March 21, 2016

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Twelve different types of seeds in white bowls against white background

Saving Seed from Hybrid PlantsThis is a page about saving seed from hybrid plants. While you can typically grow new plants from hybrid seeds they will not be the same as the parent. You may be surprised with a new better tasting fruit or veggie or a lovely flower.


Close up of freshwater aquarium with plants and several kinds of fish including angle fish and red tail sharks

Silver Shark Not Eating?This is a page about silver shark not eating. It can be a serious problem when one of your fish stops eating.


Male hand holding pen against a white background with the word Insurance and under it checkboxes for "Life", "Health", Home", "Car" all checked off in red.

Name Ideas for an Insurance Business?This is a page about name ideas for an insurance business. The name you choose for your business can help convey the services offered and something about your business values and model.


Silver and black riding lawn mower against mown grass background

Riding Mower Keeps Shutting OffThe lawn is in desperate need of mowing and your mower keeps shutting off. This is a page about riding mower keeps shutting off.


Removing Permanent Marker (Sharpie) from a Couch

Removing Permanent Marker (Sharpie)...This is a page about removing permanent marker (Sharpie) from a couch. Accident or budding artist, either way permanent marker on your couch may require a series of attempts to remove it.


Frozen pretzel, round bread(boule), and square bread.

Refreezing Baked Goods?Sometimes previously frozen baked goods are not all eaten and you may wish to refreeze them. This is a page about refreezing baked goods.


Yellow and blue strappy sandals against a white background

Fixing Squeaky SandalsThis is a page to fixing squeaky sandals. Squeaky sandals can be truly annoying to listen to and sometimes difficult to fix.


Woman holding blue shirt in hand with a look of obvious disgust and her other hand plugging her nose.

Removing Cat Pee Smell From Clothing?This is a page about removing cat pee smell from clothing. The odor of cat pee can be difficult to remove completely from clothes.


Black Leather swivel recliner and ottoman against white background

Fixing a Squeaky Platform Swivel RockerThis is a page about fixing a squeaky platform swivel rocker. Fixing the squeak on a swivel rocker is necessary for your sanity and the enjoyment of your chair.


Sketch of a weeping cherry tree.  One half of the tree has leaves, the other half does not

Something is Eating the Leaves on a Weeping...This is a page about something is eating the leaves on a weeping cherry. Identifying what type of insect that is eating the leaves on your ornamental tree is the first step toward treatment.


Raising Table Legs

Adding Height to a TableThis is a page about adding height to a table. Sometimes a table is just too short for your chairs.


Hand wearing pink glove scrubbing white vinyl floor with blue sponge.  Black bucket with green cloth in the background

Cleaning Mold on Vinyl Flooring?This is a page about cleaning mold on vinyl flooring. Mold can grow on the underside of vinyl flooring or near the edges, often due to moisture.


Mounted insects including beetles, moths, and cocoons against a white background

What Are These Beetles?This is a page about "What are these beetles?". Identifying garden bugs will help you define friend or foe.


Dress made from a blanket with an image of a buck and doe deer in a field of wheat

Crafts Using BlanketsThis is a page about crafts using blankets. Old, but not too worn blankets, or even thrift store finds, can have a second life when touched by the hand of a creative crafter.


White cat laying on white bed. Lower body is under covers, front legs are straight and hanging off the bed

Removing Pet Hair from BeddingMany pets are allowed to sleep on their owner's bed. This can leave a lot of hair behind to clean off. This is a page about removing pet hair from bedding.



Tobey (Australian Cattle Dog/Border Collie)

Tobey (Australian Cattle Dog/Border Collie)I adopted Tobey from a rescue organization in September 2010 when he was 6 weeks old. Why? Because his picture was cute on and because I had lost my ACD Lucy in 2009 to cancer.


Finn (German Shepherd/ Border Collie)

Finn (German Shepherd/ Border Collie)The Colorado Puppy Rescue rescued my dog from a puppy mill in New Mexico.


Wally sleeping with toy

Wally (Chug)He was rescued from a puppy mill and we adopted him. He loves for you to throw his toys. He also likes for you to hide them and he will find them with hand signals from me. He's amazing!


Logo for ThriftyFun Tips

Growing Tomato Plants from SeedAlways wipe up tomato seeds from your counter tops, after slicing a tomato, with a paper towel and throw the paper towel in your flower bed and the seeds will sprout on their own using the wet paper towel to hold in moisture. I've done this many times with huge success. It works for peppers also.


Lavandula Flower

Lavandula FlowerI started growing the Lavandula flower several years ago. I love the cone shape of the flower and how beautiful it is when it blooms. The flower blooms year round and they are so easy to grow. The long stems of the plant can reach over 8 feet tall.


black puppy with white chest

Emmie (Lab Mx)Emmie was roaming the streets of San Antonio just a few days ago. Our neighbors found her with only her siblings and saved the best one for us! We brought her home late Sunday night.


man holding Bichon Frise puppy

Cheyanne (Bichon Frise)My girlfriend here in Tahiti raises Bichons. When her black Bichon Frise gave birth to 6 puppies she offered me one. Cheyanne came to live with me in December of last year.


Hose to Protect Shoes When Shoveling

Hose to Protect Shoes When ShovelingWhen digging with a shovel you can damage the sole of your shoe, especially plastic boots.


young girl holding the finished candle holder

Dried Banana Leaves CandleholderMy goddaughter was spending the Christmas vacation with me and it rained every day. She wanted to do a few craft projects to pass the time. I had a yogurt machine that had broken, but I kept the glass jars. We decided to use dried banana leaves and decorate the jars to make a candleholder.


hawk on fence

Regal Visitor (Hawk)This hawk visited our back yard several times. What a treat! I was lucky to have gotten such a great photo.



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Home Repair Help for Low Income Families?I live with my husband and 3 kids. My husband has been sick for about 7years. For about 3 years I have to be his caregiver. It is very very cold. We need help. Where can I look?


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Freezing Pita Bread Pizza?Can I freeze a pita bread pizza? If so, for how long? Should they be thawed first?


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Painting a Popcorn Ceiling With Smoke Damage?I had a kitchen fire due to an electrical short in the range hood. I have a popcorn ceiling. The ceiling has been cleaned by professionals, but it still looks black. What type of Kilz primmer do I need to purchase and what type of paint? I know I need to use a 3/4 in. roller.


dark tan puppy

Is My Puppy a Pure Bred Pit Bull?Does my puppy look like a 'Pit Bull or a Pit Bull mix? He is a rednose. I found him 2 weeks ago on my way to school. I don't know anything about him.


Wire Cutters

Sharpening Wire Cutters?I'm looking for ways to sharpen dull wire cutters.


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Recycling Youth Sports Trophies?Where can I donate sports trophies in the Charlottesville, Virginia area?


grey and white Pit

Is My Dog a Full Blooded Pit Bull?I have a 4 month old blue nose Pit Bull named Dimond. Well I think she is 4 months old, because the person I got her from told me she was 3 months and I have had her for a month. She is big for a female at 4 months. I don't have papers for her so I don't know if she is full or mixed.


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