March 28, 2018

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Paperwork for a healthcare power of attorney, living will and an estate plan.

Scope of a Medical Power of Attorney?Family members are often given power of attorney in the case of a debilitating illness or other disability. This page has information about the scope of a medical power of attorney.


Swedish Rice Porridge, Risengrod, with a stick of cinnamon in it.

Making Swedish Rice PorridgeMake this creamy spiced rice pudding as a treat for your family. This page is about Making Swedish rice porridge.


Red and green pepper strips, ready for stir fry.

Fresh Stir-Fry Melange RecipeA medley of sweet peppers and other vegetables. It pairs wonderfully with rice as a quick weeknight dinner.This is a page about fresh stir-fry melange recipe.


Woman studying for exam with books and computer

Tips for Passing the NBCOT Exam?The National Board for Certification in Occupational Therapy is for health professionals who treat people recovering from an injury, physical impairment, or mental health issues.This is a page about tips for passing the NBCOT exam.


Elderly couple outside their RV looking at a map

RV Warranty Repair TipsIt's important to take advantage of any necessary repairs before your warranty runs out. This is a page about RV warranty repairs tips.



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Freezing FoodMy friends and family frequently mention how successful I am at freezing cooked foods. Most of you probably know this already, but air is the enemy of food preservation. If I have a cake or casserole to freeze, I cover it with stretch wrap. I then wrap it tightly with aluminum foil. After that I put it in a 2 gallon freezer bag, pushing out all of the air before sealing.


A brand new baby hummingbird on a perch.

Brand New Baby HummingbirdThis is a brand new to the world baby hummingbird. Yesterday was her first day out of the nest and I think we were as excited as the mother bird was.


An omelet on a plate with salsa on top.

Omelets to Stay Inside Food BudgetI love omelets, but never made a good one until yesterday. Every time tried to make one, I ended up with scrambled eggs. I belong to a cooking group, and they were talking about the best omelet pans. Apparently the pan is necessary, and I decided I wanted one, but thought the $99 recommended one was too expensive. So, yesterday I was at an estate sale, and I saw an omelet pan, so I bought it.


Having a Big Girls Slumber Party - hearts party banner

Having a Big Girls' Slumber PartyWhat a great fun night we had. We were 16 again and had a "blast." I only had 6 girls over. It was just perfect! We had a nice dinner and then the fun "began!" Into our PJs, and let the games, music, movies, and sweets start.


Styrofoam Ball Bunny Statue - finished bronze metallic bunny on turquoise background

Styrofoam Ball Bunny StatueThis bunny statue is a beautiful little statement piece, great for centerpieces or general decoration. It's made of 2 Styrofoam balls and cardboard, held together by hot glue. Paint it however you please. I chose metallic paint so it really pops!


An iceberg near the shore of Lake Michigan.

Iceberg on Lake Michigan BeachCaptivating wintertime iceberg at the Lake Michigan beach. Explore them with great caution. The icebergs collect along the shoreline from the lake wave actions. Lake Michigan does not typically freeze entirely over, allowing wave actions to break ice.


Chocoholic Easter Bunny Card

Chocoholic Easter Bunny CardThis Easter bunny is a real chocoholic! He found the ideal Easter egg. He is clinging to it for dear life and can't wait to taste it. Maybe - if you ask him nicely - he will share it with you?


Prince (Mixed Breed) - dog wearing a Santa hat in front of the tree

Prince (Mixed Breed)A long time ago and he was the only survivor of a parvo infected family. He will fetch thrown things and returns immediately to his master. He wants the object to be thrown repeatedly.


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Treating Gaulding and ChafingI suffer more than most from decreased exercise and lack of circulation after becoming a disabled veteran. I found an overnight cure with just one application of Nystatin cream or powder. The best remedy for the gauding or chafing (Monkey Butt) is to first use soap and water.



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Storing Banana Oatmeal Fingers?What is the best way to store the banana oatmeal fingers?


Value of Seymour Mann Doll - doll in box

Value of Seymour Mann Doll?What is the value of this Seymour Mann MCMXCIX doll with stand?


Identifying a Bug Found in My Kitchen - small two tone bug

Identifying a Bug Found in My Kitchen?Can someone please tell me what this bug is? It hangs on my window sills in my kitchen only and on the kitchen tile floor.


Identifying an Old Tree in Michigan Forest - old branch

Identifying an Old Tree in Michigan Forest?While hunting for morel mushrooms in a Federal forest, I came to a small area with these trees. This was in the state of Michigan. The Federal forest consisted largely of maple, oak, birch, and some red pine trees. The United States Forest Service did not give me an answer about the mysterious ancient tree.


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Remedy for Loneliness in a New City?I just moved here 3 months ago from a city I lived in all my life. I moved to be closer to my son. He is the only one I know here. I am shy so I have a hard time doing things on my own. I am so so so lonely. I have a lot of medical problems which confines me a lot. Please can you give me any suggestions?


Identifying a Houseplant - vining plant with pretty light and medium green and white leaves

Identifying a Houseplant?Does anyone know what this plant is called? It's a creeping vine type plant with light green & white variegated, almond-shaped leaves. It was thriving last year, but since my cat turfed it on the floor and I had to re-pot and move it, it's been struggling (thus the yellower colour to some of the leaves).


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Using Diatomaceous Earth for Dog's Tapeworms?Can I administer the diatomaceous earth on ice cream, other than in his food, to my dog to cure tapeworms?


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Re-dyeing Hair?I bought two boxes of light blonde hair dye and it only took on my roots. My hair looks ridiculous now. Can I try again tomorrow and put more of the dye on the length of my hair for a period of time and then add to the roots when they are the same color to achieve the color I want?


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Understanding Crochet Instructions?The instructions read: ch 19sc second st sc next 17 then it has (18sts) ch 1 turn sc in front loop next 17sts (18sts) ch 1 turn sc next 4 sts miss next 13 then it has (5 sts) ch 1 turn Dec 1sc in next 2 Drs (4sts). What does this mean? I am confused.


Value of a Mersman Coffee Table

Value of a Mersman Coffee Table?I have a Mersman 2266 table. What is it worth?


Itchy Bug Bites on My Fingers - small bug bite like blister

Itchy Bug Bites on My Fingers?For several days now I keep getting bitten while I sleep. The first night I had some on my back and ankles and then it started getting worse, getting almost every bite on my fingers. They are really itchy sometimes. I suspect they are mosquito bites. I just want to be sure.


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Clearing and Selling Trees?I own 1.56 acres of land that is full of mature trees. Who do I contact in Shreveport, Louisiana that would help me clear my land and pay me for them?


Hard-wired Smoke Detector Tripping Breaker - smoke detector

Hard-wired Smoke Detector Tripping Breaker?I have 9 smoke detectors, all hard-wired. I changed all nine out, two brand new ones. I changed the circuit breaker out. It's a 15 amp, but yet it still keeps tripping.


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Poulan WE261 Riding Mower Won't Start?I have a Poulan WE261 riding mower that won't start. I can't find the gas fuel filter to check it for replacement. Can you help me?


What Is This Plant? - potted plant with branches with radiating leaves clusters

What Is This Plant?I was given this plant by a friend. Despite trying to figure out what it is, I haven't been able to identify it. Can anyone tell me what it is so I can learn how to care for it properly?


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Value of Porcelain Dolls?I have 2 dolls that are in new condition and in the original boxes. One is a Duck House and the other is Cloverdale. How can I determine the value?


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