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The white lines on a football field.

Student With Sports Scholarship Doesn't Want to Play?Sports scholarships are awarded to many athletes, allowing them to attend college for little or no money in exchange for competing in collegiate athletic programs. Sometimes, a young student may change their mind about competing, which can cause financial hardship to both the parents and the student.


College students on campus

Tips for Attending College FairsChoosing the best college to meet your educational and social requirements takes time. One way to try and narrow the field is to attend a college fair. But even this option can be overwhelming. Preparing an approach before you go might help. This is a page about tips for college fairs.


Young Woman Studying at College

College Study Tips and TricksStudying for tests in your college courses can be made easier if you look at how you learn. One simple tip is to rewrite your lecture notes so that they are more clear. The process of rewriting them is helpful for students who learn by writing. Having a classmate quiz you can also be helpful. This is a page about college study tips and tricks.


College Students Being Served in Cafeteria

Saving Money on Meals at CollegeThis is a page about saving money on meals at college. Here is some great information to consider, if you are looking into using a meal plan for your college student.


Interior Designer Working on Home

Reviving Interest in Studying Interior Design?Your choice of a major in interior design may require finding new inspiration to complete your studies, or a passion for another field. This is a page about reviving interest in studying interior design.


Chalkboard with the word student written on it leaning against a wall behind a plate containing a few coins.

Saving Money While at CollegeThis is a page about saving money while at college. Attending college is quite expensive. Finding ways to save money on such things as food, books, and housing can help reduce your financial burden.


Two college students moving into their dorm.

Sending College Care PackagesThis is a page about sending college care packages. College students enjoy getting those care packages from home, whether goodies or necessities.


A student using a computer and tablet.

Finding College ScholarshipsThis is a page about finding college scholarships. The cost for a college education can be astronomical. Finding and securing a scholarship can help lessen the financial burden.


Girl Selling Textbooks Online

Selling Textbooks OnlineThis is a page about selling textbooks online. Through eBay and other websites you may be able to sell your textbooks that you no longer need.


A stack of foreign language books.

Tips for Studying a Foreign LanguageThis page contains tips for studying a foreign language. When learning a new language, having to listen, speak and write in it can help you retain what you learn.


Students sitting in a community college.

Choosing Community College Over a Four Year...This page is about choosing community college over a four year school. There are ways to reduce the cost of your higher education.


Photo of a first year college student.

Packing for Your First Year in CollegeThis page is about packing for your first year of college. It is important to pack things you will most definitely need when moving off to college.



A girl working on online college courses using a laptop.

Taking Online College CoursesThis is a page about taking online college courses. Online college courses are the perfect for the busy stay at home mom, a working adult, for someone who lives far from a college or university, or anyone looking for a convenient way to expand their knowledge.


A girl taking an online course using her laptop.

University of Phoenix Online ReviewsThis is a page about University of Phoenix online reviews. University of Phoenix is the largest private university in North America. It offers both on-line and more conventional educational programs, all fully accredited.


A girl doing her homework at college.

Tips for Doing College HomeworkFinding the best time to keep up on your studies is important when completing your education. This page contains tips for doing college homework.


Making a College Survival Kit

Making a College Survival KitThis page is about making a college survival kit. Make sure your young scholar is well equipped when heading off to college.


Saving Money on Textbooks

Saving Money on TextbooksThis page is about saving money on textbooks. A major cost of attending college is purchasing the textbooks needed for your courses.


Money Saving Tips for College Students, Students studying at a table.

Money Saving Tips for College StudentsThis is a page about money saving tips for college students. College is an exciting time, much time will be spent in studying, socializing, and perhaps working. It is also a very expensive undertaking.


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Tips For New College StudentsFamiliarize yourself with any paperwork or guidelines given to you by your professors. Be certain to introduce yourself to any T.A.s or professors as classes can be quite large.


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Birthday Box for CollegeOur older daughter recently went away to college for the first time, and will not be home until after her birthday to celebrate. So her 18th birthday will not pass by unnoticed while she is at school, I put together a birthday in a box that can be used by her suite mates help her celebrate!


Life Lessons Graduation Gift IdeaUpdated: Our 17 year old daughter, Kara, is graduating from high school in a few months. I wanted to present her with a gift that will have meaning long after she moves into the dorm.


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Office In A Bag For College StudentsI am a mom/college student who commutes 30 minutes to campus - thus, if I forget something at home, I am out of luck! So, I created an "Office in a Bag" in case I need something.


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How Do I Tell A Guy I Like Him?I like a guy in class, and he is really good friends with my ex. I think he likes me back, what should I do, I'm terribly confused.


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Advice for Freshmen in CollegeTo Freshmen: Make sure you get good grades because this is the time that you really don't have much to do. Get involved, meet people, make friends not babies.


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How To Hang Shelves On Cinder Block Walls?How to hang shelves on cinder block walls in a dorm?


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Apply for Financial Aid EarlyIf you are a loved one is going to college this fall, apply for financial aid as early as possible. The amount of aid you get is based on your need level, fund availability, and the date your application process is completed. It pays to be on top of it.


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What Should I Eat Before Taking a Test?I took a math test and ran out of mental steam an hour into the test, aggravated by some guy who snored on and off for 45 minutes. Then a girl who came in a moment later, sat next to me and kept jiggling and wiggling herself as she took her test.



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Nutritious Meals for College Students?I am looking for some inexpensive, nutritious meals that are easy to prepare for college students or other young people living on their own for the first time.


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Gauge Your New ProfessorWhen taking a course with a new professor try to gage how he will do his testing. Does he focus on classroom discussion, reading, obscure references? What will you have to know on test day? For the first test be prepared for anything. Study hard and know the material inside and out.


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Check Out Your Professor's RatingWhen planning your schedule for the coming year, first pick the classes you need to take, and then check to see who teaches them. With that information in hand, visit This site lets students search by school for ratings submitted by past students of any professor.


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Don't Try to Solve All Your Kid's ProblemsAs tempting as it might be to step in if your child has a problem at school, don't. Let him or her handle it if there are roommate problems, questions regarding financial aid, or any other problem. Your child is now in college. He or she is expected to act like an adult.


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Bring the Kitchen Bare Necessities to CollegeDon't buy a bunch of stuff for your new dorm or apartment. It probably won't fit in the tight quarters and you may not even have a kitchen in your room. You will want to start with one medium sized sauce pan, one serving spoon, one bowl, one plate, a stack of paper plates and plastic silverware.


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Food to Have on Hand at CollegeCollege students notoriously have horrible diets either because of poor eating habits or because of budget concerns. Here's a list of foods that I always tried to keep in stock because they were fairly low costing and weren't too bad for the diet either.


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Get a Job with Perks (College Life)When seeking a job, look for one where you get something more than just pay. Is the job super easy like watching the front desk in your dorm? If so, congratulations, you now have time to study at work. Do you love to shop at a particular store in the mall?


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Easy Ways to Get a Little Cash at CollegeIf you are in need of a little extra cash fast try these simple tips. Collect pop cans and return them for deposit. Looking for an easier way to get some cash? Donate plasma. Take part in a psychological experiment.


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Fill Out The FAFSA Every Year (Free Application for Federal Student Aid)Every year that you plan to attend school, you will want to fill out the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid). Almost any scholarship you apply for will require you to complete the FAFSA in order to receive it.


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Don't Shop During the 1st Week of CollegeMove in with the items you will need. Do not plan to head to your local mall to pick up sheets, towels, etc. when you move in and by all means avoid the grocery store. Plan to eat everything on campus for a week, or bring groceries from home.


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Become a Resident AssistantIf you're looking for ways to save money at school, why not become a resident assistant? RAs are generally given free room and board in exchange for planning programs for other residents on their floor, helping solve any problems, and just being someone their residents can talk to.


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Assassin GameWhen I was in college, we played a fun game called Assassin. The purpose of assassin is to shoot your named target with a toy gun. When you "killed" them you then picked up their target.


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Going To College Party?I am planning to have a going away send-off for my boys before they leave for college. What would be some clean fun for the party?


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Turning Spenders Into Savers?My boyfriend and I have both just graduated and are moving on to school. We are both moving about a half an hour away, to the same town, and going to community college. I'm ready, he may not be.


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Inexpensive Higher EducationOur state allows older citizens to attend higher education for $l0 a semester. This allows them to take classes to help with hobbies, learn new skills, etc. It saves a bundle. They audit the class but who cares when learning how to use software or increase hobby skills.



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Best Place To Get a Sofa Bed?I am moving out for the first time. I am in need of a sofa bed. Any suggestions? Thank You, Britta, TX


The Basics for Starting Out on Your Own

The Basics for Starting Out on Your OwnAs colleges prepare for graduation, thousands of people prepare to enter the workforce. There's a promise of paychecks and prosperity, but there's also the threat of dangerous levels of debt.


An open textbook.

Saving Money on TextbooksTips and ideas for saving money on textbooks. Consider not buying the book until you've been to the first session of the class. Sometimes you find out that the professor plans to use the book very little, or not at all.


Instructor in front of classroom.

The Community College SaverThe college choice is layered with decisions. The deciding factor shouldn't be financial, but unfortunately that often is the case.


Online Courses Save Money

Online Courses Save MoneyIt's always a good time to return college. College degrees offer a valuable edge on the career competition, and the options for attaining that degree are numerous. One of those options is online courses.



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Organizational Tips for Students?I could use advice for organizing. I'm a high school student going off to nursing school. Therefor organization tips would be awesome for my room and school, too. Thank you.


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Suggestions for Finding Educational Scholarships?I am in dire need of an education scholarship, can you help?


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Inexpensive Recipe Ideas for a College Student?I live in China and am an international medical student. Can anybody suggest any quick energy giving meal recipes that are fairly cheap that I could cook? Thank you. I'm open to all suggestions.


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Packing For Your First Year in College?My daughter will be starting her first year of college next month. Should she pack her things like bed linens, shower caddy, clothes, etc. in a bag or suitcase? We live in New York and she will be going to school in Oklahoma.


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Saving Money At College?What are some ways to save money and manage it while going to college?


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Where Can I Sell Used Textbooks?Does anyone know where I can sell used college textbooks? They are used but are in like new condition. I paid $85.00 for my text book which I would like to sell. I have listed it on but it does not seem to be moving. The buy back sites are quoting me the max $6.00-$7.00. I do not want to sell at this price. I would be willing to sell it at around $50.00. Any ideas would appreciated. Thanks.


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