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This page contains tips and advice about dealing with grassy weeds in your garden.



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Boy and girl laughing and playing next to a tree trunk surrounded by tall weed-type grass

Killing Grass Around a Tree?This is a page about killing grass around a tree. Getting rid of grass at the base of a tree can frustrating and tricky.


Johnson Grass

Getting Rid of Johnson Grass?This is a page about getting rid of Johnson grass. Johnson grass is a tall invasive perennial grass that is difficult to eradicate.


Monkey Grass (Liriope) plant

Getting Rid of Monkey GrassThis is a page about getting rid of monkey grass. Monkey grass is a common name for liriope a grass like plant native to parts of Asia. The spreading type of this plant can become invasive and is difficult to get rid of.


Getting Rid of Crabgrass

Getting Rid of CrabgrassThis page is about getting rid of crabgrass. Crabgrass is invasive and can be a big problem for many gardeners.


Grass Growing in Pavement Cracks

Solutions for Grass Growing in Pavement...This is a page about solutions for grass growing in pavement cracks. Grass growing in the cracks of your drive or walkway can mar the appearance of your home and landscaping.


A bunch of foxtails in lawn.

Getting Rid of Foxtails in My Lawn?The most effective way to get rid of foxtails in a lawn is to pull by hand. This is a page about getting rid of foxtails in my lawn.


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Removing Grass From Ground Cover?I have some large garden beds that have grass growing up through the ground cover. In fact, the grass is now higher than the ground cover and some of the gardenia shrubs. Does anyone have an idea for me to kill the grass without me having to pull out all the ground cover?


Several garden tools.

Environmentally Friendly Ways to Get Rid of Grass?This page is about environmentally friendly ways to get rid of grass. Sometimes there are areas that you no longer need grass and want to safely remove it.


Patchy Bermuda grass

Getting Rid of Bermuda GrassThis is a page about getting rid of bermuda grass. Bermuda grass is a popular choice for lawns in hot areas. Because it is very a very durable grass type it is very difficult to get rid of.



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Molasses For Nut Grass Prevention?How functional is liquid molasses diluted with water as a nut grass repellent and when applied how long will it take before results?Thank-you.


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Getting Rid of Kikuyu Grass?I live in the North Island of New Zealand and have a very large vegetable garden which with our winter becomes overrun with kikuyu grass and weed. I DO NOT want to use chemicals to rid myself of these ghastly weeds and would love suggestions as to how to kill a lot of weeds at one time and one spray.


Flowering Chickweed

How Do I Get Rid of Chickweed in the Lawn?Getting rid of and preventing the re-invasion of your lawn by chickweed requires not only an herbicide, but also the maintenance of a thick healthy lawn. Or you can simply eat it away. This is a page about, "How do I get rid of chickweed in the lawn?".


Killing Grass and Weeds

Killing Grass and WeedsThis is a page about killing grass and weeds. Grass is sometimes the weed that you need to kill in order to create a planting area or to add landscape rock or a path.


Hands using a weeding tool to remove crab grass from lawn

Organic Solutions for CrabgrassThis is a page about organic solutions for crabgrass. Crabgrass can invade your lawn and quickly take over.


Grass up against a flower bed

Keeping Grass From Growing in a Flower...This is a page about keeping grass from growing in a flower bed. Weed grass seeds can be carried by the wind, birds or be already in your soil ready to sprout when they get water.



Bermudagrass InformationThis is a page about bermudagrass information. Varieties of bermudagrass (wire grass) have become a noxious weed in some areas where it has been introduced. It has the ability to thrive under almost any conditions.


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Getting Rid of Lovegrass?This is a page about getting rid of lovegrass. A native of South Africa this perennial grass has become very invasive in the Australia where it is seen as a weed due to its low livestock feed quality.


Clumps of bamboo growing.

Getting Rid of Bamboo?This page is about getting rid of bamboo. There are many varieties of this hardy, fast growing grass.


beautiful lawn

Getting Rid of Onion Grass?This is a page about getting rid of onion grass. Most homeowners do not like wild flowers and grasses invading their lawn. Onion grass, a perennial wild onion common in the southeastern US, is no exception.


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Getting Rid of Nut Grass?This page is about getting rid of nut grass. Finding the best way to remove this tenacious grass depends on where it is located.


Queen Anne's Lace

Getting Rid of Queen Anne's Lace?This is a page about getting rid of Queen Anne's Lace. Many gardener's and homeowners view Queen Anne's Lace as an invasive weed, that is difficult to get rid of.


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Getting Rid of Quackgrass?This page is about getting rid of quackgrass. A troublesome weed for many gardeners and not always easy to iradicate.


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Preventing the Spread of the Neighbor's Bamboo?My neighbour's garden is filled with bamboo plants, initially it was nice and provided shade, but it has grown very wild and brushy. It kept on shedding its leaves on my carpet grass garden.


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How Can I Kill Grass in a Perennial Peanut Bed? How can I kill grass in a perennial peanut bed?



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Getting Rid of Water Grass?Help please. Our yard has become overgrown with watergrass! It seems to be the only thing that keeps on growing. What do we use to get rid of it? We try to use green ideas as much as possible, but sometimes we resort to chemicals.All help is very much appreciated


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Controlling Onion Weed ?How do I control onion weed?


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Home Remedies for Crab Grass?I am looking for home remedies for crab grass and weeds that won't kill normal grasses like fescue.


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Killing Wire Grass But Not Lawn or Flowers?How do I kill Wire grass (Bermuda) in my yard and flower beds? Seems I recall reading about a product in the form of a spray, that would kill it and not the grass or flowers. I do not recall where I read about it. Can anyone help me please?


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Keeping Grass Out of Rock Garden?What can I use to keep grass out of my rock gardens? It is difficult for me to get down on my knees anymore.


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Getting Rid of Couch Grass?I think most of our backyard is covered in couchgrass. Is there any way I can get rid of it quickly without having to dig it all up by hand and without killing the rest of the yard by smothering it?



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Getting Rid of Grass in Rock Around Plants?A new lawn was seeded and apparently some grass seed was sown, too in the landscaping rock around bushes and hostas. How do you get rid of the grass?


Getting Rid of Grass and Weeds - rocky, weedy, grassy spot

Getting Rid of Grass and Weeds?I am living in an older home. The front yard is very large and gravel. By the mailbox at the corner are little bricks separating the two areas. Almost the entire mailbox area is overrun with grass and weeds as well as the area right on the other side of the separation bricks. I have not been able to get rid of them.


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Getting Rid of Nettles?I want something to get rid of nettles, there is a load of them. I also want to plant some flowers in the summer.


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Getting Rid of Chickweed in Lawn?I have this chickweed growing in my lawn. I would like to know how to get rid of it?


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Geting Rid of Oxalis in Lawn?We have oxalis in our lawn and have treated it with Bindi spray numerous times and it hasn't been successful. I am just wondering would dethatching get rid of it?


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Getting Rid of Foxtails in My Lawn?After the rains and winds in Los Angeles, I have an abundance of foxtails growing on my hillside. Some of them have gotten to my lawn. I have two dogs and I can't let them get into the foxtails. Is there a way to kill off the foxtails without harming my dogs or my lawn?


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