January 23, 2014

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Cutting Fresh Pineapple

Tips for Cutting Fresh PineappleThere are a few ways to make preparing pineapple easier, and get the most of your fruit. This page contains tips for cutting pineapple.


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Plunging Clogged Toilet Backs Up Into Sink?This page is about plunging clogged toilet backs up into sink. When your waste water plumbing is not working properly, you may need a snake or a plumber's help.


Fresh Crackers

Keeping Crackers FreshThis page is about keeping crackers fresh. Once you have opened those snacks, you want to be sure they maintain their crispness for another time.


Angel and Devil Toasting

Religious JokesThis page contains religious jokes. Humorous punch lines can make good hearted fun of church attendance and religious stories.


Glass Cook Top

Repairing a Glass Cook TopThis page is about repairing a glass cook top. Without replacing there may be ways to fix a crack or hole in a glass stove top.


Leather Sofa

Buying a Leather SofaThis page is about buying a leather sofa. Choosing the best covering for your living room furniture can help make it last longer and make maintenance easy.


Dog Sniffing Flower

Yard and Garden Hazards for PetsThis page is about yard and garden hazards for pets. Many are unaware of the number of things around the yard and garden that have the potential to be dangerous for pets.



Snowman garden flag weather vane.

Making a Simple Weather VaneI grew up with a weather vane and paid a lot of attention to which direction the wind was blowing from. I have missed that old weather vane and have always wanted one.


Mae Mae (Cat)

Mae Mae (Cat)Mae Mae loves to stretch out in the recliner as soon as it is vacant. She is a special needs kitty we were fostering and then adopted. She has Ataxia, or Floppy Cat Syndrome.


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Wear Properly Fitting ShoesMany years ago, I talked with a surgeon who told me that most people damage the blood vessels and structures in their feet long before they have diabetes by buying and wearing cheap, ill-fitting shoes.


Homemade Seed Sprouter - jar lid and hole punch

Homemade Seed SprouterI made a seed sprouter to sprout my own seeds for my salads, plus I always sprout my seeds before I plant them in my garden. This reduces the need to wait to see if my seeds will start growing, then weeding out others.


Used Pool Filter as a Garden Plant Stand - flowerpot on top of filter

Used Pool Filter as a Garden Plant StandI hated to throw away our used swimming pool filter and thought it looked so interesting. I stood it upright and put a flower pot on top of it. It adds prominence to an empty space in the garden.


What Is It? (Dove and Woodpecker)

What Is It? (Dove and Woodpecker)I tried to get a good picture of this woodpecker. I had to be quick as he would dart down, grab a sunflower seed and fly back up into the tree to eat it. There were also many doves at the feeder.


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Diatomaceous Earth as an Effective Flea KillerDiatomaceous earth is a big help in ridding the home of fleas. It acts as a dessicant by drying out the shell of the flea and "cutting" it.


Roll Call Tool for Keeping Up with Eight Cats

Roll Call Tool for Keeping Up with Eight CatsI learned this from my daughter's Head Start class many years ago and adapted this to a roll-call method to make sure all my cats are indoors during the arctic vortex or any other kind of cold snap.


Yummy Crockpot Ham Soup

Yummy Crockpot Ham SoupStaying warm this winter is a challenge. Good thing we love winter soups! I just raided my cabinets and used my crock pot to make one of the best ham soups I've ever tasted!


Use Shelf Liner to Keep Straps from Slipping

Use Shelf Liner to Keep Straps from SlippingTo keep your bra straps from slipping off of your shoulders cut a 2 inch rectangular piece of rubberized shelf and drawer liner and place it on your shoulder under your bra strap. It works!


Riley Canoe (Dog)

Riley Canoe (Dog)I recently had a swab DNA test done on Riley to see what type of dog he was. I was sure it would come back cattle dog cross. But there was not one into trace of it in him


Swim Noodles for Perches

Swim Noodles for PerchesI always decorate our rooster Phoenix's pen with swim noodles. Well, I had an extra one so I just laid that one in his pen by the opening to the crawl space where he goes at night.



white and black puppy on lap

Giving a Puppy Medicine for Worms?I was wondering if it is OK to give a 5 month old puppy worm medicine after just giving a dose 6 days ago. She still has worms and I can't afford take her to vet for 2 weeks.


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50th Birthday Surprise Gift?We are taking a girl's trip to Jamaica to celebrate 50th birthdays. There will be 8 of us going. The problem is 6 of them are turning 50 this year, and I want to do something special to surprise them while we are there.


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Honey Turned Darker?I have a jar of clover honey that was clear when I bought it, but has turned a dark brown color. Is it safe to eat?


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Dentures Hurting Gums?I just had my bottom dentures relined about 6hrs. ago and my gums are so sore I can't put them in my mouth.


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Getting All of the Coffee Out of the Can?How do you remove the last of the ground coffee out of a coffee can?


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Medical Assistance for Someone on a Fixed Income?I need to have cataract surgery. My insurance does not cover all of it. Are there resourses to help cover the portions not paid bu my insurance? I'm on a fixed income.


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Painting Skylight Frames?I have an all white kitchen, white walls, ceiling, ceramic wall tiles, except a few scattered wall tiles with painted flowers and a small bird hand painted on the upper corner of one wall.


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Snow and Ice Buildup Covering Auto Vents?How can I prevent snow and ice from covering my outside vents on a Pontiac Montana? It hard to defrost because of it.


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Worth of Encyclopedia Americana?I have a set of Encyclopedia Americana, International Edition, 30 volumes, 1st published 1829, copyright 1965. They are in mint condition. Can you tell me an approximate worth?


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Making a Coffee Urn Drip Catcher?Do you have instructions for making a coffee urn drip catcher out of a 2 liter plastic bottle?


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Identifying the Breed of a Young Puppy?How can you tell the difference between a Labrador Retriever puppy and a Pitbull puppy between 8-10 weeks?


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Collecting Past Child Support After Obligor Dies?Is it possible to receive anything for a child support case left running over a child's lifetime after the obligated parent has passed away? Father was deceased at (child's) age 20, now 25.


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Making a Coffee Urn Drip Catcher?Do you have instructions for making a coffee urn drip catcher out of a 2 liter plastic bottle?


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Real Estate Business Name Ideas?I want to find a name for my real estate business.


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Why is My Christmas Cactus Doing This?After many years my Christmas cactus has decided to bloom. This is great, but it is only blooming one flower at a time. One blooms and then it dies.


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Daycare Business Name Suggestions?I need a name for the daycare I am about to open in my home. It will be 24 hrs 7 days a week. I refer to kids as "sweets" and my name is Keke. Also, I may possibly honor my mom in the name her name is Cindy. Suggestions?


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Pain from Dentures?I'm 35 and had my teeth surgically removed in 2004. It's now 2014 and I still can't get a pair that's painless! I've had four pairs made by all different dentists and places.


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Reusing Metal Tea Candle Holders?Are there any uses for metal tea candle holders?


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Washer Not Spinning?I have a Frigidaire Infiniti front loader and it does not spin. It leaves my clothes wet. What could I do?


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