June 27, 2019

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Santa Christmas Card Finished

Homemade Santa Christmas CardYou can make this cute Santa face Christmas card with just a few paper supplies, cotton, colored pencils and glue.


finished card

Christmas Tree Wreath Homemade Christmas CardSimple can be just what you want when making greeting cards. This homemade Christmas tree wreath card speaks to the season in simple, elegant terms.


Enjoy your finished dish.

Spaghetti in Meatballs RecipeAn interesting way to form your meatballs is to twirl your noodles into balls and freeze them. These noodles get wrapped by the meat mixture, covered with sauce and baked.


Closeup view of card.

Button Wreath Homemade Christmas CardYou can easily make this attractive button wreath dotted with gem stickers on a Christmas card for someone special in your life.


completed card

Yonder Star Homemade Christmas CardMake a lovely Christmas card focused on the Nativity star. This page contains photos and instructions for making a Yonder Star card.


Finished card.

Spiderweb Ribbon Homemade Christmas CardThis colorful, fun to make card is perfect for anyone on your holiday mailing list. Kids may especially love the gingerbread man and the gift motif of this spiderweb ribbon Christmas card.


Soothing Sore Throat Tea

Soothing Sore Throat TeaCombine herbs, lemon, and honey to make this sore throat soothing tea. The instructions are found on this page.


finished card

Celebrate Winter Homemade Christmas CardTurn some of your never used scrapbook paper into a celebrate winter Christmas card. You can be creative and share some special memories with someone special.


finished card

Making a Singing Angel Christmas CardTo make a singing angel Christmas card you will need some muslin fabric, lace and white feathers. Let this little angel share your message of peace and joy.



Sadie (Chihuahua Rat Terrier Mix) - black and white dog in dog bed with stuffy

Sadie (Chihuahua Rat Terrier Mix)She was rescued from an outdoor breeding situation in West Virginia. She was sent on a transport from a high-kill shelter to a Massachusetts foster. I found her on Pet Finder.



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Dress is Bleeding Onto Itself?I have a black, white, and salmon colored dress that is polyester and spandex. I washed it by hand with cold water and when I hung it up to dry I noticed the black ran into both of the other colors. What's the best way to remove those stains while still washing by hand?


Value of Electrohome Black and White TV - vintage console TV

Value of Electrohome Black and White TV?I am looking for the value of this Electrohome cabinet - black and white TV. It is in working order.


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Nutrition Info for Diabetic Strawberry Rhubarb Pie?Can anyone give me the nutrition facts on a piece of pie similar to the Diabetic Rubarb Strawberry Pie posted on this site? Or do you have a similar recipe with nutritional information?


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Repairing a Hoover Carpet Cleaner?I took apart a Hoover 2 tank system carpet cleaner because it made an awful noise and smelled like smoke. Now I'm trying to put it back together and can't remember where the little hoses go under the hood to the pump.


Identifying Small Brown Bugs - long thin bug

Identifying Small Brown Bugs?Can anyone please tell me what kind of bug this is? The first time I saw it was on my bed about a month ago (but it was smaller than my images!) and then I found out I had lice so I did a treatment and stripped my bed, etc. I've done 5 lice treatments since then and the last two times I've been completely clean from them, but I still keep seeing this bug on my bed.


Value of Giuseppe Armani Figurine - old man sleeping in a rocking chair with a young boy standing next to it

Value of Giuseppe Armani Figurine?I purchased this figurine in the early 80s in Europe. Can you help me identify and determine its approximate value? I think the item # is 119389.


Identifying a Stuffed Toy - stuffed kitty

Identifying a Stuffed Toy?I need help identifying this plush gray and white striped tabby cat. It was a stuffed animal that I got for my daughter some 20-plus years ago, that my grandbaby fell in love with and what became her best friend. The tags are completely wore off unfortunately and of course as all things happen, her kitty kitty got left at McDonald's and then got thrown away.


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Kitten Won't Eat Dry Food?I have these 2 beautiful baby kittens. One is eating dry kitten chow with no problem and the other is still drinking milk. They are 6 weeks old. The one that is drinking milk will not, absolutely will not, eat wet food or dry food. He just turns his head up. He says nope! I need to know why. The other one doesn't like wet food either.


Value of a Napoleon Imperial Desk

Value of a Napoleon Imperial Desk?Is this worth refurbishing and selling? It is extremely heavy. The only emblem or label is an N with a wreath around it. I have provided several images


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Slogan Ideas for a Childcare Business?My childcare business is called Country Time Kids, but I need a good slogan. Could you all help me with ideas?


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Remedy for Dog's Irritated Skin from Grooming?Today was my dog's first haircut. I want to ask what is the best thing that we need to do if our dog is irritated? And also her eyes are irritated they have red. We put on some clothes to cover up her paws for her to stop scratching.


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Ceiling Lights Quit Working?I have a 3 bedroom house and the ceiling lights in all three rooms and the dining room are no longer working. They worked 4 days ago and now they have stopped. These 4 lights are the only thing on the breaker. I've flipped the breaker a few times and reset all of the GFIs in my house. I have no idea why the lights quit working.


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Finding Reproductions of Discontinued Wallpaper?Is there a company that can copy and produce a discontinued wallpaper print?


Selling an Ashton Drake Doll Collection - baby doll wearing a blue dress

Selling an Ashton Drake Doll Collection?I have six Ashton Drake dolls from the 1994 collection, All I Wish for You. How much can I get for the six?


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Selling Porcelain Dolls?My sister passed away and left a lot of porcelain dolls and clowns. She also has a lot of other antiques. I want to sell them, but don't know how to. I live in Beaumont Texas. They are pretty dusty, but some of her other antiques were worth 2000. So I'm just looking for some help on what to do.


Finding Discontinued York Wallpaper - blue background with floral and shell motif

Finding Discontinued York Wallpaper?Where can I find/purchase NH6001 | Casabella II, Neoclassic Shells color Blue Neoclassic - York Wallpaper?


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Correcting Fit of Lower Dentures?I just got lower dentures. I had a partial for a couple years and my front teeth part wasn't there. It's on my lower denture. How far down is it supposed to go? The denture pushes down my cheek where it meets my gum. It's quite painful. Is it something that my mouth will get used to or should I have the dentist fix it?


Is My Pit Bull Full Blooded? brown Pit Bull

Is My Pit Bull Full Blooded?I rescued this dog Marley and was told it's a red nose Pit. Does anyone have a clue if he is or not?


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Name for an On-line Jewelry Business?I am opening a home based online store for a jewelry business and I can't decide on a name.


John Deere 125a Won't Start

John Deere 125a Won't Start?I have an 2006 John Deere 0125a riding mower that powered down while mowing. I noticed the oil drain tube was gone. We got a plug and refilled the oil and could not get mower to start. We replaced the fuel filter and the 2 armatures as well as new plugs and still can't get it to run.


Identifying Dinnerware Brand - white plate with 5 areas of floral pattern and gold trim

Identifying Dinnerware Brand?I need help identifying the brand of this china set. I am wanting to buy some replacements and I cannot figure out what brand this is or where to find it.


Value of Spin-Well Spinning Wheel - wooden spinning wheel

Value of Spin-Well Spinning Wheel?I am looking for the value of this Spin-Well spinning wheel? It was manufactured in Sifton, Manitoba. Time Period - pre-patent/patent pending.


Understanding Pit Bull's Sudden Death - grey and white Pit

Understanding Pit Bull's Sudden Death?Our playful, happy "Horse-dog", Shadow; had just turned a year old a couple of weeks ago. Shadow got his name because there is a shadow of a dog's head on his stomach. Yesterday he wouldn't eat or drink all day and just laid around, which is completely unlike him.


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Caring for a Rabbit with a Cat Bite Infection?My rabbit recently got a really bad infection from a cat bite. I went to the vet and they prescribed a strong antibiotic and said some of the skin was going to slough off. He has lots of scabbing and I'm wondering, is this normal? It was a very bad infection. Should we peel it off little by little or let it fall normally? I am taking him back to the vet, but I am still worried.


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Getting Used to the Fit of Partial Dentures?I recently had a partial put in and it doesn't fit flush with the roof of my mouth. Is this correct? My dentist said it was.


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Caring for a Deserted Mallard Egg?A female mallard delivered an egg on our patio. She got startled and left her egg. She has not returned for her egg. What should I do?


Identifying Tiny Black Bugs - little black bugs on white wall

Identifying Tiny Black Bugs?I keep having these tiny bugs on my kitchen wall. Please help, it's driving me potty. I keep cleaning the wall getting rid of the ones I can see, but after a few hours more appear.


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