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A vintage stuffed toy with a vinyl head.

Identifying a Vintage Stuffed Toy?It is fun to try and find out information about a favorite childhood toy. This can sometimes involve a fair amount of research for more unusual or uncommon toys. This is a page about identifying a vintage stuffed toy.


Stuffed teddy bear sitting on a table.

Identifying a Stuffed Toy?Identifying stuffed toys can be difficult. If they have tags showing the manufacturer that will give you a place to start. Otherwise at lot of computer time is in your future, sleuthing. This is a page about identifying a stuffed toy.


Finding a Plushie?

Finding a Plushie?The stuffed animal I have had since I was two years old and I am trying so hard to find one to buy that is brand new. I found a stock photo of it but there's no link to show where I can buy it and it is the only photo that I can find of the bunny, please help I would like to buy one for Christmas


Identifying a Stuffed Animal?

Identifying a Stuffed Animal?Hi! I've been trying for years on and off to search for the make of my little plushie :( I've had him since I was a baby so about 20 years ago and I've struggled to find something like him. I think a key characteristic is his eyes as they aren't beads or buttons like most. He is quite floppy and sounds like he maybe has beads or something similar inside? He's maybe around roughly 8 or 9 inches or so from top to bottom.


Identifying Stuffed Bear?

Identifying Stuffed Bear?Can anyone help me identify this bear. There were no tags on him.


Information About Toy Cat?

Information About Toy Cat?I found this guy at a thrift shop and want to know who made him and how old is he. He has no tag, I assume the old owners cut it off because there is a little spot at his butt where there is a little fabric shown. His eyes are blue and I think he has a battery pack in his chest.


Identifying 80s-90s Plush Toy Rabbit?

Identifying 80s-90s Plush Toy Rabbit?Help me solve a 30 year old mystery. My best friend has been searching for this particular rabbit toy from her childhood for 30 years. I am trying to help her with identifying what this rabbit might be and where to find it. I've created a photoshop mock-up of the characteristics she remembers it having. It was a yellow rabbit with a torso/mid section about the size of a soft ball. It was purchased in 1990 in a 'hospital giftshop' according to her father who is the person that originally purchased it. But memory is hazey after so long. It was purchased on the East coast, United States. It may be from the 80s, given how early into the 90s it was. Similar looking toys come up under names like "Russ" many times while searching online, but I'm not entirely sure that's the brand name.


Identifying a Childhood Toy?

Identifying a Childhood Toy?Hi all. I would appreciate if anyone can help me identify this stuffed animal. This 19 year old stuffed animal was purchased from Hawaii. I am trying to find the company who manufactured this bear teddy bear.


Identifying Childhood Toy?

Identifying Childhood Toy?This teddy is my childhood teddy, she's about 19 years old. The label I think is metro soft toys. I was hoping someone might recognise her and be able to help me find the original and what she is supposed to look like. This is the best place I thought to ask. Thank you so much.



Finding A Childhood Teddy?

Finding A Childhood Teddy?I had lost my childhood teddy. He has coiled fur or curly fur. He was a kinda larger teddy. He did have a mouth and I believe he had toe marks I can't remember. He had a tag on his butt area but the name completely wore off.


Identifying Plush Toy?

Identifying Plush Toy?Hi! I'm trying to identify a childhood plush's brand. This plush used to have a little voice box that played a music box version of zip a dee do dah. I got it in 2007 so it could be from that year or sometime before. Can anyone help?


Identifying Teddy Bears?

Identifying Teddy Bears?I recently bought four bears from an auction and am trying to identify them. I think I have worked out the bunny rabbit (Charlie Bear), however, the other three are mysteries. Two of them are tagged with a enamel badge (an orange bear wearing a strawberry hat), and the other one is a mer-bear, has no legs, just a mermaid tale that swivels at the waist.


A stuffed brown and white dog.

Identifying Stuffed Dog?I got this dog in late May or early June (according to pictorial records) of 2007 at a World Market in Northern California if memory serves. It has a small button in its front left leg that, when pressed, starts a sound box in the torso that makes the dog bark. I've heard the bark come from other stuffed dogs, so it's not unique to this one. I don't remember exactly what is sounded like anymore though. The tags have long frayed since got it, so I'm not sure how to find it. It's about 8 inches long, the pictures describe it better than I could haha. Let me know if you know anything, I would love to find the company that made the dog and maybe even see if I can get the voice box fixed.


A worn stuffed monkey.

Identifying Plush Animal Monkey?Dear all, I am trying to find the identity / name / maker of this plush monkey toy. It was purchased by my mother in the 1980s, and was purchased in Korea.


A stuffed animal in purple pajamas.

Help Identifying This Stuffed Animal?This stuffed animal was bought between the years of 2004-2010 at the latest. It used to be holding a pillow and had a floppy hat, and it has a button on it's hand that would make it snore if you pressed it, although all of these features are now gone/don't work. It has a zipper on the back where the battery pack is held inside the toy. I believe I remember either the hand or the pillow having some sort of embroidered logo or word on it, but i'm not 100% sure about that.


A stuffed Sonic the Hedgehog.

Help Identifying This Plushie?The plushie in the picture is Sonic. Can you identify him? I tried to search online, but no results. His tag has nothing on it. I need somebody to identify him and find out what plushie he is. I love my cute plushie named Sonic, and I want to find what he is. He is no longer manufactured in any country, state, county, city, town, and/or province in the world (not anymore).


A tag on a plush bunny toy.

Identifying a Plush Maker?So my girlfriend has had this plush for her entire life. My dog got a hold of it and now I must find an image of the original so I can get it restored. Please help me. I know I'll be able to find it once I figure out what this says. For reference, it's a 9 inch long bunny


The front of a Hello Kitty plush.

Identifying a Hello Kitty Plush?This is a Hello Kitty plush I got at a sketchy thrift store a few months ago. I've never been able to find what kind of plush she is, or if shes even official! I'm asking for any help I can get with recognizing her. She's one of my most favorites in my collection and I'd like to learn her worth, age, etc :)


A stuffed dog wearing brightly colored clothes.

Identifying Vintage Plush?Can anyone identify this old plush please?


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Selling Beanie Babies?My daughter has a large collection of Beanie Babies, tags and toys are in perfect shape. I have placed an ad in the newspaper, offering the group of 50 for sale for $100.00. We did not receive even one phone call. Has anyone ever sold a collection of Beanie Babies other than on eBay? I can't spend a ton of time on this, but don't want to just 'give' them away either! Please advise!


A stuffed bear.

Identifying Brand of Childhood Teddy Bear?I come here asking what brand my childhood bear 'teddy' is. From what I have gathered he was sold rather at Walmart or Target and was sold swaddled in a blanket. There are no tags on him and his color has faded from what I assume to be his original color pink. (My parents re-dyed him pink occasionally when I was a kid)


A small stuffed rabbit toy.

Is This An Original Velveteen Rabbit?Is this an original Velveteen Rabbit?


A stuffed Winnie the Pooh.

What Year Is This Winnie the Pooh?Can anyone tell me what year this Winnie the Pooh is? He does not have any tags, he has Disney Exclusive on the bottom of his foot.


A collection of stuffed reindeer.

Finding Dan-Dee's Santa's Reindeer?Hello again, Thrifty Fun users! I am in need of assistance once again! I know Christmas is over as of now but I was wondering where I could find this rare plush set of Santa's reindeer, made by the popular collectors brand, Dan-Dee. Here is some details about this rare set if anyone's wondering.



An old plush toy wearing overalls.

Finding Out the Name of an Old PlushHi, i would like to know where this plush is from and what its name is. It would also be interesting to know if its still being sold and where i could buy one or potentially where i could request one to be made.


The face of a stuffed dog.

Identifying a Stuffed Dog?I've had this dog since sometime in 2001, and have been trying to find some like her on the internet on and off for some time now.


Identifying a Vintage Plush Stuffie? - stuffed kitty

Identifying a Vintage Plush Stuffie?I bought this old Japanese plush toy and wanted to know about how old it is or when it was made? I can't find any info on the brand "First", any help appreciated!


Identifying a Stuffed Dog? - brown and white stuffie

Identifying a Stuffed Dog?I've had this stuffed dog ever since I was really little. I've been trying to find replicas of her, but so far I've been out of luck. All the words on her tag have been worn off. She also had a tail, but it got chewed off by a dog a couple years ago. It was tan like her body color and had a white tip, her paws have beads in them, but the rest is stuffing.



Identifying Childhood Stuffed Cow?

Identifying Childhood Stuffed Cow?Hi all! I'm looking to see if anyone can help me identify my gold and white stuffed childhood cow! I'm pretty darn sure I got her around 2007-10 ish from Tractor Supply Co. She has no tags, and I'd potentially be interested in buying a duplicate in case anyone has any leads to something like that. Thank you all in advance, I wish I had more information but I just don't!


Help Me Find My Childhood Stuffed Animal?

Help Me Find My Childhood Stuffed Animal?I drew this because I no longer have it but this is really close. It is a gray plush cat with long arms, sewn eyes and nose, has lighter gray areas on face and maybe feet but I'm not sure about the feet. The feet are also ovalish like in the pictures. It's stuffed with stuffing mainly but has beans in the feet, and paws connected to the arms. Pink nose and inner ears., this is the best I could do.


An old stuffed bear.

Identifying A Childhood Bear?I was wondering if anybody could help me find the original version of my baby. He was bought in the UK 2006. He was a girl and had pink fluffy fur, I assume he had a tag underneath his tail but it's gone now, he has little white beads in his arms and feet, he has white stuffing, he has pink paw prints on his feet, he has a small tail and ears, his nose is round and hard, the eyes are black beads. If anybody could help find him it would mean the world to me.


An old plush bunny.

Identifying Bunny Plush?Can anyone help me identify this bunny? I was gifted her on Easter when I was pretty young. I believe I was 2 or 3. I'm 21 now, so that was anywhere between 17-20 years ago.


A stuffed dog.

Identifying A Childhood Plush?I have this small stuffed puppy that I've had since I was younger and I was just curious about what toy company he was manufactured in or what brand he is. I remember he had tags on him but I cut them off when I was younger and I really wish I didn't!


Looking for my Moosey Plush?

Looking For My Moosey Plush?Looking for a replacement for a moose plush I had as a child.


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