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Where is the Power Steering Fluid Reservoir in a 2009 Elantra?I can't find the power steering fluid reservoir in my 09 Elantra.


A machine to check emissions on a car.

Passing Car Smog Check (California)Last year, one of our cars did not pass smog the first time around. We had to pay the regular smog fees, then a retest fee when the car passed the second time around. It would have passed if we knew the basic knowledge so this year, we made sure our car will passed before going.


new red car

Maintaining Your Car's Paint JobThis is a page about maintaining your car's paint job. Keeping your car's paint job looking new is easy.


Checking Your Tire Pressure

Checking Your Tire PressureThis is a page about checking your tire pressure. Accurately checking your tire pressure is important to ensure that your tires are properly inflated.


Tires in Shopping Cart

Saving Money on TiresThis page is about saving money on tires. Keeping your vehicle safe by having good tread on your tires can be expensive, but there are ways to save on your purchase.


Tennis Ball for Pulling Into the Garage

Ping Pong Ball for Pulling Into the GarageTake a ping ping ball and pierce a hole in it on each side. Thread a string through it and tie in your garage against the car windshield to the exact place where you need to pull in the garage for a perfect fit.



Closeup of a tire.

Rotating Your TiresThis page is about rotating your tires. Moving your tires from front to back can extend the life of your tire tread, which saves you money.


Car Battery

Car Battery TipsThis is a page about car battery tips. In many ways the battery in your car is one of the most important components. If it is not working properly it doesn't start.


New Tires

Buying TiresThis is a page about buying tires. Tires are an important and expensive auto maintenance purchase. Knowing how to select the best tires for your vehicle and its usage will make this a more positive experience.


Removing Lug Nuts

Removing Stubborn Lug NutsThis is a page about removing stubborn lug nuts. Having a flat tire is bad enough, but then if the lug nuts won't loosen the situation can escalate into down right frustrating.


Photo of a someone checking their oil.

Keeping Track of Your Car's Maintenance RequirementsThis page is about keeping track of your car's maintenance requirements. Keeping good records of your auto maintenance will help you keep your car running well.


Windshield Wipers

Fixing Squeaky Windshield WipersThis is a page about fixing squeaky windshield wipers. You may be able to easily get rid for the annoying squeak coming from your windshield wipers.


Windshield Wipers

Cleaning Windshield WipersThis is a page about cleaning windshield wipers. You can improve the effectiveness of your windshield wipers by periodically cleaning the wiper blades.


old car

Painting Vinyl Car Trim?This is a page about painting vinyl car trim. The trim on your car can fade or be damaged by debris kicked up from the road. Painting it can improve its appearance.


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Cleaning Dirty Car Battery Cables?I need to clean the rust off my old battery jumper cables so that I have a good connection when jumping from one car to another. What do I use to clean my old rusty car battery cables so that a strong connection will produce enough power?


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Saving Money on Car Floor MatsThis is a page about saving money on car floor mats. Replacing car floor mats can be pricey.


Quart of Oil, Rag and Funnel

Saving Money on Oil ChangesThis is a page about saving money on oil changes. Even if you don't change your oil yourself there are ways to save money on this maintenance task.


New halogen automobile bulb.

Replacing Your Car's HeadlightsThis is a page about replacing your car's headlights. Headlights eventually burn out, but they are usually easy to replace yourself.


Disposing of Used Motor Oil, Used Motor Oil in a Gallon Jug

Disposing of Used Motor OilThis is a page about disposing of used motor oil. Motor oil must be disposed of properly. There are many places in your area that will take your motor oil and dispose of it for free.


Smiling Mechanic

Finding a Good MechanicThis page is on finding a good mechanic. When your vehicle needs something fixed or just regular maintenance you want to know it is in good hands. Finding a good, honest, mechanic can be a difficult task.


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Can I Paint a Dashboard?Can you paint a dashboard?



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How Do I Keep My Windshield Wiper Blades from Squeaking?My car wiper has got a squeaking sound produced by the wiper blade rubbing against the windscreen whenever I turn it on. Is there anything to apply on the rubber to reduce the rubbing sound? Thanks.


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Restoring Sun Damaged Vinyl Car Trim?I have a 10 year old Volvo wagon which I like to maintain. The vinyl trim is badly oxidized and dull from the sun. Does anyone have suggestions on a product that will return the trim to it's black color.


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How Many Quarts of Oil in '92 Chevy Tahoe?How many quarts of oil does it take for an oil change on a 1992 Chevy s10 Tahoe? Whenever I go to the professional oil changer, my nephew tells me they over filled it by a half quart. I don't want to damage the engine and I know having too much oil in a vehicle can.


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New Fuel Pump Car Still Stalls?I have a 1998 Chrysler Sebring that stalls out when driving. I have got it pin pointed to no gas. I just changed fuel pump relay, what else could it be? Why, while driving does the fuel pump shut down?


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Cleaning Car Batteries and Terminals?How do you clean car battery terminals?


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New Brake Pads Still Squeaky?I just had my pads replaced at Christmas on an '06 Malibu. They are still squeaking and seem to be getting worse. They stop fine but I'm wondering if I should be concerned. Anyone have any advice?


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Save On Oil Changes For High End CarsWe know a lady with a high end car. She's asked us for suggestions on what to do for cheaper oil changes, as her dealership charges $200.00 for hers. If you're in this predicament, find a reputable repair shop, that you trust or talk to your neighbors and friends, see who they suggest.


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Fix Window Dings Before They Become CracksWinter temperatures are tough on vehicle windshields. You can save yourself from having to replace your car windshield down the road by getting dings repaired in a timely matter.


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Gas and Oil AdditivesTo get better fuel mileage on your vehicle, use a gas additive.


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Check Your Wiper BladesCheck your wiper blades on your vehicle periodically. If you don't watch, they'll separate and the next time you turn them on, they'll scratch your windshield.


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Don't Let Your Car Run Out Of GasDon't ever let your car run out of gasoline as it will burn up the fuel pump that's inside your gas tank. If you do, it'll cost about $300.00 to $400.00 minimum to get it fixed.


Adding oil to a car engine.

Saving Money on Oil ChangesGetting regular oil changes are important to maintaining your automobile's engine. Here is advice as suggested by the ThriftyFun community. Do you have any tips for saving money on oil changes? Feel free to post them below.


Stack of tires with one leaning up against it.

Saving Money on TiresIf you are a commuter and would like to save money on tires, make sure you buy tires with a mileage warranty and follow the warranty rules.


Four unmounted tires.

Tire SavingsIt's not the best news that you've heard when your auto mechanic tells you to replace your car's tires. It's essential, and it's a several hundred dollars investment. Is there a way to save on the new tires?



Cleaning Headlights?How do I clean automobile headlights? Mine are really stained. I know they have the kits, and the pros, thanks!


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Tire Rotation and Alignment Maintenance?How often do you need to get an alignment and have your tires rotated?


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Quieting Noisy Windshield Wipers?How can I quiet noisy windshield wipers without replacing them?


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Oil Blowing Out of Dipstick Tube?What will cause motor oil to blow out of a dipstick tube?


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Painting Vinyl Car Trim?I'd like to paint the vinyl trim on an old car. The product sold works well, but is very short lived. Can I use a a primer and plain paint?


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When to do First Oil Change in 2007 Civic?I bought a new 2007 Civic and my car friends, mostly male, tell me that I should change the motor oil after the 1st 500 miles to get rid of possible junk pieces.


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