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This page contains tips and money saving advice on a variety of miscellaneous home improvement topics.



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Make Steps From Cinder Blocks

Making Steps with Cinder BlocksThis page is about making steps with cinder blocks. Whether making temporary or permanent steps, cinder block can be a useful building material.


Well water running a in a sink.

Removing Rust from Well Water?Well water can contain rust. Not only does rust in your water make the water reddish, unappetizing, and possibly bad tasting it can also stain laundry and other items. This is a page about removing rust from well water.


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Add Sheen Back To Vinyl SidingFor homes that have vinyl cladding that has lost it's lustre and looks tired: Wash down with warm soap and water then spray (cans) with tyre sheen or similar product. It's surprisingly cheap to do and it brings it back to life.


White Comforter

Refilling a Comforter?This is a page about refilling a comforter. If the fabric on your comforter is still in good shape, but the filling is getting lumpy, try refilling it.



Homemade Humidifier TreatmentsThis page contains homemade humidifier treatments. It's good to keep the water in your humidifier smelling fresh.


Plastic Buckets stacked on shelf in store

Separating Plastic BucketsThis is a page about separating plastic buckets. It is very frustrating when those plastic buckets you have been collecting get stuck inside one another.



Uses for SandpaperThis is a page about uses for sandpaper. Sandpaper comes in a variety of types for all sorts of uses. Whether you are sanding down a piece of wood or polishing some metal, choosing the right kind will help you get the job done right.


Laundry Room Table

Making a Laundry Room TableThis page is about making a laundry room table. Having extra space for folding laundry and storing supplies is always helpful.


Driveway Pavers

Sealing Driveway Pavers?This is a page about sealing driveway pavers. Although you don't need to seal your driveway pavers, this treatment may help extend the life of the paving material by resisting moisture absorption and erosion.



A mom flying her child above her on a bed.

Raising Your BedMany beds are shorter than the optimum height. You can easily raise them with store bought risers but you can also construct something or just use items you already have at home


A ramp for wheelchair access.

Building a Lightweight Wheelchair Ramp?A wheelchair ramp should be sturdy for numerous reasons. Making one that is lightweight as well can helpful if the ramp must be moved often.


Installing a Baby Gate for a Wide Archway - attach gate hardware to wall and shelf

Installing a Baby Gate for a Wide ArchwayIf the room opening you are trying to span with a baby gate exceeds the maximum width of the gate, get creative. This is a page about installing a baby gate for a wide archway.


Cinderblock Mailbox Support

Cinderblock Mailbox SupportOur mailbox came out of the ground one summer evening. Instead of putting it back, I decided to put it within two cinder blocks. It has worked out really well. There is room for packages on the side or a pretty potted flower.


Stairway remodeled

Finishing an Unfinished StairwayThis is a page about finishing an unfinished stairway. Finishing an unfinished stairway can greatly improve the appearance of your home.


Man Taking Out Recycling

Reducing Household GarbageThis is a page about reducing household garbage. Recycling what you can and composting food and garden waste, can help reduce what you send to the landfill.


A man painting shelves.

Decorating ShelvesThis is a page about decorating shelves. Sometimes new decor additions can revive and personalize some older shelving.


Permanent Marker

Uses for Permanent MarkersThis is a page about uses for permanent markers. Besides marking many things, these pens can be helpful in a variety of ways.


Screened Porch

Winterizing a Screened Porch?This is a page about winterizing a screened porch. There are ready-made panels you can buy, or you can can make winterizing your screened porch a DIY project.


Family Eating Dinner on Table with Linen

Saving Money on Table LinenThis is a page about saving money on table linen. Having a easy care, well set dining table doesn't have to cost much.


Roll of Plastic Wrap

Uses for Plastic WrapThis page is about using plastic wrap. There are a variety of ways that food wrap can be useful around the house besides covering food.


Man Using Telephone

Telephone Tips and TricksThis page contains telephone tips and tricks. Phones can suffer some abuse and do get dirty. There are ways to help keep it functioning well for your household.


A man replacing a ceiling tile.

Using Suspended Ceiling TilesThis page is about using suspended ceiling tiles. Finding a solution for ugly drop ceiling panels that doesn't cost a fortune, can be a remodeling challenge.


Blue microfiber cleaning rag.

Uses for Microfiber ClothsThis page contains uses for microfiber cloths. These cleaning cloths can be helpful for a variety of things around the house.



Energy Saving Tips for Using DehumidifiersThis page contains energy saving tips for using dehumidifiers. When removing excess moisture from your inside air, it helps you save to get the most efficiency from your appliance.



Keeping Sheets on the Bed

Keeping Sheets on the BedThis page is about keeping sheets on the bed. Depending on the mattress and the kind of sheets, it can be a challenge to keep the bedding together.


Two Men Moving Sofa

Moving FurnitureThis is a page about moving furniture. Moving furniture safely, for you and your floors, is often a daunting undertaking.


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Removing Paint from a Interior Window?Some years back I painted an internal window for privacy reasons and now I want to take the paint off. Is there a simple economical way of doing this please?


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Removing Tannins from Well Water?We are selling our house. Currently, we have tannins in our well water causing the water to be yellow. How can I make the toilet water clear?


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Contact Manufacturer For AssistanceI had the 1960's Betty Crocker loose leaf cook book. My son asked for a recipe and I pulled out the book, only to find the page missing. I looked on the Betty Crocker Internet site and it wasn't there, so I wrote to Betty Crocker.


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How Do You Remove a Smoke Stain from Aluminum Siding Overhang?How do you remove a smoke stain from aluminum siding over hang?


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Roof Heating Cables?I have recently installed heat cables on the roof of my house, now what? When do you turn them on or off? What are the guidelines? Thanks in advance.


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Use A Hair Dryer To Remove Contact Paper From ShelvesWhile cleaning out my pots and pans cabinet last week, I noticed that the contact paper was looking loose at the edges. I decided that I was going to pull it up and replace it. Well, the bottom shelf of the cabinet came out fine. However, the upper shelf did not.


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Diverting Water Going Through Yard?We live on a high hill and water is washing sand (in the woods) onto our driveway that winds down to the street (steep hill, steep driveway). We have one person think it is rainwater runoff and another saying it could possibly be an underground spring (which we know we have anyway).


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How Do I Install a Ceiling Fan?How do I install a ceiling fan?


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Advice For Moving a House?We have been looking a home that is being sold to move from its location. This home is in good condition but will be demolished because of new development going up. We have property and a pad ready. I would like to hear from folks who have had an entire house (not mobile home or manufactured home) moved onto their property and what to look for. We don't know anyone else who has done this so we have no idea.


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Replacing Leather Covered Cabinets?I bought a house and it has leather covered kitchen cabinets. Have you heard of this and are they easy to replace?


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Garage Door Won't Close?I have a Sears garage door opener that has elected to begin reversing for no apparent reason. It only runs down about a foot and reverses with the door disconnected and even with the chain OFF the drive sprocket. 1 foot and reverse. I have the obstruction lights taped eye to eye with the amber and green lights both lit. Still 1 foot and reverse.


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Electrical Wiring Problems?Here's the scenario. We have been in our home about 4 months. Newly built. It has gfci circuits throughout the home. The issue I have is in at least three of the rooms, when the television, vacuum, or iron is turned on the lights dim for like a half second or so. I can handle when the ac/heat kicks on it draws more power/amps. but an iron? We had and electrical contractor for the builder come out. He said it's normal, nothing he can do? What gives? Do they need a bigger breaker, etc? I had the power company come check outside, (of course theres no problem there.) Any input would be greatly appreciated. thanks a million. d in TX


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Counter Top Refinishing?We are trying to update our home on a budget. The kitchen has white counter tops, but a green edge around it. I am trying to get rid of the green in my kitchen. I can not afford to have it professional done. Does anybody have any ideas on how I can change the color myself? Linda from Texas



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Frugal Tree Removal?Hi there, we have 6 to 8 giant evergreen trees that are dropping more and more debris on our house as they get bigger. It's pretty bad when it is windy. We are going to have to hire someone to cut them down. Anyone have any tips for going about doing this. Is their an inexpensive and safe way to have it done? LS



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Lights Off On Rainmate?What would cause the light off button to not work? Had this Rainmate unit for three weeks and don't want the light on at night?


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Cover Up for Bad Caulking Job?I live in a condo and have an outside balcony with sliding glass doors. The outside area (around the very top of the doors) has about a 6 foot line of "very chunky and thick" yellow caulking running across it. I've already taken the route of asking for help from complex, but to no avail.


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Getting Rid of Moisture Buildup in Closet?I have been away for a week. I came home to find that when I opened my closet, there were little beads of water puddles by the hundreds of the floor. My shoes were not wet. This closet is normally the coldest place in my apartment, even without an air vent. What caused this?


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Can I Add Vinegar to my Humidifier?I want to know if I can put vinegar in the water in my humidifier. Would it be harmful to breath it in? How about for the kids?


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Homemade Anti-bacterial for Wickless Humidifier?What house hold items can be used in the water of my wickless humidifier?


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Preventing a Top Bed Sheet or Blanket from Riding Up?How can you attach a sheet or blanket to the foot of a bed so that it does not ride up? Yes, I have tucked it underneath the mattress and also have used those corner snap things, but it's not working out that great. I need some handy proven to work tips.


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