September 19, 2018

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Iced Cookies on plate

Iced Cookies from Muffin MixI scored a box of almond poppyseed muffin mix at the shops for 69 cents. The problem was, no one felt like having muffins. We did, however, really want some cookies. With a few tweaks to the mix, we had the most awesome chewy sugar cookies. I made a simple glaze for the tops because my family loves a bit of icing.


Ginger Carrots on dinner plates

Ginger CarrotsCarrots were on sale in my area for 33 cents a pound. In addition, I grew some carrots in my garden. I have been looking for ways to prepare them. This recipe is different, healthy and delicious. You could easily halve or double it.



Placing peppers in a jar with oil.

Reducing the Heat in Hot PeppersI bought a mislabeled plant. Instead of getting a sweet pepper, I got a hot one. Instead of giving them away, I learned that if I roasted them at 425 degrees F until they were soft and the edges were brown (20 minutes or so), it would remove a lot of the heat.


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Extend and Enhance Ready-Made Bean SaladsAs sold, jars or cans of bean salad are always too sweet for me so I empty the entire contents into a large bowl, tangy seasoned liquid included, and then I drain the liquid from an assortment of other canned, unseasoned beans and add them to the seasoned ones, along with minced fresh herbs such as parsley or cilantro - and stir gently but well.


A red fairy costume with wings and a flower crown.

Red Fairy CostumeRecently, I had the opportunity to attend Fairieworlds, which takes place not too far from my home. It is an all-ages art and music festival where everyone is encouraged to dress up. I put together this outfit from a dress I already had and maybe $10 of dollar store craft items. I felt very cute and comfortable the entire afternoon.


A Thanksgiving table set and ready for dinner.

Living Within Your MeansNow on a very small fixed income, I kept finding myself running out of money before the end of the month to pay my monthly bills and living expenses. So I wound up drawing money out of my savings account every month to pay bills until my next monthly check came in. I realized that my savings account was shrinking at an alarming rate. In looking at my lifestyle, I realized I had to change some of my habits.


A bowl of baking powder that is bubbling slightly.

Testing Baking Powder and Baking SodaThe picture shows my baking powder is still good, even though it is slightly past the expiration date.


Young child kissing a newborn.

Preparing Children for a New SiblingWhen expecting a new member in your family, it is important to make sure the older children know how important they are. This is a page about preparing children for new sibling.


Bananas hanging from a shoe string in the kitchen.

Hanging BananasI thought about that cute banana hanger that our daughter has on her counter. I don't have room for one but I found a place to hang the bananas. Using a shoe string, I hung the bananas at the end of the kitchen cabinet.


Popsicle Stick Desktop Organizer

Popsicle Stick Desktop OrganizerThis colourful desktop organizer is made from a toilet paper tube and Popsicle sticks. Here, I've used it to keep my brushes organized. I've added a small bowl for mixing colours. This organizer can also be used to hold pencils. Just replace the bowl with erasers or a Post-it note pad. This is a great craft for kids.


A box of watermelon for sale with an arrow marking the one that was chosen.

Choosing Great WatermelonAs watermelon season wraps up, we are seeing tons of them on sale. You want to make sure you choose a good one, or else you'll be stuck with 15 pounds of lackluster fruit. The key to finding a good one by sight is looking for a rather ugly one that has a big yellowish patch on one side.


A coffee brewing station at home.

Budget Friendly Coffee Shop FlavorsI am a lover of flavored coffee. Like many of you, it begins my day with a hug from within. I am here to share a tip with you. I am beyond cheap. I like to use the word frugal. I won't spend money in a coffee shop. I won't say never but, you get it. I have not purchased one in over 20 years.


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Honey Baked Ham BargainI love honey baked ham but the price is way beyond my means. My son loves my soup made from leftover ham bone cooked with dried 8 bean mix, so last year he bought a soup starter ham bone (which they keep frozen) and gave it to me.



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17th Birthday Venue?My friend and I have been searching for 17th birthday celebration ideas. She wants something fancy, where we all should wear dresses, everyone would get a personal invitation, etc. The problem is that we cannot think of a place or location where she could host her party.


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Using Gojo Hand Cleaner on Clothing Stains?How long do I leave Gojo hand cleaner on laundry stains? Would it be over night or for a few hours before washing the clothing article with the stains.


Identifying a Porcelain Doll  - doll in blue print dress

Identifying a Porcelain Doll?My wife had a collection of these dolls with certificates from the store they where bought from. Anyone have any ideas of the manufacturer?


Scum Forming on Water Line in Plant Container - scum on glass at water line

Scum Forming on Water Line in Plant Container?I have been growing plants in bottled water for over fifty years. Recently we installed a whole house water filter and I now have a rim of scum (?) on the top edge of the water and on the container. The containers are cleaned thoroughly and the water is changed every month.


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Shelf Life of Canned Green Beans?I canned my green beans in October 2016. I still have some jars left. Are they OK to eat?


Identifying Biting Bugs

Identifying Biting Bugs?I have another bug that is biting me at night. I'm 80% sure I know what it is, but need to be 100%.


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Planting an Avocado Tree?This is my 5th avocado tree and it is still in it's 5 gallon container. I bought it 9 days ago, and it was grafted. In the last 4 days I noticed the leaves were curling, then fell off. The falling leaves start below and then are going up to the young ones. I have already lost 3 leaves and have not put it in the ground.


Identifying Tiny Biting Bugs - tiny dark brown bug

Identifying Tiny Biting Bugs?I have tiny dark bugs that bite at night. What are they and how do I get rid of them? I live in central California. I am being eaten alive by these bugs. Do they carry anything I should know about?


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Finding Free Tires?I need a spare tire. Where can I find a free or inexpensive one?


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Finding the Value of Seymour Mann Dolls?I have 11 Seymour Mann baby dolls in their boxes. They belonged to my mother who passed away and left them to me. I am not a doll collector. Is there anywhere I can find the value? I have all the code numbers. We are moving soon and do not have space for 11 dolls.


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Value of a Seymour Mann Shirley Temple Doll?I have a "Poor Little Rich Girl" Shirley Temple doll that is in a blue, pleated sailor dress. The box says "A Connoisseur's Collection Doll" from Seymour Mann - Hand Painted Porcelain. However the back of her neck is imprinted with "The Danbury Mint" and the "Shirley Temple" signature is underneath the imprint.


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Sharing Expenses With Girlfriend?I have been living with my girl for 4 months; her mom kicked her out so I told her she could come stay with me. I have roommates so I have to hide her or I would get kicked out of the house.


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Finding the Value of Porcelain Dolls?How do I find out the value of porcelain dolls?


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