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Dusting seems to be a perpetual chore. This page contains tips and ideas on how to keep your home free of dust.

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Alternative to Swiffer Duster?I'm pretty sure anyone who has used a Swiffer duster, loves them. My problem is, with an extreme allergy and asthma sufferer in the home, I have to dust constantly and Swiffer dusters aren't cheap. I'm trying to find an alternative.


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What Can I Use for Dusting Instead of Spays?I am looking for an alternative for dust spray, ie., Pledge. Any suggestions?


Sweeping Dust Bunnies

Controlling Dust BunniesThis is a page about controlling dust bunnies. Those little grey fluffs of dust, lint, and other debris and seemingly take over your home, multiplying like bunnies.


The sock on a long pole with cobwebs.

Improvised Cobweb Duster for LessNeed to get rid of those high cobwebs? Here's an inexpensive way that's worked for us.


Feather duster.

Cleaning Dust from a Yarn Dog?Anything made of yarn can pick up a lot of dust very easily, a yarn dog is no exception. Cleaning dust from a yarn dog can be difficult, but it is possible.


Getting Rid of Cobwebs

Getting Rid of CobwebsThis is a page about getting rid of cobwebs. Cobwebs may be fun as a Halloween decoration, but not when they inhabit the corners of your rooms and dangle from fixtures, collecting dust.


Dusting a TV Screen

Dusting a TV ScreenThis page is about dusting a TV screen. A television screen often seems to be a magnet to dust and dander.


Someone dusting with a dust rag.

Homemade Dust RepellentThis page is about homemade dust repellant. The amount of dust that collects on furniture can be reduced.


Man Dusting End Table

Dusting Your HouseThis is a page about dusting your home. Dusting is an important part of a normal cleaning routine. Dust can cause allergies to flair up, build up on fragile items and generally make your house look dirtier than it really is.


Firgurine of a woman in a red dress.

Dusting Fragile FigurinesThis is a page about dusting fragile figurines. Figurines can get dusty when they are on display. It can be difficult to dust them without breaking them.


Dusting Blinds

Dusting Hard to Reach PlacesThis is a page about dusting hard to reach places. Dust covers every surface of your home, some of these surfaces can be very difficult to reach when cleaning. With these tips you will learn how to effectively clean these difficult areas.


Someone dusting the corner of a room with a duster.

Keeping Your House DustedThis is a page about keeping your house dusted. Dust in your house can look bad and also can trigger allergies for some people. Staying on top of it can help keep the dust form building up.



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Tips for Dusting?I keep having this recurring cleaning issue. Every time I wipe down surfaces, be it with a wash cloth or a sponge or even a wipe, it loosens up all of this fuzzy/lint stuff that's impossible to pick up using said cloth!


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Dust From Dogs?Like the name says: I have 6 bad dogs. My house gets so dusty! I'm not sure if it's the pet dander that causes it. After dusting, I see the build up of dust on everything by the very next day.


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Using Dentures for Dish DetergentThis may seem outrageous, but I have had success. With baked on casserole pans, fill your sink with hot water. Make sure your baking dish is submerged and drop in some denture cleansers. They are safe for food pans and they will even pull some stains off the surfaces.


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Preventing Frequent Dust Build-Up?I am so frustrated by the amount of dust in our home. It is open and large in square feet. I wipe down surfaces to only find them dusty soon after. I would like to know if this is something others battle with? Our furnace filter gets changed as needed yet surfaces accumulate dirt with too frequent buildup.


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Dusting Intricately Detailed Furniture?I purchased a formal dining set, and the detailing is very intricate. Any ideas on how to dust all of the nooks and crannies?


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Felt as a Dusting ClothI had a piece of felt left over from a craft project with felt squares. I was about to put it away when I decided to see how it worked as a dust cloth.


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Old Dust Buildup on Wood Furniture?I need help removing dust that has been on wood a long time. Wood Walnut and black & gray dresser draws. It's been sitting around a long time neglected.


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Dusting Vinyl Blinds?How can I clean and keep dust away on vinyl blinds?


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Where Do Cobwebs Come From?Where do cob webs come from and HOW can I keep them from coming back all the time? I can clean them up today and by tomorrow they are back. I hate that, so any information you can share with me would be greatly appreciated.


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Cleaning Re-settled Dust Off MirrorsCleaning the re-settled dust off closet mirror doors. First vacuum well or as I did for my parquet floors, used the long handled Pledge Grab it cleaner...


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Gonzo Wonder SpongeI usually use a dry paintbrush to dust my lampshades, but I found something that worked even better. I had a shade that, even after dusting, was still grimy. I thought I was going to have to replace it, but I tried a sponge called Gonzo Wonder Sponge that is to be used dry only, not wet.


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Make a Dusting ClothKeep furniture clean with treated cloths that gather dust instead of scattering it. Coat the inside of a small screw-top jar with a few drops of furniture polishing oil or wax; place a clean, lint-free cloth in it. Cover tightly and leave overnight. The cloth will absorb just enough oil or wax to dust and polish at the same time.


duster on a string

Homemade Duster for CollectionsI have so many collections that need to be dusted and I am constantly misplacing my cloth. I came up with the idea to remove the long strap from a cell phone holder.


Dusting down low with cloth on foot.

Easy Dusting for the ElderlyI am pretty diligent in dusting my top surfaces, but there are some of my "low down" areas I just can't reach any more. This morning I was scampering around, dust cloth in hand, doing our desks and decided today is the day the under portion of DH's desk gets dusted.


Dealing with DustHere are some dusting tips as recommended by our ThriftyFun community. When you dust, start at the top and work down. A clean paint brush is useful for dusting hard to reach places.


dust covered dryer sheet in woman's hand

Re-Use Dryer Sheets for DustingI'm always looking for ways to stretch a dollar, and if I have something that can be used more than once, or for more than one job, I'm sold. I use dryer sheets, but it seems like such a waste to use them once and then throw them away. I discovered that they are great for dusting.



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Source of Dust in House?My house is very dusty. I have to dust and sweep twice daily. Could it be my furnace ducts need cleaning? Thanks.


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Keeping Very High Ceilings Cobweb Free?Can you kindly offer an easy way to keep the very high ceilings of foyers, which face the main road, cobweb and dust free ?


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Getting Rid of Cobwebs?What can be done about those cobwebs and where do they come from?



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Choosing a Product for Dusting Furniture?Which do you think is better for dusting furniture? Pledge or Endust?


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Dust Accumulation on Dark Furniture?I live way in the country on a dirt road surrounded by trees (pollen). Along with the dust from the road and in the winter from our wood burning stove, I need help with all the dust that I can not remove from my dark finished furniture.


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Reducing the Need to Dust?Does anyone know how to repel dust and keep it off for longer than a day?


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