December 3, 2014

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Felt Penguin Ornament

Making Ornaments for a Felt Christmas TreeThis is a page about making felt ornaments. These ornaments are perfect for using on a felt Christmas tree.


veggie plate

Making a Vegetable Party TrayAlways a hit for at parties and holiday gatherings, a fresh, colorful veggie tray is easy to arrange and very nutritious. This is a page about making a vegetable party tray.


Christmas fruit tray

Christmas Fruit Tray IdeasThis is a page about Christmas fruit tray ideas. Festive holiday appetizers can be created using fresh fruits in fun and colorful ways.


partial view of muffin tin

Crafts Using Muffin TinsThis is a page about crafts using muffin tins. These baking pans can be useful for organizing craft and paint supplies and creating unique decorations.


rice noodle soup

Vietnamese Soup RecipesNutritious, wonderfully seasoned noodle soups are a main part of the Vietnamese cuisine. Regional favorites like pho and bún have become very popular around the world. This page contains Vietnamese soup recipes.



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Repair Appliances Instead of UpgradingUpgrading seems to be the latest catchword when replacing appliances. Do so with caution as all the major appliances are coming out of China. They are not of the quality as when US made. My appliance repairman will vouch for that as he's busier than ever now.


Felt Star Ornament

Felt Star OrnamentThis felt star can be used as a tree topper or just an ornament. If you have the time, you can even add extra embroidery details and beads to make it fancy!


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Check for Lost Money Under BleachersForget phone booths and soda machines! When I was a kid in the 70's, we had a huge high school and football team. The bleachers were huge. The morning after a big game, we would scour under the bleachers and find several dollars in dropped, irretrievable change from fans.


Felt Mouse and Cheese Ornament

Felt Mouse and Cheese OrnamentThis adorable mouse and his cheesy snack would love to live on your tree!


Felt Christmas Lights

Felt Christmas Light OrnamentsThese little felt Christmas lights don't need electricity to light up your tree.


felt xmas tree

Felt Christmas Tree OrnamentEvery Christmas tree needs it's own Christmas tree ornament, right?


finished pendant on pink gift bag

Salt Dough Rainbow Flower PendantSalt dough is a medium that inspires creativity for young and old alike. Use salt dough and food coloring to make a colorful pendant. Use it as a thrifty stocking filler, or wear it with your favorite T-shirt and make your friends go green with envy when they see your creative accessory.


Felt Candy Ornament

Felt Candy OrnamentCover your tree with these sweet felt candies.


Felt Snowman Ornament

Felt Snowman OrnamentYou don't have to spend time outside in the cold to make a snowman. Instead stay warm and make this adorable felt version for your tree!


Felt Santa Hat Ornament

Felt Santa Hat OrnamentThese little felt Santa hats are quick and easy to make. Why not make a few for your tree.


Felt Penguin Ornament

Felt Penguin OrnamentThis cute little penguin is a great ornament for any tree.


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Take Frozen Water for Hospital PatientsIf you are visiting someone in hospital, freeze a bottle of water the night before, and take it in. The water will thaw very gradually, and will provide a refreshingly cold drink over quite a long period of time. Provided that the patient is not nil by mouth, this is so much better than the tepid water jugs provided by the ward!


Felt Pickle Ornament

Felt Pickle OrnamentEveryone in our family has a pickle ornament for our tree and now our youngest does too!


Felt Christmas Stocking Ornament

Felt Christmas Stocking OrnamentThese mini stockings may not hold goodies, but they will look cute on your tree.


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Keeping Dog Hair Out of the DrainBathe you dog in the tub? Catch his hair before it clogs the drain. Save the netted bags that potatoes and onions come in. Scrunch one up tightly and stick it down into the drain before letting the water out. All of the dog hair will collect around the top of it. Then, just toss it in the trash.



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Writing an Acceptance Speech?I am receiving an award for 25 years of service. I need some pointers for an acceptance speech.


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Removing Ink from Dried Clothes?A pen was left in my husband's t-shirt and it broke and got ink on almost everything. I didn't see it until I took the clothes out of the dryer. Is there anything I can use to get the ink out of a lot of clothes?


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Locating the Source of a Bad Smell?I live in a garage apt (two car garage apt above it) and before I moved in my landlord gutted it and refurbished the whole place. I started to notice a nasty smell in my kid's room that I thought was just my kid stinking of body odor. It would go away for a week or two, then I would smell it again only stronger.


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Color Advice for Bathroom Towels?I have just painted my bathroom a very pale grey and have no idea what color towels, etc. I should use. Can you help?


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Name Ideas for an Investing and Property Management Company?I would like to find a unique name for an investing and property management business.


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Roof Repair for Low Income Individual?I know you probably don't help with what I am in desperate need of, but I am just hoping that someone can help me find the right club or organization to help me. I have a hole in my roof and a few more really bad spots and am in desperate need of a roof.


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Rebonded and Dyed Hair Damaged?I just had my hair rebonded and dyed last Sunday. From the hair root to about 4 inches of my hair is smooth and shiny the latter is a little porous (buhaghag) and frizzy at the nape. They keep telling me my hair is resistant that's why the result is not as good as I expected.


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Making a Windchime?I'm making a handmade wind chime, but instead of hanging any objects I'm hanging photos. Can you please suggest to me how to give sound with photos and what should I use to hang those photos? Please reply asap, I have to complete it by tomorrow.


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Removing Tree Sap from an Awning Cover?How can I remove a large amount of sap from my RV awning? It is approximately 8' X 8".


wall and trim

Curtain and Rug Color Advice?I have mint green walls with dark fudge colored trim. I was wondering what you might advise on colors of curtains, rugs, etc.


black dog with white chest

What Breed Is My Dog?I adopted my puppy, Jasper, in October 2014, when he was 8 weeks old. The shelter said he was a hound and American Staffordshire terrier mix, but then when he got a little older, they said Lab and they're not sure of his other part.


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Older Dog Peeing in House?My old blind dog peeing in my house and he is always walking around in circles. What could be wrong?


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Finding a Lost Relative?I'm looking for my long lost half sibling. My father was Andrew Wilson Kennison. In 1956 or 1957 he got a woman pregnant when he was stationed on the Nellis Air Force Base in Clark County, Nevada. He passed away in 2001 and left me no information on the woman who is the mother of my half sibling.


dog sleeping

Dog Pooping in House After Losing Sight?I have a 9 year old wire-haired Dachshund that was successfully potty trained as a puppy. Last summer she started to behave strangely until in September she completely lost her eyesight and was diagnosed with SARDS. She has started doing her business in the house when we are at work or during nighttime.


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Is My Dog a Corgi Variation?My dog Honey, has all the coloring of a Corgi, but short hair. Could she be a Corgi variation?


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Making Patio Door Draft Stoppers?How can you make an effective door draft stopper for the sliding patio door?


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House Training a Rescue Dog?I rescued a 1 year old Mini Pin. We are his first owners. He is doing fairly well with our other Mini Pin (also a boy) that we rescued from the street, and a 18 year old Maltese mix. However, the new dog goes poop in the middle of the night in my daughter's room.


Siamese cat in bed.

Introducing a Kitten to Resident Cat?My year old cat Lulu is my baby and is extremely spoiled. She nurses on my ear and will only eat baby food off of my finger that I dip into her bowl to feed to her. She was so focused on me and had so much kitten energy that I mistakenly thought she would benefit from the company of another cat.


puppy curled up on car seat

What Am I Mixed With?I adopted Charlie back in June and he was only 9 weeks old. I was told that he was German Shepherd Lab mix. He was small when I got him and now he only weighs 20lbs at 7 months old. The vet says he is healthy and believes that he is mixed with some other small breed as well.


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Soft Fudge?Can I throw soft fudge into the oven to get it all to set?


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Replacing a Needle Threader on Viking Topaz 30?How do you change out a needle theader on a Viking Topaz 30 sewing machine? The screw is small and I can't tell what size they are.


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Curtain Color Advice?I have a brown couch and chair with mocha walls. It seems like a lot of brown together. What color curtains would you suggest to brighten the room up a little? It just seems too dark.


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