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Sometimes it seems that the weeds are winning. This page contains tips and advice about getting rid of weeds in your garden and yard.

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Weeds Between Bricks

Preventing and Killing Weeds Between BricksSeeds will land and germinate in your brick driveway, walkway or patio. This page is about preventing and killing weeds between bricks.


Flower Beds

Killing Weeds in Flower BedsIt can be a challenge to destroy the weeds while maintaining the flowers in your garden. This page is about killing weeds in flower beds.


Hand spraying weed killer onto a largenweed that is in a perfect grass lawn

Weed Killer that Won't Kill GrassOnly certain formulations of weed killers will work to kill weeds but not your lawn. This is a page about weed killer that won't kill grass.


Grass Growing in Pavement Cracks

Solutions for Grass Growing in Pavement...This is a page about solutions for grass growing in pavement cracks. Grass growing in the cracks of your drive or walkway can mar the appearance of your home and landscaping.


Weeds Between Pavers

Removing Weeds Between PaversIf weeds are growing between your pavers, they are not only unattractive but can be difficult to eradicate. This is a page about removing weeds between pavers.


Salt and Vinegar Weed Killer Recipe

Salt and Vinegar Weed Killer RecipeYou can mix up a homemade weed killer solution using salt and vinegar. This page contains a salt and vinegar weed killer recipe.


Gardener spraying plants

Homemade Weed Killer RecipesHaving weeds in your garden and lawn really detracts from the look of your yard. Avoid using harmful chemicals by making you own weed killer. This is a page about homemade weed killer recipes.


Moss and weeds growing between pavers.

Keeping Weeds From Growing Between Pavers?Weeds can easily take hold in the cracks between paving stones. This is a page about keeping weeds from growing between pavers.


Gloved hand using a spray bottle to spray a week growing in a driveway crack

Using Bleach as a Weed Killer?Some homeowners prefer to use household products to get rid of weeds, rather than buy a commercial weed killer. This is a page about using bleach as a weed killer.


Wild Onion plant in bloom

Getting Rid Of Wild OnionsUnless you are willing to eat them out of existence in your yard and garden, getting rid of wild onions can seem hopeless. This is a page about getting rid of wild onions.


Rabbit in Grass With Dandelions

Animal Safe Weed Killer RecipesThis page contains animal safe weed killer recipes. If you have pets who go into your garden areas or you want to protect the wildlife, you will want to take precautions when using weed killers.


killing weeds

Planting After Killing Weeds With Vinegar?This is a page about planting after killing weeds with vinegar. After using vinegar to get rid of weeds, you are ready to plant.



Rock Background with Weeds

Getting Rid of Weeds in RocksWhether it's for a walkway or simply decorative, a rock area can easily become overrun with weeds. Eliminating those weeds can be a real chore. This is a page about getting rid of weeds in rocks.


Johnson Grass

Getting Rid of Johnson Grass?This is a page about getting rid of Johnson grass. Johnson grass is a tall invasive perennial grass that is difficult to eradicate.



Getting Rid of CloverThis page is about getting rid of clover. Sometimes this legume is growing in your lawn or garden where you don't want it.


Monkey Grass (Liriope) plant

Getting Rid of Monkey GrassThis is a page about getting rid of monkey grass. Monkey grass is a common name for liriope a grass like plant native to parts of Asia. The spreading type of this plant can become invasive and is difficult to get rid of.



Getting Rid Of Honeysuckle Without Chemicals?Eradicate this invasive plant without using Roundup or other harsh chemical herbicides. This is a page about getting rid of honeysuckle without chemicals.



Killing Weeds With VinegarA common kitchen product that can be helpful to kill unwanted plants, but you need to be careful around plants you want to keep. This is a page about killing weeds with vinegar.


Photo of blackberries on the vine.

Getting Rid of Blackberry BushesThis is a page about getting rid of blackberry bushes. Blackberry bushes can grow very quickly in spring and summer and are very invasive. Even though the berries are edible and tasty, the bushes are very difficult to get rid of.


Wild Violets growing soil

Getting Rid of Wild VioletsThis is a page about getting rid of wild violets. People either love or hate wild violets in their yard and gardens.


Medicago lupulina (Black medick)

Getting Rid of Black Medic Weed?This is a page about getting rid of black medic weed. Black medic weed is a small clover like nitrogen fixing summer annual that can appear in lawns.


Dandelions With Blue Sky in Background

Getting Rid of DandelionsThis is a page about getting rid of dandelions. Dandelions can be a real nuisance around the yard. Getting rid of them can be quite a chore but your yard will look much nicer afterward.


Rock Ground Cover

Killing Grass in Rock Ground CoverLandscaping done with rocks can be quite attractive especially for xeriscape gardens. However, having grass come up in your gravel is not attractive. This is a page about killing grass in rock ground cover.


Gravel Driveway

Preventing and Killing Weeds in GravelThis page is about preventing and killing weeds in gravel. Weeds will take root where ever they can; even in gravel.


rock salt next to grinder and pile of coarsely ground salt

Getting Rid of Weeds with Salt?This is a page about getting rid of weeds with salt. Before you use salt to get rid of weeds do some research to make sure that it is the best solution for your situation.


A woman weeding in her garden.

Weeding Tips and TricksThis is a page about weeding tips and tricks. Hand weeding is generally preferred in garden areas to prevent harming the other plants. A few simple tips can help with both weeding and reducing the growth of weeds in your garden.


English Ivy on Brick Wall

Getting Rid of English IvyThis is a page about getting rid of English ivy. English ivy is a popular ground cover that is also very invasive in many areas.



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Kudzu Be Gone! Homemade Weed Killer?Does anyone have a homemade weedkiller that works on kudzu, the vine that ate the south?


Mint Growing in a Garden

Controlling Invasive PlantsThis is a page about controlling invasive plants. Certain plants are so successful in spreading that they can soon take over your garden.



Getting Rid Of Buckthorn OrganicallyThis is a page about getting rid of buckthorn organically. When buckthorn is invading your yard, getting rid of it without chemicals won't be easy, but it can be done.


Growing Asparagus

Controlling Weeds When Growing Asparagus?This is a page about controlling weeds when growing asparagus. Keeping the weeds from taking over your asparagus bed is important so the tender spears can thrive.


Picking Blackberries

Killing Weeds in a Blackberry Patch?This is a page about killing weeds in a blackberry patch. Blackberry patches are quite forgiving, but without at least a little attention even the best cared for blackberry patch can become a thick brambly patch full of weeds that are nearly impossible to get at.


Weeding the Lettuce Patch

Controlling Weeds In Your GardenThis is a page about controlling weeds in your garden. No matter if you like to garden just for fun or for growing food for your family, having weeds around is a problem. Getting the weeds under control is an important step to getting the most out of your garden.


A house with a nice lawn and attractive landscaping.

Stickers Growing in the Grass?Depending on the offending plant there are some ways to rid your grass of these painful seed pods. Hand weeding may be your best choice, but herbicides are an option. This is a page about stickers growing in the grass.


Propane Weed Burner

Making a Propane Weed Burner?This is a page about making a propane weed burner. Some homeowners prefer to use a weed burner rather than herbicides to rid their property of weeds.


Queen Anne's Lace

Getting Rid of Queen Anne's Lace?This is a page about getting rid of Queen Anne's Lace. Many gardener's and homeowners view Queen Anne's Lace as an invasive weed, that is difficult to get rid of.


Tea Kettle Boiling on Stove

Killing Weeds With Hot Water?This method of non herbicide weed control has become popular. Be aware that it can damage shallow rooted flowers near by and kill beneficial mico-organisms in the soil. It is also not effective on all weeds. This is a page about killing weeds with hot water.


Steam Above Pot

Killing Weeds with SteamOne alternative to using herbicides to get rid of weeds in your lawn and other areas is to use steam. There are several products on the market to choose from. This is a page about killing weeds with steam.


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Getting Rid of Weeds With Lime?I have tall weeds with liquid in them. The more I cut them the thicker it grows back. I heard that if you cut it and put lime on it that will kill it. Is lime safe to use near a creek?


weed sprayer

Protecting Plants When Spraying for WeedsThis is a page about protecting plants when spraying for weeds. Choosing the proper herbicide and application method is a good start toward protecting your plants.


Dollar Weed

Getting Rid of Dollar Weed (Pennywort)?Dollar weed or pennywort is a perennial weed that thrives in a moist environment. It can become quite invasive due to its creeping underground stems. This is a page about getting rid of dollar weed.


Killing Grass and Weeds

Killing Grass and WeedsThis is a page about killing grass and weeds. Grass is sometimes the weed that you need to kill in order to create a planting area or to add landscape rock or a path.



Closeup of blue flowering creeping charlie.

Getting Rid of Ground Ivy (Creeping Charlie)This is a page about getting rid of ground ivy. Ground ivy is notoriously invasive in many areas. Also known as creeping charlie, this ground cover, a member of the mint family, can quickly take over your flower garden and infiltrate the lawn.


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Getting Rid of Nut Grass?This page is about getting rid of nut grass. Finding the best way to remove this tenacious grass depends on where it is located.


Clumps of bamboo growing.

Getting Rid of Bamboo?This page is about getting rid of bamboo. There are many varieties of this hardy, fast growing grass.


A nicely planted organic vegetable garden.

Preventing Weeds When Planting Your GardenThis is a page about preventing weeds when planting your garden. When planting a new garden, keeping the weeds out can be frustrating. Luckily there are some easy ways to prevent weeds taking a hold.


Getting Rid of Oxalis

Getting Rid of OxalisThis page is about getting rid of oxalis. Also known as common woodsorrel, oxalis is not too difficult to eradicate.


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Getting Rid Of Telegraph Weed?This is a page about getting rid of telegraph weed. Telegraph weed is a tall hairy weed that spreads easily by seed and thrives in disturbed areas.


Bush surrounded by rocks.

Getting Grass out of Landscaping Rocks?This is a page about getting grass out of landscaping rocks. Pulling by hand is the best way to remove grass or weeds from between rocks if there are other plants nearby that you don't wish to damage or kill. Boiling water or vinegar are used by some gardeners taking care to protect surrounding plants.


Boy and girl laughing and playing next to a tree trunk surrounded by tall weed-type grass

Killing Grass Around a Tree?This is a page about killing grass around a tree. Getting rid of grass at the base of a tree can frustrating and tricky.


Goat Head Fruit

Getting Rid Of Goat Heads (Tribulus terrestris)This is a page about getting rid of goat heads (Tribulus terrestris). The seed heads of the Tribulus terrestris are the primary reason most homeowners want to get rid of this spreading weed. When dry they are painful if stepped on and can puncture a bike tire.


A bunch of foxtails in lawn.

Getting Rid of Foxtails in My Lawn?The most effective way to get rid of foxtails in a lawn is to pull by hand. This is a page about getting rid of foxtails in my lawn.


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Removing Grass From Ground Cover?I have some large garden beds that have grass growing up through the ground cover. In fact, the grass is now higher than the ground cover and some of the gardenia shrubs. Does anyone have an idea for me to kill the grass without me having to pull out all the ground cover?


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Getting Rid of Kikuyu Grass?I live in the North Island of New Zealand and have a very large vegetable garden which with our winter becomes overrun with kikuyu grass and weed. I DO NOT want to use chemicals to rid myself of these ghastly weeds and would love suggestions as to how to kill a lot of weeds at one time and one spray.


Poison ivy growing up a tree trunk.

Getting Rid of Poison Ivy PlantsThis is a page to getting rid of poison ivy plants. Poison ivy can be very prolific in your yard and garden. The oily resin is toxic and can cause a severe rash and even lung problems if you try to burn it. There are safe ways to get rid of this unwanted plant.


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Getting Rid of Thorn Bushes?Can anyone help me with a home recipe to kill thorn bushes? It is really a problem and getting out of hand.


Water Hyacinth Plants

Getting Rid of Water Hyacinth Plants?This page is about getting rid of water hyacinth plants. This aquatic weed can take over a pond.


multicolored flowerbed on a lawn

Preventing Weeds in Flower BedsThis is a page about preventing weeds in flower beds. Don't let your beautiful flower bed be overrun by weeds.


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Getting Rid Of Milkweed?I need to get rid of Milkweed. I tried to cut it down but it grew back. As you see, I even tried to break it.


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Getting Rid of Lesser Celandine?Can anyone tell me a foolproof and organic way of eradicating lesser celandine from my lawn? Also any suggestions what to grow in its place as grass doesn't take very well (the area's too shady). Will have to put some paving down (where tree roots allow) but need some ideas what to plant around it.


Getting Rid of Wild Strawberries

Getting Rid of Wild StrawberriesThis page is about getting rid of wild strawberries. Wild strawberries can be a problem for some gardeners.


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Large Area Weed Killer?We have just bought a 1500 square meter property in Bulgaria. Unfortunately, it has about 1200 square meters worth of weeds I've never seen before. They are huge and scary. Does anyone have suggestions of a fast weeding?


Hand spraying a dandelion in a lawn with a spray bottle

Natural Weed KillersThis is a page about natural weed killers. There are some natural alternatives to using commercial weed killers.


Mallow flowers and leaves on white background

Getting Rid of Mallow Weeds?Part of the same family as okra, cotton, and hibiscus, the common mallow can be very invasive in gardens and lawns. Because of its deep tap root and spreading growth habit it can be a challenge to eradicate. This is a page about getting rid of mallow weeds.


Canadian Thistle

Getting Rid of Canadian ThistleThis is a page about getting rid of Canadian thistle. This invasive weed is common in North America and very difficult to get rid of.


Dandelions in Grass

More Dandelions Than LawnDandelions are an invasive species that is notorious for taking over unhealthy lawns. There are several ways to reduce or eradicate them from your lawn. This is a page about remedy for more dandelions than lawn.


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Getting Rid of Weeds Naturally?I would like to start my veggie garden soon and don't want to have to pull a lot of weeds! Is there something I can use that is not a chemical to keep the weeds at bay from my garden?


Sumac Bushes

Getting Rid of Sumac Bushes?This is a page about getting rid of sumac bushes. Like other poisonous plants sumac can cause a reaction on your skin when you come in contact with it. This means that when preparing to rid your yard of this plant you will want to take precautions.


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Getting Rid of Pachysandra?How do you kill Pachysandra?


A bunch of weeds with white flowers.

Wedding Weed BouquetI was walking home one day in a not so nice area, when suddenly I came across this beautiful weed. It reminded me of a wedding bouquet. It was definitely a surprise worth admiring and taking a picture of. Beauty can pop up in unexpected places ! :)


A bunch of orange flowers growing near lattice.

A Weed or Not a Weed?As I was going around our backyard pulling weeds, I found these beautiful orange flowers growing through the lattice that surrounds our air conditioner. We never planted them, so I wondered how they sprung up there. Then I noticed the leaves on this "flower" and they looked exactly like the leaves of the weeds I had been pulling up.


A field of yellow buttercups.

Wild Buttercup Photos and InformationThe wild buttercup is a member of the ranunculus genus. There are several different varieties, often with yellow flowers. They all typically contain, acrid protoanemonin glycoside oil to some extent. Thus they are listed as poisonous. There are some known pharmacological uses. They are considered an invasive weed in gardens.


A grassy fenceline with no discernible plants.

Weeding Along a FenceWeeding along a fence line can present its own problems, as the fence can make it difficult to remove the weeds. This page contains a suggestion for preparing your planting area with future weeding in mind.


Caution Poison Ivy sign surrounded by growing Toxicodendron radicans.

Identifying Poison IvyIf you do a lot of gardening, camping, or hiking it is well worth the time to become familiar with the appearance of poison ivy, to better avoid contact. This is a page about identifying poison ivy.


Four leaf clovers growing outside.

Four Leaf Clover Photos and InformationAlthough clover usually has only three leaves, you can often find clovers with four or even five leaves. These are considered lucky and are often confused with the three lobed Irish shamrock. This page contains four leaf clover photos and information.


Flowering Chickweed

How Do I Get Rid of Chickweed in the Lawn?Getting rid of and preventing the re-invasion of your lawn by chickweed requires not only an herbicide, but also the maintenance of a thick healthy lawn. Or you can simply eat it away. This is a page about, "How do I get rid of chickweed in the lawn?".


Velvetleaf Weeds in an Iowa Cornfield.

What is This Plant? VelvetleafThe velvetleaf plant, a native of Eastern Europe, Asia, and north Africa, is a noxious annual that reproduces from seed. The plant can reach 3 - 8 feet and produces one yellow to yellow orange flower per solitary stalk. It outcompetes for resources with surrounding plants. This is a page about, "What is this plant?" Velvetleaf.


Giant Ragweed plants

What is This Plant? Giant RagweedThis north american annual from the sunflower family, is considered a noxious weed and an allergen. This is a page about what is this plant? (giant ragweed).


Poison Oak

Killing Poison Oak Without Damaging SoilWhen trying to eradicate noxious weeds and vines, it may require special methods or products to do this without contaminating the soil. This is a page about killing poison oak without damaging the soil.


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Using Homemade Weed Killer?I have read about using a mixture of vinegar, salt, and Dawn dish soap to kill weeds. Is this mixture safe to use around trees or raspberry canes?


Hands using a weeding tool to remove crab grass from lawn

Organic Solutions for CrabgrassThis is a page about organic solutions for crabgrass. Crabgrass can invade your lawn and quickly take over.


Patchy Bermuda grass

Getting Rid of Bermuda GrassThis is a page about getting rid of bermuda grass. Bermuda grass is a popular choice for lawns in hot areas. Because it is very a very durable grass type it is very difficult to get rid of.


Grass up against a flower bed

Keeping Grass From Growing in a Flower...This is a page about keeping grass from growing in a flower bed. Weed grass seeds can be carried by the wind, birds or be already in your soil ready to sprout when they get water.



Bermudagrass InformationThis is a page about bermudagrass information. Varieties of bermudagrass (wire grass) have become a noxious weed in some areas where it has been introduced. It has the ability to thrive under almost any conditions.


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Getting Rid of Cockle Burs?How do I rid my yard of cockle burs?


common or stinging nettle

What is This Weed?This is a page about "What is this weed?". When you want to identify a plant, you may want to ask others who know. Not all plants that are growing where you don't expect them are weeds.


Several garden tools.

Environmentally Friendly Ways to Get Rid of Grass?This page is about environmentally friendly ways to get rid of grass. Sometimes there are areas that you no longer need grass and want to safely remove it.


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Getting Rid of Lovegrass?This is a page about getting rid of lovegrass. A native of South Africa this perennial grass has become very invasive in the Australia where it is seen as a weed due to its low livestock feed quality.


beautiful lawn

Getting Rid of Onion Grass?This is a page about getting rid of onion grass. Most homeowners do not like wild flowers and grasses invading their lawn. Onion grass, a perennial wild onion common in the southeastern US, is no exception.


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Identifying and Getting Rid of Invasive Plant?I have a very invasive flower spreading over my yard/garden. It grows on a single stem, straight up with single leaf branches along the stem. It has a single whitish/pinkish, small multi-petal flower at the top.


Ivy on a building.

Removing Ivy From a Building or Home?This is a page about removing ivy from a building or home. Although it may look quaint in photos and movies, you may not want your outbuilding or home to become covered in ivy.


Getting Rid of Ivy

Getting Rid of Ivy?This is a page about getting rid of ivy. Ivy can be a very aggressive plant and take over your garden and trees.


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Getting Rid of Quackgrass?This page is about getting rid of quackgrass. A troublesome weed for many gardeners and not always easy to iradicate.


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Best Time to Weed the Garden?Is it bad for your garden to weed it when it's wet?


Getting Rid of Crabgrass

Getting Rid of CrabgrassThis page is about getting rid of crabgrass. Crabgrass is invasive and can be a big problem for many gardeners.


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Killing Weeds With Vinegar?When someone said to use vinegar for weeds, do they mean the white vinegar or not?


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Preventing the Spread of the Neighbor's Bamboo?My neighbour's garden is filled with bamboo plants, initially it was nice and provided shade, but it has grown very wild and brushy. It kept on shedding its leaves on my carpet grass garden.


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Getting Rid of Morning Glory and Buttercup?How do I kill morning glory in my garden? Can I cut it at the base by the ground? How do I kill off buttercup in my lawn?


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Removing Chickweed from Flower Beds?How do I get rid of chickweed in my flower beds?


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Killing Weeds Growing in Pampas Grass?I have some pampas grass growing, but there are all kinds of weeds growing also. I was wondering if 2-4-d could be sprayed to kill the weeds, but not hurt the pampas grass?


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Getting Rid of Bishop's Weed?What is the best way to get rid of bishop's weed? It is starting to invade my garden from my neighbor's yard. I'm thinking it's by seed propagation.


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Getting Rid of Tansey?What is the best post-emergent herbicide to use to kill tansey and not kill the grass?


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Beware of Poison Ivy and Poison Oak - tall poison ivy plant

Beware of Poison Ivy and Poison OakI learned something new. My daughter and I took a stroll on a farm path down by the woods. As we were walking, I noticed a tree that had a limb, about head high, that was filled with pretty leaves with small white clusters of flowers.


Getting Rid of Weeds To Plant Ground Cover?Can you tell me, do I have to remove the roots of weeds or can I just cut them down? I had spent hours breaking my back last yr digging up the weeds out of my flower beds and cannot bear to do it again, now with neck problems etc.


Making Weeding Easier

Tips For Making Weeding EasierFor many gardeners, one of the most unpleasant (and seemingly endless) aspects of gardening is staying on top of the weeds. Here are some simple tips to make the job easier.


man spraying weeds along a fence

Research Shows Weeds Becoming Resistant to...Glyphosate is a broad-spectrum, non-selective herbicide commonly used on perennial plants including grasses, sedges, and broad-leaved weeds. Most gardeners have either heard of glyphosate or used herbicides that contain it in their gardens.


Mint Growing in a Garden

Controlling Invasive HerbsHerbs become invasive in two ways. Some freely scatter their seeds, and others send out rhizomes (root-like stems) that meander along just under the soil's surface. Here are some ways to keep these invasive herbal companions in check.


linoleum knife

Using a Linoleum Knife for Weed RemovalA linoleum knife makes a great weeding tool. The sharp hooked end will cut through almost any weed, just below the soil.


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Killing Weeds in an Ivy Bed?What can I use to kill the weeds in a bed of ivy?


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Killing Weeds Before Putting in a Raised Vegetable Bed?I'm putting in a raised vegetable planting bed over a rocky area infested with invasive morning glory and large-form periwinkle roots. We have dug, pulled roots, and sifted the soil and after a 2 week period covered with tarps, found vigorous morning glory growth possibly from seeds. How long does the plant killing action of vinegar last?


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Getting Rid of Poison Ivy?How can I kill poison ivy?


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Killing Knapp Weed?"Knapp Weed" is an invasive species, and hard to get rid of. I would like to know if anyone has an idea for killing it.


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Identifying Poison Ivy?What does poison ivy look like?


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Paste Out of Fels Naphtha Soap?How do you make a paste out of the soap? Do you put on your poison ivy to dry it out and how long do you put it on there before? I would love to know the steps into making it into a paste.


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