February 11, 2019

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Valentine Wreath Card - banner added to bottom and bow to the top

Valentine Wreath CardThis is a cute and simple Valentine's card you can make. It will be easier if you have a paper heart puncher. I was able to use some scrap sheets of paper to create this card.


Wine Cork Coaster - soup cup on coaster

Wine Cork CoasterDay two of the craft days, I made a coaster for larger cups/soup mugs using just three things.



Value of Antique Queen Anne Console Table with Glass Top - cherry console table

Value of Antique Queen Anne Console Table with Glass Top?This table belonged to my great grandmother. She lived in the early 1900s. There are a couple scratches, but it is in great condition otherwise. It is solid wood (cherry) and has a glass top. I'm wondering how much it's worth.


Identifying an Antique Upholstered Chair - button tufted mint green floral upholstered chair

Identifying an Antique Upholstered Chair?Can someone help me identify this old chair? The upholstery is original.


Name Ideas for a Fabric Buton Earring Business - fabric button earrings

Name Ideas for a Fabric Button Earring Business?I need help choosing a name for a potential fabric button earring business. I recently started making these earrings to raise funds for a mission trip. I am getting a great response. I would like to take these to craft shows, but I need a name. Eventually, I would also like to make fabric pendants for necklaces.


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Refrigerator Not Dispensing Water or Making Ice?I moved into a house that had a WRS22WRAD1 refrigerator in a room in the basement. It cools fine, however the ice maker and water dispenser doesn't work. If I try to get water from the front panel with the selector switch on "Water" it dumps water into the ice maker. If I slid the selector switch to "Ice" it just turns the auger in the ice maker, but never makes ice. The ice maker does cycle, but no ice is ever made.


What Breed Is My Dog? - black dog with white chest and belly

What Breed Is My Dog?I was wondering what breed my dog is? I was told deer head Chihuahua, but I'm not completely sure. I think she might be a mix breed of some sort. Her name is Ruby and she is 4 months old, almost 5 months.


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Discontinued Graham and Brown Wallpaper?I am looking for a roll (or two) of Graham & Brown Superfresco Wallpaper: Strand - White 10020 discontinued wallpaper. Does anyone know where I can get this?


Identifying an Old Oak Trestle Table - view showing the legs

Identifying an Old Oak Trestle Table?Can someone tell me what this table is and when it was made. What I am concerned about is the under table rail supports. I can not imagine they would make an antique table that way other than in the 20th century. I know it's at least 30 years old? The pictures are not great; sorry about that.


Living Room Paint Color Advice - sketch of the living room and kitchen area

Living Room Paint Color Advice?I have a small one bedroom apartment. The (small) kitchen and living room are one long rectangle with a small square closet separating them.


Using an LED Bulb as a Grow Light

Using an LED Bulb as a Grow Light?Is it harmful to use a 60W LED bulb for an indoor plant? I have an avocado plant and I use this LED for it, but I don't know if it is safe or not? I had an avocado last year and I put it outside, but it was cold and after one week the buds dropped onto the soil and the plant died. My soil is organic also no buds and very clean soil.


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Getting an Orchid Cactus to Bloom?How do I get an orchid cactus to bloom? When do they bloom?


Value of Mersman Pedestal Tables - heavy based table

Value of Mersman Pedestal Tables?I have a pair of Mersman 35-33 pedestal tables. How much are they worth?


Value of a Thomas Kinkade Print

Value of a Thomas Kinkade Print?I bought this Thomas Kinkade Accent print from Goodwill for $10.00 and wanted to know did I get a good deal? And how much is it worth?


Value of Porcelain Dolls - unidentified porcelain dolls perhaps from Ireland

Value of Porcelain Dolls?I have two porcelain dolls that I'm unaware of the value. I am unable to find any markings on them. The only information I have is that I was told they were from Ireland.


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Finch Laid an Egg?Two weeks ago I got a male zebra finch to pair with my female. The male immediately started doing his breeding dance. A few days after that my female laid one egg and none since. I've been keeping an eye on her checking every day for signs of her being egg bound so far there are zero. The egg's most likely a dud, but each finch takes turns sitting on the egg so maybe the egg is not a dud. Should I be worrying that my female only laid one egg? Is there a reason it's only one?


Finding a Vet that Takes Payments - black and tan dog on seat of a car

Finding a Vet that Takes Payments?My dog has some type of stomach issue. She has diarrhea with blood in it and has lost all her weight. She is just bones. She's been treated with no avail. They want to run tests on her that I can't fully afford this month, but can make payments.


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Maker of Kroger Private Selection Pizza?Who makes Kroger's Private Selection pizza?


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Bleaching a Rayon Shirt to Make It White?Can I use bleach to whiten an off white rayon skirt to white?


Is My Pit Bull Purebred? - brown dog with white on chest

Is My Pit Bull Purebred?Does my dog look like a purebred Pit Bull or an American Bully? We rescued her from owner who passed. They told us she's pure Pit, but the shelter thought she was a Bully.


What Breed Is This Dog?

What Breed Is This Dog?I found this pup at a shelter, but they have her listed as a terrier cross. I think she may be a Chihuahua. Any ideas on what she may be and how old she may be approximately would be greatly appreciated as I'm considering adopting her.


Replacing the Silicone Around a Shower Drain - drain with clear caulking

Replacing the Silicone Around a Shower Drain?My shower drain has been emptying slowly and after cleaning it I noticed the silicone around the metal drain has partly come unstuck. How do I replace it? I'm a novice and unsure if I put new on top or remove the old one.


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John Deere 150 Keeps Stalling?My John Deere 150 starts for a few seconds then dies. The tractor/mower has 30 hours on it. I have changed the plugs, gas, air and gas filters, but no change. I can get it to crank successfully only by manually holding the start switch open for about 10 seconds. It runs great after that. If I turn it off for a few minutes, it will start again OK. But If I leave it over-night, the same problem returns. I don't like holding the starter switch on; afraid it may do some damage.


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