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Modern scandinavian living room with grey sofa

Carpet Color to Coordinate With a Grey Couch?Frequently you decide to change your carpet after you have already purchased a couch. Finding just the right coordinating color is fun and occasionally frustrating. This is a page about carpet color to coordinate with a grey couch.


Vertical Blinds

Changing the Color of Vertical Blinds?If you are tired of the color of your vertical blinds, but can't afford to replace them consider changing the color. This is a page about changing the color of vertical blinds.


A kitchen with oak cabinets.

Paint Color Advice for a Kitchen With Oak CabinetsThe finish on your kitchen cabinets plays a role in the choice of wall paint colors. This is a page about paint color advice for a kitchen with oak cabinets.


Room with Honey Colored Parquet Floors?I'm moving into a new apartment with honey-colored parquet floors and I don't know how to decorate to complement/minimize these floors. Traditionally, I have always had dark wood furniture. Can I somehow decorate to minimize the clash between the two wood tones? Do I need to re-think my furniture (ie: paint it all white or visit Ikea?).


Home Decor Shop

Name Ideas for a Home Decor BusinessFinding the right name for your decorating business is essential to your business identity. The name should impart your sense of style and how you would like patrons to remember your home decor business.


Beige walls and green curtains.

Curtain Color Advice to Complement Beige Walls?Beige walls allow for a wide variety of curtain color choices that will complement it. This is a page about curtain color advice to complement beige walls.


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Septic and Well Pipe Covers?We recently moved the ugly "wishing well" that sat over the normal ugly well pipe that sticks out of the ground. We are looking for new and different ideas to cover this up.


Discontinued Laura Ashley Wallpaper

Discontinued Laura Ashley Wallpaper?This is a page about discontinued Laura Ashley wallpaper. Trying to find wallpaper that is no longer in the stores can be a challenge. If you are a roll short or the wallpaper in your home has been damaged, sometimes it is necessary.


Light colored drapes.

Removing Wrinkles from Curtains and DrapesIt is disappointing to open the packaging containing your new curtains to find them creased and wrinkled. Not all drapes can be washed and dried to remove the wrinkles. This is a page about removing wrinkles from curtains and drapes.


Sunlight coming through sheer curtains.

Dyeing Sheer Curtains a Different ColorSheer curtains are often made from polyester fabric which is unfortunately not the best type of fabric for dyeing. Do some research to see if there is a specialty dye that would work. This is a page about dyeing sheer curtains a different color.


Choosing a Kitchen Sink Color

Choosing a Kitchen Sink ColorThis is a page about choosing a kitchen sink color. Choosing a sink color if you do not wish to use traditional white, will depend on the colors already chosen for your kitchen.


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Paint Color Advice for Kitchen With Hickory Cabinets and Brown Countertops?We are remodeling our kitchen with new natural hickory cabinets and the counter tops are a blackish brown with tan flecks, I have no idea for a wall color. I want it to feel warm and inviting, but also sunny and happy. What colors set off the natural hickory?



Kitchen With Oak Cabinets

Paint Color Advice for Kitchen With Oak CabinetsCabinets cover a significant area of most kitchens. Consequently, when choosing a wall paint color you will want it to coordinate with your cabinets. This is a page about paint color advice for kitchen with oak cabinets.


Man and a woman looking at curtain fabric swatches.

Curtain Color AdviceChoosing just the right color curtains can complete the overall color scheme of your room. This page contains curtain color advice.


Gallon paint cans with several different colors and had holding paint color sample strips

Kitchen Paint Color Advice for Dark Green...This is a page about kitchen paint color advice for dark green counter tops. Choosing a paint color to complement dark green kitchen counter tops can be difficult.


A can of blue paint and a paint brush.

Painting Vertical BlindsRather than buying new blinds, try painting them so that they coordinate with your furniture, accessories, and wall colors. This is a page about painting vertical blinds.


Cultured Marble Counters

Refinishing Cultured Marble Counters?One way to refinish cultured marble countertops is to use the same painting process homeowners use on laminate counters. This is a page about refinishing cultured marble counters.


painted formica countertops

Painting a Formica CountertopThis is a page about painting a Formica countertop. Painting your old, outdated Formica countertops is a great way to update your kitchen.


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Painting a Kitchen with Blue Countertops?In my kitchen the walls are a light yellowish white. The counter tops are a dark blue granite, but the cabinets are white. I am trying to change the wall color. What color would look good?


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Cabinets With Too Much Paint?What can I do to heavily painted kitchen cabinets? They are very large doors. The cabinets have so much paint it's hard to even see the hinges. I will do just about anything to them to save money.


Kitchen With Maple Cabinets

Paint Color Advice for Kitchen With Maple...Cabinets often occupy a significant space in your kitchen. So choosing a paint color that coordinates with your cabinetry is important. This page contains paint color advice for kitchen with maple cabinets.


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Need a Color To Go With Navy Blue and Beige?I want to know what kind of accent color I can use in my Living Room. My carpet is a Navy Blue and the walls are a rag rolled beige tone. My other furniture such as couch and chairs are an off white. I have a navy recliner. My curtains are white sheers with a Beige valance. I need a punch up color that goes with navy and beige. Any ideas? Ginger


Paint color swatches.

Paint Color Advice for Kitchen and an Adjoining...This is a page about paint color advice for kitchen and an adjoining room. Choosing complementary paint colors for adjoining rooms can be difficult.


Sleigh Bed

Choosing Bedding for a Sleigh Bed?This is a page about choosing bedding for a sleigh bed. It can be difficult to use some types of bedding with bed frames that include side rails in addition to the head and foot boards.


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Paint Color Ideas for Kitchen with Black Appliances?I need to paint the kitchen walls. My countertop is the dated orange laminate. I have black appliances with darker wood cabinets and brushed silver/contemporary hardware. What color should I paint?


Burgundy Carpet

Painting Walls to Coordinate With...This is a page about painting walls to coordinate with burgundy carpet. Your carpet color plays an important role in choosing a wall paint color.


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What Colors Go With Sage?I have a cotton sage duvet cover and shams. They are solid sage. I got them cheap and wanted to dress it up a little bit with other colors. What other colors go good with sage on a bed?



A pair of red leather chairs in a white room.

Paint Color to Coordinate with Red FurnitureThis is a page about paint color to coordinate with red furniture. Choosing a paint color that coordinates with your red furnishings can be a challenge.


A window treatment of vertical blinds and curtains.

Hanging Curtains Over Vertical BlindsWhile probably the most practical window treatment solution for large areas such as sliding doors, they are not easy to cover with curtains because of the depth of their valances. This is a page about hanging curtains over vertical blinds.


Painting Bathroom

Paint Colors for Bathroom with Harvest Gold FixturesRedecorating a home with vintage bathroom fixtures can be a challenge, as the dated color of the fixtures may not fit into your vision of the room using today's paint color palette. This is a page about paint colors for a bathroom with harvest gold fixtures.


Window Sheers

Changing the Color of Curtains?This is a page about changing the color of curtains. When your window covering is not the right color, you may be able to dye them or add a liner to get the shade you want.


Paint Color Advice for a Kitchen With Green...This is a page about paint color advice for a kitchen with green countertops. Countertops with distinct colors have a great effect on your choice of wall paint colors that will complement rather than clash.


Installing Roman Shades

Finding Window Hardware for Roman...This is a page about finding window hardware for Roman shades. Finding the proper hardware to hang these distinctive window shades can be a challenge.


Bedroom with patterned valances

Curtain Valance Color Advice?This is a page about curtain valance color advice. Valances can be hung alone or above curtains. Choosing a color that completes your room is fun even if a bit bewildering at times.


Yellow lounge suite.

Ideas to Brighten a Home With Dark Slate Flooring?I live in a split level loft style home and I have been trying to decorate it for 4 years, going on 5 with not much success. The entire home is over 90% slate flooring and the slate is dark, very dark.


Living Room 2 Different Colors

Painting a Living Room 2 Different Colors?This is a page about painting a living room 2 different colors. One way to add a bolder color to your living room decor is to paint an accent wall.


Carpet Colors

Carpet Color Advice?This is a page about carpet color advice. The right color carpet will complement your room's decor.


A woman sweeping a nice wood kitchen floor.

Kitchen Floor Color Advice?This is a page about kitchen floor color advice. Your kitchen floor covers a large area, so choosing the right color is important to the overall look of the room.


Japanese yukata and towel on bedroom in hotel, Tokyo, Japan.

Japanese Themed Bedroom IdeasThis page contains Japanese themed bedroom ideas. From color schemes to decoration ideas, you can find plenty of ideas to start decorating your Japanese themed bedroom here.


A blue couch on a dark gray wall.

Paint Color to Coordinate With Blue Furniture?This is a page about paint color to coordinate with blue furniture. Choosing just the right paint color to complement your blue furniture can make the entire room pop.


Bathroom with orange towels and an orange rug.

Color Coordinating Towels and Rugs for Your Bath?This page is about color coordinating towels and rugs for your bath. Selecting towels and rugs that coordinate with your bathroom color scheme help complete to look you desire.


Curtains and Rug

Curtain and Rug Color Advice?This is a page about curtain and rug color advice. Choosing the best complementary colors for your curtains and area rugs is essential to creating an attractive decorating color scheme.



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What Color Refrigerator Will Coordinate With Bisque Appliances?I have bisque appliances and my side by side is on the brink. I would like to know what color I can match with the bisque color. I'm looking at the French door model for more space. My other appliances are only three years old so there's no need to replace all.


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Hanging a Blanket on the Wall?Could anyone tell me how to hang a blanket on a wall without damaging the blanket? It is not a really heavy blanket.


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Good Color to go with Burgundy Accents?I would like to know what is a good choice to paint walls that are white with decorating accents that are done in burgundy? Would a terra-cotta or beige color look good on walls?


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Lightening the Color of Sheer Curtains?Is it possible to fade my purple sheers to a muted or dusty purple?


Attractive living room with brown carpet.

Painting Walls to Coordinate With Brown...This is a page about painting walls to coordinate with brown carpet. Brown carpet may not lend itself to certain wall paint choices.


Bathroom with Off White Tile.

Paint Color Advice for Bathroom with Off White Tile?This is a page about paint color advice for bathroom with off white tile. Choosing a paint color for a bathroom with off white tile is still dependent on considerations such as your color preferences, size of the room, and fixture color.


Curtain hanging over wooden blinds.

Hanging Curtains Over Wooden Blinds?If your new blinds are not mounted in the window casing it can make installing curtains a bit more of a project. This is a page about hanging curtains over wooden blinds.


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Paint Color Advise for a Kitchen With Light Oak Cabinets and Black Countertops?We have kitchen cabinets in a light oak colour. The oven, hob, splash backs, and granite work tops are in black. I am in a dilemma as to which paint colours to choose for the walls. I have been thinking of a deep red on one wall and a mocha/taupe colour on the other 3.


long curtains

Making Curtains LongerThis is a page about making curtains longer. If the curtains you already have, or the ones you really want to buy are too short for the windows, perhaps you could lengthen them.


Brown leather sofa with throw pillows.

Curtain Color Advice for Dark Brown Furniture?It can be challenging to decide what color curtains to get to go with your living room furniture. This page contains curtain color advice for dark brown furniture.


White Chimney Breast

Chimney Breast Paint Color Advice?The chimney breast is the portion of the chimney that projects away from the wall to accommodate the fireplace, making it a prominent feature in a room. This page contains chimney breast paint color advice.


a woman looking at paint swatches.

Paint Color to Coordinate With Rust Colored Carpet?This is a page about paint color to coordinate with rust colored carpet. The color of your carpet can be a prominent element in the overall look of the room. Choosing just the right paint color to complement the carpet is important to achieving your desired effect.


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Painting a Bedroom with Ohio State Colors?I want to paint my son's bedroom Ohio State colors. Red, black, grey, and white. He has a red bed spread with the white black and grey emblem on it. What should I paint his walls? Should I paint two walls one color and the other two walls another color?


Living room with Bright Purple painted walls

Toning Down a Bright Paint ColorThis is a page about toning down a bright paint color. That excellent color you chose from a paint chip can often times be too bright when covering your walls.


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Styrofoam Window Cornices?I want to make window Cornices using Styrofoam. Could someone tell me how to do it?


Artificial Flowers

Use Rose Scented Body Spray on Artificial FlowersArtificial flowers never wilt but they don't have the wonderful scent of natural flowers. This is a page about use rose scented body spray on artificial flowers.


Blue/Gray Couch

Paint Colors to Coordinate with a Blue/Gray Couch?Choosing paint colors that coordinate with your couch, helps bring the color scheme of your room together. This is a page about choosing paint colors to coordinate with a blue/gray couch.


Two black armchairs facing a screen and speakers.

Painting Walls to Coordinate With Black Furniture?This is a page about painting walls to coordinate with black furniture. Choosing just the right color to complement your black furniture can really make your room look good.


Butterscotch colored sofa.

Paint Color to Coordinate with Butterscotch Colored Furniture?If you have a tan, dark yellow or butterscotch furniture, it can be difficult to find a complementary color for the paint. This is a page about paint color to coordinate with butterscotch colored furniture.


Purple curtains in a bedroom.

Bedroom Curtain Color Advice?Choosing a complementary or even contrasting color for your bedroom curtains can help achieve the overall color scheme you are seeking. This is a page about bedroom curtain color advice.


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Paint Color Advice For Kitchen With Almond Appliances And Oak Cabinets?We live in a home that is all white. I would like to update and have more modern coloring in the home. I'm not good with picking the right colors and would like some help.


Stone Coasters

Stone Coaster Tips and TricksThis page contains stone coaster tips and tricks. Stone and tile can make beautiful beverage coasters to help protect your furniture, but sometimes moisture can collect beneath them.


Living Room Colors

Living Room Color Scheme AdviceThis is a page about living room color scheme advice. Choosing the right color scheme for your living room may seem daunting.


Dog on leather couch.

Decorating Around Leather Furniture?I am seriously baffled at what to do to decorate around the hideous colored leather oversized couch and leather chair my boyfriend chose! I can't even put my finger on the color (please see photo)! Can anyone suggest any colors that can jazz up this strange furniture that is taking up all of my living room?


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Finish For Rusty Coat Hooks?I want to do my bedroom and bathroom with a western theme. I have bought some rusty old coat hooks that I want to use in the bathroom to hang towels on. What can I put on them to keep the rusty look and make sure the rust doesn't come off on the wet towels?


Updating My Kitchen Cabinets

Updating Your Kitchen CabinetsThis is a page about updating your kitchen cabinets. Updating your kitchen cabinets is one way to freshen up the room without the cost of replacing the cabinets.


Kitchen Countertop

Kitchen Countertop Color AdviceThis is a page about kitchen countertop color advice. When remodeling your kitchen, choosing the best color countertop to coordinate with your cabinets and flooring can sometimes be challenging; there are so many options.


Vintage wall paper design in brown tones

Using Wall Glaze on WallpaperThis is a page about using wall glaze on wallpaper. Glaze can be applied over wallpaper to give it an aged look.


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Removing Wrinkles from Area Rug?I just bought an area rug and there are some wrinkles in it where it was rolled up. How can I get them out?


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Painting Kitchen with Sapphire Blue Counters?I have a sapphire blue granite counter top, unstained oak hardwood floors, and harvest maple cabinets. I am looking to paint the kitchen/family room and would like some paint suggestions.


Reattaching Peel & Stick Wallpaper - pile of wall paper slumped on a crib

Reattaching Peel & Stick Wallpaper?My peel and stick wallpaper fell off the wall after a year. It's been very humid and unseasonably rainy. Can I put the wallpaper back on and with what kind of adhesive?


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Painting Kitchen with Light Blue Countertops?I don't know what color to paint my kitchen walls, or possibly wallpaper them. My countertops are light blue with some faint gray and white.


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Bedroom Paint Color Advice to Coordinate With Purple Curtains?I'm redoing my room really soon and my mom says that I can redo everything besides getting new curtains. I just bought them. The curtains are the color of a deep purple like a purple Crayola marker. I don't know what color to paint my walls though. Any thoughts?


Refurbished a Ceiling Fan

Refurbishing a Ceiling FanThis is a page about refurbishing a ceiling fan. Sometimes a new coat of paint or other facelift can give new life to your old ceiling fan.


Purple and pink tulips in a bicycle basket decoration.

Tulip DecorationBicycle and tulips purchased separately last year after spring at great discounts.


Teddy bears on a shelf.

Coordinating DecorThis is my frugal idea for decorating your home. I choose a picture that I like and then decorate the room based on the objects/colors of the picture. The decor that I purchase has been found at garage sales or thrift stores. The end result makes my home look well decorated but I am able to do it on a budget. These are some of the pictures and decor I have used.


Putting a nail into the wall to hang a picture frame.

Hanging a Picture FrameWant to learn a quick way to hang a picture frame or wall art? With some painters tape - line up where you want your nail to be. Then tape it down. Now you have your guide ready for you to make a dot to hang your nail!


Incense burning next to rose petals.

Using IncenseIncense smoke has been used worldwide to purify and add a pleasing aroma to the air. Natural plant materials are combined to be burned, usually as sticks or cones.


Decorative glass jars being used as vases.

Unusual Vase IdeasI like the items in my household to have functional uses. The items in these pictures also have a sentimental value. The jars are old canning jars from my grandma's old cellar. I use them for vases in my kitchen. The can is an old battery can from my grandpa's old plumbing truck. I am using it as a large vase in my family room.


Two decorative glass bottles hanging below artwork.

Helping Artwork Do Double-dutyToday I was organizing my plastic bags, yes, I am that bored. But I stood up and bumped a metal frame off the wall. When I thought my little tiny bottle from last year's fair was broken, I decided if it was, I would move the rest.


A flameless candle inside a green flowered vase.

Mood Lighting for DepressionUse lights to brighten even the darkest day. Battery operated LEDs can be used as a substitute for traditional candles but any light source is helpful for elevating your mood.


A blue carpet.

Decorating Advice for a Room with Blue CarpetIf you have a room that has a blue carpet, you may struggle with choosing colors to go with it. Many people suggest white or grey for a clean look while others might go for a vibrant yellow or orange as a contrast.


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Creating a Privacy Window With Starch and Fabric?Can you use the liquid starch and fabric or photos to create a privacy window treatment?


A close up of two wine glasses in a window filled with colored water

Decorating with Colored WaterColored water added to glasses, vases, and bottles makes for a beautiful bit of decor. Use it to accent your home or as a centerpiece for a wedding or party.


A green wall with a yellow striped chair in front of it.

Furniture to Coordinate with Green Walls?Choosing a furniture color to coordinate with your bedroom walls really depends on the look you are going for. Many people would go with light or natural colors, but it is OK to use a stronger color if you want to make the room pop.


Colorful curtains behind a rattan couch with many pillows.

Furniture Color to Coordinate with Curtains?To determine what the best color of furniture to go with the curtains or drapes you already have, is to take some of the fabric with you. You can put it against your furniture choices to see what looks best.


A bedroom wall with arranged artwork in gilt frames.

Decorative Wall ArrangementsYou can fill the blank walls in your home or apartment inexpensively. This page offers some ideas for decorative wall arrangements.


A retro kitchen in need of updating.

Retro Kitchen Paint Color Advice?Older homes often have what we might consider retro kitchens. The layout and cabinets offer a quite different feel than more current configurations. When choosing a paint color you will need to decide if you are trying to keep it retro or modernizing as much as possible with new paint colors.


Bedding and Furniture to Complement Gold Curtains - champagne gold curtains

Bedding and Furniture to Complement Gold Curtains?What colour bedding and furniture will go well with champagne gold curtains for a master bedroom?


A carport with wood supports and a metal roof.

Carport Tips and TricksWhether you are looking for carport design ideas or for ways to decorate and use your carport for things other than parking your car, read on. We have tips to fit these needs.


A kitchen with matching appliances.

Kitchen Appliance Color AdviceWhen purchasing new appliances for your kitchen you may have difficulty deciding on the best color to coordinate with the existing cabinets, countertops, sink, flooring, and wall color. This page explores advice for choosing kitchen appliance colors.



Creative Nightstand IdeasThis page contains creative nightstand ideas. Having a convenient place for your bedside necessities is helpful.


Barn Wood Shelves

Easy Barn Wood ShelvesAdding storage to your home with shelving is a great way to customize and improve your house. Using barn wood will add a nice rustic look to any shelving project you take one.


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House Trim Paint Color Advice?My house is painted on the outside in harvest gold. We just repainted in the the same color it was when it was built in 1978. However the columns and trim around the windows were also painted in harvest gold and I am wanting to bump this color up on the columns and trim, but not sure what color will complement the gold.


Refurbishing a Neon Drawer Unit for My Kitchen - yarn chain wrapped drawer unit

Refurbishing a Plastic Drawer UnitPlastic drawers are very useful but the bright colors may not coordinate with your decor. It's easy to refurbish them to match any style or personality.


Art Work Ideas for an Unused Fireplace Cover - large plastic fireplace cover

Decorating Ideas for an Unused Fireplace?Unused fireplaces are sometimes covered with a plain insert, that may be less than interesting. Try one of the creative decorating ideas offered in this page, such as stick and peal wallpaper or a mural.


Removing Wrinkles from Faux Calla Lilies - faux lilies

Removing Wrinkles from Faux Flowers?Steam may remove the wrinkles from the fabric of artificial flowers. This is a page about removing wrinkles from faux flowers.


Above the Stove Sunflower Collection - view of one side of cabinet and fabric draped door and coffee pot

Decorating With SunflowersThe bright, cheerful colors of sunflowers work well for a kitchen theme. This is a page about decorating with sunflowers.


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Paint Color Coordination Advice?What color goes with lilac and gray?


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Curtains hung with string.

Frugal Ways to Hang CurtainsYou do not need to spend a lot of money on expensive curtain rods. This page contains some ideas of less expensive ways to hang your curtains. This is a page about frugal ways to hang curtains.


wall frames

Picture Frame Wall ArtOver the last few months, I bought a handful of interesting picture frames from second hand stores. I then spray painted them various colors and hung them on the wall in our dining room to add some texture to a large blank wall.


Using Natures Own For Decorations, While Going Green - mini pumpkin gourd, pinecones, apples, greenery and a candle

Using Natures Own For Decorations, While Going GreenI love creating decorations from items that are free! Not only is it free, it smells nice, adds earthy freshness, and can be changed out and composted, eaten, or dried for arrangements. With apples from the tree, pine cones, and my favorite magnolia leaves, all of earth's freshness, can go back to the earth.


Colorful cut flowers in a vase.

Saving Money on Cut FlowersCut flowers are a great decoration for anytime of year. This is a page about cut flowers on a budget.


Use Coke Tab to Hang a Picture

Use Coke Tab to Hang a PictureIf you get a photo frame and there is no hook on the back, using a screw attach the Coke tab to the back of your frame. Then hang your picture!


A feng shui display for a window.

Feng Shui Decorating IdeasFeng shui is an ancient Chinese practice for arranging items in a harmonious way, also called geomancy. Feng shui is directly translated as wind/water. It is believed that properly placed items will increase the chi or qi, which translates into life force energy.


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Kitchen Paint Color Advice? - view of the countertops and cabinets

Kitchen Paint Color Advice?I have green/blue countertops. The cabinets are like kinda dark wooden. Would Sahara Desert Sand or Navajo Sand paint look good with it? I'm trying to find a color for my walls only. Or what other color for just the walls? I'm doing the floor too, but first I want to find the color for the walls. Can you help me please. I just don't like the way it looks now.


A room with brown walls.

Curtain Color Advice?What color curtains would match theses walls with brown leather furniture?


A living room with light colored furniture.

Help With Color Scheme?What color furniture would go best with this burgandy trim and curtains? I'm also open to different color walls, looking for suggestions. My boyfriend likes a couch set that is dark brown with light brown cushions, would those look okay? If so, what color curtains should I use and should we paint the walls gray or something or leave white?


A living room with sofa an dtwo chairs.

Modern Midcentury Tropical Living Room Advice?Please suggest a color for curtains. Stairwell is going to be black metal modern with cable. Room divider (not up yet) is brown /wood/geometric/ modern slats (between dining room and living room). Walls 16 feet high. Walls pure white. Teal/turquoise rug - see picture (hasn't arrived yet) will be overlapped on existing rug. Should I paint window sills black to match stairs and chimney to give contrast to window area? OR Should I choose a different color curtain other than white?


Painting Laminate Countertops? - before and after photo

Painting Laminate Countertops?I used matte acrylic paint on my laminate countertops. I love the look, but when I put poly acrylic (water based) over after drying 6 hours it smears the paint. What am I doing wrong?


Grey sectional couch in a living room.

Rug to Go With Grey SectionalI have a grey sectional, can I use black and grey and white rug with it? I just love black. Can I get all gray or black table in gray for my dinette set?


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