March 9, 2016

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Close Up of Gas Stove/Oven Combo emphasis on dials

Gas Oven is Not Heating Up Enough?When your oven doesn't get hot enough your food may not cook properly. Your appliance may be in need of service. This is a page about gas oven does not heat up correctly.


Image of wine glass on it's side with a small amount of wine, cork screw, and cork on a brown paper background with wine stains.

Cleaning Wine Stains from CrystalThis is a page about cleaning wine stains from crystal. It can be difficult to remove wine stains on a crystal glass, decanter, or other piece.


A burn mark from a clothes iron.

Repairing Burn Marks on ClothingThis is a page about repairing burn marks on clothing. A too hot iron for the fabric content of your clothing can result in a burn mark.


Woman in red checked apron holding homemade lattice crust pie

Selling Homemade Pies?This is a page about finding a distributor for homemade pies. Marketing and packaging homemade food products can be a challenging task.


White paper with "LIFE INSURANCE POLICY" in bold typeface.  A folded pair of glasses and a pen rest on the paper.

Understanding Life Insurance Beneficiaries?This is a page about understanding life insurance beneficiaries. Family circumstances change over time and it can be a challenge to follow the directives of a life insurance policy.


Legal document with magnifying glass highlighting the words "Last Will and Testament"

Does a Quit Claim Deed Supersede a Will?This is a page about "Does a Quit Claim Deed Supersede a Will?". The legalities involved with settling an estate after a death can be confusing to the rest of the family.


Young girl wearing hot pink wig singing into hairbrush against a white background

Planning a Pop Star Birthday PartyThis is a page about planning a pop star birthday party. A fun theme for a youngster's birthday celebration can be their favorite music celebrity.


Close up image of cooler with metal rack inside

Replacement Parts for Gott Cooler?This is a page about replacement parts for Gott cooler. If you can find replacement parts for your cooler it may cost less to repair than to replace.


Man repairing an exterior home  air conditioning unit

Repairing a Home Air Conditioner?This is a page about repairing a home air conditioner. If you have the skills or the desire to learn some new skills, you may be able to repair your own air conditioner and save some money as well.


Black and white image of hands holding a book with three pictures - a pregnant mother, an ultrasound, and babu feet.

Making a Baby BookThis is a page about making a baby book. Whether making one for your own child or as a gift, a baby book is a thing to treasure. This is a page about making a baby book.


The word Fundraiser printed in red inside a red square outline against a white background.  A human hand is pointing at the word

Church Fundraiser Ideas?This is a page about church fundraiser ideas. It can be a challenge to come up with fundraising ideas for your church group or project.


Promenade bills marked "Late Payment" and "Unpaid" with worried looking man at adding machine in the backtground

Dealing With Late PaymentsThis is a page about dealing with late payments. Many of us at one time or another find ourselves in the predicament of having an overdue payment.


Green and pink pom alien.

Making Pom-Pom AliensThis is a page about making pom-pom aliens. Using a few inexpensive craft supplies you and the kids can have great fun making pom pom aliens.


Back view of a woman's sudsy hair as she washes it.

Washing Your Hair After Dyeing It?This is a page about washing your hair after dyeing it. Many people wonder if they can wash their hair soon after dyeing it or how long they must wait.


Female community health nurse speaks with elderly male patient who is seated holding a cane.

Using Community ClinicsThis is a page about using community clinics. Community clinics provide a medical care option to low income individuals and families. They offer free or low cost care and medications to their patients.



Kindle Pocket for an End Table

Kindle Pocket for an End TableI have a chair that eats things like remotes, scissors, and Kindles. Yep, you read that right. When I sit and charge the Kindle it has to be on the floor. I once thought the cable kid had stolen it as it had slid down into the side of the cushion.


Hair being dyed red at the roots.

Re-Dyeing Your HairTake a look down any aisle devoted to hair care products. More than likely, you will find a section displaying hair coloring products. You may see a myriad of different brands, colors,and degrees of permanence. What you won't see, is the word 'dye'.



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Donating Fabric to Charity?We have some fabric rolls that we would like to donate to charity. We are located in Garden Grove California. Any suggestions? Thanks.


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Baking a Pound Cake?I have baked pound cake many of times, but with a bundt pan. But this time the pans are square with no hole. How do I get it to bake in the middle without drying the outside of the cake?


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Old Weight Watchers Sweet Potato Muffin Recipe?I attended the WW Quick Success program in 1988/89 and there was a super yummy sweet potato muffin recipe in one of the booklets. I think it was week 3. Does anyone have that recipe? It didn't have sugar, just maple syrup as sweetener.


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Troubleshooting Electrical Circuit Problems?My son plugged in a extension cord with some bare wires showing and it sparked from the outlet, but also tripped the main circuit.


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Craftsman Lawn Tractor Won't Run?I have a 24 hp Craftsman lawn tractor. It won't start. I changed the spark plugs, put in a new battery, and fuel filter. The fuel filter will not fill with fuel. Fuel pump? The lines are not cracked.


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Slogan for Residential and Office Cleaning Business?What would be a good catch-phrase or slogan for my business card for my business named "Clean Spotless? The cleaning service is for residential and office services. Unfortunately, the more popular names are taken and too much time has been spent searching for names.


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Adding Soil to Cover Tree Roots?I have a tree that is showing it's roots! Will putting more top soil to cover up the roots of the tree kill the moss that is also on top as well? I need at least 2-3 inches of more top soil on top to cover the roots.


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Kimchi Stain on Virgin Wool?How do I remove a 2 day old kimchi stain on ivory virgin wool without ruining it?


brown and white Bulldog

Dog Started Peeing in Her Own Bed?I have an American Bulldog female who is 4 and a half years old. She is fully house trained. I rescued her from cruelty. I have had her nearly 1 year now and she suddenly started to pee on her bed and stopped moaning to go out when my family and I are in the house with the dog in front of us.


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Planning a Sweet 16 Luau?So my sweet sixteen isn't for a few months, but I'm an early planner. The thing is I want to throw it at my place, since it'd be cheaper, but my mom has these pictures of New York as decor hung up. Would it be okay if I left it as it is, or take them down? And also, if you have any cool ideas?


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Painting Laminate Countertops?I used the sponge paint technique to create a faux granite look on my counter top. The paint process turned out great and I let it dry for a couple days before I began to apply the top coat.


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Name Ideas for Daycare Business?My best friend and I are opening up a daycare. I already have started. We need some names and slogans.


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Homemade Lawn Safe Weed Killer?Is there a homemade recipe for killing weeds in the lawn without killing the grass?


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Collecting Back Child Support?If a father was never ordered to pay child support, is he still responsible to pay back child support, even if the child is a grown up now? We were never married and I never took him to court for anything.


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