January 16, 2014

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An owl in flight.

Owl Wildlife Photos and InformationThese beautiful birds of prey have large heads with binocular vision and do most of their hunting at night. Capturing owl photos during the day can be a challenge. This page contains owl wildlife photos and information.


Baby Chewing on Toy

Baby Product ReviewsThis page contains baby product reviews. Having safe and durable baby items for your new family member is important. Other opinions can be helpful in finding what will work best for you.


A pot with food stuck to the lid.

Preventing Food from StickingKeeping food from clinging to pans and molds can make it easier to serve, and make the pans much easier to clean. This page is about preventing food from sticking.


A wicker basket decorated with gold garland and bells.

Basket Craft IdeasThis page contains basket craft ideas. There are many ways that baskets can be made, modified or filled to create fun and useful decorations.


White Rose Bush

White Rose PhotosThis page contains white rose photos. These exquisite flowers come in a variety of sizes and are appreciated by people all over the world.


Squirrel Eating From Bird Feeder

Keeping Squirrels Away (Deterring Squirrels)Despite their delightful antics, having squirrels eating the birdseed, garden or playing in your attic or shed, can be very frustrating. It can be a challenge to make your home and garden unappealing. This page is about keeping squirrels away (deterring squirrels).


Yeast for Baking

Buying and Using Yeast for BakingThis page is about buying and using yeast for baking. Active dry baking yeast comes in a variety of sizes. You want to be sure the amount you buy, retains its freshness and remains active.


A yellow banana peel.

Garden Uses for Banana PeelsThis page is about garden uses for banana peels. Besides being a good addition to the compost pile, these peelings can be an excellent fertilizer for some plants.


Woman Planting Garden With Daughter

Right Place and Right Plant TipsThis is a page about right place and right plant tips. One of the tricks for successful gardening is finding the right plant for that spot in your garden.


Thanksgiving Pumpkin Centerpiece Craft

Thanksgiving Craft IdeasThis page contains Thanksgiving craft ideas. Making colorful decorations for your home for Thanksgiving can be fun for young and old.


Woman Vacuuming Carpet

Tips for Long Lasting CarpetThis is a page about tips for long lasting carpet. Carpeting for your home can be expensive to buy and replace. By following a few easy practices you can extend the life or your carpet.


Homemade Apple Juice

Making Homemade Apple JuiceThis page is about making homemade apple juice. making your own fresh juices are delicious and nutritious. Having a juicer can make it easy.


Teenage Girls Singing Karaoke

Teen Party Game IdeasThis page contains teen party game ideas. There are creative, amusing ways for teens to enjoy each others company and have fun at parties.


Happy Couple Finding Plants at Nursery

Finding Plants?This page is about finding plants. From friends, nurseries and specialty stores, locating the garden or house plants you want isn't hard once you start looking.



homemade banana pancakes

Homemade Banana PancakesThese banana pancakes are so full of flavor and are super easy to make.


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Easy Macaroni and CheeseNo need to precook the pasta. Everything is mixed together and popped into the oven.



Velvet (Pig)

Velvet (Pig)This is Velvet, the most sweetest girl. She is almost 2 years old. We love her so much. I raised her and her brother since they were 1 day old. They were orphans.


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Operate an Old Computer Years into the FutureIf you have been on the web for years, do not listen to anybody who tells you to update or to upgrade your old computer.


Use DVD Shelves for Paperbacks

Use DVD Shelves for PaperbacksRecently, we got rid of many of our DVDs and video game cases so we no longer had a use for these tall narrow shelves. However, they are just the right size for paperbacks.


Foil Butterfly Cards

Foil Butterfly CardsRecycle chocolate foil wrappers to make beautiful butterflies such as are on the card in this tutorial. Once you have mastered this, you can easily transfer the technique to other projects such as butterfly magnets, decorate cigar boxes etc.


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Tips for Staying Alert and Awake While DrivingDriving your car for long periods of time, especially at night, can be tiring and even the most careful and attentive driver can become sleepy and less alert.


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Re-use Desiccant PodsMany tubs of fish oil capsules or vitamins contain a desiccant pod, to keep the tablets/capsules dry. When you finish the tub, re-use the desiccant pod in your biscuit tin or salt cellar.


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Add Toothpicks to Salt ShakerTo keep salt from caking in your salt shaker, put a few toothpicks in. You will never have to tap your salt shaker again before using.



Tan and cream dog.

What Breed is My Dog?We were told Shepherd and Keeshond? He loves the snow. We got him from a rescue. He is 5 years old and blind (cataracts).


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Making a Pom Pom Pillow Frame?I need to know how to make the frame and directions on how to wrap the yarn around and how to tie off and remove the pillow top. Can someone give me info or directions on the size of frame?


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Removing Hair Spray from Recliner?I have built up hair spray on my recliner. What will remove it?


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Postal Parcel Hasn't Arrived?I just want to ask about my parcel that was sent on 9 Jan 2014 to Scotland. The post office in Singapore said that it would take 4 to 6 working days to arrive.


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Name Ideas for a Group Daycare Center?I own a group home daycare, but I am trying to move to a center. Should I change the name from Veda's PlayHouse, Inc. to something else? And if so can you give me some suggestions?


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Replacement Power Supply for Perfect Fit Electric Warming Throw?I need a power supply replacement for my Perfect Fit electric warming throw.


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GFCI Outlet Not Working?I have a GFCI kitchen outlet that water got into and was tripped. It is connected to 3 other kitchen outlets that are not working as a result of the water.


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Keeping Flies Off My Dogs?I have two Huskies with flies biting their ears, nose, and paws. I used a Troy fly repellent cream I've bought, but it doesn't seem to be doing the job.


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Truck Heater Not Working?The cab does not heat up. I changed the thermostat, but it still doesn't heat. It is a 2000 model. Please help.


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Removing Burn Marks from Stainless Steel Cookware?Last week I was cooking and I accidentally put the steel lid on the hob while it was lit. I burned my hand and lost feeling in it, but am gradually getting it back, but also it made scorched purple marks on the lid itself.


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Daycare Name Ideas?My name is Brittany, but the kids that I teach at a corporate daycare call me "B". I want to start my own daycare and I want "B" as my name to be in it somewhere in its name.


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Cat Peeing and Pooping on Child's Bed?I have a very finicky cat. She has always assumed it was OK to pee on any paper or plastic left on the floor. But recently, she has taken to peeing and pooping on my daughter's (toddler) bed.


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Bolens H12xl Tractor?My Bolens tractor won't start. I need to push some snow. It turns over, but won't start up. Last time I had to hit the starter to get it to fire up. Any suggestions?


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Real Estate Business Names?I have a homework assignment (I'm in RE school to become a broker). I have to "name my company" for my name tag for class. I want something that starts with numbers or the letter A or B.


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Dog Poo in My Veggie Patch?I was away from home for about two weeks, when I came back the other day I found my neighbour's dogs in my garden (4 Rottweilers). It appears that they had been there a while.


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Dog Peeing and Pooping in House?We have a 9 month old Shepoo that we are having great difficulty in house training. He may pee or poop outside, but will do his business inside upon coming back into the house.


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Paint on Chipping on Ceramic Figurine?I have a 74 year old figurine and over the years it has been losing its paint. The base looks like hard white chalk. How do I remove the rest of the chipping paint?


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Homemade Shoe Stretcher?What can be used to stretch out fabric/non-leather tennis shoes without staining them?


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Bathtub Draining Slowly?My bathtub has a self close stopper. I took off the little thing connected to a chain that went down in the pipe to open and close drain. When I did the tub got slower and slower to drain.


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Getting Rid of Bleach Smell?I washed my plastic persiennes with some stuff that has 5 percent chlorine bleach. Now I can smell it in the flat. Is there any way to neutralize that chlorine smell?


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Removing Tarnish from Silver Jewelry?I want to know the acid used on silver jewelry for whitening?


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Salvage Grocery Stores in California?Does anyone know of any salvage grocery stores in southern California?


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