March 13, 2019

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bowl of  Oat and Vegetable Soup

Making Toasted Oat and Vegetable SoupThe nutty, wholesome flavor of toasted oats is a great addition to your veggie soup. This is a page about making toasted oat and vegetable soup.


DIY Leather Bow Bracelet - woman's hand and wrist with bracelet on

DIY Leather Bow BraceletA sturdy leather bracelet in the shape of a bow can be made with scrap soft leather and a few tools. This is a page about DIY leather bow bracelet.


Summer Vegetable Stir Fry

Summer Vegetable Stir FrySummertime is a great time of year for fresh, nutritious vegetables for a wonderful stir fry. This page contains a summer vegetable stir fry.


Homemade Vietnamese pho on a table, ready to eat.

Homemade Vietnamese PhoInstead of going out, you can save money and make your own delicious pho at home in your instant pot or pressure cooker. This is a page about homemade Vietnamese pho.



Ratatouille RecipesThis French dish has been made for centuries, combining zucchini, eggplant, and peppers to make a delicious and hearty stew. Modern versions can be prepared in a variety of ways and with different ingredients, like tomatoes. This page contains ratatouille recipes.


Crocheted Ribbed Cowl

Crocheted Ribbed CowlA simple project to crochet with thick yarn is a neck warmer for a special person in your life. This is about how to make a crocheted ribbed cowl.



Spring Pouf Wreath

Spring Pouf WreathI have seen these done, but never tried it till now. Boy, it was really hard without the proper tools, but I know better now. When you do this, don't try it without the "T" pins. They are invaluable.


M&M Rainbow Cookies on plate

M&M Rainbow CookiesIt's been a while since I made cookies. I got hooked on this St. Patrick concept realizing that it's fun to make crafts and recipes with rainbow colors. I had fun creating this snack with my kid during the weekend.


Craft Stick Basket  - blue basket with spring colored checkered ribbon handle and pearlized eggs inside, sitting in front of two white ceramic rabbits

Craft Stick BasketHere's a fun project for the family on those rainy days; creating a basket from craft sticks. You can use school glue for the kids along with craft paints, or for the adult version make it with hot glue and spray paint. This is quick and easy. Here's how!


#1 Dad Birthday Card - finished card with message on front

#1 Dad Birthday CardThis a great handmade and sentimental card for dad, grandpa, or any fatherly figure. You can apply this same concept for mom, grandma, aunt, uncle, friend, co-worker, teacher, etc.


Making Paper Ice Cream Cones - finished play cone with pom pom sprinkles

Making Paper Ice Cream ConesMake one or several cute ice cream cone props for your child's play ice cream parlor or play-kitchen.



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Gray Hair Turned Purple When Dyed BurgundySo my sister-in-law asked me to dye her hair. I am not a stylist and have only ever dyed my own hair and not that well. I told her this, but she still wanted me to try. She is biracial so has normally dark brown, very curly hair.


Using an Exterior Vinyl Shade as a Canopy for an Outdoor Swing

Using an Exterior Vinyl Shade as a Canopy for an Outdoor SwingHow do I attach the vinyl outdoor shade to my swing for a replacement canopy cover?


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Name Ideas for a Garage and Shop Wall Storage SolutionsI want to sell storage/design solutions for shops and garages. Can someone please help me with a brand name?


Identifying a Small Bug Found in Bed

Identifying a Small Bug Found in BedI found this in my bed. It is smaller than my pinky nail. Any ideas?


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Value of a 1972 Set of World Book EncyclopediasWhat would be the value of a 1972 set of World Book encyclopedias?


Repairing a Letter Key on a Smith Corona XL1900 - electric typewriter

Repairing a Letter Key on a Smith Corona XL1900The only problem with my typewriter is that the key to letter "i" doesn't respond. Everything else works just fine! What can I do?


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Repurposing an Old Pole LampWhat can I make out of an old pole lamp?


A Mersman end table from the top.

Mersman End TableI just bought this end table and I'm not sure what to do with it. I don't know a great deal about mid-century furniture. Should I refinish it, paint it, or just leave it as is. I'm looking to sell it so it's not like something I want to put in a room.


Metal Pizza Pan Stuck Inside a Stainless Steel Pot

Metal Pizza Pan Stuck Inside a Stainless Steel PotHow do I remove a pizza pan stuck inside a stainless steel pot? It's really stuck.


Identifying Insect Eggs -  round two color insect eggs

Identifying Insect EggsRecently I came across insect eggs that were laid on the TV screen and now even on towels. These eggs cling onto any surface it was laid on and can be difficult to remove. I was just wondering if anyone had any idea what type of insect eggs/insect is this?


Value of a Vintage Bassett Mirror - large ornate framed mirror

Value of a Vintage Bassett MirrorI have inherited this mirror and have done as much research as possible. Is there any value to it? The frame is plastic, but I believe that it was produced in the 1940s or 50s. It is in great condition also.


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Dog Pees Inside When I'm at WorkRemedy for a dog that pees in the house when I'm at work.


Value of a Paradise Galleries Porcelain Doll - doll wearing Native American clothing

Value of a Paradise Galleries Porcelain DollCan you tell me the value of a Native American doll from Paradise Galleries? The number 650 is on the neck.


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Using Henna to Dye Hair After Using Non-permanent DyeMy hair is uneven now because of roots grown in, etc. I plan on dyeing it burgundy with henna, but I know henna won't even it out. I plan on using a non permanent box dye to even it all out 1st. How long should I wait to use the henna after dyeing with non permanent box dye?


The console cabinet of a stereo system.

Value of a Magnavox Astro SonicI have this console stereo. Any idea of how much this is worth?


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Origin of the Name for Colorado PieWhy is Colorado pie called Colorado pie?


Name Ideas for Handmade Jewellery for Boys - beaded bracelet on black cord

Name Ideas for Handmade Jewellery for BoysSo my little one has started making hand made jewellery for himself and his friends and we've had other people interested in buying these so I'd like to give his little venture a name.


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Setting the Stitch Length on a Janome 8077Can you please tell me how to set the stitch length on a Janome Model 8077?


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Little Black Bugs in Bathroom Around TubWe have have these little black bugs that appear only on the tile around our over sized tub in the bathroom. They kind of look like a flea, but do not jump and are dead or barely moving, but keep appearing. There is a little off colored yellow larvae now and again around them too. We thought initially they were coming from a large plant and we took that outside last spring.


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Value of a Tedelex Music Center/TurntableI have been given a Tedelex MW SW FM music center turntable. The model is SHQ4900. Do you know what the value is? I cannot find it online.


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Needle Is Hitting the Needle Plate on My SingerI have a Singer machine, model #6268. The timing seems out; the needle is hitting the metal plate.


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