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ET doll in a red hoodie.

Determining the Value of an ET Doll?I have a original ET doll. I want to sell it, but am not sure how much it's worth.


An old velveteen rabbit.

Identifying an Old Velvet Bunny?Bought this guy off of eBay (that's where I got these images), and I was wondering if anyone recognized him. I'm wondering who made him and how old he is. I think he's a velveteen rabbit from sometime in the 1900s.


A vintage stuffed toy with a vinyl head.

Identifying a Vintage Stuffed Toy?It is fun to try and find out information about a favorite childhood toy. This can sometimes involve a fair amount of research for more unusual or uncommon toys. This is a page about identifying a vintage stuffed toy.


Stuffed teddy bear sitting on a table.

Identifying a Stuffed Toy?Identifying stuffed toys can be difficult. If they have tags showing the manufacturer that will give you a place to start. Otherwise at lot of computer time is in your future, sleuthing. This is a page about identifying a stuffed toy.


A baby doll wearing a diaper.

Help Identifying Black Baby Doll?I have this black baby doll that is I believe is made of composition, but I'm not positive. The arms and legs are held together with rubber bands. The hair, eyes, red fingernails, and facial features are all painted. The diaper/underwear is hand-sewn. There are no markings anywhere that I can find. Can anyone help me in identifying the year, and possibly the maker and any other information about him. I am interested in selling him and would like to know where the best avenue would be to sell him.


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Value of Vintage Cabbage Patch Kid?I have a Cabbage Patch Kid doll from 1976-1982. It's a vintage collectors blue eyed bald baby doll with birth certificate, very rare. How much is it worth?


A goat stuffed animal.

Help Identifying Standing Goat PlushHey guys! So I found this awesome Goat at the thrift store, and he needs a little TLC. Especially his poor little beard, have mercy, this goat looks like he's got a Rooster's wattle right now.


A baseball toy with Hank Aaron's signature.

Hank Aaron Autograph on His Toy?This was a baseball we found in my father-in-law's estate. He lived in Atlanta for years and his 3 sons were born there. My husband has no memory of the toy. The package looks like it was opened for the autograph. The ball, toy and autograph look absolutely new. I could not find any info on the toy. I could use some help trying to figure out value of autograph on the toy. Thank you!


An old plush toy wearing overalls.

Finding Out the Name of an Old PlushHi, i would like to know where this plush is from and what its name is. It would also be interesting to know if its still being sold and where i could buy one or potentially where i could request one to be made.



The face of a stuffed dog.

Identifying a Stuffed Dog?I've had this dog since sometime in 2001, and have been trying to find some like her on the internet on and off for some time now.


Identifying a Vintage Plush Stuffie? - stuffed kitty

Identifying a Vintage Plush Stuffie?I bought this old Japanese plush toy and wanted to know about how old it is or when it was made? I can't find any info on the brand "First", any help appreciated!


Identifying a Stuffed Dog? - brown and white stuffie

Identifying a Stuffed Dog?I've had this stuffed dog ever since I was really little. I've been trying to find replicas of her, but so far I've been out of luck. All the words on her tag have been worn off. She also had a tail, but it got chewed off by a dog a couple years ago. It was tan like her body color and had a white tip, her paws have beads in them, but the rest is stuffing.


Identifying a Stuffed Bear - scraggly grey bear wearing a school type cap

Identifying a Stuffed Bear?I'm just wondering if anybody can identify this fairly scary, grey, fuzzy teddy bear. He is about 35 cm high and 30 cm wide. He has a red ribbon with white circles on it around his neck. He has no labels, but has a red cap with a blue letter "P" on it. He has large googly eyes and pretty bad teeth with big red lips.


Identifying a Stuffed Frog

Identifying a Stuffed Frog?I need help finding a replacement for this frog. I thought he was a Rags brand, but I cannot find anything. I've searched for quite a while and I just need to replace my daughter's seizure buddy.


Value of a Mickey Mouse Stuffed Animal  - baby Mickey

Value of a Mickey Mouse Stuffed Animal?I cannot find any exactly like him anywhere. He makes baby noises when you squeeze him and has Mattel and Arco toys on the tag. Any idea of what value it might have?


Value of Cast Iron Vehicles - motorcycle, car, and steam driven vehicle

Value of Cast Iron Vehicles?I am trying to find out what these are and what they are worth.


Information on Old Toy Car - Matchbox truck

Finding the Value of Matchbox Cars?Small toy cars have been being made nearly as long as cars have been on the road. This is a page about finding the value of Matchbox cars.


Find the Value of Star Wars Figures

Find the Value of Star Wars Figures?This is a page about value of Star Wars figures. The characters from George Lucas' classic films have been made into many figurines.


Dishes from set. Cup and saucer, plate, and serving plate.

Value of a Child's Tea Set?My aunt gave this to me. She got it as a child probably around 1923. It has 5 cups, 5 saucers, 5 small plates, and a serving plate. In its original box shown in picture with label on end of box. Can anyone tell me what it might be worth?


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Doll Pricing?I have a five foot porcelain female doll dressed, Show Stopper (SS2/1500). How do I find out the value?


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Value of Doll Collection?I have mint condition Marian Yu Designs dolls. Can anyone tell me how much they are worth? I have a set of twins and three dolls. They have all the stamps on the back of the head.


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Current Value of a "Little" Sherlock Holmes Doll?What is the current value of a "baby" (Little) Sherlock Holmes doll (possibly from Franklin Mint)?


American Girl Doll With White Hat, Braids and Sweater

Saving Money on an American Girl Doll?This is a page about saving money on an American Girl doll. American Girl dolls are very popular with little girls and collectors these days. they are very well made and nicely detailed but the price can be had to get around.


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Looking for the Value of a Lusi Carla Doll?I am looking for the value of a Lusi Carla design porcelain doll by Zasan. The doll's number is 0347/1200.



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Determining the Value of a 1991 Remco Baby Doll?I have a Remco baby doll in wonderful shape. She has a beautiful clothing ensemble in pink gingham and tulle with petticoat, shoes, and bows. Her eyes open and close. She has a vinyl head, arms, and legs with a cloth body.


Looking for Information About These Dolls?I have these dolls and I need to know the names and any information about them. Thank you. I appreciate your time.


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What is the Best Method for Selling Dolls?How do you determine the value of dolls? Also, where is a good place to sell them?


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Recurling Hair on Vintage Doll?It may seem odd to put this in under beauty, but I think the hair on my vintage composition doll is real. She had curls, but it's all gone flat. I'm no hair expert, and don't know what to do with what remains of her curls.


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Norman Rockwell Dolls?Does anyone know how much Norman Rockwell dolls are worth? I have 2 that are at least 20 years old and still in the box.


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Madison Lee "Alyssa" Doll?Could you tell me how much a Madison Lee "Alyssa" doll is worth? It is a special edition.


What Kind of Doll is This?Can anyone give me any information about this doll? So far I have not found any like it on some of the usual doll sites. Thank you!



A small brown and white stuffed dog.

Looking for Another One of These Dogs?This is my dog from 2007, i believe this is from Asda in England in the Nottingham area, i wish to find another one of these dogs, I have searched for ever on eBay, Amazon and other websites with no luck, have you seen this dog?


A brightly colored stuffed toy.

What Is This Stuffed Toy?What is this stuffed animal? It seems so familiar but can't find anything like it on the Rainbow Brite pics.


A baseball toy with Hank Aaron's signature.

Hank Aaron Autograph on His Toy?This was a baseball we found in my father-in-law's estate. He lived in Atlanta for years and his 3 sons were born there. My husband has no memory of the toy. The package looks like it was opened for the autograph. The ball, toy and autograph look absolutely new. I could not find any info on the toy. I could use some help trying to figure out value of autograph on the toy. Thank you!


A small stuffed dog toy.

Would Anyone Know This Plush Brand?I've had this little guy for many years now. He's a small golden retriever plush, unknown brand. He is very well loved, which may have added a few years onto him. His ears used to be sewn in place, he had a leather loop that kept a brown collar in place, the loop has since been lost. That's all I know of him as long as I've had him.


A small stuffed dog.

Identifying This Stuffed Animal?My stuffed dog has been with me for over 40 years. I received him for Easter in 1975 or 76. I have tried doing reverse image searches and I still can't find out who made him. There are similar stuffed animals made by Dakin, but he has several features that make him dissimilar.


A stuffed black bear.

Information About Stuffed Bear?This bear stands on its back legs and have two straps on front paws. Trying to find what it is.


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