May 30, 2017

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White Plastic Bucket

Using a Bucket as a Camping ToiletIf you camping in a primitive space, a bucket can easily be used as a toilet. This is a page about using a bucket as a camping toilet.


Ramen Noodles in Soup Bowl

Recipes That Use Ramen NoodlesRamen noodles are the perfect base for many delicious soups that are easy to make. This is a page about recipes that use ramen noodles.


Patch of Stinging Nettles

Killing Stinging NettlesStinging nettles can be a nuisance to have in the garden. Killing them off may be the best answer if you can't keep their growth at bay. This is a page about killing stinging nettles.


Close-up of Bat

Bat Living Above Our Front Door?Bats can be a nuisance to have in or close you your home. This is a page about bat living above our front door.


Mosquito Biting

Dealing with Mosquito Bites on My Face?Mosquito bites are an annoyance anywhere but can be particularly so on the face. This is a page about dealing with mosquito bites on my face.


Stocked Pantry Shelves

Organize Your Pantry With an Inventory ListKeeping a list of your pantry staples is a great way to know if you are low on anything. This is a page about organize your pantry with an inventory list.


Witch Hazel Flowers

Uses for Witch HazelWitch hazel can be used for more than just a facial astringent. This is a page about uses for witch hazel.


Figs on Tree

Keeping Birds from Eating FigsA flock of birds could easily decimate the harvest from your fig tree. This is a page about keeping birds from eating figs.


A woman sitting on a covered bucket while weeding in the garden.

Using a Covered Bucket as a Gardening StoolCovered 5 gallon buckets have a myriad of uses, even as a handy gardening stool. This is a page about using covered bucket as a gardening stool.


Blackbirds Nesting

Getting Rid of Blackbirds Nesting on a Roof?If you have black birds nesting on your roof, you may want to encourage them to nest elsewhere. This is a page about getting rid of blackbirds nesting on a roof.


Marigold Flowers

Using Marigolds to Control Bugs on Your Tomato PlantsMarigold flowers have many effective natural pesticides that can be beneficial around your garden. This is a page about using marigolds to control bugs on your tomato plants.


Jewelry Display Stand covered in fabric.

DIY Jewelry Display StandMake your own jewelry display stand to store and show off you jewelry. This is a page about DIY jewelry display stand.


Amaryllis blooms in a garden outdoors.

Planting Amaryllis OutdoorsAmaryllis bulbs can be planted outdoors to flower in the spring and summer. In most climates they should be wintered indoors. This is a page about planting amaryllis outdoors.


Orange Maple Leaves

Maple Tree Losing Its Leaves Early?Maple leaves turning color is a sign of the arrival of autumn. However, if your maple's leaves are turning early, it may be a sign of distress. This is a page about maple tree losing its leaves early.


Changing Vacuum Bag

Cleaning a Stinky VacuumIf your vacuum is stinky, it may be necessary to do a deep cleaning of the vacuum to locate the origin of the smell. This is a page about cleaning a stinky vacuum.


Dirty Dishcloth

Cleaning Dishcloths and Cleaning RagsDishcloths and rags can get dirty very quickly around the kitchen. This is a page about cleaning dishcloths and cleaning rags.


Glass Bowl

Preventing Glass Dishes from BreakingGlass dishes are handy to have in the kitchen for many reasons but unless they are very well heat tempered, can be a breaking hazard. This is a page about preventing glass dishes from breaking.



A key with a green plastic fob that says "SHED".

Plastic Lids for Key FobsUse plastic lids from tubs to label your keys. They cut easily with scissors and you can use a paper punch to make a hole. Then use a permanent marker such as a sharpie pen to itemise them


Looking back at the clouds just after a storm has passed.

Clouds After a StormYesterday afternoon, while under a tornado watch, we had a brief storm to pass over. Just before it ended, we had pea size hail which thankfully did no damage as far as I know.


A pile of different sizes of cardboard boxes.

Save Boxes and Packaging Supplies to ReuseI am a frequent online shopper, especially when there are free shipping deals. By shopping online, I save money, time and gas, plus I receive free shipping boxes and packaging supplies that I will reuse.


An In-N-Out Burger T-Shirt placed over a pillow, with a second bright yellow T_Shirt pillow behind.

T-Shirt as Pillow CoversHere is a way to make pillow covers with t-shirts. Whether they are too big, bright, or loud, they can be reused as fun and funky decorative pillows.


Tuna Mushroom Puffs on plate

Tuna Mushroom PuffsTuna, cheese and mushrooms are my husbands favorite. He loves baked goodies and so I am putting this recipe down for our Father's Day celebration.


A bottle of baby powder and a basin of ice water.

Jamsu Makeup Priming TechniqueJamsu is a Korean makeup technique that is all the rage right now. You can get beautiful matte looking skin without any use of primers or setting powders. All you need is a baby powder and a big bowl of ice water.


Using a screw to open a key ring to place keys on it.

Putting Keys on Key RingI have a screw on our wall where I hang my keys by our bedroom door. I was trying to get a key onto a key ring and it wouldn't go. I thought to use what was already there so I used the screw on the wall.


A package of screws, sealed inside tape.

Use Tape to Keep Track of HardwareTiny little bolts, screws and springs can be reused again but can be hard to find or easily lost. If they are left scattered, it could be very dangerous to your toddlers.


A ziplock bag filled with used printer ink cartridges.

Recycle Ink CartridgesBy properly recycling your empty ink cartridges and toners, you will help reduce waste. You can also re-use the empty ink cartridges and get your ink refilled, which is cheaper than purchasing a new ink cartridge or a do-it-yourself refill kit.



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Girl's 11th Birthday Party Ideas?I am planning an 11th birthday party for my friend. She is very athletic, but also likes having fun with her friends and doing girl like things. She is very into mysteries and likes the idea of doing an escape room. She is already having a sleepover after the party.


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Daycare Name Ideas?I'm opening my own daycare center that will be open for three shifts. But I'm having trouble with a name that fits. I am wanting it to be something that will stick in someone's head.


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Older Dog Not Eating?I have a 14 year old lab that's turning 15 this weekend. He is still very active and playful, but is starting to slightly show his age. I started thinking it was strange that I had to tell him to eat several times before he actually did and now it's not working. He just won't eat.


Replacement Tire for Zephyr Reel Mower

Replacement Tire for Zephyr Reel Mower?I have a Zephyr reel mower. Can anyone tell me where I can find a replacement 10.50x1.63 hard rubber tire or any idea of what I can use in place of?


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Donating Fabric?Is there somewhere I can donate fabric to near zip code 14220? I used to sew a lot and do not have the time anymore, and would like it to go somewhere it can be used.


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John Deere Riding Mower Won't Start?I have a John Deere gt262 it has 17 horsepower motor. I was mowing one day and it just shut off like it ran out of gas. I checked and it had gas. I put a new fuel filter on it and it will only run when I have the choke fully on.


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Dyeing Hair After Removing Color?I used a color remover for semi permanent color (vol20) and applied a new semi color (purple). It came out in different tones and patchy. I bought a permanent (brown) at the store for cover up. Is it safe to use same day as color removal?


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Maytag Bravo Washing Machine Error Code?I have a Maytag washing machine that does not start and displays "lid" as fault. I have to unplug the washing machine, and plug in again, then it starts the wash cycle. If this a lid switch that is bad?


Refrigerator Water Supply  Line Leaking

Refrigerator Water Supply Line Leaking?My refrigerator went out a few days ago, so I got rid of it. It had like some type of wire coil hook up in the back of it. The coil is still hooked up to a water line from my basement which leads to the kitchen where the refrigerator use to be. The water valve is shut off in the basement, but the coil still leaks.


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Dealing with Dog on Dog Aggression?I have a Great Pyrenees and she was never aggressive. She did become overprotective after having her first litter, we couldn't get to near her or the pups. The dad of the pups wouldn't approach her or pay attention to her and she would want to attack him even if he was really far away.


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Name for On-line Home Decor Accessories Site?I live in Navi Mumbai and am planning to open a website offering trendy curtains, cushion covers, bedsheets, and wall decor. I may in the future add a clothing line. Please help me with name suggestions for a trendy decor and clothing on-line business. I would like name intials such as: ku, ch, gh.


Affordable or Free Pet Care Near Riverside California - large mass  on dog's hip

Affordable or Free Pet Care Near Riverside California?We have a Boxer and she's about 10 years old. Within the last few months she has grown some type of lump near her rear and it's getting bigger. We've taking her to a vet twice and both times they say keep an eye on it and they could x-ray it and say what it is, but to operate to have whatever removed would be expensive.


H2O X5 Steamer Mop Pump Not Running

H2O X5 Steamer Mop Pump Not Running?My X5 steamer just feels warm. There is no noise. I don't think the pump is running. Has anyone had the same problem?


What Breed Is My Dog?

What Breed Is My Dog?I am curious about what breed exactly my 10-12 week old adorable, sweet natured little man is? I think he is an Aussie/Boxer mix due to his long legs and piercing blue eyes.


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MTD RH115B Riding Mower Drive Belts Won't Stay On?My MTD RH115B ride-on mower developed a problem last year where the drive belts for the blade and wheels repeatedly came off. Last weekend I used it for the first time this year and the drive belt for the wheels came off three times in half an hour.


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Keratin to Relax Perm?I have naturally thick, wavy hair. Last week I went to get a perm, I wanted my waves to look better, but she used too small of a rod so now it is way too curly. I wondered if a keratin treatment would give me my natural hair back. Or almost close to my natural hair. Because I don't want pin straight hair.


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15th Birthday Gift for Boyfriend?My boyfriend is turning 15 in a few months and I really wanna make it special, but I'm not sure what to get him. He isn't really into sports and really likes video games, if that helps.


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Getting a Puppy After Losing One to Parvo?After euthanizing our 2 fur babies, we rescued an unvacincated pup. She fell ill to parvo and 9 days later she went to sleep and never woke up. We've been called to rescue another Pit that is 6-7 months old. We have bleached our yard and indoor carpets. We threw away blankets, toys, collars and leashes.


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Source for Unpainted Resin Santas?I am looking for a source to purchase resin santas that I can paint. My husband has ALS and I am his primary caregiver. I need a source of income that I can do from home. Any suggestions would be very welcome.


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7 Month Old Dog Peeing a Lot?My 7 month old English Mastiff has her period (about 1 week now ) today I noticed she keeps peeing, a lot. What could be her issue?


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ASPCA Mobile Vaccination Truck Schedule?When will truck be in 10027 area?


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Is Tomato Juice Safe for Dogs?I heard that if I give my dog 4 oz. of tomato juice that it would improve the color of her coat. Any advice on this subject?


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Repairing an AT&T Model 5300 Typewriter?I bought an AT&T model 5300 electric typewriter and when I started it up and began to type my name after the first letter the typewriter stopped typing. Then it started beeping and the only solution was to turn it off.


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Financial Assistance for Home Repair?Where can I find some help to repair my dad's house. It is paid for. He did some repairs about 10 years a ago. He suddenly became blind three years ago. The house still needs repairs.


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Cleaning a New Stainless Steel Toaster?I have a new stainless steel 2 slice toaster. I use it for waffles and pancakes. Because I put them in 3 times there are some brown marks on top. What is a home remedy for this?


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Finding Help After a House Fire?Where can I find laundry services after a house fire. We do not have money to go to a laundromat?


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Allowing Dyed Hair to Grow Out?I colored my hair a beautiful silver. But now, of course, I'm getting regular grey grow out. I don't want to keep coloring it silver. I want to let gray grow out and blend in with the silver; no more coloring. What is the best way?


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Cleaning Cooking Stains on Laminate Countertop?I have a black pressed laminate countertop and am having trouble removing the marks left behind from cooking. When you fry, the oil/fat that spits onto the counter leaves behind a faint mark. The only way I've found to remove the grease is with vinegar.


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