January 20, 2019

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Making a Bamboo Rain Stick - braid some string and decorate the instrument. Be sure to glue the string in place.

Making a Bamboo RainstickHere on the island music is an important part of our lives. There are many ways that we use bamboo to make musical instruments. One of the instruments I love to make is a rainstick.


A cup of soup next to a platter of leeks and some bread.

Week 3: Potato Leek SoupPotato and leek soup is popular in many European countries, especially during the winter. This creamy soup can be topped with chives, sour cream, or even bacon. Our recipe uses a crockpot but you could certainly make it in a pressure cooker or even on the stove.


Lucy (Mini Dachshund) - brown Dachshund

Lucy (Mini Dachshund)I got Lucy 4 yrs. ago when my other baby died suddenly one morning. At first I had a hard time warming up to her. But then our other male dog, that Lucy grew to love, had to be put down due to a devastating seizure. When he was put down it was only Lucy and I. She needed me and I needed her.



Identifying a Porcelain Figurine

Identifying a Porcelain Figurine?I have a 6.5 inch porcelain (I think?) figurine, with movable arms, that my son purchased at a garage sale in 2001 for his little sister. I've kept it because of the sentimental value, but would like to know more about it. Does anyone have any idea who made it, when, etc.?


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Cause of Scum on Dishwasher Filter?I have a new Frigidaire dishwasher. I use Cascade liquid detergent and liquid Finish rinse additive. After every single load, there is scum build up on the metal filter on the dishwasher floor. Is the detergent the problem?


Avocado Tree Losing Leaves

Avocado Tree Losing Leaves?I have an avocado tree that is about 5-6 yrs old. It has occasionally dropped leaves, but they have always grown back. However, since it has become winter, the avocado will grow some leaves, and then a few days-weeks later they will shrivel up and fall off. The ones that grow back appear to be mostly on the top of the tree.


Mould Spores on New Sofa Spread to Other Furniture - white spots on upholstery

Mould Spores on New Sofa Spread to Other Furniture?My new sofa was delivered with white/black mould spores on all pieces. It is suede and has been in my home for 5 months until it was finally picked up and taken back. I have noticed a smell and white marks on the furniture in my living room. I took the blinds and curtains down and cleaned everywhere.


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Storing Photos?I need to make space in my house quickly. I am wondering if I can store photographs in a storage shed that is not temperature controlled. Most are still in original the envelopes they came in once developed at the store.


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Fixed Female Cat Marks Clothing?I'm wondering how other people have addressed their cat peeing on their clothes. My cat was a rescue and is very attached to me. She started marking on my clothes, clean or dirty, it doesn't matter. And even marked on my bed, anywhere she smells me. My husband's clothes are not affected.


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Remedy for a Smelly Particleboard Dresser?Last month I bought a dresser for my guest bedroom. It was cheapish, particle board. My guests were here for 4 days. They had to wash their clothes everyday because of the horrible smell in the drawers. I tried vinegar, baking soda, borax, charcoal, and putting them outside. Nothing works.


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Recipes Using Leftover Biscuits and Pie Filling?Are there any recipes for using leftover baked biscuits and canned pie filling?


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Re-dying Hair?When dyeing my hair, my friend used one color on the roots and top and another on the length and ends. The length turned darker than the top and the ends turned green. I put baking soda on it and washed it 3 times with baby shampoo. Can I dye my length and ends tomorrow?


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Finding Cheap Tires for a Lexus ES350?Anyone know where I can get cheap tires for a Lexus ES350 in Ponchatoula or New Orleans?


Dog Is Not Drinking Water - two dogs

Dog Is Not Drinking Water?Our Maltese Shih-tzu, the white one, has stopped drinking water after her mom died some 3 weeks ago. Before that both dogs were drinking water at a normal amount per day. As her mom's health condition began to worsen she began to drink much more water at a time. She died of a heart complaint.


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Crochet Pattern for McRoberts Tartan Rug?Does anybody have a crochet pattern for the McRoberts family tartan rug?


Sewing Machine Not Picking Up Bobbin Thread - closeup of needle and bobbin area

Sewing Machine Not Picking Up Bobbin Thread?Today I was sewing and I noticed my machine wasn't making the bottom threads. I changed the needle, thread, and bobbin and then I realized that the black plastic part that holds my bobbin isn't spinning with the outer silver rim that is spinning making the thread not catch when I try to thread the needle.


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Jewelry Business Name Ideas?I want to start a business selling jewelry at an affordable price. Please help me to name my business to include affordable or something synonymous.


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Caring for a Dog with Parvo?I gave my little Chihuahua Pedialyte in a syringe. I put the syrup in the top of his mouth. He is drinking water, but throws it up. A vet gave me goat's milk and calf liver to help him, but he will not eat anything. I has been going on for 4 days now and he is still pooping bloody diarrhea and still vomiting white foam.


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Dyeing a Polyester and Suede Face Wrap?I have a black 100% polyester face wrap with a patch of suede on it and am wondering how to dye it. I want to dye it a desert tan color, but am not sure how to do it.


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Outlet Not Working?I have power to my black wire at the outlet, but if I touch the coating the power goes away. Or if I hook it up to the outlet I lose power.


Value of a Vintage Victorian Mirror

Value of a Vintage Victorian Mirror?I know it was sold in auction previously. It has J.L.F &CPT. Co. stamped on back as well as writing with number 241. I am trying to sell it, but don't know what a fair asking price would be.


Age and Value of a Homer Laughlin Pitcher - tan crazed finish pitcher

Age and Value of a Homer Laughlin Pitcher?I am looking for any information on this Homer Laughlin pitcher, such as age and value.


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Copycat Recipe for McCormick's Country Chicken Seasoning?Does anyone have a homemade recipe for the now discontinued McCormick country chicken recipe?


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Value of a King O' Lawn Reel Mower?I'm wondering what the value of a King O' Lawn reel mower is.


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Unable to Dial 911 from Apartment?I have a cell phone and a good carrier. I just moved to a dead cell zone, no carriers can reach this two mile stretch. I invested in a Vonage system and got a landline phone which is supposed to work on it, but it requires good ethernet which my apartment building has only once in awhile.


Rescue Pit Bull Peeing Inside - brown and white Pit being held

Rescue Pit Bull Peeing Inside?We just adopted a 3 and 1/2 year old Pit Bull from a shelter. He was abused, but he's very sweet. My problem is he was an outside dog and now he keeps peeing in the house with many potty breaks. He never poops, just pee. How to I get him to stop?


Identifying a Houseplant - round leafed plant

Identifying a Houseplant?My family can't figure out what this plant my grandparent's have had for years is. Any ideas?


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