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A painting a wood table using a roller.

Painting Over Varnish Without SandingIt is often recommend that you sand any surface thoroughly prior to painting it. Painting over varnish without sanding is not a best practice but it can be done.


Ladder leaning against a gutter

Leaning a Ladder Against a Roof...This is a page about leaning a ladder against a roof without crushing gutters. When you need to make repairs or clean gutters, your ladder needs to lean on the house often against the gutters.


A man performing roof repairs.

Getting Financial Assistance for Roof...When your roof is starting to fail it is important to get it fixed as soon as possible. This page is about getting financial assistance for roof repairs.


gravel driveway

Inexpensive Alternatives to Paving a Driveway?This page is about inexpensive alternatives to paving a driveway. Paving a driveway can cost more than you can afford.


Make Steps From Cinder Blocks

Making Steps with Cinder BlocksThis page is about making steps with cinder blocks. Whether making temporary or permanent steps, cinder block can be a useful building material.


A kitchen with oak cabinets.

Paint Color Advice for a Kitchen With Oak CabinetsThe finish on your kitchen cabinets plays a role in the choice of wall paint colors. This is a page about paint color advice for a kitchen with oak cabinets.


Ice Maker Arm

Ice Maker Arm is StuckThis is a page about fixing am ice maker arm that is stuck. Automatic ice makers in your freezer are a great convenience. However, if they get stuck releasing ice cubes it can be difficult to fix.


Man in a wheelchair on the top of home access ramp

Assistance for Building a Wheelchair Ramp for Low Income Homeowner?This is a page about getting assistance for building a wheelchair ramp for low income homeowner. If you or a loved one are low income and in need of a wheelchair ramp, here are some places to contact for assistance.


Faucet running in a kitchen that uses well water.

Removing Sulfur Smell from a Well Water System?Well water can be the best water you have ever tasted, but sometimes it can have a strong, unpleasant sulfur odor. This is a page about removing sulfur smell from a well water system.


Building an Awning

Building an AwningMaking an awning can help protect a deck, window or doorway from sun and weather. This page is about building an awning.


Painting Walls

Painting Walls in a Mobile HomeMobile homes, especially older ones, have walls that are not the traditional drywall construction found in stick built houses. This is a page about painting walls in a mobile home.


Brown leather sofa with throw pillows.

Curtain Color Advice for Dark Brown Furniture?It can be challenging to decide what color curtains to get to go with your living room furniture. This page contains curtain color advice for dark brown furniture.




Painting Over Contact PaperThis is a page about painting over contact paper. Sometimes it is more tempting to paint over contact paper than try to remove it.


Man paining cabinets white

Refinishing Laminate CabinetsThis is a page about refinishing laminate cabinets. Some special preparation may be needed to refinish your laminate cabinets; but it can be done.


Well water running a in a sink.

Removing Rust from Well Water?Well water can contain rust. Not only does rust in your water make the water reddish, unappetizing, and possibly bad tasting it can also stain laundry and other items. This is a page about removing rust from well water.


Old fashioned kitchen with white laminate cabinets and white Formica Counters

Transforming Old Formica CountertopsThis is a page about transforming old Formica countertops. After years of use Formica countertops can become dull and worn.


Kitchen With Cherry Cabinets

Paint Color Advice for a Kitchen With Cherry...This is a page about kitchen paint advice with cherry cabinets. Choosing the right wall paint color with dark wood cabinets can make a big difference in the look of your kitchen.


white vinegar

Is Vinegar Harmful to Septic Tanks?There are many household cleaners that are hard on septic tanks. In this page, discover if vinegar is harmful to septic tanks.


Beige walls and green curtains.

Curtain Color Advice to Complement Beige Walls?Beige walls allow for a wide variety of curtain color choices that will complement it. This is a page about curtain color advice to complement beige walls.


digital watch

Tracking Down a Continuous Beeping Sound in House?Is something beeping in your house but you don't know what it is? The chirping could be coming from a watch, a fire detector or carbon monoxide alarm. This page helps you track down and stop the continuous beeping.


Skylight light with mini blinds.

Adding Shades to a Skylight?This is a page about adding shades to a skylight. Adding shades will help cut down on the light and heat that at times are a downside of having skylights.


Bar of Soap Stuck in a Toilet

Bar of Soap Stuck in Toilet?This page is about bar of soap stuck in toilet. A soap bar is an immediate obstruction to your plumbing when it accidentally is flushed in the toilet.


boy looking over the edge of an aboveground pool

Household Chemicals for Pool MaintenanceThis is a page about household chemicals for pool maintenance. With proper testing, you can safely maintain your pool water pH balance using generic household chemicals.


A rug sitting on a wood floor.

Keeping Rugs From SlippingRoaming area or throw rugs can be annoying. Keeping them from slipping can be tricky depending on the surface they are on. This is a page about keeping rugs from slipping.


Bathroom tub enclosure with a tile wall covered with contact paper.

Putting Contact Paper Over Wall Tile in a Bathroom?This is a page about putting contact paper over wall tile in a bathroom. Covering ugly ceramic wall tile has been done with good quality contact paper. Some people have had success with painting the tile instead.


Safe Toilet Paper for Septic Tanks

Toilet Paper Advice for Septic TanksSeptic tanks function better when you select a toilet paper that is safe for use in, or especially made for use with a septic system. This is a page containing toilet paper advice for septic tanks.


Keeping Animals From Going Under a Mobile Home

Keeping Animals From Going Under a Mobile Home?This page is about keeping animals from going under a mobile home. Mobile home skirting sometimes isn't enough to keep critters from going underneath your home.



Photo of a window made more private using contact paper.

Making a Window More PrivateWhen you don't want to lose the daylight coming through your window, there are ways to retain your privacy. This page is about making a window more private.


Photo of a shower and bathtub.

Keeping Hair Out of Your Shower DrainThis page is about keeping hair out of your shower drain. Finding a good way to keep hair from going down the drain is important.


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Discounted Paint at LowesWhenever I visit my local Lowes home improvement store, I check out the discounted paint rack. These are 1 gallon and 5 gallon pails of tinted paint that someone did not purchase.


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Color Advice for Exterior Light Fixtures?How do I choose what color exterior wall light should be used for an all white house? Do I use brass, white, pewter, silver, etc. The door is also white. Should the door locks match the light?


A man sitting on a red futon.

Keeping Futon from SlippingThis is a page about keeping futon from slipping. You are not alone if your futon mattress keeps sliding down on the frame.


contact paper shapes being applied to small window

Privacy Window Using Contact PaperYou can create a sense of privacy without adding shades or curtains to a window. Get a frosted glass look using contact paper. It is an inexpensive way to create a privacy window in a bathroom or any other window you would like some privacy but not loss of light.


Picture of an ashamed cat.

Pet Urine Stains on Sub-flooringThis page is about pet urine stains on sub-flooring. When replacing flooring you may find problems with the sub-floor.


Home Decor Shop

Name Ideas for a Home Decor BusinessFinding the right name for your decorating business is essential to your business identity. The name should impart your sense of style and how you would like patrons to remember your home decor business.


Nice bathroom with a glass shower door.

Adding Etching to a Glass Shower DoorThis page is about adding etching to a glass shower door. A hard water damaged glass shower enclosure may not have to be replaced by adding some etching.


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How Many Amps Can a 20 Amp Circuit Handle?I was wondering actually how many amps can a 20 amp circuit breaker hold before it pops? I have an amp meter on it and it says 19.8. Somebody told me they can actually hold up to 21 amps?


Modern scandinavian living room with grey sofa

Carpet Color to Coordinate With a Grey Couch?Frequently you decide to change your carpet after you have already purchased a couch. Finding just the right coordinating color is fun and occasionally frustrating. This is a page about carpet color to coordinate with a grey couch.


A roll of carpet with a raw edge.

Finishing Raw Carpet EdgesCarpet remnants can be used to make throw rugs. Finishing the edges can be done at a carpet shop or you can try some of the suggestions in this page to do it yourself. This is a page about finishing raw carpet edges.


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Allergic Reactions to New Carpet?We need new wall to wall carpeting installed through our entire house, living room and 3 bedrooms. I've read that new manufactured carpets contain chemicals. Has any one ever had an allergic reaction to new carpeting? When would be the best time of year to have this work done?


Choosing a Kitchen Sink Color

Choosing a Kitchen Sink ColorThis is a page about choosing a kitchen sink color. Choosing a sink color if you do not wish to use traditional white, will depend on the colors already chosen for your kitchen.


Hand cleaning leaves out of rain gutters 2

Cleaning Gutters and DownspoutsThis page is about cleaning gutters and downspouts. Dirty gutters can cause improper drainage that can flood basements and ultimately cost you a lot of time and money. Knowing how to safely clean out your gutters and downspouts is an important skill to have.



oil lamp on white background

Using Olive Oil as Fuel for Oil LampsThis is a page about using olive oil as fuel for oil lamps. Olive oil has low volatility and generates less smoke and less soot than most other oils.


Discontinued Imperial Wallpaper

Discontinued Imperial Wallpaper?This is a page about discontinued Imperial wallpaper. Trying to find discontinued wallpaper can be a challenge, but if you are a roll short or the wallpaper in your home has been damaged, it is necessary.


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Chemical Odor from New AC/Heat Pump Makes Me Ill?I have bug spray like smell coming out of a brand new AC heat pump system, through new ductwork. I never use any poisons in the house or attic. What is the culprit in my system? It causes my head to spin and my heart races as soon as heat, cool, or fan comes on.


Man sanding kitchen cabinet door

Refacing Kitchen CabinetsThis is a page about refacing kitchen cabinets. A less expensive way to update your kitchen may be to reface your cabinets rather than replace them.


Hand refinishing wood table.

Can Vegetable Oil Be Used to Restore a Wood Table?This is a page about vegetable oil to restore a wooden table. While it may seem like any type of oil could be used to restore wood furniture, that is not entirely true. Vegetable oil can go rancid over time, causing an unpleasant odor, in addition to creating a sticky finish on your furniture. Mineral oil and baby oil are better suggestions, if you don't want to purchase furniture oil.


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Blocking The Sun From Coming In My Windows?I have 3 large kitchen windows with closed mini blinds that don't stop the sun's heat. Any temporary fix suggestions?


Jar of yeast spilling out onto cap.

Can I Use Yeast in My Septic Tanks?The bacteria in yeast is considered a good additive for septic systems. This is a page about, "Can I use yeast in my septic tanks?.


Graham & Brown Wallpaper

Finding Discontinued Graham & Brown Wallpaper?This is a page about finding discontinued Graham and Brown wallpaper. Finding some additional wallpaper to complete a room or make repairs can be very difficult if the pattern has been discontinued.


A jar of baking soda.

Using Baking Soda in a Swimming Pool?This is a page about using baking soda in a swimming pool. Some pool owners look for alternatives to chlorine for keeping their pool clean.


Popcorn Ceiling

Determining If a Popcorn Ceiling Has Asbestos?This page is about determining if a popcorn ceiling has asbestos. In the 50s and 60s popcorn ceilings were typical in many homes and often contained asbestos to help insulate, sound proof, and because it is resistant to fire.


clothes dryer

Venting Your Dryer InsideThis page is about venting your dryer inside. Additional heat and moisture will be added to your home if your dryer is not vented outside.


Bathroom with Off White Tile.

Paint Color Advice for Bathroom with Off White Tile?This is a page about paint color advice for bathroom with off white tile. Choosing a paint color for a bathroom with off white tile is still dependent on considerations such as your color preferences, size of the room, and fixture color.


Discontinued Laura Ashley Wallpaper

Discontinued Laura Ashley Wallpaper?This is a page about discontinued Laura Ashley wallpaper. Trying to find wallpaper that is no longer in the stores can be a challenge. If you are a roll short or the wallpaper in your home has been damaged, sometimes it is necessary.


Row of holiday trailers in a park.

Cleaning Aluminum Siding?This is a page about cleaning aluminum siding. Aluminum siding is a very durable and low maintenance siding solution. To keep your siding looking great, it does need periodic cleaning.


A close up of a window air conditioner.

Installing a Window Air ConditionerThis is a page about installing a window air conditioner. Summer has arrived and the temperature is rising. If your house is too warm inside it can be unpleasant during the day and difficult to sleep comfortably at night.


Vertical Blinds

Changing the Color of Vertical Blinds?If you are tired of the color of your vertical blinds, but can't afford to replace them consider changing the color. This is a page about changing the color of vertical blinds.


Painting Bathroom

Paint Colors for Bathroom with Harvest Gold FixturesRedecorating a home with vintage bathroom fixtures can be a challenge, as the dated color of the fixtures may not fit into your vision of the room using today's paint color palette. This is a page about paint colors for a bathroom with harvest gold fixtures.


Paint Color Advice for a Kitchen With Green...This is a page about paint color advice for a kitchen with green countertops. Countertops with distinct colors have a great effect on your choice of wall paint colors that will complement rather than clash.


Sealing a Painted Deck

Sealing a Painted Deck?This is a page about sealing a painted deck. Sealing a painted deck will help the paint last longer and extend the life of your deck.


Water Damaged Wood Furniture in Flooded Room

Repairing Water Damaged Wood...This is a page about repairing water damaged wood furniture. Furniture that has been water damaged can be difficult to repair.


Painting Over Smoke Stained Walls

Painting Over Smoke Stained Walls This is a page about painting over smoke stained walls. Painting walls stained with nicotine from smoking can be frustrating because it tends to bleed through the paint.



Homemade Humidifier TreatmentsThis page contains homemade humidifier treatments. It's good to keep the water in your humidifier smelling fresh.


Couple Wallpapering

Wallpaper Will Not Stick to Walls?This is a page about wallpaper will not stick to walls. Determining why your paper is not sticking to the wall can be a challenge.


rock hide a key

Making a Pill Bottle Hide-a-KeyThis is a page about making a pill bottle hide-a-key. It is easy to have a weather proof hidden key outside your home to make sure you can always get inside.


kitchen drawers

Drawer and Shelf Liner IdeasThis is a page about drawer and shelf liner ideas. There are many products that can be used to line drawers and shelves, in addition to those sold for this purpose.


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Keeping Slipcovers on Sofa?I recently put slip covers on my sofas. How do I keep them from slipping or getting messy after sitting on the sofas? It's a pain to adjust them every time someone sits on them.


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Cleaning Geothermal Home Heating System?I have an open loop geothermal heating system. It was supposed to have an "acid flush/wash" a year ago.


Two paint brushes one tinted blue.

Painting Over VarnishPreparing a varnished wood surface properly before painting is important. This page is about painting over varnish.


Empty lobby with vinyl tile floor

Removing Vinyl TilesThis is a page about removing vinyl tiles. During a home remodel you may want to remove the old worn vinyl tile flooring.


Old desk updated with new bright paint.

Updating Out of Style FurnitureThis is a page about updating out of style furniture. Older furniture can begin to look dated, because of style, finish, color, etc. Buying new can be very costly, however, there are a number of ways you can update your existing furniture.


Building a Fence, Six Foot Tall Cedar Fence with Blue Sky in the Background

Building a FenceThis is a page about building a fence. Whether you are replacing an older broken fence or adding fencing to your property, it is important to build a sturdy yet attractive fence. It is a big job but worth the time and effort to do it right.


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Painting with a Foam Roller?Do the small foam paint rollers work well, for painting smooth surfaces, like kitchen cabinets? Years ago, I used a foam paint roller and it created many, many small bubbles on the paint surface. I will be using latex paint.


Painting Cinder Block Walls

Painting Cinder Block WallsThis is a page about painting cinder block walls. Cinder blocks are a rather porous material and may require some special steps when painting, for best results.


Wood Preservative

Removing Wood Preservative Odor?This is a page about removing wood preservative odor. The chemicals used to treat wood often emit lingering odors which can be irritating if not dangerous.


A woman looking concerned at a glass of water.

Removing Rotten Egg Smell from Household Water?This is a page about removing rotten egg smell from household water. A strong suffer smell can make using some well water unpleasant.


Man painting kitchen cabinents

Kitchen Cabinet Paint Color AdviceThis is a page about kitchen cabinet paint color advice. You have decided not to replace the cabinets, but rather to paint them to coordinate with your kitchen remodel. Choosing the right color is your next decision.


Water on Deck

Homemade Deck Cleaner RecipesOne of the most important steps to keeping a deck from rotting is to clean it with deck cleaner once a year. To save money on deck cleaner make your own. This page contains deck cleaner recipes.


Brick house surrounded with scaffolding.

How to Get Free Building Materials From Building SitesBuilding and demolition sites are good candidates for finding free materials. Be sure to check with the contractor or site manager before removing anything. Usually they are happy to let you have what you need. This is a page about how to get free building materials from building sites.


slate stairs

Repairing Slate StepsThis is a page about repairing slate steps. A building stone that easily splits into smooth, flat pieces. Slate can be brittle, and may sometimes chip, when it's not protected.


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Ideas for Hanging a Vintage Unframed Mirror?I have a vintage, heart shaped, beveled mirror with no frame and no way to hang it. It has 3 shelves and is at least 5 pounds. I've called hardware stores and glass stores and no one has an idea what is the safest and best way to hang it.


Remodeled Mobile Home

Remodeling A Mobile HomeThis is a page about remodeling a mobile home. Remodeling a mobile home is not the same as working on a stick built house, but still maybe the better alternative to buying a new home.


Bedding Coordinated with Walls

Coordinating Bedding with Walls?This page is about coordinating bedding with walls. Depending on the color paint on your bedroom walls, you can choice sheets, pillows and blankets that make your room look best.


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Patching Hole Left From Removal of Ceiling Light?We moved a ceiling light in our Dining room because it was off centered. How do I patch the existing hole in the ceiling.


Photo of a house with vinyl siding.

Removing Paint Stains From Vinyl SidingThis is a page about removing paint stains from vinyl siding. Paint can drip on your vinyl siding when you are repainting the trim.


A bathroom with ceramic tile.

Making Ceramic Tile Less Slippery?This page is about making ceramic tiles less slippery. As beautiful as tile floors can be, the smooth surface can be slick.


Sunlight coming through sheer curtains.

Dyeing Sheer Curtains a Different ColorSheer curtains are often made from polyester fabric which is unfortunately not the best type of fabric for dyeing. Do some research to see if there is a specialty dye that would work. This is a page about dyeing sheer curtains a different color.


Close up image of an old fashioned dresser drawer

Dresser Drawers Stuck ClosedThis page is about dresser drawers stuck closed. When a chest of drawers do not open, there are a few things you can try to get the drawers to move freely.


Testing Pool PH

Homemade Pool Stabilizer?Some common household chemicals can be used for pool maintenance. Be sure to do your testing and add the proper amounts to keep your water safe. This is a page about homemade pool stabilizer.


Painting a Refrigerator

Painting a RefrigeratorSometimes remodeling involves changing the color of your refrigerator. This page is about painting a refrigerator.


Light Switch

Repairing a Light Switch?This is a page about repairing a light switch. Sometimes when a light doesn't turn on it isn't just a a burned out bulb. Use these handy tips for troubleshooting and fixing your broken light switch.


painting a countertop

Painting a Laminate Counter TopPainting your old laminate countertops gives your kitchen a brand new look without the expense of buying new countertops! Look below for first hand experience and step by step instructions for painting laminate countertops.


Pile of wood, screws, nails, and a saw

Finding Free Building MaterialsThis is a page about finding free building materials. One way to cut home repair or remodel costs is to find a source for free building materials.


Removing Moss from Asphalt Roof Tiles

Removing Moss from Asphalt Roof TilesAsphalt or composite roof tiles can easily get moss growing between them. This is a page about removing moss from asphalt roof tiles.


painted formica countertops

Painting a Formica CountertopThis is a page about painting a Formica countertop. Painting your old, outdated Formica countertops is a great way to update your kitchen.


Closed blinds on a hot summer day.

Insulating Windows Against Summer Heat?Windows can allow the summer sun to heat up your home. There are several products that you can try to help insulate them, from pane coverings to drapes. This is a page about insulating windows against summer heat.


Trailers in Summer Sun

Keeping a Trailer Cool in Summer?Hot summer days can make a trailer unbearably hot very easily. This is a page about keeping a trailer cool in summer.


Plastic Buckets stacked on shelf in store

Separating Plastic BucketsThis is a page about separating plastic buckets. It is very frustrating when those plastic buckets you have been collecting get stuck inside one another.


Light colored drapes.

Removing Wrinkles from Curtains and DrapesIt is disappointing to open the packaging containing your new curtains to find them creased and wrinkled. Not all drapes can be washed and dried to remove the wrinkles. This is a page about removing wrinkles from curtains and drapes.


Butterscotch colored sofa.

Paint Color to Coordinate with Butterscotch Colored Furniture?If you have a tan, dark yellow or butterscotch furniture, it can be difficult to find a complementary color for the paint. This is a page about paint color to coordinate with butterscotch colored furniture.


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A feng shui display for a window.

Feng Shui Decorating IdeasFeng shui is an ancient Chinese practice for arranging items in a harmonious way, also called geomancy. Feng shui is directly translated as wind/water. It is believed that properly placed items will increase the chi or qi, which translates into life force energy.


Wood Deck

Refinishing a Wood DeckThis is a page about refinishing a wood deck. Time and weather take their toll on wood decks.


Using Natures Own For Decorations, While Going Green - mini pumpkin gourd, pinecones, apples, greenery and a candle

Using Natures Own For Decorations, While Going GreenI love creating decorations from items that are free! Not only is it free, it smells nice, adds earthy freshness, and can be changed out and composted, eaten, or dried for arrangements. With apples from the tree, pine cones, and my favorite magnolia leaves, all of earth's freshness, can go back to the earth.


Refinishing a Deck - collage of the project

Refinishing a DeckOur deck was built 11 years ago and was in desperate need of refinishing. It was covered in mold and mildew, which made it unsightly and very slippery in our rainy weather. We enlisted the help of our kids and were able to get it done fairly quickly. Now have a beautiful deck again!


wood look vinyl flooring

Installing Self-Stick Tiles Over Ceramic TilesThis is a page about installing self-stick tiles over ceramic tiles. Self stick tiles are easy to install. Assessing and preparing the surface prior to installation is important for a successful outcome.


Outdoor Bench Made Easy - bench in garden near fence

Building an Easy Wooden Outdoor BenchFamiliarity with power tools, some cedar lumber, and time are all that is needed to make this nice seating addition for your garden. This is a page about building an easy outdoor bench.


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Cleaning Paint Rollers Video

Cleaning Paint RollersA nice instructional video about removing paint from brushes and rollers from a professional painter. Includes ideas for removing paint from both brushes and rollers.


Pill Bottle Hide-a-KeyIf you are looking for a way to hide a key outside, a pill bottle makes a great weather-proof container.


Plumbing Basics: Fixing a Leaky Faucet

Plumbing Basics: Fixing a Leaky FaucetThis video explains how to fix a leaky faucet, in a simple step by step format.


Installing a Cat DoorInstalling a cat door is an easy home improvement project.


Solution to Sliding Furniture

Stopping Furniture from Sliding BackwardsThis video shows you a quick and easy way to prevent furniture from sliding backwards on hardwood floor. View


Finished Corner Shelf

Building Corner ShelvesDo you have a small corner space in your home that you have trouble making use of? Making some custom fit shelves for the area can be a great functional solution.


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Protecting the end of your faucet.

Protecting Your Sink FaucetThere are lots of ways to help keep your kitchen sink looking new. Here's one more.


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Must-have Tools for Cleaning GuttersThe arrival of the fall season brings many wonderful things like the changing of the leaves, an opportunity to wear scarves and sweaters, and pumpkin spice everything. It also means those leaves are falling off the trees and right into the gutters on your house.


Water Leak Detectors

Water Leak DetectorsInexpensive water leak detectors can save you a lot of money and trouble by alerting you to small household leaks before they become a major problem.


Purple and pink tulips in a bicycle basket decoration.

Tulip DecorationBicycle and tulips purchased separately last year after spring at great discounts.


A Home Depot rental van.

My Home Depot Van Rental ExperienceDo you need to move something quickly? Or purchase something nearby and need to get it home? Home Depot is really convenient and there is no purchase necessary so you can walk into Home Depot and rent.


Paint Color Paint swatches taped to a wall. Tips

Paint Color Selection TipsI read on a Facebook group I belong to that it is not necessary to purchase sample-sized cans of paint, or to order the peel-and-stick 12 inch x 12 inch sheets. What the poster did was to get several cards with the paint chip colors she wanted and to tape the same color chips together.


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A grey sink next to a white drawer.

Sink Color With White Cabinets?Painting our cabinets white and have white with gray veining in the countertops. Stainless appliances. White subway tile backsplash. What color sink should we use? This gray, white or stainless?


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Using Paste on Pre-pasted Wallpaper?I am putting pre-pasted wallpaper on a ceiling. Can I use paste in addition to the pre-pasted wallpaper for extra adhesion?


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Using Clorox Tablets In Pool?Can you use Clorox toilet tablets in your swimming pool?


A living room with sofa an dtwo chairs.

Modern Midcentury Tropical Living Room Advice?Please suggest a color for curtains. Stairwell is going to be black metal modern with cable. Room divider (not up yet) is brown /wood/geometric/ modern slats (between dining room and living room). Walls 16 feet high. Walls pure white. Teal/turquoise rug - see picture (hasn't arrived yet) will be overlapped on existing rug. Should I paint window sills black to match stairs and chimney to give contrast to window area? OR Should I choose a different color curtain other than white?


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What Solar Panel Is Best?I want to convert my house to solar panels. I received a very huge amount of PESCO bills. Now, I decided to convert my house to solar energy systems.


A brown couch with black and white throw pillows.

What Colour Throw Pillows For These Sofas?Hello, could you please suggest colours for throw pillows for these sofas?


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