July 21, 2015

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boy looking over the edge of an aboveground pool

Household Chemicals for Pool MaintenanceThis is a page about household chemicals for pool maintenance. With proper testing, you can safely maintain your pool water pH balance using generic household chemicals.


granulated and cube sugar

Fixing A Recipe with Too Much SugarThis is a page about fixing a recipe with too much sugar. When the directions you followed have made your recipe too sweet, there are a few ways to tone it down.


Popsicle stick bow with Q-tip arrows

Making a Popsicle Stick Bow and ArrowThis is a page about making a popsicle stick bow and arrow. A simple craft made with a few things found around the house, that can be fun for inside or outside play.


Colorful bracelet made with safety pins and beads.

Making a Beaded Safety Pin BraceletThis is a page about making a beaded safety pin bracelet. Safety pins and various beads can be used for a beautiful, easy to make bracelet.


piles of dried beans

Drying BeansThis is a page about drying beans. There are a few ways that you can easily dry your bean crop or farmer's market find at home.



watermelons with blossom end rot

Wood Ashes for WatermelonsI have several old maple trees on my property. I'll hate to see them go. They are a comfort to me. Being old they drop lots of twigs. I was recycling the branches and twigs on the street until I realized wood ash could help with blossom end rot; they now have a purpose.


pink nicotiana flowers

Growing NicotianaNicotiana (ni-co-she-AA-nuh) is a genus of herbaceous plants and shrubs that belong to the Solanaceae family (nightshade). The plants are indigenous to the Americas, Australia, SW Africa, and the South Pacific.


Miles (Mixed Breed)

Miles (Mixed Breed)We adopted him from a shelter. He likes to play tug of war.


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Dry Erase Marker Removes Permanent MarkerJust take a dry erase marker and rub it over the permanent marker and wipe off. This only works on shiny surfaces.


The cooked sausage and peppers dish.

Baked Sausage and PeppersFast and easy. I halved the recipe and made it in the toaster oven so it won't heat up the kitchen this summer. Absolutely delicious!


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Use Garlic Capsule as Emergency DisinfectantStaying with my aunt recently, I had a rash on my foot which was sore and weeping, but could find no antiseptic in her cupboard. I nipped off the top of a garlic oil capsule with my fingernails, and squirted it on the affected area, then went to bed. Next day, the sore place was clean, dry and starting to scab over.


Shot from above of Todd the Pomeranian

Todd (Pomeranian)An elderly couple could not longer keep him, due to the fact that the man was advancing in symptoms of Alzheimer's and hurting the dog. We received Todd in January 2015. He was like a New Year's present. I always wanted a Pom, but could never afford one.


Baby Ducks on a Log

Baby Ducks on a LogThis photo is of a momma red-headed wood duck with her 10 babies taking a rest on a log right in front of my deck. What a beautiful sight to start the day. The river flows right through our front yard and we see lots of geese and other critters including a beaver.


Seal Spackle to Prevent Drying Out

Seal Spackle to Prevent Drying OutClose tightly and put in a plastic container with a tight-fitting lid. I used one that contained soup from a takeout place.



white puppy with black ear and spots on belly

What Breed Is My Puppy?He is a little over two months with spots on his belly and some on his legs, but he is mostly white. The shelter said he was predominantly Shepherd with Australian Cattle Dog, but people are saying all sorts of other breeds when they see him. What do you all think?


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Uses for Disposable Contact Lens Cups?Can anyone think of a use for the little plastic cups my daily disposable contact lenses come in?


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Wearing New Dentures?11 days ago I had all my upper and lower teeth pulled. Temporary dentures were put in immediately. My question is, should I be wearing them 24 hours a day minus taking them out cleaning, rinsing, etc. Or should I be taking and leaving them out at night?


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Stove on New Breaker Not Heating Up?I just replaced a fuse box with circuit breakers. Now my stove is not getting hot. It just gets warm. They just put a 40 amp breaker in and it is still not hot.


red lacquered cabinet with drawers

Cleaning and Restoring a Chinese Cabinet?I have this gorgeous red lacquered and painted Chinese cabinet that is in dire need of cleaning and re-lacquering. Some of the lacquer is in tact, but a lot is now almost matte. So I'm guessing I have to clean it off wiithout damaging the artwork.


closeup of plant

What Is This Plant?The second mystery plant in my yard originally looked almost like a little pepper plant, but it got a lot bigger and made all these little green seed pod clusters (which I opened up to inspect).


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Financial Help for Roofing Materials?My roof is leaking badly. I am so deep in debt that I can't buy roofing materials. My husband can do the work, but I need to know if anyone knows of an organization or something that can help me get the materials to do it with? I live in Clinton, Oklahoma. Thanks in advance.


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Bleach Marks on White Jeans?How do I get brown bleach stains out of white jeans?


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Replanting Prayer Plants?How do you replant and separate prayer plants?


What Breed Is My Dog?

What Breed Is My Dog?I rescued this girl from someone who found her and her two sisters dumped at their house. They weren't sure on the breed and kept saying maybe they had Catahoula in them. I thought she looked like she had Australian Shepherd in her, but I've owned one before and she's no where near as fluffy as he was.


three dogs on deck

What Breed Is Our Puppies?We rescued 2 sibling puppies from, we were told, a Chihuahua mom, dad(s) unknown. We have our own ideas what they could be, but would love some input! (Not the white one that's my fur-nephew!)


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Name Ideas for Home Daycare?My first name is Kesha and I am looking for some catchy names for my home day care.


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Parts for Good Housekeeper Sewing Machine?We have a Good Housekeeper sewing machine purchased new in 1969, model 1091-TW, serial # 63994 and we need a new feed dog for it, but cannot find one. Can you help us get one?


closeup of seed heads

What Is This Plant?I like to let "weeds" grow in my yard long enough to identify them and decide if I really want them there or not. This year I have two. One grew about six feet tall. It has super tiny white flowers. I can't see how many petals they really have. The leaves a pretty long and stringy also.


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