July 23, 2014

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zucchini cake

Zucchini Dessert RecipesThis page contains zucchini dessert recipes. In addition to its use in quick bread recipes, zucchini can be used to make moist, delicious cakes and other desserts.


pot with candy cooking on stove

Removing Cooked on Candy from Pot?This is a page about removing cooked on candy from pot. Burnt on sugar can be difficult to remove from a pan.


soft sculpture Cupid

Recycle Nylons to Make a Soft Sculpture Cupid DollSoft sculptured dolls are fun to make and easy to create for any occasion. This cute doll is a wonderful Valentine's Day gift. This is a page about making a soft sculpture Cupid doll from old nylons.


sliders on a plate

Turkey Slider RecipesThis page contains turkey slider recipes. Ground turkey sliders are a nice lower fat alternative to the typical hamburger version.


red folder paper gift box

Making a Folded Paper Christmas Chocolate...This is a page about making a folded paper Christmas chocolate box. This folded paper box is as much a gift as the delicious chocolate inside.


Fiberglass Chairs

Making Fiberglass Furniture?This is a page about making fiberglass furniture. Manufacturing this type of furniture, you can use different techniques and materials.


parents and newborn

Helping a Family with a NewbornThis is a page about helping a family with a newborn. There are a number of ways you can assist and show new parents that you care.


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Choosing the Best Online Savings Institution?This is a page about best online savings institution. When finding the best place to put your savings, it can help to have no minimum, no fees, and a good interest rate.


Faux Fingernails

Using Faux FingernailsThis is a page about using faux fingernails. There are tips to make wearing fake fingernails an enjoyable experience.


Sea Beans (Salicornia)

Recipes Using Sea Beans (Salicornia)This is a page about recipes using sea beans (salicornia). Salicornia is a genus of plants which grow in salty environments, and an interesting addition to your meal.


Watering Can Card

Making a Garden Party InvitationThis is a page about making a garden party invitation. Making the invitations for your upcoming garden party adds a nice touch to the event.


Shower Enclosure

Shower Enclosure Walls Dry and Peeling?This is a page about shower enclosure walls dry and peeling. Certain types of bathroom wallboard are used to line shower enclosures. Usage and age can cause this material to degrade.


stitched flowers on jeans patch

Making Iron-On Patches?This is a page about making iron-on patches. Rather than buying commercially produced decorative clothing patches, try making your own unique iron on patches.


shell mirrors

Making a Seashell MirrorThis is a page about making a seashell mirror. Use that shell collection that has been collecting dust on the closet shelf to create a beautiful mirror to complement your decor.


paving stone snowman

Making a Paving Stone SnowmanThis is a page about paving stone snowman. Using paving stones from your local garden center or big box store you can make a cute snowman home or garden decoration.


Amazon Purchase Being Delivered

Saving Money on Amazon PurchasesThis is a page about saving money on Amazon purchases. With warehouse deals and prime accounts there are ways to increase your Amazon buying power.



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Quick Microwave OmeletBeing by myself, I hate to cook large meals then have all the leftovers. This is just perfect for me!


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Fairy ButterEvery child loves the Fae! This is great to use when you play Fairy Tea Party!



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Use Rain for Cleaning Throw RugsI found out by accident the best way to clean my old throw rugs. I washed them and hung them on the clothesline outside. Then it rained, and rained and rained. To my surprise, they were cleaner then when I first hung them out.


child wearing finished hat and badge

1st Birthday Hat and BadgeHere is the birthday hat and badge I made for my son's first birthday.


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Teaching Kids to Care for Their ClothesWhen my kids were younger, each had plastic hangers, a laundry hamper and clothes basket in their favorite color. They knew what laundry was theirs and were responsible for putting it up, just by the color of the hanger and basket.



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Value of World Book Encyclopedia?What is the value of the World Book Encyclopedia, version 1972?


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Ants in the House?How can I get rid of ants coming in the house?


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Value of Merit Students' Encyclopedia?I have a set of Merit Students' Encyclopedias and I was just wondering if they are worth anything? They are from 1979.


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Perfume Spray Bottle Won't Work?How do I get a brand new bottle of perfume to spray?


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Treating a Puppy for Worms?My 5 month old puppy has worms. They only show up in his poo and he is behaving as normal. He was treated for worms at the vet every 2 weeks until he was 10 weeks old, and every month since then. Why has the worming not worked?


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D-Day 70th Anniversary Float Ideas?What can we do to on a float to honor the memory of the 70th anniversary of D-Day that would be over the top?


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New Cleaning Business Name Ideas?Please help me rename my cleaning business. I used to go by tinacleaningchick, but my soon to be ex-husband won't relinquish my website. Please help me come up with a new name.


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Raymond Waites Monkey Wallpaper?I need 1/2 rolls of the Ray Waites monkey paper in the burgundy or red #AV057692. Make my day!


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Repairing Wooden Chair Legs Scratched By a Cat?How can I fix the legs on the chair that my cat has shredded without them looking tacky? It's the wooden legs of the chair. She sharpened her nails on them when we weren't around to stop her, and they're so shredded, they are like fibers.


doll in long peach colored dress

Value of Hiley Belle Doll?I have a 1988 Official Peach Festival Hiley Belle Doll, original sculpture by Vickie Walker, doll No. 10/500. Can someone give me a real approximate value of this doll?


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Homemade Miracle Gro?I found it on here the other day, but deleted it where someone made it.


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Planting a Late Vegetable Garden?How late can I plant a small basic vegetable garden in eastern Montana?


tiny fly on white background

Getting Rid of an Infestation of Tiny Flies?I have an infestation of tiny flies in my lounge and hall. They seem to want to gather around my window and sill. I don't know what they are, but at first I thought they were baby flying ants or fruit flies.


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Selling Timber?I have two red oak and two white oak to sell in Maryland. They are approximately 80' tall.


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