October 13, 2016

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Hands massaging a sugar scrub into feet

Strawberry Foot ExfoliantThis is a page about making strawberry foot exfoliant. Smooth out rough callouses on your feet with an exfoliant made from strawberries and other ingredients.


Ball of pizza dough on flour dusted work surface

Whole Wheat Pizza Dough RecipeThis page contains a whole wheat pizza dough recipe. Rather than use white flour, improve the nutritional value of your next pizza by making it on a whole wheat dough crust.


Trowel painting of concrete floor

Indoor Concrete Floor Finish IdeasThis is a page about indoor concrete floor finishes. There are many ways to create beautiful indoor concrete floors as an alternative to carpet or other traditional flooring choices.


Chef sprinkling seasoning on a cooked tuna steak

Attending a Cooking DemonstrationA great way to learn recipes and food tips is to attend a cooking presentation. This is a page about attending a cooking demonstration.


Man removing concrete with a jackhammer

Removing ConcreteThis is a page about removing concrete. Removing concrete slabs, walls, and other structures can be done in a number of ways.


Car with major water damage to interior

Repairing Water Damage to a Car's Interior?This is a page about repairing water damage to a car's interior. Water leaking into your car can cause damage to carpets, seats, and other parts of the interior.


Long black hair near shower drain

Cleaning Up Hair in the Bathroom?This is a page about cleaning up hair in the bathroom. The damp surfaces in the bathroom often act like a hair magnet.


Concrete bench on grass

Making a Concrete BenchThis is a page about making a concrete bench. Making your own concrete bench does require some creativity and skill, but is a doable project.


Child holding lip down to show blister on inner lip

Treating a Blister Inside My MouthThis is a page about treating a blister inside my mouth. Having a blister type sore in your mouth can be worrisome and painful.


Several snow covered mailboxes at the edge of a snowy field

Replacing a Mailbox Post?This is a page about replacing a mailbox post. Mailbox posts age and fall or are knocked over by a passing vehicle. Either way they need to then be replaced.


Container of Meat Tenderizer on counter

Uses for Meat TenderizerThis is a page about uses for meat tenderizer. Meat tenderizer has long been used for alternative purposes such as removing stains or treating bug bites.



Cardboard Tube Gift Box

Cardboard Tube Gift BoxRecycle toilet tissue or paper towel tubes as a base to wrap small gifts like jewelry or gift cards. Learn how to make them in this short video.


Giant Pom Pom Monster

Giant Pom Pom MonsterThis soft toy is a great use for leftover yarn and can be personalized for any child. Learn how to make it in this short video.


Hot Chocolate Spoons

Hot Chocolate SpoonsThese festive spoons are great as part of a Christmas gift or for entertaining during cold and snowy weather. Learn how to make them in this short video.



Spray Cooking Oil Over Dishwasher

Spray Cooking Oil Over DishwasherCooking spray is great, but leaves a serious mess on everything! What is the point in saving clean up time on pans when I just ended up having to clean the counters or sink of over-drawn? Then one day it occurred to me to spray my pans over the open dishwasher door!



Check Craigslist for AppliancesThis weekend, my old dryer stopped working. After checking prices at the big box stores, my husband went onto Craigslist to see if there was anything available. He found some great deals and we got a replacement dryer from someone in our neighborhood for $25!


finished box with multicolored lids showing

Count-Up Calendar BoxEveryone has celebrations and important dates that they need to remember. Sometimes the event on these dates is exciting and other times it is met with apprehension. This CountUP calendar fits both scenarios!


Carrot Pumpkins

Carrot Shaped PumpkinsJust a few cuts in any sized carrot will give you a carrot pumpkin.


Keep Track of Your Makeup

Keep Track of Your MakeupI use a lot of coupons. As a result of this, I get makeup for free or very inexpensively. I used to keep everything in one large bag, but it was hard to see what I had. I now separate my makeup into individual makeup bags. You can also use plastic zip-top or slider bags as well. I now can easily see how much of each type of makeup I have, and, if I'm running low, can keep my eye out for a good sale.


closeup Noah

Noah (Chihuahua Mix)One of my cousins owns a Chihuahua and a Chihuahua mix, who had a litter of puppies. My mom had just moved out by herself for the first time in her life and needed a pet. She looked and played with all of the puppies and chose the one who she later named Noah!


Fruit and Nut Raw Pie

Fruit and Nut Raw PieThis is a great pie recipe for those who are gluten free, sugar free, and raw/vegan. It is marvelously delicious! The only downside is that the high nut content means it is NOT low calorie or low fat. It can be expensive, but in many ways it is better than the real thing, and safe for all those wanting to avoid processed ingredients and added sugar.


Winterizing a Geranium Part One

Winterizing a Geranium (Part One)I got a beautiful geranium in May that gave me so much pleasure all summer. I did a little research on the internet and found that I could winterize it and it will bloom again in the spring. Here are the steps:


Use a Notebook to Organize

Use a Notebook to OrganizeWhen we get too busy with things, we tend to forget our priorities. This is when we need to take down notes for our activities. Take note of your paid and unpaid bills, make a checklist of your activities, a checklist on things you want to buy and list down things that makes you more productive.


Dahlias at the Post Office

Dahlias at the Post OfficeMy local Post Office has a dahlia garden that is planted annually by the Dahlia Society. On sunny days I often take a walk and swing by to see the lovely flowers. Here are some of my favorites.



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Saving or Ending a Friendship?I have a 10 year friendship with a former coworker. This is a friendship I've valued for all those years. She is black, I'm white. There is no way I can fully understand the injustices of people of color, but I don't understand her comments toward me.


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Ice Dispenser Area on Refrigerator Leaking?My ice maker is in the closet. My refrigerator is not connected to any water lines. The water and ice area on the door is leaking! Why?


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Storing Iris Rhizomes Until Spring?How can I save my iris that I have dug up and do not want to replant until next spring?


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Repairing a Hole in a Microfiber Recliner?I have a hole in the foot rest area from the heel of a shoe. How do I repair it?


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Bleaching a Dress to Make It White?For Halloween I need a white dress. I have one that's the perfect style, but it's light purple. Is there any way I can make it white? How?


snake on a log

What Kind of Snake Is This?What kind of snake is this? I live in Atlanta, Georgia.


What Is This Houseplant?

What Is This Houseplant?This indoor plant is at my work. It flowered for the first time in all the years I've worked here, last week. It has the prettiest of flowers. The leaves grow out of other leaves. The long limbs have little roots that cling to the wall for support. The flowers also grow out of the sides of the leaves.


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Remedy for Dog With Dust Mite Allergies?My Yorkie, Ziva has been tested at the vet and is allergic to dust mites. Mainly she chews her feet; it has been suggested on website that she be given Benadryl; 1 mg per pound of her weight. I also read an article in a vet's magazine that said 1/4 teaspoon of coconut oil on her food might help.


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Threading the Bobbin on a Singer Sewing Machine?I have a Singer sewing machine, model 2638. I need to know how the needle picks up the bobbin thread. How do I enter it into the machine?


tiny black bugs

Tiny Black Biting Bugs?I have tiny black bugs that bite. They are almost invisible to the naked eye. They are in and on everything including laundry. I feel them on me and in my hair. My husband thinks I'm crazy; I'm starting to think I am.


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Home Decor Store Name Ideas?I opened a shop to sell home decor accessories like throw pillows, wall stickers, signs, wall decor and metal plaques. Can you suggest some good name?


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Removing Melted Teflon on a Glass Cooktop?A BBQ Teflon mat was used on the glass cooktop and it melted. It was left a grey stain on it that I can't seem to be able to remove. What can I do to restore my cook top to its former glory?


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House Broken Dog Dribbling Pee Inside?So my 2 year old Corgi who is house broken just started dribbling pee everywhere these last two days. When we went to let him outside he was walking and peeing for a good 7 ft. Last night after we fed him he ran inside and threw up like 2 minutes later.


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