July 28, 2019

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Redesigned Greeting Card  - three homemade redesigned cards

Redesigned Greeting CardsBy covering up sayings on cards you have received from online orders, you can redesign cards to add a suitable greeting. Learn how to make redesigned greeting cards for a holiday, birthday, or any occasion.


A bowl of gazpacho, a cold tomato and vegetable soup.

Week 30: GazpachoThis light and savory soup is usually made from fresh blended tomatoes and other summer vegetables. It is not cooked but is served chilled with savory toppings, such as herbs, hard boiled eggs, ham or more chopped veggies. Gazpacho originated in Spain and Portugal and is perfect as a hot summer meal.



Falafel on plate with sauces & crackers

Lebanese Style FalafelThis falafel is a bit different from the traditional falafel you may have had, which is made of chickpeas. This has the addition of fava beans, bringing a nice new flavour and creaminess. These handheld delights are also great for outdoor parties and picnics.


cut loaf of bread

Sour Cream Zucchini BreadThis is a great recipe that gives you a lot of the food groups in one recipe. This zucchini bread is great for breakfast, snack, or dessert, and a lunch box favorite. Large amounts can be baked and frozen for later, here's how!


cut Japanese Fruit Sandwich on plate

Japanese Fruit SandwichThis is a popular sweet treat from Japan that falls under the sandwich category because it is assembled like one. The outcome is more of a cake, and it is so refreshing and delicious. We like to have these for afternoon tea. It's so easy to make, it's a great all-ages recipe.



You Are TEA-riffic Card - finished card

You Are TEA-riffic CardHere is a cute and thoughtful card you could make to give to someone special - like a friend, teacher, co-worker, mom, or just because. Add a cute touch to the card by pairing a box of tea as a gift.



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Storing Liquid in a Decoupaged Wine Bottle?I have just done some decoupage on a wine bottle, and wanted to check whether it is possible to store liquid inside? In order to do it, I have used the PVA glue on the outside.


Covering Logos on Clothing - red knit shirts

Covering Logos on Clothing?I have an Aeropostale logo on my work shirts. Actually two of them, and my boss just told me after 3 months of wearing them that I cannot wear them with the logos. I don't want to go out and pay $18 a piece + S/H for shirts for my job that have their logo. So I have tried fabric paint. I don't have a clue as to how to remove the embroidery without putting a hole in my favorite work shirts!


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Stitches Bunch When Using Even Feed Foot?I have a Babylock sewing machine which doesn't seem to like even-feed feet. (I have tried three.) It will sew about one inch and then bunch up the stitches very tightly. Should I change the tension when I put on this foot? Lengthen the stitch? I want to use this foot to quilt and am getting very frustrated.


Identifying a Porcelain Doll - doll wearing long dress of brown and floral fabric with eyelet lace trim and matching hat

Identifying a Porcelain Doll?It is 18 inches tall and has porcelain hands, head, and feet. The clothes appear to be homemade. She probably is too. Just checking.


Identifying Household Bugs - black bug on gloved hand

Identifying Household Bugs?Can anyone please tell me what kind of bug this is?


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Agencies that Help with Roof Replacement?I am looking for a grant or some type of program that will get my roof replaced and to get my bathroom floor replaced. I need a shower because after surgery I can not step over the tub to get into it.


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Finding Free Fabric?Where can I get free fabric?


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Removing Odor from Wet Laundry Left in Washer?I forgot load of laundry in washer for 3 days. Is it ruined, cuz it smells or can vinegar or baking soda help remove odors?


Getting Rid of Rats in an Open Field Without Harming Rabbits - rabbits and mourning doves

Getting Rid of Rats in an Open Field Without Harming Rabbits?My husband has been feeding carrots to the wild bunnies for a few years. We have a big overgrown field where bulls and cows were and they kept the field kind of short. We now have field rats we want to get rid of without hurting our wild bunnies. What to do?


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Making White Flower Oil?How do I make white flower oil? I have the ingredients, am just not sure how to mix it. I believe it takes 2 weeks, but I am not understanding why.


Pit Bull Puppy Has Extra Ear Hair - collage of 4 puppy photos

Pit Bull Puppy Has Extra Ear Hair?Do some breeds of Pit Bull puppies have extra ear hair when they are born? My puppy's ear hair is long, but seems to be getting shorter as she is growing?


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Finding a Low Cost Vet?My lil puppy thinks he is a tester for all things on the floor and ground. Today my poor Jack has been throwing up and when he goes potty it is liquid; he is still drinking water. I want to have him seen by a vet, but I don't have the money to pay at the moment and I just moved here and don't know where to take him.


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Painting Cigar Boxes?I am looking for a quick way to cover empty cigar boxes so my pre-schoolers can make keepsake boxes. I would like to just paint them and then they will decorate them with markers and crayons. Any suggestions?


Identifying Flying Insects in My Kitchen - small flying insect

Identifying Flying Insects in My Kitchen?I have these sandy colored, slightly black striped insects with a red stinger and transparent wings with black borders, in my kitchen. They seem to like staying in the light in the kitchen ceiling and their number seems to be increasing. My mom is worried it's termites. So can anyone help me identify what these insects are, and maybe a way to get rid of them?


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Cub Cadet LT46 Won't Start When Cold?My Cub Cadet LT46 won't start when the mower is cold. I have to crank it for several minutes to start it. Once I get it started, I usually don't have a problem getting it to restart. I bought it used with just 60 hours on it. How do I solve this problem?


Identifying Antique Chairs - interesting wood trim upholstered chair

Identifying Antique Chairs?I have two antique chairs, but cannot find out anything about them. I would like to know their era.


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Brother Machine Sewing in Reverse?My Brother sewing machine, model XR3774 started sewing in reverse. Can anyone tell me how to fix it? Does anyone have manual with pictures or anything?


Identifying a Stuffed Toy Hippo - grey floppy hippo with pink soles

Identifying a Stuffed Toy Hippo?I have had this hippo for 18 years and my mom got it from Dad after she had me. The tags fell off and I have been looking for another one. I haven't found one or found the brand. It was bought back in 2001-2002. I would just love to know if anybody has seen one or knows the brand.


Value of a Dynasty Porcelain Doll - doll in box wearing a red coat with white fur trim

Value of a Dynasty Porcelain Doll?I can not find anything about this doll.


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Ice Maker Not Dispensing Due to Clumped Ice?I have a Whirlpool French door refrigerator model GI0fsaxvy010. I am having a problem with water and the ice dispenser. The ice in the bin must be melting a little because there the ice cubes seem to be fused together making a large chunk of ice. Also there is a small drip of water coming out on the outside of the dispenser.


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Shoney's Buffet Peaches Recipe?I am looking for the recipe for peaches that Shoney's serves on their buffet.


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Replacement Power Cord for Back2Life Machine?I need the power cord for my Back2Life that goes from the machine into the wall.


Identifying a Vintage Stereo Console - view of turntable inside a white stereo console

Identifying a Vintage Stereo Console?Anyone know what make or model this record player is? I've tried to google some of the info on it, but cant seem to come up with anything. I need a new needle and cord for it to work so any help would be appreciated.


Value of a Mersman Table - painted long narrow table

Value of a Mersman Table?I have this Mersman table. Inside it's stamped Mersman 76-10. It appears to be painted black probably not the original color. Is it worth anything? The drawers don't open they are just decorative.


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Keeping Cats from Pooping in My Yard?Can I use lemon juice around the area where they are pooping to stop them?


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