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University of Phoenix is the largest private university in North America. It offers both on-line and more conventional educational programs, all fully accredited. This is a page about University of Phoenix online reviews.


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I really want to go back to school to get my master's degree. having a 10 month old makes it really hard to go to an actual physical class. I was thinking of applying for the University of Phoenix Online Courses. My fear is that they are not reputable and in the end I will be wasting my money on getting a degree from them. Does anyone have any insight as to how this Online University is perceived by the professional world. I know they are accredited I just don't know if they are respected.

Thank You,
Roxane from NY


February 11, 20140 found this helpful

Hello, as a human resources director of a large corporation, I never hire anyone with a degree from the University of Phoenix. Anyone with a job application with the University of Phoenix listed as an institution from which they have a degree, their application is immediately shredded. Anyone can get a degree from UoP without learning anything. People who cannot get a degree from any other institution end up at the University of Phoenix, and according to the Department of Education, only 15% of those people graduate.


There are many better real colleges with professors, with a campus that has world-class online classes and degrees like Colorado State University in Fort Collins, Colorado or Grand Canyon University in Phoenix, Arizona, just to name a couple. Too enroll at UoP will be a big mistake for anyone.

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October 25, 20160 found this helpful

To be "shredded" before learning more about candidate is disservice to applicant and company...

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February 13, 2011

I really want to go back to school to get my master's degree. Having a 10 month old makes it really hard to go to an actual physical class. I was thinking of applying for the University of Phoenix online courses. My fear is that they are not reputable and in the end I will be wasting my money on getting a degree from them. Does anyone have any insight as to how this online University is perceived by the professional world. I know they are accredited I just don't know if they are respected.


Thank You.
Roxane from NY


University of Phoenix Online Reviews

Have you "Googled" the school? I would start there. Remember, anything that seems too good to be true usually is. I'm an HR Director. State schools are the best buy. Look for a weekend only program. Don't pay too much for a "fake" degree, no matter how bad you want it. Good luck! (04/26/2007)

By Mary

University of Phoenix Online Reviews

I live in the metro Phoenix area, so I could be biased. But from what I've heard the University of Phoenix offers a great education. Sure, the prices aren't as cheap as a community or junior college, but you're paying for the convenience of obtaining an education at home.

I would strongly suggest that no matter what your choice, you do a lot of research online at government sites, etc., because it's a bad idea to make your educational decisions based upon the opinions of online strangers. (04/26/2007)


By Dana

University of Phoenix Online Reviews

Another option would be to check into local colleges and see if they offer online programs or programs specifically for working adults that meet once a week. I live in east TN and three colleges do that in this area, so it seems like colleges in other areas would too. (04/27/2007)

By Allison

University of Phoenix Online Reviews

I just started attending University of Phoenix online. It is perceived just like that of a regular college, but you must be really computer literate to get good grades. Which I am not so I am struggling. You have to check in at least five days a week, but you can check in when it is best for you up until midnight in Phoenix, AZ. All assignments are due by midnight on Phoenix, AZ time. It is a good program. I hope this helps. Good luck. (04/27/2007)


By barfydoogin

University of Phoenix Online Reviews

Someone mentioned they have a U of Phoenix degree and the bosses looked at each other and giggled. U of Phoenix degrees get no respect here, but neither do the junior colleges. If you're gonna spend the money, make sure you get something that will help you in the future. I don't think a U of Ph degree will. (04/27/2007)

By AuntyC

University of Phoenix Online Reviews

I've wondered about U of Phoenix also. I finally went with some online courses from my alma mater, the University of Wisconsin. Most colleges and universities offer online courses these days. Check with your alma mater. MIT and Stanford and a lot of other high-echelon schools also offer free online courses. No degree, of course, but it would look good on a resume. (04/29/2007)


By Janice C.

University of Phoenix Online Reviews

May I suggest that you consider the University of South Africa?
Google: It is an excellent university with students from all over the world!

From an alumni

By Carol Churchill

University of Phoenix Online Reviews

Lots of real schools now offer on-line instruction. They tried to get me to teach for U. of Phoenix and encouraged me to fudge my resume. (I didn't work for them.) They also have been having troubles with the feds for their practices with federal student loans, not a good sign. (05/11/2007)

By pam munro

University of Phoenix Online Reviews

DONT GO, they are not worth it. Most of your credits won't transfer and they charge more than anyone else. They were not helpful to me, I ended up wasting thousands of dollars, got what I thought was half of a degree, and then had to transfer and start all over. What a waste. (05/17/2007)

By llohl

University of Phoenix Online Reviews

Check with universities that offer your major. I talked to one on my professors about certain online courses, and he said that not only do employers look down their noses at individuals who have a degree (from the only online university in my field), but the national association in our field frowns on this program, and graduates from it have repeatedly proven they know little in our particular field. You cannot gain experience in a hands-on therapy by taking online classes. It is also illegal to work with individuals on the outside unless a licensed instructor is overseeing you, so you'd graduate not knowing how to apply anything studied, and potential employers would not hire you.

Other fields would be more apt to have classes from reputable colleges, so check before spending your hard-earned money. (06/10/2007)

By susan

University of Phoenix Online Reviews

I attended one block with Phoenix and I ended up withdrawing and the cost was 3800. The financial adviser said they would waive half the cost and I could pay 1900. I made payment arrangements to pay this amount and I am still getting bills for the complete 3800. I have spoken with an attorney to help me put a stop to this charge. My best advise to you or anyone is to check with your local college and see if they offer any online classes.I know you can use financial aid for local colleges. (07/06/2007)

By natasha

University of Phoenix Online Reviews

Be careful if you already have some college credits especially upper level courses. UOP told us that all of our classes would transfer in and all we would have to do is meet the residency requirement. The program I was previously enrolled in is one of the best programs in U.S. and now they are refusing to accept most of my classes and requesting I take their much more elementary version of the same courses.

So watch out. (08/03/2007)


University of Phoenix Online Reviews

I am obtaining an online degree with UOP and I feel I am receiving a great education. It is what you make it. The degree seems to be well respected and I have not had any problems at this time. (09/10/2007)

By Heather

University of Phoenix Online Reviews

University of Phoenix is not a bad option for an online school and they are not the most expensive either. As far as whether or not a degree will be accepted then you can never be sure. My advice would be to contact a couple of companies that you would consider working for once you have your degree and let them know your plans and get their feedback. Their opinions are really the only ones that matter in the long run. (10/10/2007)

By Josh

University of Phoenix Online Reviews

I just completed my special education degree through them. In some ways they are a rip off. However, I have obtained several interviews with them on my resume. The only thing that was convenient about them was that you could complete the program at home or wherever you have an online connection. I especially hated the learning teams. However, you do make good connections through them. My suggestion is that if you have a degree through them, try to get some experience before you look for a job. This might help. (11/21/2007)

By Thomas

University of Phoenix Online Reviews

For those of you who don't think UOP is worth it, I will laugh to the bank. I tripled my income after my degree at UOP with a new career. I am talking about 6 digits too. UOP is hard work and time consuming, but well worth it in the long run. (02/03/2008)

By Pam

University of Phoenix Online Reviews

I have been a student at UoP off and on for several years, military activation delayed my graduation. However, I have worked for some very well respected international companies that offered tuition reimbursement for my degree from UoP. So far, I have encountered zero resistance to a degree from this school. They are fully accredited and widely respected in the business community.

Some degrees, however, are not well suited for online education. Be sure to research your degree to determine if the online format provides the best education. As for my Global Management education, I'm proud of it. (02/15/2008)

By Logan

University of Phoenix Online Reviews

Education especially in US is very expensive, but quite honestly spending all that money for an online degree is a waste of time and money. The real problem is not that the study is distance learning based, but that it is a non existent university that gives you that service. If you want to get a distance learning degree take one offered from a real University.

By lawguy

University of Phoenix Online Reviews

In 2007 I graduated from UOP's MBA flexnet program. What a great and positive experience! The process was not easy, I had to work hard, even more so than a traditional B&M institution. The result, a promotion and a 25 percent increase in base salary with my employer within six months after graduation! My employer also paid 100% of my tuition. Would I do it again? Absolutely, let the naysayers vent, online education is here to stay. Online education is a growing and emerging market, therefore expect negative reactions, especially when competitors usher in a paradigm shift that threatens the current status quo. (01/06/2009)

By Jet City Grad

University of Phoenix Online Reviews

I received an BSB/Accounting degree from UOP in 2002. Almost immediately, I entered the job market and was able to double my salary from $35K to $70K. Although I have not been in the job market that often since then, I can tell you that during the few times I have, I did not meet any resistance to my degree from any potential employer. The last time I was job hunting (when I moved to a new state in 2006) I actually received two offers. It does help to have some experience to go with your degree, though. I would also say, however, that if your intent is to become an upper management employee with a fortune 500 company, a degree from UOP will, most likely, not cut it.

Overall, I felt like that the education I obtained from the UOP degree program was worth it. If you are disciplined and are willing to put in the extra time to fully understand the material, I believe you can gain a lot from their program.

When I attended back in early 2000, there were many students either being sent, or receiving reimbursements from their companies to attend the UOP. Therefore, I've always gotten the sense that most employers believe the degree programs offered at UOP are worthwhile. (01/21/2009)

By John

University of Phoenix Online Reviews

I just retired from the Air Force on 1 Feb 2009. Two years ago, I knew that I needed to complete my degree. I was going to many schools, piece-mealing courses, trying to get somewhere. Then I realized that I needed a plan that would follow me wherever I traveled. I knew that my time in the military was short and needed to prepare for a post military career. Yes, I had the same skeptical thoughts about UOP and other online colleges. I read through many review forums about this school and the good and bad experiences they had with UOP. I admit, I was taking a chance with this school if I went through with it.

I got enough courage to enroll into the UOP classes, working toward a BSBM degree. Fortunately, my "personal" experiences were positive and far outweighed the bad experiences of others. I was extremely impressed with the faculty, curriculum, and the setting, compared to the other colleges and universities I've been to. Yes, UOP is expensive, but I graduated in 2008, feeling satisfied and prepared to enter civilian corporate life. Since then, I had some very attractive offers in government and corporate business.

This may seem awkward, but I actually wanted to work for UOP and got the opportunity to do so as an enrollment counselor. My decision. I turned down the other offers because I wanted to work for an organization that cares for people. I am now finishing up my training and have since met many encouraging and motivated people through this experience of working for this university. Yes, it is a true university. I encourage anyone who is skeptical to visit a nearby campus and visit the people who work there.

Take a good look at them and see for yourself the professional atmosphere. That is what attracted me to work for this university. Anyone who wants to talk negative about a school needs to reference their own experience to why UOP did not work well for him or her and quit making general statements. UOP is not a perfect school, nor is it the answer for all. But when you are like me and have kids, a hectic schedule, family emergencies, etc. this school helped me achieve my goal of graduating with a hard-earned degree.

It was challenging and well-worth the experience for me. Yes, UOP credits do transfer to other universities. If you want to take technical courses that require internship, then UOP is not for you. UOP's strengths rests mainly in business, IT, education, and now nursing. UOP is continually evolving and someday be able to grow strong in other areas.

For those who have employers who frown upon UOP, their employers do not extensively understand the courses offered and how they are presented. I encourage all to go to the Department of Education web site and compare UOP with other brick and mortar schools. The statistics will speak for themselves on the student knowledge levels attained.

Blessings to all who take the first step out of the circle of fear and into the area of accomplishing their degree.

By Mark

University of Phoenix Online Reviews

I have been attending the UOP for over two years and I have heard all of the negativity to go along with attending UOP. As far as finding a job, a degree will just get your foot in the door for an interview; but it is up to you to pass the interview to get the job.

The problem that I have with college is that our society requires you to get a job. Once you have invested the money in an education. Companies are not willing to pay you the money that you have invested.

That was a little off the subject. I have looked at transferring to Auburn University from the UOP. Low and behold all of my credits would have transferred. When I found that out I felt better about the college I was attending. Yes, the University of Phoenix is expensive. You could attend other universities for a cheaper rate; but you are paying for the convenience. Just like stopping at a convenience store and purchasing some candy. The reason that the candy is more expensive is because it is convenient to the consumer. The same rules apply to the UOP. I am eight classes from graduating with my BA in business administration. When I go for my MBA I will attend a more recognized University. The one thing that a person will get from the UOP versus some universities is contacts. In today's business, it isn't about what you know it is about who you know.

The biggest piece of advice that I recommend is weigh the pro and cons. The one thing that I like about the UOP is that I take one class at a time for five weeks vs. taking 4 to 8 classes all at once. In a year a person attending the UOP will receive that same amounts of credits as a traditional brick and mortar school.

The problem that has happened with traditional universities vs. online universities is that they believe they are better due to a person having to sit in a class and listen to the instructor.

It is up to the person to learn. It doesn't matter if you decided to go to a community college or a four year degree. People who think the UOP is just a diploma mill I challenge you to take research and development through the UOP. The UOP is a challenging university. While you are attending an online school, you could be getting real world experience that will make you better prepared for the job than just someone who is going to a traditional university.

I have done both online and classroom studies through the UOP. Online is more challenging. (10/21/2009)

By J. Robe

University of Phoenix Online Reviews

To be honest the stuff I hear complaints about is ridiculous. As a University of Phoenix student I have always used financial aid. I would not have been able to do it otherwise. Also, as a student of any college you have to work to get the grade so the stuff about it not being only four days a week is kind of sad to complain about. They only require you are online four days a week, that doesn't mean that you don't still have to work for your grades. And if you quit classes, they don't steal your money it goes back to the Department of Education. You don't quit and still receive grants and loan money that is left over and yes the loans can be rescinded and you have to pay for the classes you did take. Any college is expensive, if you start up with U of P and find somewhere else is cheaper it's not the U of P's fault you didn't research better. Online college is tough, but I can't say other than a few crappy counselors that I have ever had a major problem in my four years of college with this University, and it is a division of a real university so that "it's not a real college" crap doesn't hold any water. (08/17/2010)

By Kristin

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