February 21, 2017

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A dog next to an accident on the carpet.

Dog Leaks When She Needs to Pee?Just like their owners, pets can bladder issues including the inability to hold their urine very long, accompanied with leakage. This is a page about dog leaks when she needs to pee.


Shingles Rash

Home Remedies for ShinglesShingles is a very painful adult recurrence of the same virus that causes chickenpox. If you have not had the vaccination there are antivirals available by prescription, but for home remedies some people have had success with L-lysine and or epsom salts soaks. This is a page about home remedies for shingles.


Finch Eggs

Does Egg Laying Cause Molting in Finches?When finches prepare to lay eggs they will pull feathers from their chest to line the nest. This may cause your bird to appear as though she is molting. This is a page about, "Does egg laying cause molting in finches?".


Photo of a document that says Medicaid on it.

Staying on Medicaid After Marriage?Medicaid eligibility is based on income. Marriage and the resulting change in income may make someone ineligible. This is a page about staying on Medicaid after marriage.


Old Encyclopedias

Donating Old Encyclopedias?Although old encyclopedias don't typically have value as reference books, they are sometimes of value to crafters. This is a page about donating old encyclopedias.



Cleaning Magnalite CookwareMagnalite cookware is a line of cast aluminum pots and pans. As with any type of cookware you will want to keep them clean and stain free. This is a page about cleaning Magnalite cookware.


A gavel and money.

Is Stepparent Responsible for Child Support?Typically child support is the responsibility of the parents. However, some states do allow the income of a stepparent to be considered in support cases. This is a page about, "Is stepparent responsible for child support?".



Banana Raisin Cupcakes on plate

Banana Raisin CupcakesI have a lot banana recipes this Valentine's season. We have just harvested plenty of bananas in different varieties. Now I am making a very simple cupcake using green bananas. I found green bananas to be best used in these cakes because of its strong and inviting aroma.


MTuna Salad

Affordable Tuna SaladThis is an effortless and affordable tuna salad you can eat by itself, or as a sandwich.


decorated lemon cake

Lemon Vanilla Layer CakeA light, simple cake to usher in spring on the last of these cloudy, winter days. Enjoy!


cheese muffin on plate

Super Tasty Cheese MuffinsGreat for a snack or as a substitute for pasta, potatoes or rice at dinner. Easy to make, too! These muffins freeze well, as long as they are packed carefully so they don't get crushed.



Pipe Cleaner Bracelets - finished bracelet

Beaded Pipe Cleaner BraceletsThese bracelets are super quick and simple to make. It's a brilliant rainy day craft for children, or to keep the grandkids occupied if they drop in unexpectedly. Or make one for yourself if you want a quick piece of jewellery to go with an outfit and you can't find anything in your stash that matches.


Flattening a Curled Rug - ironing over damp cloth

Flattening a Curled RugCurled corners of rugs can be so frustrating. Sometimes weighing them down with heavy objects or reverse-curling them doesn't put them back into their original flat form for too long.


Lemon as Substitute for Smelling Salts - person inhaling lemon

Lemon as Substitute for Smelling SaltsThis is another tip for first aid at home, camping, etc. When you have someone pass out or you can see a person who is going to pass out, and you have nowhere to find ammonia, you can use a lemon. Lemons are another option to ammonia to be use when somebody passes out. It's safe and affordable!


A popcorn tin being used as a trash can.

Popcorn Tin as Trash CanLine a popcorn tin with a grocery store bag. You now have an attractive trash can for a bedroom or bathroom. It is a good way to recycle both the bags and the tin.


Cowbirds - on feeder

CowbirdsI am having a problem being able to feed my song birds like I have in the past. Usually during the winter months, I've had no problem with cowbirds, but this year, they have been a real pest.


Cleaning Prescription Glasses

Cleaning Prescription GlassesI got a refresher course at my eye doctor's office this week. I've been doing it wrong. Here's what she recommended:


Charming Lucky Horseshoe  - closeup of finished decorated horseshoe

Charming Lucky HorseshoeThis is a pretty wall decoration for a home and particularly nice for a house warming or anniversary gift!


A filter in a front loading washer.

Clean Filter for Smelly Front Loading WasherMy LG Tromm always had a bad odor until I found that I can drain out the residual water and clean the filter that is located behind a little door on the lower front of my unit.



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Recovery Time for Parvo?My Yorkie is 15 weeks and has had parvo for 5 days, but she is in the hospital on an IV. She still has vomiting and diarrhea a little, and won't really eat. The vet said she has been standing up a little and looking around. Will she recover? How long does it usually take a puppy to recover?


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Kitchen Curtain Color Advice?I just remodeled my kitchen. I have light expresso color cabinets and painted the walls a white gray. What color curtains should I buy?


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Iron Left Mark on Dress?I have used an iron which was too hot on a black and cream dress. The black from the dress has gone onto the cream and it will not come off. Is there anything I can use to remove the marks please?


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ASPCA Mobile Van Schedule?When will the mobile van be in the Bronx for zipcode 10462 or in the Fordham section of the Bronx?


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Power of Attorney for Parent's Finances?My mom is 70 and I have been caring for her since last year in March 2016. I need to have a power of attorney because she goes to the bank and removes money and loses it and gives it away. The bank is giving me a hassle because she put a password on her account and changed her pin.


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Survivors Benefits and Student Loans in Default?My husband passed away. My children and I were all eligible to receive benefits. They did. I didn't. I think it was taken for student loans. It's been 6yrs. Was that money applied to my defaulted loans?


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Move In/Move Out Cleaning Rates?How much should I charge to do a move out clean for a 2 story 2,715 sq. ft. house?


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14th Birthday Party Ideas?Hey my 14th birthday is coming up on April 17 and I have no clue what to do. Here where I am it's autumn. I am in high school and I want to have an epic party, but I only want to invite around 20-30 people (mainly girls). I am all about colour and unicorns and pics.


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