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kitchen drawers

Drawer and Shelf Liner IdeasThis is a page about drawer and shelf liner ideas. There are many products that can be used to line drawers and shelves, in addition to those sold for this purpose.


Plastic grocery bag

Grocery Bags vs. Garbage Bags?Using plastic grocery bags as trash liners can be cost effective but do they work as well? This is a page about grocery bags vs. garbage bags.


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Soundproofing the Laundry Closet?We have a small open closet in the kitchen where the clothes washing machine is located. I just replaced the old one with a Kenmore. This made a lot of noise. After speaking with the store clerk, she suggested we swap it out for another one of the same model to see if the original was a dud. At the price we paid, the clerk said it should not be making this much noise.


Rusty Bolt

Using Coca Cola for Removing Rusted BoltsThe phosphoric acid in cola drinks will cut through rust and help remove rusted bolts. This is a page about using Coca Cola for removing rusted bolts.


House Gutters

Uses For GuttersThis is a page about uses for gutters. Rain gutters can be purchased for other uses, or you can use up the scraps from a home maintenance project.


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Preventing Rust from Forming on Floor Vents?How can you prevent rust from forming on new floor vent covers?


Dozen egg carton open on white background

Use an Egg Carton for Painting Bolts and ScrewsThis is a page about using an egg carton for painting bolts and screws. If you have reason to paint bolts or screws, pushing them through a paper egg crate makes spray painting them much easier.


A Home Depot rental van.

My Home Depot Van Rental ExperienceDo you need to move something quickly? Or purchase something nearby and need to get it home? Home Depot is really convenient and there is no purchase necessary so you can walk into Home Depot and rent.


A rolled up hammock swing.

Protecting a Hammock Swing from the WeatherI love our hammock swing which we have on our screened in porch. I want it to last a long time. I have a cover to help protect it from rain and night humidity. I made the cover by cutting the bottom off a commercial size trash bag and cut the side to open it up. It gave me a 71 inch by 58 inch piece of plastic.



A guest room with clean bedding.

Guest Room Tips and TricksHaving a guest room is very helpful if you want to encourage out of town guests but it can also be a lot of wasted space in your home. Get the most of your guest room with the tips and tricks in this page.


Round white rug in livingroom.

Shelf Liner for Securing Throw RugsThis is a page about using shelf liner for securing throw rugs. Foam shelf liner can be used to keep rugs from slipping on hard floors.


Desktop with lamp, plant, and pencil holder.

Using Fabric Paint for Slip-ProofingThis is a page about using fabric paint for slip-proofing. Applying dabs of fabric paint to the bottom of certain objects such as desktop pencil holders with keep them from slipping.


A water glass full of water, being compared to a level.

Water Glass as Emergency LevelI use a glass with water instead of a level. It works. I was leveling up a stove and the glass of water, you can visually see how the level of the appliance is. I also can determine the level of how my camper is.


A nail as a cap in a bottle of caulk.

Preventing Caulk from Drying OutPut a nail into the cut edge. This will keep air from coming in and drying the product out.


A woman caulking around a kitchen sink.

Caulking Around a SinkAfter installing your new sink you will want to finish the job by caulking around the sink to prevent water from getting between the sink and the wall or countertop. This is a page about caulking around the sink.


A makeshift shelf for the bathroom counter, covered in contact paper.

Makeshift Shelf IdeasThis is a page about makeshift shelf ideas. Often we need to set up temporary shelves. Using items around the house to assemble them is fast and frugal.


Toes peeking out from underneath bedding.

Keeping Feet Warm in BedThis is a page about keeping feet warm in bed. It's hard to fall asleep or stay asleep when your feet get cold.


Ziploc Bag

Using Ziploc BagsThis is a page about using ziploc bags. There are many ways that ziplock bags can be useful for storage of food, crafts and all kinds of things.


Nice Countertops

Protecting Your CountertopsThis is a page about protecting countertops. Countertops, whether in the kitchen, bath, laundry room or elsewhere can be damaged by routine use.


House in the Dark

Finding Your House in the DarkThis is a page about finding your house in the dark. If there are no street lights in your neighborhood, it can be a challenge to find your home at night. There are ways to make it stand out.


Snow Removal

Snow Removal TipsThis page contains snow removal tips. Keeping your walks and driveway clear of snow can be an ongoing winter challenge.


Driving a Nail

Driving a NailThis is a page about driving a nail. Driving a nail is not always as simple and successful as you would like.


Dressing Up A Blah House

Dressing Up A Blah HouseThe front of our house was so plain looking. We went to the local Menard's and bought shutters for the windows and paint for the foundation.


Drawer Liner

Uses for Drawer LinerThis is a page about uses for drawer liner. Nonskid drawer and shelf liner has many other uses around your home.



Cabinet Door

Keeping Cabinet Doors From Slamming ShutThis is a page about keeping cabinet doors from slamming shut. If banging cabinet doors drive you crazy, there are ways to keep them from slamming and dampen the sound of their closing.


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Removing Venetian Blinds?This is a page about removing venetian blinds. Whether removing them for cleaning or replacement it may not be obvious how to take your blinds down.


Uses for Lattice

Uses for LatticeThis is a page about uses for lattice. Lattice can be used in a variety of home projects and crafts.


Woman Holding Stud Finder to Wall

Finding Studs in a WallThis is a page about finding studs in a wall. When hanging artwork, shelving or anything else on a wall, it will be a lot more stable if you hit the stud. At times, it can be difficult to locate the proper place to drill or nail.


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Keep Chair Leg from Cutting Through Rubber ProtectorThe rubber tips commonly put on kitchen chair and patio furniture legs do a great job of protecting the floor, until the tubular metal within cuts through the tips.


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Put Newspaper Under Rug For InsulationA thick layer of newspaper under a rug keeps the room warmer in winter and the carpet wear longer.


Muddy Shoe StationI combined several ideas there with to create something that overlaps several categories here: home improvement, organization, and pets.


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Use Water Balloon Attachment as Pressure WasherFor an easy way to pressure clean small areas, use the hose attachment that comes with water balloons. It focuses the water into a small area and creates a lot of pressure.


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Make Your Own Pillowtop Mattress and Duvet CoverSeveral years ago, I decided I wanted one of those featherbeds and a feather comforter. Instead of spending all that money, I took two old comforters, washed them up and put one under the fitted sheet on my bed - instant featherbed.


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Use Adjustable Chair for Low WorkDH and I are in our 70's and a few years ago, he went on a remodeling rampage. When he was putting down the ceramic tile in the living room, I suggested he take the task chair from the computer desk and put it on the lowest level.


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Vaseline to Weatherproof ScrewsA handy tip if you are using screws outside for any purpose. Dip the screw point in some Vaseline, or grease before you screw it into the wood, or wall, this will put a kind of weather proof coat over it.


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Cap Caulk Tube With Clipped EndWhen cutting the top off a tube of caulking, save the end piece. When you are finished using the caulking, turn the piece around and insert into the tube hole. You have a perfect cap and no more dried out caulking.


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Use Painter's Tape to Catch Dust When Drilling WallsCatch dust when drilling into wall or tile, by taking a short piece of wide painter's tape and fold in half lengthwise, sticky part out. Place this L-shaped piece a few inches under where the work is to be done.


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Link: Lampsplus.comDon't let the name lead you to believe they only carry lamps! Don't get me wrong, they carry a tremendous variety of lamps, lighting fixtures and Home Decor items! I had this huge gap between to windows in the front of my house, it was awful.


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Using Velcro on Outside SurfacesI saw the tips on using Velcro. I put my house address numbers up on the aluminum pillars on my front porch with Velcro about 6 yrs ago. Still up and holding. I used it also to attach my door bell button to the front of my house on the vinyl siding. It works great.



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Use Spaghetti Instead of a Long MatchIn a pinch for a long match, use a piece of spaghetti. Just light the end. It's great for lighting water heater pilots, etc.


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Do You Have Wet Rot/Dry Rot?Here's a tip for deciding what kind of mold you have: wet rot/dry rot. Ordinary mold leaves white furry deposits or black spots, but wet and dry rot, caused by dampness looks different and is much more serious.


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Look For Clues To The Age Of Your HouseA simple way to find out how old you house is when it was built. Tip Check in the toilet tank, the date inside indicates when the fixture was installed. Chances are that is when the house was built also.


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Increasing Natural Light In My Basement?I am looking for a way in increase natural light at a basement window under a deck. Any ideas?


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Comb Nail HolderUse an old comb to hold nails while you try to get them started. Sure beats hammering your thumb.


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Consider the Return on Your Investment (Home Improvement)We all like saving money and sprucing up our homes to suit our needs and tastes but as a real estate broker, I see homes every day where the current owner did some home improvement which many perspective buyers consider a negative...


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Cutting Nylon RopeAfter cutting nylon rope, heat the edges with a lighter. It will keep the ends from fraying. For hemp rope, take a little duct or electrical tape and wrap around the end.


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Soap As a LubricantA normal bar of soap can work well as a lubricant when applied to metal. Use soap on screws before you screw them into hardwood. You can also use soap to speed up a stubborn zipper.


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Maintaining Your Tape MeasureRunning WD-40 along your metal tape measure will remove the rust and help it to slide more easily.


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Saving the Fingers When HammeringWhen hammering a nail, don't use your fingers to hold it, OUCH! Use the tines of a fork. It works beautifully!


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Inside The House Tool KitUse an old purse to hold the essentials for an inside the house tool kit.


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Coke for RustPour coca-cola on rusty bolts and screws let sit for a few minutes and will be easier to remove!


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Baking Soda for Icy WalksWe live in central Oregon and have lots of icy days. Put baking soda on your steps and walk ways. It gives you traction and is safe for the cement and steps as well as the grounds. By Patricia


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Scratched Glass RemedyRub tooth paste on scratched glass. By Helen Remilong


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Other Uses for the FridgeThe refrigerator isn't just for food! It can help to keep other household items fresh and extend their lives as well. And I'm not talking about your husbands ;)


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Line the Bottom of Your Kitchen's Garbage CanDon't you hate it when you take out the kitchen bin liner to find it's leaked all over the kitchen floor! An easy way to avoid this is to put 2 or 3 sheets of kitchen paper in the bottom of the bin.


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Drilling in the CeilingWhen drilling holes in the ceiling a lot of dust can fall down. If possible, ask a helper to hold the vacuum nozzle near the area you are drilling. If that is not possible you can also use a cheap shallow plastic bowl or the plastic lid from a coffee can to catch the dust.



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Using Shelf Liner Material Inside a Spiked Caster Cup?Will shelf liner cut to fit inside a spiked caster cup protecter to help so that the bed leg won't slip inside the cup. The bed leg is 2 1/2 inches and the caster cup is 3 inches.


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Narrow Measuring Spoons?Has anyone ever used or heard of narrow measuring spoons? They are supposed to eliminate spilling and wasting spices when measuring from narrow mouth jars. Also, does anyone have any tips other than special spoons to prevent the spilling?


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Sanding Tips?Sanding Tips. We have a lot of sanding to do in our basement, any hints on getting it done faster and not having such a mess!


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Slippery Carport?Solutions for a Slippery Carport. I need a solution for a slippery carport. Being in central Louisiana we have lots of humidity and it leaves my carport slab extremely slippery.


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Nailing Sign to Stone Wall?I have a sand stone outside wall with cement between the stones. I need to hang a sign, approximately 36x24 inches to the wall. How do I do it?


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Hammering a Nail or Screwing Into Stone?I would like to hang a wreath outside on my stone chimney. Can anyone tell me what nail or screw would go through stone? I was sold some masonry nails, but they just bounced right off (and onto my now sore thumb).


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