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This page contains tips and advice for cleaning, repairing, or replacing your roof.



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A man performing roof repairs.

Getting Financial Assistance for Roof...When your roof is starting to fail it is important to get it fixed as soon as possible. This page is about getting financial assistance for roof repairs.


Removing Moss from a Roof, Cleaning Moss off Roof

Removing Moss from a RoofCleaning moss off your roof not only improves it's appearance but also increases the life span of your roof. It is important to not only remove moss but to prevent further growth. This is a page about removing moss from a roof.


Moss on a Red Tile Roof

Removing Moss From a Red Tile Roof?This page is about removing moss from a red tile roof. Over time a tile roof can become brittle and break easily when cleaning it.


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Ceiling Repair?Our steel roof leaks - can't find out where or why but only a bit after infrequent heavy rains. Would be glad of any tips on a way of ceiling repair that will let through the rain and look OK beside the unaffected ceiling parts.


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Can Aphid Honeydew Damage a Roof?Is this honeydew harmful to a roof?


Multiple rolls of roofing felt.

Cutting Roll RoofingRolled roofing can be difficult to cut. This page contains a tip to make cutting roll roofing easier.


Asphalt Roof

Gluing Aluminum to Asphalt Roof?Finding the best adhesive for a home maintenance job can sometimes be difficult. This is a page about gluing aluminum to asphalt roof.


Inspecting Your Roof

Inspecting Your RoofThis is a page about inspecting your roof. Periodically inspecting your roof for damage and needed repairs can save you money down the road.


Removing Moss from Asphalt Roof Tiles

Removing Moss from Asphalt Roof TilesAsphalt or composite roof tiles can easily get moss growing between them. This is a page about removing moss from asphalt roof tiles.



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Removing Stains from Roof Shingles?We live near the ocean and have a lot of hurricanes come our way. The last one, Hurricane Irene, left horrible green stains on the shingles of our roof. There was no leakage.


A dirty roof that has been partially cleaned.

Saving Money on Roof CleaningThis is a page about saving money on roof cleaning. Preventative maintenance is important in getting the most life out of your roof. Cleaning your roof will remove moss and debris that can eventually cause leaks.


Lots of Moss on Roof

Preventing and Removing Moss from...Moss growing on your roof will reduce the lifetime of your roofing regardless of what material you roof your home with. This guide is about preventing and removing moss from your roof.


Man nailing up new shingles on a roof.

Saving Money on a New Roof?This is a page about saving money on a new roof. Replacing your roof is an expensive investment faced by all homeowners eventually. Quality work is important to make sure your new lasts a long time, but there are still ways to save money.


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How Do I Kill Roof Moss With Tide?Do you have to use Tide "With Bleach" when using it to clean moss off roofs? Is it better to just add the powder directly onto the moss or dilute with water and spray it on the moss?


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Silver Dollar Roof Coating for Mobile Homes?How often should the roof coating "Silver Dollar" be applied to my mobile home?


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Brown Water Spots on Ceiling?I have water spots on my ceiling and I have a new roof. The roof on my house is only 1 year old, and I have been seeing new water spots on the ceiling in the bathroom, bedroom and laundry room. Its not just water spots, it is brown like tar and looks like it is going to drip.


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Painting Roof to Reflect Sun?Does anyone know of any paint-on materials we can put on our black shingle roof to make it reflect the sun?


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Will TSP Damage Shingles?I need to wash my aluminum siding with TSP before painting. Does anyone know if this will fade or damage dark colored shingles?


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Detecting Entry Source Of Ceiling Leak?I have a wall across the washroom which has leaked since it was done. It only leaks when it rains. The leak occurs between a window on the north wall and the outside back door. I need to try to find where the water is coming in from. There is some flashing at the top of the wall outside that I suspect might be the source.



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Cleaning Moss Off a Roof?How long do you allow the bleach solution to soak into the roof moss? Do you rinse with water afterwards?


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Using Tide to Remove Moss on Roof?I have a three tab asphalt composition shingle roof. If I use Tide with bleach and spread it by hand all over my roof, I understand it will damage my roof. However, how long will it take a week, month, year, or one to four days to get rid of the moss?


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Putting Dolomite Lime on Roof?Does sprinkling dolomite lime hurt a composition roof?


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Home Repairs for Low Income Families?We need a new roof asap. My house insurance canceled us because we need a new roof. We are having financial difficulties; we are raising our grandchildren and funds are just not there.


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Free Roof Replacement for Our House?Is there any one or place we can go to get help replacing our roof? We have very low income and my son has medical problems.


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Removing Moss from Asphalt Shingle Roof?Where can you find zinc sulphite? Is it readily available at any hardware store or a custom store/order item?


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