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This page contains tips and advice about dealing with weeds in your garden.



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Photo of blackberries on the vine.

Getting Rid of Blackberry BushesThis is a page about getting rid of blackberry bushes. Blackberry bushes can grow very quickly in spring and summer and are very invasive. Even though the berries are edible and tasty, the bushes are very difficult to get rid of.


English Ivy on Brick Wall

Getting Rid of English IvyThis is a page about getting rid of English ivy. English ivy is a popular ground cover that is also very invasive in many areas.


Closeup of blue flowering creeping charlie.

Getting Rid of Ground Ivy (Creeping Charlie)This is a page about getting rid of ground ivy. Ground ivy is notoriously invasive in many areas. Also known as creeping charlie, this ground cover, a member of the mint family, can quickly take over your flower garden and infiltrate the lawn.


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Getting Rid of Thorn Bushes?Can anyone help me with a home recipe to kill thorn bushes? It is really a problem and getting out of hand.


Poison Oak

Killing Poison Oak Without Damaging SoilWhen trying to eradicate noxious weeds and vines, it may require special methods or products to do this without contaminating the soil. This is a page about killing poison oak without damaging the soil.


Caution Poison Ivy sign surrounded by growing Toxicodendron radicans.

Identifying Poison IvyIf you do a lot of gardening, camping, or hiking it is well worth the time to become familiar with the appearance of poison ivy, to better avoid contact. This is a page about identifying poison ivy.


Sumac Bushes

Getting Rid of Sumac Bushes?This is a page about getting rid of sumac bushes. Like other poisonous plants sumac can cause a reaction on your skin when you come in contact with it. This means that when preparing to rid your yard of this plant you will want to take precautions.


Ivy on a building.

Removing Ivy From a Building or Home?This is a page about removing ivy from a building or home. Although it may look quaint in photos and movies, you may not want your outbuilding or home to become covered in ivy.


Getting Rid of Ivy

Getting Rid of Ivy?This is a page about getting rid of ivy. Ivy can be a very aggressive plant and take over your garden and trees.



Poison ivy growing up a tree trunk.

Getting Rid of Poison Ivy PlantsThis is a page to getting rid of poison ivy plants. Poison ivy can be very prolific in your yard and garden. The oily resin is toxic and can cause a severe rash and even lung problems if you try to burn it. There are safe ways to get rid of this unwanted plant.


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Killing Ivy?How do I kill off ivy?


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Clearing a Neglected Yard of Ivy and Blackberries?I used to be a professional gardener. My friend's back yard has plum and apricot trees, but they are neglected and I am trying to maintain the lawn. The ivy is climbing the trees and the blackberries have taken over about 60% of the yard. What do I do about this?


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Getting Rid of Brush Growing in the Yard?How do I get rid of brush growing in my yard?


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Getting Rid of Potato Vine?Does anyone know how to get rid of a weed called "potato vine"? It grows, it seems like everywhere and is really hard to kill. I've dug up alot of it, but it manages to come back. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks


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Cayratia Japonica Taking Over My Garden?How do I kill the Cayratia japonica vine that is taking over my garden? It is related to the Virginia Creeper, but is very invasive and regular weed killers act as vitamins for it.



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Removing Morning Glory from a Lawn?How do I rid my lawn of morning glory vine? I live in the Willamette Valley in Oregon.


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Getting Rid of Morning Glory?How do I rid my flower beds of morning glory?


Getting Rid of Briers - briar plant

Getting Rid of Briers?I use vinegar, salt and Dawn dish soap to kill weeds. I have these briars that look similar to blackberry plants. They just will not die no matter how much I spray them. They must have kryptonite in them. Any suggestions what I can use to kill them? Round-up didn't kill it either.


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Identifying Poison Ivy?What does poison ivy look like?


Killing Weeds in Rocks

Killing Weeds in Rocks?I live in Arizona an get these sticky weeds that are in my rocks. I have try everything can someone plz help?


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Getting Rid of Poison Ivy?How can I kill poison ivy?


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