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Man wiping car exterior with a cloth

Removing Permanent Marker from a CarThis is a page about removing permanent marker from a car. Vandals sometimes choose to graffiti on cars using permanent markers.


Man Looking Keys Locked in Car

Solutions for Keys Locked in CarThis is a page about solutions for keys locked in car. When keys are left inside the car, there are ways to have an extra key close at hand or good services to help you get in.


Keeping Your Windshield Free of Snow and Ice, Man Cleaning Snow and Ice off of Windshield

Keeping Your Windshield Free of Snow and IceDuring the winter it can be a real chore to get all the snow and ice off your windshield before heading out in the morning. This is a page about keeping your windshield free of snow and ice.


car driving on a road

Removing Tar from a CarThis is a page about removing tar from a car. Tar can be especially difficult to remove from the paint.


Smashed bugs on front of car

Cleaning Love Bugs from CarsLove bugs can destroy your cars paint finish, obscure vision and overheat your car if not clean off in a timely manner. This is a page about cleaning love bugs from cars.


Man Lighting a Cigarette in his Car While Driving

Getting Rid of Odors Inside Your CarFrom someone smoking or built up moisture, car odors can have a multitude of causes. Eliminate those odors and get your car back to smelling like new. This is a page about getting rid of odors inside your car.


Buffing marks from a Car's Exterior

Removing Stains and Marks from a Car's...Your car's exterior is subject to stains, spills, scuffs, and unfortunately sometimes vandalism. This is a page about removing stains and marks from a car's exterior.


Gas can on the car hood.

Cleaning Gasoline from Car CarpetGasoline odors can be very noxious, especially inside of a car. Since you can't remove your car's carpet it can be tough to remove spilled gasoline. This is a page about cleaning gasoline from car carpet.


Man Looking at His Keys Locked In the Car

Using AAA When Keys Are Locked In the Car?When your keys are locked in the car, AAA will call a locksmith to help you retrieve them. Hopefully there will be no damage to your automatic window. This is a page about using AAA when keys are locked in the car.


A person cleaning a windshield with a blue cloth.

Cleaning Wax Buildup on a Windshield?If you take your car through a car wash and choose the wash and wax option, you may end up with wax residue on the windshield. This is a page about cleaning wax buildup on a windshield.


Windshield Washers Spraying

Windshield Washers Not SprayingWhen your windshield washers won't spray, there are a few reasons that could cause this problem. There are some steps you can take to troubleshoot the cause and repair options. This page has advice for how to repair windsheild wipers that no longer spray.


Glue used to repair a saggy headliner in a car.

Repairing a Saggy HeadlinerThis is a page about repairing a saggy headliner. If the headliner in your vehicle comes loose and gets saggy, it can make the interior very unattractive.



Snow Covered Truck

Troubleshooting Truck Heater ProblemsWhen your vehicle's heater is not blowing hot air, you need to figure out why not. This page is about troubleshooting truck heater problems.


A leopard print memory foam mat used as a car seat cover.

Homemade Car Seat CoversThis is a page about homemade car seat covers. Looking for a way cover worn car seat upholstery or just a fun way to dress up your interior, homemade car seat covers might be the answer.


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Permanent Marker on Vehicle Interior?How do you get permanent black marker out of the interior of a van?


mother and children in car

Removing Stains on a Car Headliner?This is a page about removing stains on a car headliner. Kids, pets, and routine use of your car and result in accidental stains on the upholstery and headliner.


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Removing Clear Coat from Automotive Paint?Does anyone know how to remove the deteriorating clear coat from the hood of my Toyota pickup? I would be happy to have just the paint job left underneath.


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Ford Focus: Light On Dash Keeps Flashing?I recently bought a 2008 Ford Focus. Today after putting gas in the car a light started flashing intermittently. It's located on the very bottom left of the dash, it looks like a car with a giant lock symbol. We can't figure out what its for, and how to stop it.


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Removing Artillery Fungus Stains on a Car?I have these brown dots on my car and found out that it is Artillery fungus. I park my car near 2 flower beds that have mulch.


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Mazda Miata Convertible is Leaking?I have a 2006 Mazda Miata convertible. Out of nowhere it has started leaking when it rains. It seems like it is coming in behind the panel directly behind the driver's seat. Instantly the floor is soaked. Any ideas? Thanks a lot.


A line of tires for sale at a tire store.

Buying Blemished TiresThis is a page about buying blemished tires. Great tips for when you are in the market for new tires but don't care about a scuff or two.


Foggy Windshield

Remedies for a Foggy WindshieldThis page contains remedies for a foggy windshield. Sometimes you need a little help to keep your windshield free of fog.


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What's the Difference Between and F150 and F250 Truck?Just wondering. What's the Difference Between and F150 and F250 Truck?


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Skunk Spray Stained Vehicle Paint?My car was sprayed by a skunk and it visibly stained the paint. Any ideas on how to remove the stain? I have tried a finish restorer and a commercial grade tar and road grime cleaner.


Car Upholstery

Removing Ink on Car Upholstery?This is a page about removing ink on car upholstery. Ink stains on your car's upholstery are a common occurrence. Finding the best product and method can help clean it off.


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New Fuel Pump Car Still Stalls?I have a 1998 Chrysler Sebring that stalls out when driving. I have got it pin pointed to no gas. I just changed fuel pump relay, what else could it be? Why, while driving does the fuel pump shut down?


Clean Car Interior

Keeping the Inside of Your Car CleanIf you have kids, clutter, crumbs and spills can get out of hand in your car quickly. Keeping your car clean will help prevent odors from forming and protect the value of your vehicle. This is a page about keeping the inside of your car clean.



Road with freshly painted yellow lines.

Removing Road Paint From Your Car?This is a page about removing road paint from your car. Driving through an area where road work is being done often can not be avoided. This can result in oil, paint, and other construction materials being deposited on your car.


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Prevent Sliding Car RampsTo prevent your car ramps from sliding across the concrete garage floor while trying to drive up the ramps (to change the oil, etc.), try drilling a half inch hole in the concrete in front of each ramp and inserting a large nail; no more sliding ramps!


Red sports car with a for sale sign in the window.

Buying a Car on CraiglistThis is a page about buying a car on Craigslist. Using Craigslist to buy a car can be risky if you don't know how to protect yourself from making a bad purchase. Despite the risks there are many good deals to be found.


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Removing Crab Odor from Car Upholstery and Carpet?During a trip from the west coast to Wyoming, a huge box of frozen crab melted and crab juice leaked all over the back seat and floor of the car. Now the whole car smells like dead and rotting crab. The upholstery is not leather, it's some kind of fabric.


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Permanent Paint on Auto Glass?Does anyone know of any paint that can go on auto glass and is permanent?


Preparing Your Car for Winter, Young man putting snow chains on his car tire

Preparing Your Car for WinterWhether you have overdue maintenance or need to collect emergency supplies, making sure your car is prepared for winter is important to do before winter arrives. This is a page about preparing your car for winter.


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Removing Silly Putty from Car Upholstery?How do you get Silly Putty out of car upholstery?


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Saving Money on Car Floor MatsThis is a page about saving money on car floor mats. Replacing car floor mats can be pricey.


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Prevent Frost On Car Mirrors With Plastic BagsIf you do not have a garage for car during the stormy winter months, cover mirrors with a baggie. (The best are Hefty Ziplock Gallon Freezer bags). That way your mirror stays frost and snow free.


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Gluing a Car Handle Back On?What glue can I use to attach my rear door handle back onto the car? Both surfaces are plastic. I tried gorilla glues and epoxies, which did not work. Someone told me no glue can fix a car. It is a 2004 Scion XB.


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Homemade Waterless Car Wash Solution?How do I make my own waterless car wash solution to put in a spray bottle?


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Discolored Plastic Headlight Covers?I am looking for a way to remove the discoloration on plastic head light covers on a 1998 Chrysler van. It is ruff looking and stops a lot of the light from coming through from the head light. The light has become very opaque and not crystal clear like it was when it was new.


Removing Ice from Your Windshield, Gloved hand scraping icy windshield.

Removing Ice from Your WindshieldThis is a page about removing ice from your windshield. A ritual of winter is removing ice from from your windshield. In addition to the obvious purchased ice scraper there are other ways of removing ice from your windshield.


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Fuse Box Diagram for Ford Windstar?I have been looking for a diagram of a fuse box for a 1995 Ford Windstar. A year ago I actually found one online but I'm having a heck of a time locating it now. Could you help me out?


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Can I Clean Tinted Windows with Vinegar?My son has a dog that travels in the back of the car and slobbers on the rear passenger window, he has tried everything to clean them to no avail. The windows are tinted. Can I use vinegar to clean them? If so what solution break down? If not, any other suggestions?



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Cleaning Dirty Car Battery Cables?I need to clean the rust off my old battery jumper cables so that I have a good connection when jumping from one car to another. What do I use to clean my old rusty car battery cables so that a strong connection will produce enough power?


Windshield Wipers

Cleaning Windshield WipersThis is a page about cleaning windshield wipers. You can improve the effectiveness of your windshield wipers by periodically cleaning the wiper blades.


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What Can I Use in Place of a Broken Glove Compartment Door?Does anyone have any ideas as to what can be put in front of a glove compartment when the door is broken beyond repair and has been thrown away? I've looked for some kind of netting that can be put up to keep items from falling out. Any suggestions would be appreciated.


Cleaning an 18 Wheeler

Cleaning an 18 Wheeler?Semi trucks can get pretty dirty and some of the road grime that they pick up can be hard to remove. This is a page about cleaning an 18 wheeler.


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Cleaning Sticky Substance Off Car Upholstery?I have a black sticky substance on my car seat that I cannot get out. Any suggestions? Thanks.


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Removing a Sticky Residue from Car Windows?I recently got a new car. New to me anyways. The back windows are sticky on the inside. The very back window looks like something was scraped off of it. I've used window cleaner, soap and water, and vinegar and water. Nothing has worked.


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Dodge Caravan's Electric Windows Stopped Working?I have a 2005 Dodge Caravan with only 15,000 miles and my warranty has expired. Both electric windows have stopped working. I checked the fuse but it is fine. Do you think both the left and right electric motor broke at 15,000 miles?


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Cleaning Between Car SeatsClean the crumbs, dirt, and coins dropped between the two front seats of your auto by using the long brush you clean snow off of your auto with. This makes vacuuming the front of your auto much easier.


The fuel tank indicator in a car, with the arrow pointing to the side with the gas cap.

Which Side of the Car Has the Gas Cap?If you drive different cars or rent one it may be difficult to remember which side the gas cap is on. In some vehicles, the icon on the dash showing a gas pump may have a triangle pointing to cap side of the car. This is a page about, "Which side of the car has the gas cap?".


Removing Bugs from Your Car

Removing Bugs from Your Car This is a page about removing bugs from your car. Summer driving can often result in the grill of your car being covered in bugs.


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Lengthening a Car Sun Visor?How can I lengthen my cars sun visor?


A free state road map from the Michigan Department of Transportation.

Free Road Maps and Other Travel InformationNo need to buy a road map from the gas station convenience store. Go to the website for the Department of Transportation for your State. Request a free state road map and it will be mailed to you. You will receive the map very quickly in the mail. I live in Michigan and this was my experience to receive the map. Or, if you are a AAA member, you can request maps as well, free of charge.


A parking sign that states "No Parking Both Sides"

Check Street Signs ThoroughlyHere is my lesson learned that resulted me in paying a $60 ticket that I wanted to share with you all. Be sure to check street signs carefully, especially street signs on both sides of the road even if you plan to park on just one side.


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Removing a Tar Stain on the Hood of a Car?How do you remove a tar stain on the hood of a vehicle? I've used compound, WD-40, and also a tar and sap remover.


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Ford Escape Hesitates When Accelerating?I have a 2008 Ford Escape with 124.000 original miles. The vehicle performs great on highway driving, but when in stop and go traffic for any length of time, it starts this hesitation. When traffic clears out, I accelerate and the maximum speed tops off at 40 mph and the tach reads 4rpm. It is very rough sounding. No check engine lights on and there are no lights blinking.


driver texting about to hit pedestrian

How to Avoid Texting While DrivingTexting while driving is dangerous and illegal in many places. Even texting at a traffic light can net you a ticket. Check to see if you phone offers the a "Do Not Disturb While Driving" setting. This is a page about how to avoid texting while driving.


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Removing Auto Paint Oxidation?Will cleaning with vinegar remove oxidation from auto paint? Will it damage the paint on a car? Does peanut butter really work?


foam erasers

Removing Paint Transfer on Vehicles With a Magic EraserRemoving paint transfers on your car may be something you can do yourself. The Magic Eraser has been used by some vehicle owners successfully. Always test in an inconspicuous spot to ensure that your paint will not be damaged. This is a page about removing paint transfer on vehicles with a Magic Eraser.


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Removing Grain Dust Residue on Car?I work at a feed mill and almost every day I come out I have grain dust on my car. Now it seems like it is embedded into the glass and paint. When I wash my car either by hand or by machine it looks clean unless you look at it side ways then you can still see the film. Any suggestions on a car wash?


Close up of a VW emblem on a car grill.

Volkswagen Golf GT Having Electrical Malfunctions?Electrical issues can be traced through the wiring or could be a burned out fuse. This page contains advice for Volkswagen Golf GT is having electrical malfunctions.


Wet Fiat emblem.

Troubleshooting Intermittent Warning Lights on Fiat Stilo?This is a page about troubleshooting intermittent warning lights on Fiat Stilo. Intermittent warning lights can be caused by a number of issues. It is best to take it in to a repair shop, to confirm whether it is caused by faulty wiring or a computer issue.


Elderly couple outside their RV looking at a map

RV Warranty Repair TipsIt's important to take advantage of any necessary repairs before your warranty runs out. This is a page about RV warranty repairs tips.


The word Recall painted in yellow on a street.

Finding Information on Auto RecallsIf you are not the original owner of a vehicle, you will need to periodically check for recalls, especially prior to taking it in for repairs. This is a page about finding information about auto recalls.


Calculator, cup of coffee, pencil, toy car and a notepad with "Loans?" written on it.

Avoid Rolling Existing Car Loans Into a New Car PurchaseMany dealerships will try to encourage you to trade in an unpaid for car and buy a new one, by rolling the remaining balance into the new loan. There are some good financial reasons to avoid this practice, as it benefits the dealer more than the consumer. This is a page about avoiding rolling existing car loans into a new car purchase.


Car broken down on the side of the road with hood open.

Buying a Car vs. Repairing a CarMany consumers and experts agree that often it is more economical to repair a car than to take on the expense of a new one. There are exceptions and you may need to do some research as part of the decision making process. This is a page about buying a car vs. repairing a car.


Closeup of a dashboard airbag.

How to Fix a Peeling Airbag Cover?If the cover on your airbag begins to peel a trip to the dealer is the best first step. There may be a recall, and even if not, they can assess whether the damage is cosmetic or structural. This is a page about how to fix a peeling airbag cover.


A car parked with a sun reflector in the window.

Cooling the Inside of a Hot Parked CarThis is a page about quickly cool a hot car. There is nothing worse then getting into a hot car. Getting some of the hot air out, will make it easier to cool off the inside with the fan or a/c.


new red car

Maintaining Your Car's Paint JobThis is a page about maintaining your car's paint job. Keeping your car's paint job looking new is easy.


Large parking Lot

How to Protect Your Car in a Parking LotParking lots can be an easy place to pick up small dents and scratches on your vehicle. Here are some ideas on how to protect your car in a parking lot.


A purse being stored in a passenger seat.

Don't Store Anything on Your Car's Passenger SeatYour car will sense the weight on the seat. If you are in an accident, the passenger airbag will deploy. It is expensive to replace airbags. This can make the difference in your insurance company deciding whether or not to total your car or repair it.


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Check your License Plates RegularlyIt is very important to be familiar with your license plate number, or at a glance, know your license plate. Sometime last year, we had our rear license plate stolen and replaced with a different license plate. We noticed because when we went to close the trunk, the license plate rattled because a screw was loose.


An orange umbrella in the rain.

Umbrella Tips and TricksUmbrellas are handy to have around if you get caught in a sudden rain storm. This is a page about umbrella tips and tricks.


Car Broken Down on Side of Road

Automobile Safety TipsWhen you are traveling in an automobile, it is good to be aware of many safety tips to keep safe during your trip. This is a page about automobile safety tips.


A person adjusting a car's windshield wiper.

Making Windshield Wipers Last LongerTry these ways to help extend the life of your wiper blades. This is a page about making windshield wipers last longer.


A man pushing a car that is stuck in the snow.

Solutions for a Car or Truck Stuck in the Snow?Being stuck in the snow is similar to having your car stuck in sand or mud. You need to use something under your tires to improve traction. This is a page about solutions for a car or truck stuck in the snow.


A dog with his head out the window of a car.

Removing Saliva from a Car's Exterior?This is a page about removing saliva from a car's exterior. Saliva can leave noticeable spots on your car's exterior, requiring cleaning.


Three girls sitting the back seat of a car.  One is holding a map.

Renting Cars for Long TripsThis is a page about renting cars for long trips. Using a rental car for travel may give you peace of mind, and will save wear and tear on your own vehicle.


Dirty car covered in water marks

Cleaning Water Spots From a CarThis is a page about cleaning water spots from a car. The minerals in water can leave spots on your car's finish.


Opening a Frozen Car Door

Opening a Frozen Car Door?This is a page about opening a frozen car door. It is cold out and you are in a rush to begin your day. It is not the time to find the car door frozen shut.


Checking Your Tire Pressure

Checking Your Tire PressureThis is a page about checking your tire pressure. Accurately checking your tire pressure is important to ensure that your tires are properly inflated.


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Car Air Conditioner Blows Hot Air?Our Jaguar 2005 model has lost the air conditioner. We've checked out everything. It just blows out hot air. In the winter it just blew out cold air. We have added coolant.


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Finding the Keyless Entry Code to a Crown Victoria?I Just bought a 1998 Crown Victoria, locked it and don't know the access code.


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Getting Diesel Fuel Off Your Headlamps?How do you get diseal fuel off your headlamps? I went to the gas station someone on the staff put diesel fuel in the washer.


Using a Keyless Remote

Using a Keyless RemoteThis is a page about using a keyless remote. Car entry remotes and key fobs let you lock, unlock and set off the alarm of your car from afar. A key fob can be very handy.


Wheel Chair Van

Buying a Used Wheel Chair Van?This is a page about buying a used wheel chair van. When you need to purchase a wheel chair accessible van, you want to make sure the chair lift and the vehicle work well.


Car Radio

Repairing a Car Radio?This is a page about repairing a car radio. You may be able to save money by making some repairs to your car radio.


Car Seat Belt

Cleaning Car Seat Belts?This is a page about cleaning car seat belts. Because they are handled frequently and are in the direct path of accidental spills, car seat belts can get pretty grimy.


Grey car with a scratched bumper.

Fixing a Scratched Car Bumper?This is a page about fixing a scratched car bumper. Car bumpers can be damaged in an accident or even in the mall parking lot.


An "as is" car for sale.

Getting a Diminished Value Auto Appraisal?This is a page about getting a diminished value auto appraisal. A vehicle loses some of its value after it is damaged in an accident, storm, etc. despite repairs made to fix the damage. This diminished value is separate from normal depreciation.


Free Auto Services

Using Free Auto ServicesThis is a page about using free auto services. Auto parts and repair shops often offer free services, some of which are not widely advertised.


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Truck Heater Blower Doesn't Work?I have a 2006 Chery 3500. My blower motor didn't stop after I shut my truck off, so I thought the resistor was bad. I changed it and now my blower motor doesn't run at all unless I wire both resistors in series. Is my blower motor bad?


Man Yawning While Driving

Staying Alert While DrivingA major cause of accidents, particularly on longer drives, is drowsiness or not being alert to road conditions and other vehicles. This is a page about staying alert while driving.


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2005 Silverado Truck Overheating?I have changed the thermostat, radiator cap, and water pump. The heater blows cold air. When the truck heats up, then the heater blows hot when truck is reg temp. Please help.


Man Looking at Radiator

Fixing Auto Radiator LeaksThis is a page about fixing auto radiator leaks. Replacing a radiator is expensive. Sometimes a minor leak can be repaired.


Woman Dealing with Broken Down Car

Buying an Extended Car Warranty?This page is about buying an extended car warranty. When you buy a new or used car there may be an extended warranty available. It is important to read this carefully before you make this purchase to make sure you will benefit from this.


Car Radiator

Troubleshooting Car Heater ProblemsThis is a page about troubleshooting car heater problems. The weather is cold and of course your heater is not working properly. Determining the cause of the problem can be time consuming and frustrating.


Tires in Shopping Cart

Saving Money on TiresThis page is about saving money on tires. Keeping your vehicle safe by having good tread on your tires can be expensive, but there are ways to save on your purchase.


Tennis Ball for Pulling Into the Garage

Ping Pong Ball for Pulling Into the GarageTake a ping ping ball and pierce a hole in it on each side. Thread a string through it and tie in your garage against the car windshield to the exact place where you need to pull in the garage for a perfect fit.


Closeup of a tire.

Rotating Your TiresThis page is about rotating your tires. Moving your tires from front to back can extend the life of your tire tread, which saves you money.


Indian Chief

Indian Chief Motorcycle PhotosIndian Chief motorcycles are some of the most well crafted and recognizable bikes on the road. Share your favorite photos of these beautiful motorcycles here. This is a page about Indian motorcycle photos.


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A white car parked in a parking lot.

How to Safely Sell Your Used CarThere are several ways you can sell or get rid of your used car.


Photo of someone pumping gas.

Saving Money on GasThis is a page about saving money on gas. Rising gas prices are becoming a bigger burden on household budgets. There are a lot strategies to save money on gasoline.


Four unmounted tires.

Tire SavingsIt's not the best news that you've heard when your auto mechanic tells you to replace your car's tires. It's essential, and it's a several hundred dollars investment. Is there a way to save on the new tires?


Check Your Car for Recalls

Check Your Car for RecallsAutomobile manufacturers offer free repairs called "recalls" for many problems which affect their cars. These repairs are generally available from the nearest dealer whether a car has had one or many owners.


Prius on Freeway

Will A Hybrid Save You Money?"Will a hybrid save me money?" Wouldn't it be great if there was a definitive answer to that question? Unfortunately, and despite what a showroom salesman will tell you, there is no clear answer.


Improving Gas Mileage When Driving, Pumping Gas

Saving Money On GasolineWe own two Dodge Grand Caravans, and while they are not the most expensive vehicle to fill, they are far from the cheapest. Here are a few of the things we do to try to keep our gas costs down.


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Removing an Ammonia Stain on Car Paint

Removing an Ammonia Stain on Car Paint?Does anyone have an idea of how to remove what seems to be an ammonia stain from car paint? I say it's ammonia because I found an empty ammonia bottle not to far from my car.


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Yukon Having Electrical Problems After Installing New Plugs and Wires?I had my 2014 Yukon xl serviced. The service included changing and installing new spark plugs and wires. When I drove the vehicle after leaving the service department, the lights on the dashboard and the interior lights started flashing off and on and the door locks repeatedly locked and unlocked.


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Using Freezer Paper to Prevent Ice on Windshield?Has anyone tried using freezer paper on a windshield to prevent ice from sticking to it?


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Removing Stains from a Car's Exterior?My Tata Sumo has become brown because of iron in the water. How do I remove it?


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Tire Rotation and Alignment Maintenance?How often do you need to get an alignment and have your tires rotated?


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Jeyes Fluid for Removing Moss on Car Stained the Paint?I have a car which has not been used much. Moss had grown on the window rubbers behind brightwork and on the inside of the door sills. Yesterday, I used Jeyes Fluid to kill the growth and to lift the growth with a soft brush or cloth. I washed the car down well afterwards.


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