March 11, 2019

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Refrigerator Pasta 8

Refrigerator PastaClean out your refrigerator to make this customizable pasta recipe. It's great for stretching your family's food budget. This is a page about making refrigerator pasta.


finished yogurt in bowl

Homemade Stovetop Yogurt RecipeYogurt is easy to make at home with a few basic materials. This page has instructions for making homemade stovetop yogurt.


Spring Bunny Banner

Making a Spring Bunny BannerCelebrate Easter with this easy paper banner made of bunny silhouettes and puffy tails. This page has instructions for making a spring bunny banner.


Chicken Sausage added to Pot

Chicken Sausage, Apple and Sweet Potato PotUse your slow cooker to make this easy one pot meal. This page is about making chicken sausage, apple and sweet potato pot.


Make a Spring Butterfly from a Paper Plate - hang

Make a Spring Butterfly from a Paper PlateA simple craft can turn a paper plate, yarn, pipe cleaners, and paint into a beautiful butterfly. This page is about make a spring butterfly from a paper plate.


Japanese Style Puff Pancakes on plate with fruit, syrup and whipped cream

Japanese Style Puff PancakesThese fluffy pancakes are just as easy to make as the traditional European or American style but turn out much higher. This page is about making Japanese style puff pancakes.


putting oil on chicken kabobs

Simple Baked Chicken KabobsChicken kabobs are easy to make in the oven and can be served with all sorts of sides. This is a page about making simple baked chicken kabobs.


Stir fry being cooked in a pan.

Tofu and Roasted Pork Belly Stir Fry RecipeServe this delicious Asian stir fry with rice or noodles for a hearty weeknight dinner. This page contains a recipe for tofu and roasted pork belly stir fry.


blended ingredients in bowl

Healthy Choconana Cashew Ice CreamInstead of using milk or cream, use bananas and cashews instead for a diet friendly version. This is a page about making healthy choconana cashew ice cream.


basted chicken in pan

Bacon Wrapped Barbecue Chicken RecipeMake barbecue chicken even more delicious with the addition of bacon. This page contains a recipe for bacon wrapped barbecue chicken.


An updo wrap attached to black hair.

Using Hair Updo WrapsMake your hair look long and luxurious with these easy hair updo wraps. They come in all sorts of tones to match your own hair color. This is a page about using hair updo wraps.



Cute Handprint Butterfly Craft

Cute Handprint Butterfly CraftHere is a fun indoor butterfly craft my daughter enjoyed making together. Afterwards, she hung this up in her room. She is currently fascinated with making crafts with her hand outline so that's what we've been doing lately!


bowl of Creamy Avocado Rice

Creamy Avocado RiceI am head over heels for this avocado rice! This is a fab way to spruce up your rice, whether it's freshly cooked or from leftovers. Here, I've used my leftover rice pilaf to give it new life. So creamy, so zesty, so dreamy, and so easy! I urge you to try this recipe out.


Thawing Meat in a tray.

Refreezing Thawed MeatGenerally, refreezing thawed meat is not recommended. This is because the quality of the meat will be reduced in this process. Also, if the meat was not thawed in the fridge, there is a strong likelihood that bacteria has started to grow on the meat.


Foam Shamrock Decor Ideas  - shamrocks stuck to the front door

Foam Shamrock Decor IdeasThere are so many decorating ideas for St. Patrick's Day. One of my favorite things to incorporate in every area, is the shamrock or clover! You can use pre-cut shapes or make your own out of green foam sheets. I chose shamrocks for this DIY project. They can be added to any flat surface, like cabinets and doors, to make your house more festive!


Four Tier Votive Candle Holder - finished candle holder with raffia tied around the center

Four Tier Votive Candle HolderI have heard a lot about making things from tp rolls. I don't buy paper towels, so the next best thing, to get the height I needed was using PVC pipes.



Logo for ThriftyFun Questions

Value of an Ashley Belle Porcelain Doll?I have a Peggy doll by Ashley Belle with the certificate of authenticity. I am looking to see how much it might be worth.


Identifying a Tea Set

Identifying a Tea Set?I got this tea set and there are no markings or anything on it. I can't find anything like it so I know nothing about it.


Value of Zenith Record Player and Radio Console - vintage stereo console

Value of Zenith Record Player and Radio Console?I have a Zenith sterophonic high fidelity phonograph with AM stereo FM tuner. Everything works. It sounds great. Any idea what something like this is worth?


Value of an Antique Clock - antique mantle clock

Value of an Antique Clock?I would like to find out more information. My grandmother left it to me. I believe she said it from the late 1800s or early 1900s. I want to find out the maker, age, and value.


Value of a Heritage Signature Collection Doll - doll wearing a silver dress

Value of a Heritage Signature Collection Doll?I have been looking for this doll for 2 days. I hope someone can point me in the right direction.


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Planting Elephant Ear Tubers?I've got some elephant ear tubers and it's almost spring. I've never grown these before and I need some advice. I live in zone 7 and I've seen videos on people putting them in containers before planting them and I've read about people just putting them straight into the ground. I am confused.


Value of  The Universal Standard Encyclopedia

Value of The Universal Standard Encyclopedia?I have a 25 plus set of the "Fine Arts Edition" of The Universal Standard Encyclopedia by Wilford Funk. 1956, 1957, 1958. I can find many sets, but not one like these. I would like to sell them, but I have no idea of their value since I cannot find this set. They are leather bound cream colored with s shield on the cover.


Value of My Ashley Belle Porcelain Doll

Value of My Ashley Belle Porcelain Doll?I have a genuine Ashley Belle doll that I'd love to find out the value? Anyone know anything about this? It's in excellent condition. There are markings on the back of her neck.


Removing Spray Ink on Roller Blinds - red ink on window blind

Removing Spray Ink on Roller Blinds?I was using spray ink on stencils for an arts and crafts project and some of it got on my window blinds. To make it even worse, the ink is red. It looks like blood.


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Suggestions for Investing for Short Term Growth?I have $500 to invest for each of my 4 children. I want to invest it and have it grow for the next 5 years. Any ideas?


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14th Birthday Party Ideas?I am trying to think of some activities me and my 20 friends can do for my birthday party. We are just planning on staying at my house and going to the pool, but I want to do more than that. What else can we do? I am turning 14 so I don't want to do little kids activities.


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Cost of House Cleaning?How much should I pay a neighbor to vacuum and mop once a week (4 times/mo) and dust every other week (2 times/mo)?


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Value of Old Encyclopedias?I have a full set of the 11th Edition, with 29 volumes of Britannica Encyclopedias from 1911. They are in good condition. I also have the Books of the Year from 1970-1979. I also have a set of the American Educator from 1919 in good condition. I wanted to know the estimated value of each?


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Moving and Not Taking Fleas With You?We live at the same address as our landlord, separated by a yard. They have a dog and cat that have fleas, which caused a huge flea infestation in the yard. We don't have any pets, but in order for us to go into our room from outside, we have to cross the yard. We had fleas in the room, but already treated it. We are moving next week. I don't want to bring any fleas to my new home.


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Tiny Non-biting Black Bugs?We have tiny black bugs that look like no-see-ums. They're extremely difficult to kill. Even after trapping them with Scotch tape, they hop away. They don't sting or bite, but they do seem to burrow into the skin. Once burrowed, we've worked them out with a needle. They still are able to hop away. While being dug out, they seem to change into a shape more like a tiny worm.


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Name Ideas for a Photography and Graphic Design Business?So my current business name is RonniShae Photography, but I have decided to start getting into design (making stickers and custom art) and would like to change my business name to something that includes that some how. My business will be both photography and graphic design.


Identifying Old Dolls

Identifying Old Dolls?I found these old dolls while cleaning out my wife's mom's house. Can anyone tell me what they are? We were told that they are collectible. If not they will go into the Goodwill box.


Value of Homer Laughlin Plates - rose pattern on two corners

Value of Homer Laughlin Plates?I purchased some Homer Laughlin plates a few years ago at a yard sale. I can't find the pattern and what they are worth.


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Regrowing Sideburns?I did not like my sideburns at all. Then one day it occurred to me to shave them off. And I have an event in month and 10 days. Can I grow them back in time? Will it look natural when I grow it out until that time? Please any tips you can give me to grow it back? Can I grow my sideburns like they were before in a month and 10 days?


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Using Garlic Powder to Worm a Dog?How long does it take to get rid of worms in your dog if you use garlic powder?


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My John Deere Riding Mower Won't Stay Running?My John Deere z425 runs good without the blades engaged, but when I engage the blades it chokes down like it is starving for gas. I can turn the blades off and it runs fine. Any idea what could be causing this problem?


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Statistics Homework Help?I am having trouble with statistics and need help. I would like to ask someone I know, but they are just as clueless as I am. If anyone can help, please dumb it down for me to understand. My stats teacher sent us this:


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Finch Laid Eggs?My female finch has just laid 4 eggs. Can I leave the babies in the same cage when they come out of nest? I have a large cage.


Getting Hair Back to Natural Color After Dyeing - pink hair

Getting Hair Back to Natural Color After Dyeing?How can I re-dye my hair to my natural black from pink, red?


A line of dog poop bags left in a yard.

The Dog Poop Lineup?This is a line of 11 bags of neighbors dog feces beginning 2/28 to date 3/10/19. She is apparently performing this gross act in retaliation because I insisted she put her dog on leash, keep off our lawn and clean up the 8 large piles he left beside our home. No city agency will hold her responsible for her actions and take action to stop it. Can anyone help us?


Value of a Full Set Encyclopedia 1768 Britannica

Value of a Full Set Encyclopedia 1768 Britannica?I have a full set of Encyclopedia 1768 Britannica, volumes 1-24, plus the book of the year 1946. The bindings are all tight. They have been stored very well and are in great condition. I am just wondering what we should put them up for price wise please?


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