October 29, 2019

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formed meatballs in pot

Instant Pot Porcupine MeatballsWhen you use an electric pressure cooker, you can cook these delicious porcupine meatballs fast. They get their name from the rice sticking out like quills on the meatballs.


A family of black bears walking through the forest.

Black Bear Photos and InformationThe American black bear, Ursus americanus, is the most familiar and commonly seen bear in North America. While omnivorous they also eat fish, mammals, and carrion. They like human food as well. They will approach campers, hikers, and rural homes in search of food. While interesting to sight, caution needs to used if you encounter one. Do not approach wild bears, especially cute little cubs, whose mom is surely close by. Read more about black bears and view some photos on this page.


Three wall air fresheners.

Removing an Air Freshener Stain?Both plug in and spray air fresheners can cause staining or furniture finish damage. This page contains some helpful tips for removing air freshener stains.


Value of a Henredon End Table

Value of Vintage Henredon Furniture?Determining the value of Henredon furniture may require an appraisal. It is know to be fine vintage furniture and valued by many.


bowl removed from Instant Pot Blueberry Oatmeal

Instant Pot Blueberry OatmealAn instant pot can make quick work and a hearty breakfast of blueberry oatmeal. You can make a pot large enough to use for a number of days.



Party Sausages in bowl

Party SausagesWhen there's nothing but sausage... it's time for a sausage party! Best for kids and kids at heart. Give it a good twist for everyone in the house and have a tasty dinner.


Seasoned Pretzel Twists

Seasoned Pretzel TwistsHere is a light pretzel snack option seasoned with everything but bagel! Literally only 2 ingredients to make with your choice of sauce. My daughter enjoyed these pretzels with sour cream, but you can use any dip or eat alone.


Orange Cardamom Spaghetti Squash Cake

Orange Cardamom Spaghetti Squash CakeThe autumn season brings us many varieties of gourds. I've had plenty of spaghetti squash around lately, so I thought I'd do some experimenting. I made this lovely orange and cardamom infused cake using pureed spaghetti squash. I candied some strands of the squash to make a beautiful sweet topping. Sprinkled with some crushed rose petals, it was quite the luxurious offering! You'd never know there was squash inside this dessert, but it sure lends to its velvety composition and deep nutty flavour. I hope you give this one a shot!



Making a Disassemblable Fall Leaf Wreath - finished wreath hanging

Making a Disassemblable Fall Leaf WreathI have recently begun to feel a bit cluttered. I love my crafts, don't get me wrong, but I am out of room to store them until/when they are sold. So I have come up with crafts I can make and then "reinvent" for other things.


Worm Ice Cubes - dark soda with gummy worm ice cube

Gummy Worm Ice CubesInclude this on your Halloween menu. Worm ice cubes for a simple but stylish drink. This can be applied to different drinks whether for kids or adults. And instead of water, I used soda coz it doesn't melt too fast plus adds extra flavor.


Fancy Costume Wand - child's hand holding the lavender wand

Fancy Costume WandNeed a comfortable Halloween costume for your daughter to wear to school? You can make a soft crown paired with this wand and any dress of your choice for a princess/fairy inspired costume.


Turn a Photo Into a Colouring Page - original photo and one ready to print or send to friends for them to color

Turn a Photo Into a Colouring PageYou can turn your photos into colouring pages really easily by using mobile phone photo editing apps. I will show you how to make them using a free Apple and Android friendly app called Prisma. It only takes a couple moments and the outcome is pretty cool. I sent out my black and white colouring page to my friends online and asked them to colour it.


Poinsettia Wreath - finished wreath on edge of a table

Poinsettia WreathI love making wreaths for each season. They have a nice way of welcoming people when they come to your door! This is a poinsettia wreath, one of my favorites! Please let me add, everything I used was at the Dollar Store!


Snuggles (Cat) - black and white fuzzy kitten sleeping

Snuggles (Cat)Snuggles was found in a dumpster at the local dump. She was found when they were dumping out the dumpster and she rolled out with a damaged front leg. Her front leg needed 4 staples to hold it in place till it healed. She was only about 9-10 days old when I got her. This is a picture of her about a week and a half after rescuing her.


Punky Pie Hot Pad Wall Hanging  - decorative pumpkin pie hot pad

Punky Pie Hot Pad Wall HangingPlease note: that this is a wall hanging, and "should not" be used for real cooking. I love the way this turned out. With just four colors of yarn, a larger and smaller hook, you can make this in about an hour. I hope you like it.


Yarn Wrapped Frame - hanging yarn wrapped frame

Yarn Wrapped FrameI made this from a wooden frame and some of the prettiest yarn I have ever seen. I hope you like it.


Recycle Plastic Tubs to Hold Cuttings - small plastic pots containing plant cuttings inside a plastic tub

Recycle Plastic Tubs to Hold CuttingsI recycle margarine and ice cream tubs and use them to put my cuttings in. They will hold around four or five small pots. They are easy to transport and catch the drips when watering.



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Identifying a Full Blood Pit Bull?Is it a fact that all full blood Pit Bulls have white somewhere on their coats?


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My Dane Passed Away Suddenly?My Dane passed away on Sunday. I'm so heart broken! It happened so suddenly and out of nowhere. Saturday night he was fine, ate his normal food, and I gave him a bone. We went to bed and he was fine. He slept in my room like usual and around 6:30 am Sunday morning I was wakened by him kicking the closet door followed by a howl and a second later he was gone.


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Finding a Lost Relative?I am Jocelyne. Sometime ago I had found my brother, but now I am trying to locate my other sisters that I had found out about. Growing up my dad never told me about my siblings until he got sick and then I tried to see if I can find them. Please help me find my sisters.


Value of a Collectible Memories Musical Doll - doll wearing a red dress and white fur hat and jacket, sitting next to its box

Value of a Collectible Memories Musical Doll?Her name is Olivia, she's a wind up doll that moves a bit and plays a lovely song. (I am not sure if it matters, but her designer's name is Norma.)


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Selling Trees for Lumber?I am getting ready to develop an acre of land for 3 residential homes. However I need to have about 50 tall fir trees removed. Some are very large at the base. Can I sell them? Is it worthwhile? The property is in Everett Washington.


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Age of a New Home Treadle Sewing Machine?How can I find out when this machine was made? It is in a cabinet. The numbers are 1112692.


Value of a Conant Ball Desk - 5 drawer maple desk

Value of a Conant Ball Desk?I have a Conant Ball colonial maple desk with glass top and chair. Could you estimate it's value for me?


Value of a Noritake Bowl - painted bowl with landscape scene

Value of a Noritake Bowl?What would this bowl be worth?


Identifying a Jewelry Mark  - jewelry mark

Identifying a Jewelry Mark?I bought this necklace and bracelet set. I tried finding this mark. Can anyone help?


Identifying Flowers - red flower likely a dahlia

Identifying Flowers?I need some help identifying these two flowers please!


Value of a Vintage Bedroom Suite - tall light finish dresser

Value of a Vintage Bedroom Suite?I am settling the estate for an elderly couple. There is a vintage bedroom suite, 5 pieces. The drawers were lined and still are. Nothing ever touched the inside of the drawers. I thing it is Calderell brand (see picture with brand). The suite was purchased around 1950 and includes a bed and bookcase headboard, tall dresser, long dresser, and 2 night stands. What's it worth?


Adjusting the Feed Dog Height on a Janome HD 3000 - manual page

Adjusting the Feed Dog Height on a Janome HD 3000?I have a Janome HD 3000 and I need to adjust the height of the feed dog. I think there is an error in the service manual on the internet, because for the setscrew (A) there is no way to loosen it and I guess it confuses (A) and (B) in the diagram attached?


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Financial Help to Convert from Propane to All Electric?My daughter-in-law and son have a 3 month old baby. They've been without heat n hot water for 4 days. It's gonna cost $501.87 to fill up both propane tanks. They do however own their property. They live in Miamisburg. They are 21 and 20 years old with really no income other then her job at Speedway. We really need help.


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Finding a Free Mattress?I am unable to work and have filed for disability; the wait is been long. I need a full size mattress as space is limited. I have been out of work and have no money.


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Using Canned Peach Juice in Making a Pie?The first person said to use 2/3 teaspoons of cornstarch mixed into enough of the peach juice to make a paste and stir over heat then pour into peaches. Can I use plain flour if I haven't got cornstarch and what effect will it have in the pie?


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Cleaning Houseplants?Can I use mayonnaise to shine the leaves of houseplants?


Value of a Vintage Dixie Dresser - peek at dresser and looking at joining in drawer

Value of a Vintage Dixie Dresser?I purchased this Dixie piece (dresser) for $6.99 at Savers. I know very little except the company is reputable. If possible I'd like to know the date or era of the piece, including value, and best way to sell. Everything seems to be original which leads me to wonder if I should have it professionally restored to bring up the value or let it alone?


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Uses for Pill Bottles?Any suggestions what to do with pill bottles? Crafts? Donation to organizations?


Value of a Story and Clark Upright Piano - light wood piano

Value of a Vintage Story and Clark Upright Piano?I am settling the estate for an elderly couple. This piano was rarely played. It is in mint or better condition. It was purchased sometime between 1969 and 1974. What is it worth?


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Adjusting the Hood on a Rain Coat?The hood on my Regatta rain coat is too big and when pulled on I can't see anything in front of me, any suggestions how I can keep my hair dry with the hood on and stop walking into lamp posts!


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Baby Zebra Finches Dying?My zebra finches had hatched a baby on the floor of the aviary. I understand that it died either because it was squashed by the mother, sitting on an egg next to it, or of coldness. That was my second baby zebra finch to die, but with both, a few hours after they died, there was no sign of them. The other one that died was in a hanging nesting box. Why have they disappeared?


Value of a Vintage Lazy Boy Signature II Sofa - blue striped sofa

Value of a Vintage Lazy Boy Signature II Sofa?I am settling an estate for an immaculate older couple. There is a vintage Lazy Boy Signature II (2) sofa 1984 mint, more than "like new" value. The sofa was in the sitting room, rarely used.


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