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This page contains tips and information about home safety. You'll find advice from every day experts about preventing house fires, preparing for disasters, protecting your home, and more.

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flooded carpet

Is Carpet Safe After Being Wet?Broken pipes or flooding can leave your carpet soaked. You may be concerned about its safety if you are unable to get it dry quickly. This is a page about, "Is carpet safe after being wet?".


A walkway with moss growing between the bricks.

Removing Moss Growing on BricksMoss can make brick paths and driveways very slippery. They need to be cleaned for safety. This is a page about removing moss growing on bricks.


rock hide a key

Making a Pill Bottle Hide-a-KeyThis is a page about making a pill bottle hide-a-key. It is easy to have a weather proof hidden key outside your home to make sure you can always get inside.


Smoke Detector

Smoke Detectors Beep When the Temperature Drops?There are a number of factors that can cause that annoying beeping of your smoke detector. This is a page about smoke detectors beep when the temperature drops.


man slipping on ice

Removing Ice on Sidewalks and DrivewaysThis is a page about removing ice on sidewalks and driveways. Ice on sidewalks and driveways can be hazardous.


A person who has fallen on a slippery surface.

Preventing Slippery SidewalksWinter weather can make walkways very slippery. Lots of inexpensive materials can be used to provide traction; like sand, ash or even birdseed.


Secure Your Sliding Door and Windows

Secure Your Sliding Door and WindowsYou can use pieces of wood or PVC pipe cut to fit, to secure the bottom of your sliding door and window frames.


Man working on a sliding glass door.

Sliding Glass Door Safety TipsSliding glass doors can be a safety hazard. One way to keep someone from walking into the closed door is to add decals or other decorations. This page contains sliding glass door safety tips.


Elderly Man Sitting at Table Eating

Preparing Your Home for Elderly GuestsIf you are expecting elderly guests, there are some steps you can take to make their visit safer and thus more enjoyable. This is a page about preparing your home for elderly guests.


Candle Burning Tips

Candle Burning TipsThis is a page about candle burning tips. Candles can provide a lovely ambiance and aroma to your home. Proper use and maintenance will help you to safely get the most out of your candles.


Man Replacing Deadbolt and Door Lock on Door

Replacing Deadbolts and Door LocksThis is a page about replacing deadbolts and door locks. You may have occasion to replace the deadbolts and door locks at your home either because they no longer work properly or for security reasons.


Christmas Tree

Christmas Tree Safety TipsThis is a page about Christmas tree safety tips. Don't let your beautiful Christmas tree be the cause of a holiday fire. There are several precautions you can take to keep your holiday safe.



Candles and Matches

Candle Safety TipsThis is a page about candle safety tips. Candles can help set a mood, add ambiance, and release delightful scents into the air. However, an unwatched candle can be very dangerous.


Popcorn Ceiling

Determining If a Popcorn Ceiling Has Asbestos?This page is about determining if a popcorn ceiling has asbestos. In the 50s and 60s popcorn ceilings were typical in many homes and often contained asbestos to help insulate, sound proof, and because it is resistant to fire.


Icy Steps

Keeping Ice Off Steps and WalkwaysThis is a page about keeping ice off steps and walkways. Icy steps and walkways can be very hazardous.


Smoke Alarm About to go Off

Home Safety TipsThis is a page about home safety. Home should be a place where you feel safe.


Man Servicing Smoke Alarm

Maintaining Your Smoke AlarmThis page is about maintaining your smoke alarm. Smoke alarms can save you and your family from disaster when regularly serviced, but occasionally can be problematic.


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Smoke Alarm Goes Off in Middle of Night? One of my hard-wired smoke alarms goes off in the middle of the night (full screech, not chirping), triggering the others. Before I can get out of bed and identify the culprit, they have screeched two or three times then stopped.


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Will a Silenced Smoke Detector Still Go Off?If my smoke detector is silenced, will it go off?


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Smoke Detector Goes Off When I Walk Past?Why does my body heat make the smoke alarm go off when I go by it? What can I do to keep it from setting it off?


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Why Do My Smoke Detectors Beep When the Heat Comes On?Why do my smoke detectors go off when I turn on heat?


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Can I Use Higher Watt Bulbs Than That Recommended on a Lamp?Just bought 2 table lamps for my living room, but the directions say only use a 60 watt bulb in each lamp which is definitely not a lot of light. Is it okay to use a 75 or 100 watts? I am trying to get some light in my living room.


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Choosing the Right Smoke Alarm?In our house we have ionization smoke alarms, which is too sensitive and goes on whenever I cook in kitchen. This happens even if there is no smoke.


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Keeping the Sidewalks Safe in the SnowFor those of us who live in wintery, snowy states, always remember to keep salt around for icy walks. If someone comes on your property and falls, you will be held liable...


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Wrap Flashlights With Fluorescent TapeYou always seem to forget where you put the flashlight when there's a power outage. A good way to help you find useful items such as these in the dark is to wrap them in fluorescent tape.


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Being Prepared for TornadosWe're under storm warnings (again) today. It's part of our Spring weather where I live, smack in the middle of "Tornado Alley".


Fallen tree on house

Storm Proof Your HomeMany of us are wondering if there's something we can do to better protect our homes from devastating storms. The first step is to listen to authorities and evacuate dangerous areas before the storms arrive. Homes can be replaced; families cannot.


Shoveling deep snow

Be Prepared For Winter WeatherHere are some things I learned from the Missouri ice storm of 2007 and recent blizzards:


hidden key 3

Pill Bottle Hide-a-KeyIf you are looking for a way to hide a key outside, a pill bottle makes a great weather-proof container. With a rock to disguise the top, you can tuck it into a rock garden or partially bury it to hide it's location.


Slippery Sidewalks

Solutions for Slippery SidewalksWinter weather can quickly make sidewalks and footpaths difficult and dangerous for pedestrians to navigate. Over the years, several effective and economical deicing products have been developed to give us a safer foothold.



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Hard Wired Smoke Detectors Beeping Intermittently?I have 4 hard wired smoke detectors (5 mos. old). Last night they activated and beeped 3-4 times then stopped, then again about 30 min. later beeped one time (temp in house was 70F). My husband checked and there was no smoke or fire.


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Smoke Detector Starts Chirping Below 63 Degrees?Why does my wired in smoke detector begin to chirp when the temperature drops below 63 degrees? There are no batteries. It is hard wired.


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Smoke Alarm Light Not Flashing?The LED light on my smoke alarm does not flash, yet the test button sounds when pressed. A new battery was installed this past April. Is it time for a new alarm?



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Melting Ice on Sidewalk?What are some home remedies I can use to keep my sidewalk thawed? Please, does anyone know of any?


Changing the Battery in a Smoke Alarm - smoke detector on ceiling

Changing the Battery in a Smoke Alarm?My smoke alarm chirps maybe 1-2 times per week. I figure it needs a new battery, but can't figure out how to open it. I looks like a slide out tray, but won't slide and beeps when I try.


Smoke Alarm Completely Dead - alarm mounted on ceiling

Smoke Alarm Completely Dead?I have a problem with one of my smoke alarms and I don't know how to fix it.


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