May 16, 2014

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Woman Needing Wardrobe Advice

Wardrobe AdviceThis is a page about wardrobe advice. Putting together a fashionable and affordable wardrobe can sometimes be a challenge.


fried potatoes

Frying PotatoesMaking the perfect fried potatoes often requires a few cooking tricks. This is a page about frying potatoes.



Cashew Pork RecipesCrunchy cashews, pork, and your choice of vegetables combine together for a great main dish. This page contains cashew pork recipes.


Remote Car Alarm

Using a Remote Car AlarmThis is a page about using a remote car alarm. All newer cars come with a remote door opener that also sets the car alarm.


Frozen Veggies

Thawing Frozen VeggiesThis is a page about thawing frozen veggies. Frozen veggies are best thawed before adding to your favorite recipe.


Russian Olive Tree

Getting Rid of Russian Olive TreeThis is a page about getting rid of Russian olive tree. This attractive shrub or small tree is originally from central Asia. Despite its beauty and some medicinal uses, this tree, in some areas, is considered an invasive weed.


An young girl standing with her mother.

Growing Up an Only ChildThis is a page about growing up an only child. Growing up an only child is not necessarily a lonely experience, but may be in fact very empowering.



Uses for M&M's Plastic TubesThis is a page about uses for M&M's plastic tubes. Those little plastic tubes that hold mini M&Ms have other uses after you finish the tasty chocolates inside.



Converting a Rental into a CondoThis is a page about converting a rental into a condo. There are several considerations, including legal ones, involved in the conversion of rental units into condominiums.


Seasoning Salt

Seasoning Salt RecipesRather than buy seasoned salt at the market, you can easily make your own special blend at home. This page contains seasoning salt recipes.


Broken Cane Chair

Repairing Cane ChairsThis is a page about repairing cane chairs. Chairs with cane backs or seats are lovely, but once the cane begins to break down they need to be repaired.


A torn seat on a dining room chair.

Repairing Dining Chair SeatsThis is a page about repairing dining chair seats. Even after the seats show a lot of wear and tear the chairs are usually still in good shape. You don't need to buy new chairs, simply repair the seat.


Screenshot of Odoban's website.

Odoban ReviewsThis is a page about Odoban reviews. Odoban is sold as a cleaner, disinfectant, deodorizer, and sanitizer.


Woman Burning Calories

Tips for Burning Extra CaloriesThis is a page about tips for burning extra calories. You don't necessarily have to join a gym or establish a rigorous exercise routine to burn extra calories. There are many easy ways to burn off calories with simple activities each day.


Shoe Polish

Removing Shoe Polish Stains from UpholsteryThis is a page about removing shoe polish stains from upholstery. Shoe polish can leave stains on furniture upholstery if it comes in contact with the fabric while it is still wet or has not been buffed out.


garden statue

Cleaning Garden StatuaryThis is a page about cleaning garden statuary. The elements can take a toll on your garden decorations.


Styrofoam Ice Chest

Crafts Using Styrofoam Ice ChestsStyrofoam is a difficult material to recycle, but before you throw those ice chests into the trash, get creative and use them in crafts. This is a page about crafts using styrofoam ice chests.


Burning brush in a backyard.

Alternatives to Backyard BurningThis is a page about alternatives to backyard burning. Although there are many states that still allow backyard trash and garden rubbish burning there are more environmentally friendly alternatives.


A woman sweeping a nice wood kitchen floor.

Kitchen Floor Color AdviceThis is a page about kitchen floor color advice. Your kitchen floor covers a large area, so choosing the right color is important to the overall look of the room.


Plants with grow lights.

Making an Indoor GreenhouseThis is a page about making an indoor greenhouse. You can easily and inexpensively build an indoor greenhouse.


George Foreman Grill

George Foreman Grill RecipesThis page contains George Foreman grill recipes. In addition to converting your favorite grilling recipes, there are many recipes for the George Foreman grill available.


Apple Crostata

Apple Crostata RecipesThis page contains apple crostata recipes. This delicious European style tart is shaped and baked on a cookie sheet.


Halloween Pumpkin Pie Dessert

Halloween Dessert RecipesHalloween is a fun time to create spooky desserts for parties and family dinner. This is a page about Halloween dessert recipes.



clematis growing against a fence

Little Duckling ClematisHere is an early morning picture of a clematis I own. It is named 'Little Duckling'. I'll be rooting cuttings soon. This is a case of 'More is better'.


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Black Bottom CheesecakeThis is the best! Easy to make and very easy to eat.


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Brillo for Stainless CookwareI was reading all the tips on stainless steel cookware. I clean mine with soap pads. It seems the more I scrub the brighter they shine! Just sayin.



puppy lying on bed with head up

What Breed is My New Puppy?I just got this little girl from the shelter and I know she's part Lab, but I don't know what else. They told me she's about 12 weeks old. Her legs are very long and she has white on her belly and the tip of her tail. Any ideas are appreciated, thanks!



Curtain Color AdviceI decided to paint the wall behind my fireplace a silver grey. The remaining walls a (light pink) dusty rose. I have pine floors, with a brick fireplace. What color curtains should I choose? I am so confused. Please help. Thank u all.


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Recycling Prescription BottlesDoes anyone recycle prescription bottles and how do you do it?


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425 John Deere Has No PowerMy John Deere 425 tractor has no power. The lights on the dash do not light and no power is present. I replaced the battery and terminals but still no power. What could the problem be?


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Finding Free Costume JewelryWhere can I find costume jewelry that people are giving away?


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Keeping a Cat Off the FurnitureHow can my daughter keep her white cat off of her furniture, counter tops, stove, couch, and chairs, even the stairway. She has tried spraying him with a squirt bottle, didn't work, now she has to put Reynolds wrap around all the counter tops, stove, tables, everything.


four photos of a dog

What Breed is My Dog?He is 13 weeks old tomorrow and I have been told Kelpie x Border Collie. He is active like a Kelpie/Collie. He rounds me up like a sheep dog, but I'm not sure. He has doubled in size in 1 month. What do u think?


volumes on bookshelves

Value of The Encyclopedia AmericanaI have a complete set of 1905 Encyclopedia Americana. What would their value be?


black puppy in yard

What Mix is Our Pup?We recently got this pup from a rescue, both parents are unknown and he is roughly 11-12 weeks old. We have been told anything from Chow (which I do not think at all), to Lab, to Shepherd mix. He has a white bib and a little on his feet. He is roughly 14lbs now, and seems short legged. Any guesses?


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Baby-sitting Service NamesI am looking to start a baby-sitting service, but can't seem to think of a cute and unique name for it. Any ideas?


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Spring Fell Out of Sewing MachineI have a Bernina Patchwork Edition 140. While sewing, a small spring fell out onto the dress along with the little hook part of the spring. It continues to sew just fine (if I hadn't noticed the spring, I'd never know).


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Wet Magazine Left on TableA wet magazine was left on finished table top inadvertently leaving some black words and some red from the magazine. How can I remove the print without ruining the finish?


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15th B-Day IdeasI'm turning 15 in 13 more days, but I wanna do something fun other than a party with a few friends and family. I'm also on a budget so nothing expense and overdoing it.


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Making a Terra Cotta LighthouseWhat kind of cement is used to put the pots together?


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Riding Mower Won't StartI have an 8yr old 42" Craftsman riding tractor that won't start. It will turn over a few seconds then stop and begin clicking. Once I was able to start it after I placed both hands flat on the thing that turns when you turn the key on and manually turned it a little.


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Starting a Burning Bush from a CuttingHow can you start a new bush from the one you have?


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Birthday Gift Ideas for BoyfriendOkay so my boyfriend is turning 15, and we've only been going out for 6 months, but are really serious. He's into bands and music, but already has an iPod and everything, and we're already going to a concert for his birthday (sponsored by his parents).


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Can't Turn Off Truck HeaterHeat comes out of vents when all switches off or on no matter the setting.


closeup of face

What Breed is My Dog?I Adopted this adorable pup a few weeks ago. He is 11 weeks and 12 pounds right now. Any guesses as to what breeds he's composed of?


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Divorce Taking Too LongI'm currently in the military and my soon-to-be-ex wife left me while I was deployed. She moved back to Florida and is now engaged and pregnant. We've been "separated" for 2 years and now she doesn't want to speed up the process.


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Repairing an Ice MakerThe plastic teeth on the ice maker got hung and the ice maker quit working. I fixed the piece and now the ice maker will not start.


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