October 24, 2017

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Fish on Cutting Board

How to Cook Fish in a Paper BagThere are endless recipes for preparing baked fresh fish in a paper bag. Change up the type of fish and the spices, to serve this delicious healthy meal often. This is a page about how to cook fish in a paper bag.


Calorie Free Crochet Cake Decoration - finished cake

How to Make a Crochet Cake DecorationUsing a round cardboard box and your crochet skills you can create this pretty crochet cake to decorate your home or an upcoming party or event. This is a page about how to make a crochet cake decoration.


Navy and white kitchen with wooden details

Paint Color Suggestion for Navy and White KitchenChoosing a paint color to complement the tile and cabinets in your kitchen can help pull the whole room together and make it an enjoyable workspace. This is a page about paint color suggestion for navy and white kitchen.



Chicken Vegetable Soup in a bowl

Healthy Chicken Vegetable SoupA very good vegetable soup full of nutrients and vitamins. Made from chicken drumsticks and water for the flavorful soup base.


Apple Oatmeal Bar on plate

Apple Oatmeal BarsAn economical recipe from the Great Depression. Fall is a great time to make this. Your house will smell great!



Organize Your Phone with Shortcuts - the phrase "I love you" listed as a the shortcut ily.

Organize Your Phone with ShortcutsWhen I am using my phone, I try to be as productive as possible. Creating shortcuts on frequently used phrases that I type on a daily basis helps keep me organized while saving time. You will be able to save as many phrases or word shortcuts you would like on your phone or tablet. This is for Apple devices.


Yarn Bombed Pumpkin - pumpkin on tabletop

Yarn Bombed PumpkinThis was a labor of love, but I am happy with how it came out. With some yarn, hot glue, and a faux pumpkin you too can make one like this. I saw these on Pinterest, but I make mine crochet rather than with single strands of yarn.


Drinking Straw Candleholder - candleholder not lit

Drinking Straw CandleholderThis is a glass candle holder decorated with drinking straws and would look really classy on the dining table as a finishing touch to a special meal.


Tissue Paper Covered Jack-o-Lantern Treat Cup

Tissue Paper Covered Jack-o-Lantern Treat CupThis is an easy to do craft for children or adults who appreciate a reminder of the Halloween season. These cute little cups are so easy to make and can sit around anywhere. You can fill them with candy and other edible foods. Enjoy one during the Halloween season and make one up for a friend.


Small packages of spices in zip top bags, purchased in bulk.

Saving Money on Seasoning and SpicesAre you making a new recipe that calls out for seasoning or spices you don't have? Instead of purchasing each new seasoning or spice jar, which can get costly especially if you may not like the recipe, my thrifty tip is to purchase in bulk where you can scoop the amount you need into a ziplock or plastic bag.


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Prioritize Grocery Shopping TripsIn our household, we usually plan our cooking based on what we have leftover at home, cravings/meal requests and the circular weekly ads. There are a couple of stores where you can "double dip" circular weekly ad sales.


An ice bucket with a lid, for food scraps.

Ice Bucket for Food ScrapsI recently picked up an ice bucket at a garage sale (50 cents!) and now use it on my kitchen counter for my food scraps. It is attractive and well insulated to provide a strong, sealed bucket and yet lightweight. Perfect to hold food scraps until I add them to my compost pile!


Recycled Metal Lid Ladybird (Ladybug) Wall Decoration - finished ladybug wall decoration

Recycled Metal Lid Ladybird (Ladybug) Wall DecorationThis is so cute and easy to make. Use any size lid from a jar and acrylic paint. If you don't have black and red cardstock or paint then allow yourself a little "poetic licence" and make your ladybirds in other crazy colours.


Lotus Pod and Crepe Paper Fall Wreath - fall wreath on door

Lotus Pod and Crepe Paper Fall WreathHere is a colorful wreath for the fall season! This is a great way to add some drama to your front porch.



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Using Warm Milk on a Kitten's EyesDoes warm milk have any good properties for helping kittens with their eyes if they're infected or matted shut?


Handmade Jewelry and Engraving Business Name Ideas - silver heart pendant

Handmade Jewelry and Engraving Business Name IdeasWe hand make silver and gold jewellery as well as do personalised engraving onto silver and gold discs, key rings, and dog tags. We also engrave onto stainless steel. We need help to come up with a catchy name (better than Sweet Jewellery Sue).


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16th Birthday Party IdeasMy 16th birthday is coming up in early December (it's summer where I live). I want to have a big party like you see in the movies, but I know my mum won't approve and I won't have enough people to invite. Any ideas on what to do with around 15 girls (no guys cause I don't have any guy friends)?


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Slogan for Commercial Cleaning BillboardThe company I work for, ACL cleaning, is finally moving forward with 5 different billboards in Baltimore county, MD. I need help thinking of a catchy slogan to attract commercial buildings, it will be running from November 20th until December 17th.


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House Trained Dog Peeing and Pooping InsideHow can I stop my Jack Russell cross, who I've had for 4 years and who was house trained years ago, from weeing up my furniture and pooing in the house even when he's been out? It's so frustrating.


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Staying on Medicaid After MarriageI am disabled and currently on Medicaid and my mom's insurance (I am under 26) and Medicaid know this. I do not have an income. My fiancée is working and we are getting married in a few months. She makes about $16,000 a year which is under the amount in my state that two people can make and stay on Medicaid.


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Kitchen Cabinet Color AdviceOur kitchen has pale rose walls, brass squares for a back splash, cream colored appliances, and dark beigey brown counters. The floor is a light maple. The cabinets are antiqued cream. I am wondering what color would be prettiest for the cabinets.


Value of Heritage House Musical Doll - doll wearing pink ruffle dress in a box

Value of Heritage House Musical DollI am wondering about the value of a Heritage House musical porcelain doll "Melissa" registration #4929.


Janome Sewing Machine Pattern Cams Out of Alignment

Janome Sewing Machine Pattern Cams Out of AlignmentI recently acquired a broken sewing machine from Freecycle that was seized. After a lot of oiling and waiting it is now running, but in the process of removing bits to get at the cam shaft, I removed the cassette of pattern cams. When putting them back in, I have misaligned something so the patterns no longer work.


Identifying Porcelain Dolls - blonde doll with plaid apron over dark dress with matching hat

Identifying Porcelain DollsI have 4 porcelain dolls that have no identification. I remember they all had tags around there wrists when I was a kid, but like a kid I took them off (and lost them). Can anyone point me in the right direction?


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Adult Halloween Costume IdeasI just turned 30, am single, no kids, and need a catchy Halloween costume idea. I am good with DIY too, I just need ideas!


Function of a Small Green LED on Fluorescent Strip Light  - small green light bulb on wire

Function of a Small Green LED on Fluorescent Strip LightI've noticed a small green LED that's attached to a white and yellow cable next to our office fluorescent strip lights. Does anyone know what this is for?


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9 Month Old Puppy Still Not House TrainedSo our dog is almost 9 months old. We tried crate training her as a puppy when we got her at 8 weeks old, but she still peed and pooped where she slept and then she'd lay in it and then need a bath. So we let her sleep with us in bed and now she doesn't mess during the night.


Removing Dye from a White Dress with a Pattern

Removing Dye from a White Dress with a PatternI have a toddler dress that is white and has colored hearts on it. It is cotton and polyester. I want to know how to remove the color and just make it all white. I'm hoping to be able to use it for my daughter's Halloween costume.


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Receiving Survivor BenefitsI'm in my thirties. After recently doing a DNA test I found out who my biological father is. He passed away when I was 2. Even though I'm in my thirties now can I still receive what I should have received then?


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Inexpensive Girl's 12th Birthday Party IdeasMy daughter is turning 12 in just two weeks. She wants to have a party with some of her new friends that she has made from secondary school. I would like to keep it cheap.


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When Is a Building Permit Required?Do I need a permit to build an awning on my porch if my porch is already there?


Identifying a Black Lump on a Dog - lump on dog's leg

Identifying a Black Lump on a DogI was wondering if anyone would be able to give me some ideas as to what this black lump could be. It is growing on a German Shepherd's right front leg and seems to be painful if touched.


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