January 27, 2019

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A woman coloring her hair at home.

Refreshing Color on Previously Dyed Hair?When you use semi permanent hair coloring, it can fade. A colored gloss can refresh the highlights until it is time to apply dye again. This is a page about refreshing color on previously dyed hair.


Value of a Zenith Solid State Portable Record Player

Value of Vintage Portable Record Players?Portable record players with an internal speaker were available in the 60's and handy for teens to play their own music. This is about determining the value of vintage portable record players.


DIY Japanese Kintsugi Pottery Repair

DIY Japanese Kintsugi Pottery RepairAn inexpensive way to fix broken pottery is with a gold dusted lacquer to stick the pieces back together leaving an attractive piece of pottery. This is a page about DIY Japanese kintsugi pottery repair.


Dressed Up Pen Holder for
Father's Day  - pens inside the can

Making a Dressed Up Pen Holder for Father's DayA personalized pen holder you can make dad for a desk reminder of how much you love him. This is a page about making a dressed up pen holder for Father's Day.



cooked Black Fungus Mushrooms in bowl

Dried Black Fungus Mushroom BeverageThis is a herbal drink I make twice a week. It is very easy and healthy for you. This recipe is good for 4 cups and the mushroom is edible as well. Dried black fungus is believed to help with blood circulation, lowers cholesterol and other benefits.


cut Choco/Mint Cookies

Choco/Mint CookiesThese choco/mint cookies are a favorite with family and co/workers, and will keep you asking for more! With this dual flavored cookie. It is perfect for everyday and special enough for parties. Here is how!


Homemade Clam Chowder in bread bowl

Homemade Clam ChowderI spent my birthday up in the San Francisco Bay area. Walking around town looking for a place to eat, I noticed the price of clam chowder had skyrocketed like mad. I skipped out on having some, but since the craving stuck, my mother and I decided to make it from scratch once I got home. It's not hard to do, and costs a fraction of the price marked at the restaurants. Bread bowl optional, but highly recommended!



A wind chime made from a metal hanger and colorful bells.

Clothes Hanger Wind ChimeI love the subtle sound of a wind chime. The sound can be created to be as subtle or as loud as the pieces you use to create your chime. I chose to use one of my favorite sounds (bells). I found these bells on clearance, but most craft stores carry them year around. These were a nice size and in my favorite colors.


Shinook (Jack Russell) - black and white Jack Russell

Shinook (Jack Russell)I got him from a friend. He likes to hunt things, swim, and run for a ball or stick. He likes riding on the 4 wheeler and sleeping with us.



Spray for Felt on DIY Puzzle Board - puzzle board resting on an easel

Spray for Felt on DIY Puzzle Board?Is there a spray you put on the felt to keep the puzzle pieces from falling down, when your puzzle board is on a easel? Online puzzle boards that are for tabletops or on rolling tables state the felt has a special spray, does anyone know what that is? I have a bad neck and can not bend over, so using an easel will work for me.


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Chicken ala King Recipes?Do you have Chicken ala King recipes?


Rocker Glider Sits Too Far Back When Not in Use - white upholstered glider with wood trim

Rocker Glider Sits Too Far Back When Not in Use?How do I tighten up or repair my rocker glider? When not in use it reclines too far back and smacks the wall, etc. When sitting in it, it comes forward and will rock or recline as you wish; but get up and it slams back into the wall. I have seen many people post this question, but no answers.


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Turning on Closet Light Cuts Power to Rest of Room?There's a light switch just outside to turn on the light that's inside my bedroom closet. When the light switch is flipped on, the light in the closet turns on, but all of the other power in the room is cut.


Preschool Slogan Ideas - logo

Preschool Slogan Ideas?Can you suggest a fun yet sweet (or cute/adorable) slogan for my childcare and preschool: Loving Hands Learning Center?


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Value of Individual Volumes of the Encyclopedia Britannica?What are volumes 1,2,3, and 13 of the 1797 third edition, printed in Edinburgh with soft leather bindings, worth?


White Polyester Spandex Top Turned Pink - pinkish white area on polyester sleeves

White Polyester Spandex Top Turned Pink?My daughter's cheer crop is blue with white inserts on the arms. The white has turned pink! The fabric is polyester and Spandex. I've tried hand washing in the sink and I'm now trying the baking soda paste to see if it helps. Anyone have other ideas? Will the RIT color remover work or will it ruin the blue?


Identifying an Old Trunk - old painted, wooden trunk

Identifying an Old Trunk?I found this old trunk at a Goodwill. It has a seal inside, but its hard to read due to the crack in the middle. I'm trying to find out where it came from.


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Name Ideas for a Homemaker and Companion Service?I'm starting a homemaker and companion service. I am in need of a name.


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Recipe for McCormick's Grill Mates Molasses Bacon Seasoning?Do you have a recipe for McCormick's Grill Mates Molasses Bacon seasoning? I am so disappointed that it has been discontinued!


What Is This Bug? - spotted tan bug

What Is This Bug?I keep finding these bugs in my room, some have wings and some don't. I'm not quite sure. They are usually on my bed randomly or my window (in the picture it's on my window, sorry the window is kinda dusty).


Value of a Cathay Porcelain Doll - doll in sailor outfit

Value of a Cathay Porcelain Doll?How much is this limited edition Cathay doll worth? It's name is Sierra and it is number 124-5000. It has all the clothes and the Certificate of Authenticity with it.


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Electrical Problems After Replacing Heater Thermostat?I replaced the baseboard heater thermostat. It works fine, however the hall light switch across from the room with the outlet started turning on ceiling fan in bedroom next to blown outlet room and hall light wouldn't go on without fan switch being on, and then stopped working altogether.


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Dodge Ram Heater Problems?I have a 1999 Dodge Ram 2500. At first the heater/ac wouldn't blend. Now on top of that, the fan motor only works on high. And no matter what you select only the defroster works.


Chihuahua Miniature Pinscher Cross Information -small light brown dog with very large ears

Chihuahua Miniature Pinscher Cross Information?I have a Chihuahua Miniature Pinscher. How big do you think she will get? And will she get thicker as time goes by? She's healthy, but I think she's too skinny.


Is My Dog a Chiweenie? - light brown puppy

Is My Dog a Chiweenie?I'm wondering if my dog is a Chiweenie? I was told he was a Pomeranian Chihuahua mix when I got him, but he is very long and has short legs like a Dachshund.


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Sink Mat Melted Onto Hot Pot?Yep! I took a smoking hot pan and set it down in my sink on the the sink mat. It melted and adhered to the bottom of my pan. I've used Goo-Gone and got off most of it. The I cleaned it and used Barkeepers Friend. There is some left.


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Interior Decorating, Home Organization, and Cleaning Business Name?I want to start an interior decorating, organizing, and cleaning business and need a catchy name!


Value of  a Vintage Winter Velvet Barbie Doll Clone - doll in box

Value of a Vintage Winter Velvet Barbie Doll Clone?I was wondering how much I should ask for my 90s era Winter Velvet Barbie clone? She is in the original package, she actually is still clipped to the cardboard and never been played with.


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Cause of Sudden Death of Pit Bull/Mastiff?My girlfriend had this dog named Dean since he was a puppy. He was a Pit Bull Mastiff mix and when he passed away on us he was going to be 3 years old. Her parents check on our animals frequently since she and I work and we live with them. They found him with an anal prolapse and we had rushed him to the vet.


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Breeding Finches?I have a CFW zebra finch male and a normal grey female. What would their babies look like?


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Name for On-line Homecooked Food Business?I'm a mother of 5. I would like help with an idea for my on-line business. I'm selling cakes, homecooked food, etc. I need a name that I can put on my calling card like The Chef Mom, a tittle, because I love everything about food. Can you help me please?


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Finding a Inexpensive Natural Gas Hot Water Heater?Do y'all know where I can find a cheap natural gas hot water heater? I have no hot water to bathe with. I burnt my leg trying to haul water to the bath tub. I need it to be low cost. I just started a job, but have no check. They hold back and only pay every two weeks.


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