April 11, 2019

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Crocheted Catnip Mouse and Bunny Toys - pink tail on bunny

Crocheted Catnip Mouse and Bunny ToysWith some scrap yarn and a little time, you can make this catnip mouse and bunny for your kitty. This page is about crocheted catnip mouse and bunny toys.


brushing bread balls with egg

Easy No Knead Bread RecipeIf making bread at home seems daunting, try this simple recipes with no kneading required. This page contains a recipe for easy no knead bread.


Orange Oily Stool from Eating Cashews

Orange Oily Stool from Eating CashewsIf you or your child eats a lot of cashews, there may be evidence in the toilet later, in the form of orange colored and oily stools. This page is about an orange oily stool from eating cashews.


Spicy Honey Chicken

Spicy Honey Chicken RecipeSweet chicken with a kick can make a delicious main course. This page contains a spicy honey chicken recipe.


Metal Pen Decorated Bottle - color the neck and top lip with the gold pen

Decorating a Glass Bottle with Metallic PensPens come in all sorts of metallic colors like gold, silver, copper or bronze. These look beautiful when used on a glass surface. This is a page about decorating a glass bottle with metallic pens.


Tea is Served! - Tea Tray Cloth - colorful finished cloth with 5 teapots

How to Make a Tea Tray ClothWhen having guests for tea, serve it on this pretty cloth that you make yourself by drawing the pots on linen cloth and then coloring them with textile and fabric pens. Learn how to make a tea tray cloth in this page.


Mother's Day Surprise Greeting Card - decorate the front of the card

Mother's Day Surprise Greeting CardThis simple looking greeting card has a loving surprise inside. A great project for children to give to their mother or grandmother. This page has instructions for making a Mother's Day surprise greeting card.


Peanut Butter Dog Cookies as Gifts

Peanut Butter Dog Cookies as GiftsDog biscuits made from peanut butter are well received by dog and owners alike. This page has information about sharing peanut butter dog cookies as gifts.


filled silicon cups

Pressure Cooker Lemon Blueberry MuffinsYour pressure cooker is not only good for dinner, you can make delicious muffins too. This page contains a recipe for pressure cooker lemon blueberry muffins.


salmon on plate

Canned Salmon Over RiceCanned salmon is a frugal alternative to fresh fish and is available any season. Just add rice to make a quick and nourishing main dish. This is a page about serving canned salmon over rice.


Book Pocket Pillow - finished pillow with book in pocket

How to Make a Book Pocket PillowThis cute reading pillow has a special pocket to fit a beloved book, making a reading nook wherever it goes. This is a page about how to make a book pocket pillow.


Pallet Wood Ceiling - view of finished ceiling

Installing a Pallet Wood CeilingUse pallet wood to install a unique, rustic, and inexpensive ceiling in a garage, shop, or even a studio. This is a page about installing a pallet wood ceiling.


Skillet Carne Asada on plate with peppers lime and cabbage

Skillet Carne Asada RecipeYou can make delicious carne asada at home on your stove. This page contains a recipe for skillet carne asada.



Garlic Chip on Parmesan Kale

Garlic Chip Parmesan KaleThis is a simple way to make kale come alive in taste, texture, and presentation. The Parmesan makes it creamy while the lemon juice keeps it lively. The elegant little chips of garlic look so dainty sitting on top of the kale. This makes a wonderful appetizer or side dish.


Dr. Seuss Hummus in container

Dr. Seuss HummusI never knew hummus could be green and taste so good! I made this when I wanted a nice, fresh flavor and didn't have any of the more the traditional tahini. I think Dr. Seuss would approve!



Starting Tomatoes in Coffee Cans

Starting Tomatoes in Coffee CansWhen starting tomato plants, I cut the bottom off of an empty Folger's coffee can. Then I poke some drain holes in the lid, put the lid on, and turn the can upside down. I fill the new pot with soil and plant my tomatoes. When they are ready to go into the garden I just take the lid off the bottom and the plant slides right out.


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Use Exfoliating Gloves for Bathroom CleaningWhen cleaning taps, tiles, or a shower screen pop on a pair of exfoliating gloves like you have in shower. They make it so easy to get in every nook and cranny.



Identifying a Houseplant - foliage houseplant with dark green leaves

Identifying a Houseplant?A friend of mine asks what plant this is.


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Dog Peeing on Concrete Rather than Grass?We have a doggie door that leads out onto the concrete entrance to our back door that has a dog run attached. How do I get my dog to stop going to the bathroom on the concrete and use the grassy area instead. She only does this when we are at work. She doesn't do it if we are at home. I have been spraying the concrete with bleach or dog urine odor remover, but hasn't phased her in the least.


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Identifying Dog Ear Problems?How do know if your dog has a ear infection or if it's something more like ear mites? What is the best way to treat this?


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Do Wildfire Black Gum Trees Leave the Gumdrops?Do Wildfire black gum trees leave the gumdrops?


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Younger Cat Aggressive Towards Older Sickly Cat?Joanie, a 6 month old kitten, has been ours since she was 4 weeks old. She's constantly attacking and bullying our old sickly cat Sammy. We have to either supervise them if they are in a room together or separate them. Joanie has lots of toys & gets lots of attention. We have 3 fountains and several food stations. She won't leave him alone. Any suggestions?


Identifying a Garden Plant - spotted leaf calla lily

Identifying a Garden Plant (Calla Lily)?Can someone tell me the name of this plant?


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Finding a Free Mattress?I am in need of a king sized mattress. My husband and I are disabled and on a fixed income. I am in Lincolnton NC. Can someone help with suggestions on where to find one?


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Yorkie Randomly Shaking?I have a 7 yr old Yorkie and sometimes his body just starts to shake for no reason. He has done this a few times before (out of the blue). I have gone to him, petted and held him to let him know everything is OK. He just did it again today. He was outside in the yard, and just awaiting for us to open and door and he just started shaking.


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Other Cats Spraying Outside My Door?I have a female spayed cat who is kept indoors, but I'm constantly faced with the smell of other cat pee outside my front door. What can I do?


Identifying a Bisque Baby Doll - small doll wearing a mint green dress

Identifying a Bisque Baby Doll?I have a 4" bisque baby doll. On the back of its neck is 03A. On the back is has back 03X. She has red hair, is wearing a mint green dress and bonnet trimmed with lace. She is barefoot. I am wondering who made this baby doll.


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Using Alcohol to Clean Sofa and Carseat Upholstery?Is alcohol the best thing to clean sofa and carseat fabric?


Identifying a Porcelain Doll - doll with pink eyes

Identifying a Porcelain Doll?I'm trying to find out who made this doll? She is very unique with the pink eyes.


Restoring a Childhood Blanket - very old worn blanket

Restoring a Childhood Blanket?I have a very old old blanket that I have had all my life. It is more of the size of a rag and in 2 pieces. What would the best way to keep it? I hold it in a ball and play with the pieces in my fingers. I know it seems weird, but I can't imagine it gone. And if I should sew it where do I find a fabric with the same old feel. It was made in the early 80s.


Identifying a Stuffed Bunny - bunny wearing a floral dress

Identifying a Stuffed Bunny?Does anyone have any information on this bunny? I bought it about 30 years ago.


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Freezing Bulk Meat in Meal Size Portions?I just bought a new fridge that I can quick freeze meat. How do I buy in bulk and then quick freeze in meal size portions?


Value of The New and Complete Universal Self Pronouncing Encyclopedia - cover page

Value of The New and Complete Universal Self Pronouncing Encyclopedia?I am wondering the value of The New and Complete Universal Self Pronouncing Encyclopedia 1905. It is a hardback in excellent condition.


Value of Encyclopedia Americana - cover page

Value of Encyclopedia Americana?How do I place a value on my encyclopedia and if I wanted to sell them where would that be?


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Who Makes Walmart Great Value Butter?Who is the maker of Walmart labeled butter?


Getting Replacement Parts for a Thane H2O Mop - broken water container

Getting Replacement Parts for a Thane H2O Mop?I have a Thane Housewares H2O Mop Steam Cleaner, OEM-TV-001. The secondary model number is: TDC03638-2. This unit was working great until someone was too harsh when removing the water tank in order to fill it. Now, it has a piece broken out of it, leaving the unit non-usable.


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Setting a Cannon MX490 Printer to Print a Document?I have no idea how to change the settings back to print. I needed to make a copy and now I need to print out an important paper for college. The setting right now is on copy and I need it on print. How do I change it back to print. I've looked at the manual and it didn't have any solid answer for my question.


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Who Sells Treadle Sewing Machines in Africa?I have a charity and would like to help rural people that live in Kenya and Uganda earn a living. It can change their lives. Since they don't have electricity they need treadle style sewing machines. But, because shipping costs are so prohibitive, I'm looking for someone reputable, who sells them there.


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Setting Clothing Dye?Can I put all of my dyed clothes in the same bucket to set the dye or do I have to do it separately?


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