April 2, 2018

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Glucose meter on top of laptop

Diabetes Glucose Tracker Sites?If you need to check and track your glucose levels, a website might be the perfect way to keep all the information at hand. This page contains diabetes glucose tracker sites.


Man vacuuming car in driveway of home

Slogan Ideas for a Mobile Car Detailing Business?It can be tricky to settle on the best tag line to help advertise your business and it's services. This page contains slogan ideas for a mobile car detailing business.


Value of Elizabeth Arden Porcelain Collectibles - decorated pitcher

Value of Elizabeth Arden Porcelain Collectibles?This well-known beauty company has also offered collectible porcelain pieces over the years. This is a page about value of Elizabeth Arden porcelain collectibles.


Woman sleeping at her work desk.

Remedies for Being Sleepy After Lunch?You may be missing some important nourishment, may need to change you diet a bit or take a short nap. This is a page about remedies for being sleepy after lunch.


Hot chocolate mix in a jar with a handle.

Dairy Free Gift Mixes in a JarGift mixes are a popular present idea but many of them use powdered milk, which is less welcome for those who are avoiding dairy. This is a page about dairy free gift mixes in a jar.


Paint roller painting a white wall blue.

Behr Exterior Paint ReviewsBehr exterior paint from Home Depot comes in a wide variety of colors and was given an excellent review in this user's post. Notable was its durability. This is a page containing Behr exterior paint reviews.


Man with flashlight looking at fusebox

Troubleshooting Fusebox Problems?Problems in the fusebox can cause issues throughout your home. Always use caution when working with electricity and consult an electrician before attempting your own repairs. This is a page about troubleshooting fusebox problems.


Salmon with fresh greens on a white plate.

Green Onion Salmon RecipeFresh green onions are a perfect addition when cooking salmon filets.This page contains a recipe for green onion salmon.


Flour in canvas bag with scoop

Saving Money on FlourWheat flour is used in large quantities when baking bread, cakes or other baked goods. This page has tips about saving money on flour.


Couple brushing their baby's teeth

Caring for Your Child's Baby TeethDental hygiene should start as soon as your child has teeth, and many parents start "brushing" gums to get an infant used to the process. This is a page about caring for your child's baby teeth.


Realtor shaking hands with male client at desk while female client watches and smiles

Real Estate Transaction Firm Name Ideas?When looking for the perfect name for a real estate business, be sure you are attracting the right customers. This page contains real estate transaction firm name ideas.


Ripes peaches on a white background

Using Ripe Peaches?If you have a peach tree in your yard, you might be flooded with peaches at harvest time. This is a page about using ripe peaches.



baked Lemon Berry Cake

Lemon Berry CakeThis delicious and moist cake is perfect to serve for any occasion! You cannot go wrong with this Lemon Raspberry Blueberry Cake.



Pre Soaked OatmealI have come across a lot of interesting information that indicates that the best way to eat grains is to soak them, so as to eliminate phytic acid and other undigestible agents.



Cleaning a 1950s Horseman Doll - vinyl baby doll

Cleaning a 1950s Horseman Doll?How do I clean a 1950s Horseman doll without making it sticky. It's not sticky now and I do not want to clean it with anything that will make it sticky. It also smells like mold coming from tiny silver hole in back. The outside looks great, but I know mold is dangerous. The head is the only joint on the body.


Value of Rose Gold and Bone China - Japanese motif handled tea cup

Value of Rose Gold and Bone China?I have a lot of antique china. Some is bone china and also rose gold. That's about all I know. I was hoping to get some more information on them and to find out if they hold any value. Any information you could provide would be greatly appreciated.


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Value of World Scope Encyclopedia?How much is a complete collection of World Scope encyclopedia worth?


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Roof Repairs for Low Income Homeowners?I'm senior citizen with a disability. Following a hail storm I need a new roof and other repairs. I don't have money for my deductible. Is there somewhere I can get help? My insurance will cover the rest. I live on Social Security.


Thinning Yellow Waterproof Wood Glue

Thinning Yellow Waterproof Wood Glue?I have in my shop a gallon jug of the yellow waterproof casein wood glue used by professionals. I am a professional wooden body restorer of early brass era antique autos, but I know nothing about revitalizing 6 year old glue which is thickening in the jug.


Porcelain Doll Identification - small porcelain doll wearing a straw hat

Porcelain Doll Identification?My great grandmother gave me this doll over 20 years ago and it has been in my closet ever since. Does anyone know how I can find the maker? It has a porcelain head, arms/hands (from the elbow down), and legs/feet/shoes (from the knee down). The body is cloth. It is 7 inches tall.


Information on a Goldenvale Collection Doll?I have a Goldenvale doll that has no numbers on her neck. How do I find out how when she was produced? Her name is Viola.


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Value of Encyclopedia Britannica?I am trying to determine the value of a full set of 1944 Encyclopedia Britannica.


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Pattern for Facecloth Pajamas Gift?Where would I find the face cloth pattern to go with the poem that starts "We look like pajamas, but, really we aren't."?


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Locating the Source of a Bad Smell in the House?I have a bad smell in my house that comes and goes. I can't figure out where it is coming from. I had the fire department check the house and it wasn't a gas leak. It smells like rotten eggs or something sour. It only smells in the entrance to the basement.


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Value of a Wurlitzer Juke Box?I am looking to sell my Wurlitzer 1700 and need to determine its value. It was professionally renovated a few years ago and is in good working condition.


Zebra Finch Eggs Hatched - egg

Zebra Finch Eggs Hatched?My female Zebra finch laid 4 eggs. I just noticed last night that 1 egg hasn't hatched and I can only see 2 chicks. Has the other chick died and been covered?


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Sharpening Round Can Opener Blades?I have a manual can opener with the round cutter blade. It is dull and does not cut totally through my cans any more. How can I fix this/and or sharpen the blade on it?


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Value of a Studio Enhanced Thomas Kinkade Painting?I have Thomas Kinkade's "Lamplight Brook; Lamplight Lane II", framed and purchased at his Placerville studio 25+ years ago. It is a "studio-enhanced" version, highlighted in the studio by one of his disciples. I am wondering what the value is at this time.


What Breed Is My Dog? - brown puppy with big ears

What Breed Is My Dog?I have people saying that my dog is not a Pit Bull mix, but the mother is a Lab Pit Bull.


Identifying Tiny Bugs - bug on piece of wood

Identifying Tiny Bugs?At first we found these tiny little bugs in our snake's cage, but we knew right away they were not mites, they were too big and some had wings. We cleaned tho whole thing out and bleached everything in the tank.


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Getting Rid of Parvo Virus in Dog Enclosure?I bought a fence enclosure for my puppy. She passed due to parvo. It has been about 6 months now and I'm getting another puppy and would like to use this enclosure if possible. Any suggestions how I can make possible? It has been sprayed down with Clorox.


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Electric Stove Turns On But Not Heating Up?I have a Hotpoint electric stove that was working, but just stopped. I went and got another and it is not working neither. I checked all the wiring and burners on the stoves with a multimeter and everything seems to be good on both stoves, but when I plug either one in they turn on, but are not heating up.


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Dog Growls and Snaps When Taking Off Its Sweater?I have a Yorkie/Shih Tzu mix. He likes wearing sweaters and gives me no issues putting them on. But as soon as I try to take it off, he freaks out. He starts growling and trying to bite which he never does at any other time. This is completely out of character for him. Does anyone know why?


Value of a Mersman Coffee Table - medium wood finish table with covered end compartments and railing between

Value of a Mersman Coffee Table?I am hoping to find out the value of a Mersman 2-43 coffee table. It is in very good condition, but I cannot find it anywhere after searching to see if I can find a value somewhere or if it even has one.


Shepherd? - dog on couch

Is My Dog a Full Blood German Shepherd?Is she a German Shepherd or a mix?


Lump on Dog's Belly - bumpy growth

Lump on Dog's Belly?This has grown on my dog's belly. It looks weird. Does this look like cancer? I have made her an app at the vets forTuesday to get checked out, but it's worrying me. I thought I'd ask the community if this looks like anything your dogs have had? It is very strange with the black lines?


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Breaker for Storage Shed Keeps Tripping?How do I fix a breaker to a separate storage shed that keeps tripping? This just started.


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Ratio of Oil to Fuel in Lampe Berger?I have the Lampe Berger real oil in ocean spray. I have made the cheap version of the fuel using the 16 oz. bottle of 91% isopropyl and 1 tablespoon of distilled water.


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LG Ice Maker Won't Dump Ice?I have an ice maker in the drawer of my LG refrigerator. The water flows and freezes, but won't dump the cubes.


Identifying a Garden Plant - shrub with pink flowers

Identifying a Garden Plant?This plant is found in Victoria, BC Canada. I live part time in Central America and would love to plant it here - if only I could find out what it is!


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Removing Cigarette Odor on Mobility Chair?I need to find out how to remove cigarette smoke from a mobility chair that I was won in a contest, I get migraines from odors. And it works really well, but I need to find something that will clean that smell off.


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