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Value of Pecan Resin Statues?Pecan resin is a popular product used to make figurines. These can be painted or can be purchased finished. They are collectibles, some of which may have resale value. This page focuses on trying to find the value of pecan resin statues or figurines.


Value of Figurine - stylized figurine a family

Determining the Value of a Leonardo Collection Figurine?Depending on how rare they are and the condition some figurines can be very valuable. If you need help determining the value of a Leonardo collection figurine it can be helpful to look at how much it would cost to purchase another one like it.


A figuring of two old fashioned children kissing.

Value of Kim Anderson's Enesco Figurines?The Enesco figurines designed by Kim Anderson were sold in gift departments and stores. They were mass produced and do not command a high resale value.


Identifying Figurines?

Identifying Figurines?Does anyone know what the stamp on the bottom of this figure means?


Figurine of two men. One man is holding a bottle and the other is laughing.

Does Anyone Recognise this Artist Signature?I would be interested in the artist and the material used.


Value of Figurine?

Value of Figurine?Bought it at Noah's Arc, a local thrift shop. Just curious what it is worth.


Carving of Woman?

Carving of Woman?This is a beautiful piece we found at my Uncle's house. I have no idea why there are holes on the head. Does anyone know what this is or who made it or more about it? Also, does anyone know where I can take it to restore it?


Goldenvale Frogs Playing Musical Instruments?

Goldenvale Frogs Playing Musical Instruments?Does anyone know anything about these? I found it in a thrift store. I see a lot of dolls, but not this frog piece.


A Leonard bunny water ball.

Value of Leonardo Bunny Water Ball?I was given this ornament around 30-35 years ago as a Christmas present. I have the original box and it still contains the original water. Do you think it is worth anything?



A menagerie figurine set.

Identifying Menagerie?Hello. I found this at my local Goodwill in Oklahoma. I knew what it was when I saw it and I was very excited. However, I am not having any luck finding anything on this particular style. There is no writing at the top. It is darker colors than the Womble Menageries. If someone can identify this for me, I would really appreciate it.


A small decorative cottage.

Value of Leonardo Collection Cottage?I found this cute little cottage from Leonardo collection at home. But I don't really need it. May I ask for the price to sell it? I hope to get at least £2-3


Three decorative liquor bottles resembling birds.

Value of Fowl Liquor Bottles?These were in my great aunt's liquor shop for years marked 1970. ARNART Imports - Banfi Products Corp- info/value - 3 decorative fowl liquor bottles.


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Value of Decorative Houses?Perfect condition, Looks like they are marked: Suffolk Corteges- made in England for Around the Corner, XX? Mollywood CA


A decorative Chinese figurine.

Information About Seymour Mann Chinese Figurines?These two Vienna Woods Fine China by Mann Porcelain Figurines of Chinese Royalty are marked on the base as Limited Edition #42 and #57.


Three cat figurines.

Identifying Cat Figurines?Hi there, can anyone shed any light on these cat figurines? They have date marks of 2000 and 2001 but no other marks. Thank you.


A small decorative metallic helmet.

Identifying a Metallic Helmet Figurine?Not sure what this is' just a decorative piece maybe? Or maybe something with some value?


A figurine of an angel with a dress that shades from pink to white.

Value of Seraphim Classics AngelsShe is at least 25 years old. In pristine condition, with original packaging, also in same condition.


A porcelain Hummel bell.

How Much Are Hummel Bells Worth?A Hummel bell was given to me around 1980. I was wondering what it is worth.


A gnome figurine.

Information About Rien Pooortvliet Gnome?Hello - I found this gnome yesterday at a thrift store. I am having a difficult time finding any info on him. He is the gnome from the front of the Gnomes book. He is signed and in fantastic condition and signed. He is about 10 inches tall.


A ceramic bird music box.

Vintage Ceramic Bird Music Box?Could someone help me to identify this vintage ceramic bird figurine? It has a wind up bottom and a lever to play music. Where can I find a replacement?


A monkey in a old fashioned car.

Value of Vintage Napco Ceramic Figurine?Has anyone seen this Vintage Napco Ceramic Japan figurine of a monkey breaking through the roof of a model T ? Any idea what year it was manufactured; 40s ,50s, 60s? I can't find any Napco figurines for sale on the internet that are close to this. Any idea what it's worth? Any help appreciated!


Two black dog figurines.

Information About Ceramic/Porcelain Dogs?Does anybody know if this are made of ceramic or porcelain? I believe this are from China. I put a photo of the stamp which basically have no idea, researched on internet but found nothing. Does anybody know something about it? What is the stamp, origin, material, value, history, etc . Hope you can help me. Thanks!


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What Type of Material is This Made of?Had this for many years but don't know what type of stone are they made of, value, etc. Can anybody help me? Thanks!


A figurine of a woman in a green dress.

Information About this Figurine?My wife and I were recently cleaning out her recently deceased grandmother's home and came across this ceramic figurine. It has a woman in a green dress and cat on top, with a mouse underneath. The piece looks like it would hold small jewelry (earrings, etc...) It is a little risqué (in my opinion), but I guess cute as well.



Information About Figurine?

Information About Figurine?Hi, I am in need of help! I have been searching for any information about this cute item! I got it as a gift from a vintage fair stand about a year ago, but now due to the actual situation, I have to let it go. We're about to move and this new place doesn't have enough space to place a credenza to protect my items. Can anyone help me with material and the name?


Value of an NAO Figurine - princess

Value of an NAO Figurine?I've inherited this figure. I am just wondering it's worth? It's a NAO girl?


Value of an Ashley Belle Figurine - ballet dancer

Value of an Ashley Belle FigurineAshley Belle is a manufacturer of collectible figurines. These decorative figurines are released in limited edition batches and, in general, have not retained their original value.


Identifying a Porcelain Figurine? - sitting figurine of a boy with foot up and wearing gold trimmed red vest

Identifying a Porcelain Figurine?I bought this figurine at a craft show at the mall in Miami, FL about 25 years ago. He is about 5 1/2" with beautifully painted eyes and hair that is curled and glued. He came sitting in a chair. He had nail on his foot and small blood spots. Very unusual. I would like to now if anyone has seen something similar to this one and who could have made it.


Value of Ashley Belle Native American Figurine

Value of Ashley Belle Native American Figurines?Ashley Belle designs figurines in addition to porcelain dolls. One line of figurines centers on Native Americans. Internet research can help determine a possible value. This page contains suggestions for establishing value as well as tips for selling this type of figurine.


Identifying Porcelain Figurines - girl with hat, white with gold trim

Identifying Porcelain Figurines?Can you help identify these porcelain figurines and an estamite of their value?


Identifying a Figurine

Identifying a Figurine?Can you tell me about this figurine? I am hoping to find the date, origin, value etc.


Identifying a Chalkware Monk Statue - very worn figurine

Identifying a Chalkware Monk Statue?I found this chalkware (polychrome?!) statue at the flea market in Germany, it is a heavy one and 35'' tall. The monk keeps in his hands the rest of what probably was a wooden cross. On the top of his head, is an anti bird spike, which makes me think that the statue was somewhere on a wall outside of a church, or a cathedral maybe. If you have any more ideas about it, they are welcomed.


an open trinket box.

Value of a Santa Trinket Box?Determining a seasonal Santa trinket box's value can be a challenge. Investigate the manufacturer to find the knickknack or a similar piece to help find its worth.


Identifying a Figurine - girl in long yellow dress and tan bonnet carrying a basket

Identifying a Figurine?I would like to know which decade this is from. If you have any clue, let me know!


Markings on Jonathan David Figurines

Markings on Jonathan David Figurines?Both of these figurines are marked the same. Is this done intentionally or did I stumble on a rare find?


A collection of figurines at an antique store.

Selling Collectible FigurinesWhen it is time to sell some of your treasures it can be confusing where to begin. This page contains helpful information regarding selling collectible figurines.


Value of Ashton Drake Figurines - Precious Moments Holy Family figurines in boxes

Value of Ashton Drake Figurines?What is the value of Joseph, Mary, and Baby Jesus, from the "Come Let Us Adore Him Collection"? This collection uses the art of Precious Moment creator Sam Butcher and was crafted by the Ashton-Drake Galleries. All three are in original boxes excellent condition.


Value of a Signed by C. Moore Fenton Glass Cat

Value of a Glass Cat Signed by C. Moore Fenton?The approximate value of a signed C. Moore Fenton glass cat can be researched on eBay. The value often depends on how many were made, the age, and the popularity of the piece.


Identifying the Marking on a Ceramic Bird

Identifying the Marking on a Ceramic Bird?I was wondering if anybody recognizes the markings on the bottom of this beautiful large bird figurine. It looks to be ceramic. Part of it is fired and shiny and part of it has a matte finish. It's very realistic looking as far as the branch is concerned. The marking on the bottom BAL?



Identifying Metal Bobble Head Kissing Fairies

Identifying Metal Bobble Head Kissing Fairies?I found these darling metal bobble kissing fairies and I can't find any markings or where they came from. Hopefully someone knows something about them?



A figurine of a cat and a kitten.

Identifying a Figurine?Would anyone be able to identify the maker or artist of this figurine? Thanks a million!


A figurine of an older man.

Identifying A Figurine?Trying to find out what this is. I can see that symbol as post-1925 Capodimonte but I cannot locate this exact figure anywhere. Not sure what it is called. Any help is appreciated!


A figurine of an old couple.

Identifying a Figurine?What is the brand and name of this figurine?


A Leonard bunny water ball.

Value of Leonardo Bunny Water Ball?I was given this ornament around 30-35 years ago as a Christmas present. I have the original box and it still contains the original water. Do you think it is worth anything?


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Value of Heaven's Retired Angels?There is a 1998 Tom Rubel Ms. Wanderer from the Heaven's Retired Angel's Collection for sale on my Facebook Marketplace. Worthpoint has one for sale, but I am not a member. This one has no damage and comes with the box. Could someone please help me with her value? Thank you in advance for your help.


A menagerie figurine set.

Identifying Menagerie?Hello. I found this at my local Goodwill in Oklahoma. I knew what it was when I saw it and I was very excited. However, I am not having any luck finding anything on this particular style. There is no writing at the top. It is darker colors than the Womble Menageries. If someone can identify this for me, I would really appreciate it.


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