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Stuffed teddy bear sitting on a table.

Identifying a Stuffed Toy?Identifying stuffed toys can be difficult. If they have tags showing the manufacturer that will give you a place to start. Otherwise at lot of computer time is in your future, sleuthing. This is a page about identifying a stuffed toy.


A vintage stuffed toy with a vinyl head.

Identifying a Vintage Stuffed Toy?It is fun to try and find out information about a favorite childhood toy. This can sometimes involve a fair amount of research for more unusual or uncommon toys. This is a page about identifying a vintage stuffed toy.


A stuffed teddy bear.

Identifying a Childhood Toy?When I was about 4 or 5 years old, I had this stuffed animal with light blonde, curly, short fur, whiskers, and a long tail and I was wondering if anyone could help me identify it. I've looked everywhere for something that matched the description, but I can never find an exact match.


A stuffed mouse

Identifying A Stuffed Mouse?I've been looking to see what this brand mouse is from. I've had him since maybe 2008-2010. I still have him but I don't know what the brand is because the tag was ripped off. The tag was below the right leg. I thought he was a beanie baby cause I got him I think when I got the other TY but I could not even find a single photo of it.


A stuffed toy on a bed.

Identifying A Stuffed Toy?I've had this teddy for 16 years and I've never known what he looked like originally. The tag is worn out and I'd love to know what brand he is. Can anyone help?


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Asian Bean Bag Baby by Yolanda Bello?I have an Asian bean bag baby by Yolanda Bello. Number on his neck 3888FA. He is approx. 9 inches, wearing a green onesie, bald, tongue partially sticking out of soft smile; left hand clenched shut, right hand fingers spread wide open. Stubby toes, tiny ears, undershirt not removable; snaps shut the onesie inside with little clear buttons seen on the outside.


A stuffed lamb with a bow.

Seeking ID of Stuffed Lamb?Hello all. I am thrilled to have found you! Who knew I was not the only one looking for a long-lost stuffed animal? I was given this lamb--"Lamby", naturally--by my beloved grandmother when I was born, in early 1979. She purchased it either in Salt Lake City, UT or in Oakland, CA.


A whimsical stuffed animal.

Identifying a Stuffed Animal?Hello Everyone. Does anyone know what animal or insect this is? It's a Baby Gund 1992 stuffed plush. What is it worth? Thanks!


A monkey with long arms.

What Brand Is This Monkey?I've been looking for days to find out what brand this monkey toy is and who made him. I would love know where he's from. It's really been hard trying to find out. All help is welcome, thank you in advance.



A small stuffed rabbit toy.

Is This An Original Velveteen Rabbit?Is this an original Velveteen Rabbit?


A stuffed bear.

Identifying Brand of Childhood Teddy Bear?I come here asking what brand my childhood bear teddy is. From what I have gathered he was sold rather at Walmart or Target and was sold swaddled in a blanket. There are no tags on him and his color has faded from what I assume to be his original color pink. (My parents re-dyed him pink occasionally when I was a kid)


A stuffed Winnie the Pooh.

What Year Is This Winnie the Pooh?Can anyone tell me what year this Winnie the Pooh is? He does not have any tags, he has Disney Exclusive on the bottom of his foot.


A collection of stuffed reindeer.

Finding Dan-Dee's Santa's Reindeer?Hello again, Thrifty Fun users! I am in need of assistance once again! I know Christmas is over as of now but I was wondering where I could find this rare plush set of Santa's reindeer, made by the popular collectors brand, Dan-Dee. Here is some details about this rare set if anyone's wondering.


An old plush toy wearing overalls.

Finding Out the Name of an Old PlushHi, i would like to know where this plush is from and what its name is. It would also be interesting to know if its still being sold and where i could buy one or potentially where i could request one to be made.


The face of a stuffed dog.

Identifying a Stuffed Dog?I've had this dog since sometime in 2001, and have been trying to find some like her on the internet on and off for some time now.


Identifying a Vintage Plush Stuffie? - stuffed kitty

Identifying a Vintage Plush Stuffie?I bought this old Japanese plush toy and wanted to know about how old it is or when it was made? I can't find any info on the brand "First", any help appreciated!


Identifying a Stuffed Dog? - brown and white stuffie

Identifying a Stuffed Dog?I've had this stuffed dog ever since I was really little. I've been trying to find replicas of her, but so far I've been out of luck. All the words on her tag have been worn off. She also had a tail, but it got chewed off by a dog a couple years ago. It was tan like her body color and had a white tip, her paws have beads in them, but the rest is stuffing.



A stuffed toy resembling a fly.

Identifying a Stuffed Bug?I had this when l was a baby (about 25 years ago) l know this a weird toy


Finding a Vintage Stuffed Lion?

Finding a Vintage Stuffed Lion?I wasn't sure where to ask for help regarding a stuffed lion I had when I was little. I've tried googling to identify the make of the stuffed lion but nothing so far. I have included the only pictures I have of it. I know the pictures are not good but they are the only ones I have left of him.


A stuffed frog missing an eye.

Identify My Old Frog Toy?I've had this toy since around 2004. When I got him, one of his eyes fell out. The other eye got worn down so I repainted it with nail polish. I remember cutting his tag off when I was little and I don't remember what brand he is. My mom told me that she got him from Walmart. I've looked up several brands and the closest I can find is a Kellytoy dog toy, but all the sizes are too small.


A stuffed German Shepherd.

Identifying a Stuffed Toy?Who makes this German shepherd stuffed toy? What's its name? Where can I purchase another one? Thank you!


A small stuffed brown dog.

Identifying a Stuffed Dog?I've had this plush since my mom had gotten it for me some time around/after 2008 and I've been curious about where it's from for a while now. The tag is all worn out from how long I've had it and I've searched everywhere from vague searches such as "little brown dog toy" to typing random brands along with it and haven't seen any remotely close to it. If anyone can help, I'd really appreciate it because of how important this guy is to me.


A black and cream stuffed kitty.

Identifying a Stuffed Kitty?I've been trying to figure out where my stuffed kitty comes from. I found him at a garage sale in about 2007 and have loved him dearly ever since, so much so that any identifying information has completely worn off his tag.


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