February 4, 2018

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Investing Highlighted

Investing in Annuities?Annuities can be costly for you and very profitable for the company selling them, and may not be the best place to put your savings. This is a page about investing in annuities.


Blocking a caller on an iPhone.

Blocking Unwanted Calls on an iPhoneWhen you don't want to be contacted by unfamilar phone numbers, you can research the number online before blocking it. This is a page about blocking unwanted calls on an iphone.


Man Typing at Computer

Sending Text Messages From Your ComputerThere are ways to text from your computer by using the phone number at the appropriate cell phone web address. There may be a charge to the reciever of the text. This is a page about sending text messages from your computer.



Skillet Pizza

Skillet PizzaNo need to go out for pizza when you can make this at home. The varieties are endless.


Two Hearts As One Valentine Day Card -  finished card with heart coloring page glued on the front

Two Hearts As One Valentine Day CardHere is an easy mini adult-coloring-project-turned-card for Valentine's Day. Symbolizing two lives that started separately, and eventually interlinked when falling in love, this card is sure to melt your Cupid's heart.



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Feeding an Elderly Dog?Our Maltese is having problems eating commercial dog food due to his age and having had teeth pulled out. He is eighteen years old, has arthritis, and is blind so any help would be appreciated.


What Breed Is My Dog? - white dog with a brown ear

What Breed Is My Dog?I recently got my boy Rocky. The seller said he was Staffy x American Bulldog even his paperwork say Staffy x American Bulldog. But every time I walk him people are saying he is a Pit. He is great with my kids, but keeps snapping at my other dog. Can anyone help?


Can't Remove Morphy Richards Bread Maker Pan  - bottom of pan

Can't Remove Morphy Richards Bread Maker Pan?I have a Morphy Richards bread maker #48319. One day where I suddenly was unable to place the pan in the machine and turn it to lock it. I managed to get the pan to lock in place, but now I cannot get it out again. I can twist it to unlock it though.


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Value of an Ashley Belle Martha Doll?I found an Ashley Belle Martha doll with a cream dress and was wondering the value. I couldn't find any on Google or eBay.


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17th Birthday Party Ideas?My birthday is February 12. Please no kid games or anything; I'm turning 17 and am very mature, not 6. What are some ideas for a party that will have boys and girls. It's in winter and so we can't do anything really outside.


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Resealing a Canvas Bounce House?Does anyone know where I can get a canvas bounce house resealed? Since mine got soaked in a rain storm, it now is leaking air when I try to inflate it.


What Is This Piece of Machinery?

What Is This Piece of Machinery?We would like to know what this piece of machinery is. Could you please help us? No one seems to know what it is. Your assistance would be really helpful.


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How Soon Can I Re-dye My Hair?I dyed my hair today to a medium reddish brown, but after drying it I see it did not change the black dye in my hair that has been in for a year. Can I re-dye my hair or just the part that did not change?


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Resident Dog Aggressive with Owner After Getting a New Puppy?We have a 3 year old chocolate Lab. He is an indoor dog and gets lots of love and discipline. He is very smart and well behaved. We have a 4-6 month old puppy. They get along fine, however, the Lab does act jealous (over toys and attention) and has now become protective over his food and aggressive towards me.


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Social Security Disability Child Support Not Being Received?My ex's disability has been garnished since August. Missouri child support said they received nothing. The child support office says SSA has a hold due to the large amount. SSA says they send it every month. And the benefits the children receive are credited to his amount every month.


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Feeding an Orchid?I have my first orchid, a phaleonopsis. It's full of blooms and I want to know what is a good brand orchid food?


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Daycare Slogan Ideas?I am opening a daycare called "The Stables Child Development Center'. What would be a good slogan be that would relate to that? It's going to look like a Red Barn, if that helps.


Value of Consolidated Webster's Reference Dictionary - worn blue fabric covered dictionary

Value of Consolidated Webster's Reference Dictionary?I have a copy of the Consolidated Webster's encyclopedia reference dictionary. There is no date, but there is a colored picture inside the cover Do not know age or value? The hard cover is worn.


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Ideas for Boyfriend's 16th Birthday Party?My boyfriend's birthday is coming up, but he is no fun at picking party ideas. I try to get him into ideas, but he is like 'nah', which I found mostly annoying. He really wants to do a paintball party, but he is afraid that people might get hurt. Can people give me ideas what he should do for his birthday?


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Removing Decals from a Kitchen Window?How do I get a decal off of my kitchen's upper window above my sink? It's been on it around ten years or longer? Does spraying vinegar on it work?


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Remedy for Cat Hair Loss Due to Stress?My cat started pulling out her fur due to stress as my dog was ill. It got worse when she died. Now a year later her fur is still the same, are there any home remedies I can use to help the fur grow?


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Home Repair Assistance for Low Income Homeowners?I need help finishing my tiny house I'm trying to get built in my garage. I'm on a fixed income and can barely make ends meet. I'm living in my mobile home and I have a family interested in renting it, but I can't move out until my tiny house is finished. Then I have repair work that needs to be done on the mobile home.


Value of Porcelain Doll - bridal doll

Value of Porcelain Doll?I bought a bridal doll 20 years ago either in France or Germany; I cannot remember. I'm trying to find out the value, but am not having any luck. If anyone can help it would be much appreciated.


A pair of Mersman dough box tables.

Value of Mersman Dough Box Tables?I Just bought these matching Mersman dough box tables and am curious how much they're worth! One box does have an imprint on the inside, but other than that they are in great condition!


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Childcare Slogan Ideas?I'm naming my business Rainbow Children Childcare and am looking for a slogan.


American Bulldog or Pitbull - brindle puppy

American Bulldog or Pitbull?I've just gotten an American Bulldog puppy, many people who meet her instantly start questioning me on if she's a Pit Bull, or even telling me she is. I'm pretty sure she is not, but all the comments are making me doubt myself. Pit Bulls are banned where I live so I think that's why I just need some reassurance.


Re-Dyeing Hair - bright pink hair

Re-Dyeing Hair?I dyed a friend's hair last night. She wanted it to be dark red, but turned out discharge pink. Can I recolor today or will that hurt her hair?


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Eligibility for Social Security Survivor Benefits?My son's father passed away and I applied for survivor's benefits for him. During the phone interview she asked about support. He did help he would just send me money orders or clothes. She asked me to send copies of the money orders, but I never made copies of them. Will this stop my son from getting benefits?


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Dog Peeing in the House When Left Alone?My dog is almost 5 years old, and I have a big problem with him. He pees at home when he is left alone. It doesn't matter if he will go out before or not, if the balcony door is open so he can go out to the garden or if I leave him for 1 or 5 hours. He exactly knows what he is doing is wrong.


Landlord's Responsibility for Lack of Heat

Landlord's Responsibility for Lack of Heat?Last Wednesday morning the apartment in front of ours caught on fire. Our apartment is fine, however, the gas line was under the apartment that caught fire so they turned our gas off, so we have no heat. The landlord just offered to take $50 off of our rent. The apartment is at 39 degrees. Is there anything we can do?


What Is This House Plant? - thick trunked plant with dark green round leaves

What Is This House Plant?I want to know more about this house plant.


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