that are great for kids and adults alike.


Carmel Popcorn

Cleaning Caramel Popcorn from Carpet?This page is about cleaning caramel popcorn from carpet. A sticky snack that may adhere to a rug or carpet when it spills on the floor.


Red Chinese lanterns.

Autumn Harvest Moon Festival Ideas?This page is about autumn harvest moon festival ideas. Held on the 15th day of the 8th Chinese lunar month, this fall festival is held in Asian communities throughout the world.



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Hanging Pants in Your ClosetHanging pants up with clothespins becomes a problem with the female shaping of pants so I began hanging mine upside down by the bottom hem. It even creates more room on the rod because the bulk is at the bottom.


Rein (Pitbull Terrier)

Rein (Pitbull Terrier)Rein is adopted from the Humane Society.


Plastic Grocery Bag Flowers

Plastic Grocery Bag FlowersScrunch plastic grocery bags length-wise and tie off in 4 or 5 places. Cut the top of the bag, then cut just below each place that the bag was tied off.


After photo.

Revamping Mom's Cedar ChestI thought for a long time before redoing this cedar chest that my mom received as an engagement gift during the depression.


Hutch lying upside down, closeup of face.

Hutch (Pit Bull)We got Hutch at a no kill shelter, his mom had her pups there. We picked him because he was very inquisitive, and just a happy little guy. He was 10 weeks or so when he came home with us. We called him Hutch because we came home on the Hutchinson Parkway and it just seemed to fit him.


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Repairing A Guitar's Strap Lock Screw HoleTwo of my electric guitars had loose strap-lock screw holes. For a quick and easy fix, I simply squeezed a little wood filler into the screw holes, screwed the strap-locks back into place, and allowed the wood filler to set.


Fuzzy wrapped up in ribbon with a bell attached.

Fuzzy (Domestic Longhair)Fuzzy is the nosiest cat I've owned. I can't do anything without her climbing into, on, and under my projects.



Heater fan.

GMC Heater Broken and Parts Lost Inside Vents?I have a 1995 GMC K1500. My motor on the blower/fan was making a loud noise. I removed it cleaned it and oiled the shaft. I put it back in and it was still noisy. So I bought a new one and installed it. There are 5 screws and it only fits one way. Everything was good and tight.


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Recipe for Tres Leches Cake?I am looking for a good recipe for 3 milk cake that is short on ingredients. Thank you.


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Older Dog Has Started Pooping in House?My Yorkie is 12 years old. He always been good going outside, but the last 3 days he goes outside for pee, but poos in the house.


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Preserving Leaves?How can I preserve leaves?


Closeup of the puppy.

What Breed is My Dog?I took him home with me after my friends and I almost hit him. I was wondering what type dog he is. He's white and tan, really fluffy, huge, and has beautiful eyes.


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Value of Encyclopedia Britannica?I have 12 volumes of encyclopedias, (1862-1865?). On the side they say encyclopedia Britannica, ninth edition. The volume numbers are in Roman numerals, with American revisions at the bottom.


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Using a Quilt Scrap Making Tool?What is a scrap making tool? Can anyone tell me? Thank you.


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Bottom Thread Keeps Breaking?I have a Kenmore Ultra stitch 12 and sew a lot of fleece on it. I do regular maintenance on it, but this problem has me baffled!The bottom thread keeps breaking and is loose and loopy.


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Selling Porcelain Dolls?Does anyone know who buys porcelain dolls in or around Athens, Georgia?


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Diet Meal Ideas?I am taking Slim Fast at dinner, no breakfast just a cup of tea, and a proper meal at tea time. I don't know what to make. Could anybody help me?


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Value of Porcelain Doll?I own a Heritage porcelain collector doll. What is she worth? It is collector's item #12324, Traveling Alexandria.


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Dodge Dakota Heater Not Working Properly?The heat on my 2001 Dodge Dakota only works on the third setting half the time, but you have to giggle the key. All my fluids are fine, but I'm not sure what else it could be. Help?


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Lights Not Working After Repairing Light Fitting?I tried changing a light fitting in the room, then put all the wires back how they were. There was a bang and now the lights won't work at all in the room. Can someone help?


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Blacksplash Color for Kitchen?I have blond oak cabinetry and black marblish counter top. I am looking at the facade metal that you can get in stainless or a copper colour. My walls or an earthtone brown. What would you suggest?


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Peppermint Extract for Mice?I was wondering, will pure peppermint extract with mint work as well to get rid of mice?


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Rehabilitating a Former Bait Dog?My wife and I found a dog in Hawaii on our honeymoon. He was starving and looked like he fought a boar. We took him to a vet and they said he looks like he was most likely used as a bait dog for fighting.


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