July 28, 2017

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Ramen Noodles with veggies in a bowl

Healthier Ramen NoodlesWith the garden in full bloom there are lots of opportunities to make my ramen noodles a little healthier. Add whatever you have plenty of to your soup and voila! Delicious!


Tater Tot Waffle Grilled Cheese and Bacon Sandwich

Tater Tot Waffle Cheese and Bacon SandwichI had all the kids in the family over so I made sure to have an abundance of their favorite side, tater tots! I never eat them myself, so I decided to press them in my waffle iron and make grilled cheese and bacon sandwiches. These three ingredient treats are super yummy and absolutely adult-approved!



A Bevy of Crochet Bangles - three finished blankets

A Bevy of Crochet BanglesI love simple, medium, and complex crafts. Sometimes, I can combine them. These are the results.


A plasticware container filled with paper towels, with a hole in the lid.

Reusing Packaging Material from a MoveI just recently moved, using a ton of paper towels to pack fragile items. While unpacking, I was making a pile up of perfectly good paper towels, and thought, "I'm too cheap to just throw them away."


Pit Cherries without a Pitter

Pit Cherries without a PitterI got a great deal on cherries and wanted to freeze some for winter months. I discovered how to pit them without a pitter!


DIY Makeup Beauty Blender - using balloon blender

DIY Makeup Beauty BlenderSilicone and latex beauty blenders are hot items right now. They work great because unlike a sponge, they don't suck up all your foundation. Instead, they do a beautiful job of blending colours on your face and keeping them put. I like to make mine own out of materials I have at home.


Tools hanging on a shower hook.

Shower Hook for Organizing Your ToolsUsing a shower hook that closes, hang any tools with holes on them on the shower hook. Then hang them in the garage or wherever you keep your tools.


A towel on a mattress to prevent menstrual stains.

Towel to Prevent Menstrual StainsI have a designated clean white towel that I use when I am on my menstrual cycle. I put the towel on my bed and, in the event that I leak (which is rarely), the leak will be on my towel and not on my sheets or mattress.


Transparent Labels for Jars - pink drink in labeled glass

Transparent Labels for JarsI cleaned up a Nutella jar and decided to reuse it as my personal drinking glass so I printed out my name and labeled the jar. It looks better and neat with the transparent tape.


Signs for where to recycle plastics.

Tips for RecyclingHere are some tips for household recycling. Be organized, use explicit notes so the entire household knows what is recycled and in which receptacle.


An oil bottle dispenser next to a lemon.

DIY Lemon Juice DispenserI like to use the dispenser from my oil/vinegar bottle pourer to help get lemon juice out of my lemons. First, I roll the lemon around on the table using my hand with firm pressure in order to loosen up all the juices. Then I poke it and insert the dispenser. Squeeze the lemon and all this juice will come out, minus the pulp and seeds.


A gold colored earring next to a jar of petroleum jelly.

Wearing Fancy Earrings with Sensitive EarsFashionable earrings are very precious to me, but my little girl wants them too. Sad to hear, she's allergic to those fancy earrings. When she wears those, her ears get itchy and are painful to remove.


Recycled Envelope Corner Page Bookmarks - three complete corner bookmarks

Recycled Envelope Corner Page BookmarksYou can make these handy bookmarks without even realising you are making them - read on to find out how. If you are giving a book as a gift these make a thoughtful addition slipped over one of the pages.


Flower Crown - add flowers

Flower CrownThis is a beautiful and simple flower crown perfect for any age to wear (children/adult). This can even be done for special occasions like: bachelorette/engagement parties, graduation, weddings, birthdays, and so forth. You may even have all the supplies at your own home and backyard!


A smiling woman sitting in a restaurant booth.

Why a Budget is Like a ShowerI recently read an article from Readers Digest about a writer who decided he and his wife and son should try and not spend any money for a month. Of course the essentials were covered like mortgage and car payments/insurance and the like, but newspapers, videos, lattes, etc were cut. essay.



Identifying a Houseplant - dish planted with succulents

Identifying a Houseplant?Can anyone identify the species in this houseplant? Also, I would like to know how to look after it as it has not done well in direct light on a windowsill.


Logo for ThriftyFun Questions

Stitch Selector String Broken on Singer 4562?I have been beating myself up trying to figure out how to restring the string for the stitch selector screen. Once I got it opened up I realized that string to the selector indicator was cut in 2 places. Now I can't for the life of me figure out exactly how to run string around gear and pullies to work right.


Is Walmart Liable for Spilled Paint? - large paint spill on van carpet

Is Walmart Liable for Spilled Paint?So I bought a can of paint at Walmart today and I'm pretty sure that she did not properly seal my paint can. I put it in my van and when I got home it was tipped over and the entire gallon is all over the inside of my van now. Do you think Walmart will cover to have my carpet replaced and my van detailed?


What Is Growing in My Easter Lily Pot? - small yellow plants perhaps a fungi

What Is Growing in My Easter Lily Pot?I have these growths happening in my Easter lily pot. It's kept in the house. What is this and is it normal?


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Value of 1957 Edition Compton's Pictured Encyclopedia?I would like to know the value of complete set (26) in excellent condition.


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Installing a Diverter Valve in a Bissell 8806?I need to install the diverter valve in my carpet cleaner 8806 asap. I am going crazy trying to keep it in place. I need a picture or video for an example.


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Recipe for Canning Harvard Beets?I would like to know if you can use this recipe for canning? I have looked all over the internet and there is nothing for canning Harvard beets with cornstarch in it.


Finding Discontinued Wallpaper Border #5815140 - rose, musical notes, etc. on border

Finding Discontinued Wallpaper Border #5815140?I am looking for a another roll of the border below to finish a project. Would anyone happen to have one or know where to purchase one?


Identifying and Killing a Grassy Weed - wide blade grassy weed

Identifying and Killing a Grassy Weed?What is this plant and how do I kill it? It is a weed that looks like a thick blade grass and grows very, very fast. It isn't crab grass.


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