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This page contains tips and advice for buying and installing curtains.



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Beige walls and green curtains.

Curtain Color Advice to Complement Beige Walls?Beige walls allow for a wide variety of curtain color choices that will complement it. This is a page about curtain color advice to complement beige walls.


Light colored drapes.

Removing Wrinkles from Curtains and DrapesIt is disappointing to open the packaging containing your new curtains to find them creased and wrinkled. Not all drapes can be washed and dried to remove the wrinkles. This is a page about removing wrinkles from curtains and drapes.


Sunlight coming through sheer curtains.

Dyeing Sheer Curtains a Different ColorSheer curtains are often made from polyester fabric which is unfortunately not the best type of fabric for dyeing. Do some research to see if there is a specialty dye that would work. This is a page about dyeing sheer curtains a different color.


Man and a woman looking at curtain fabric swatches.

Curtain Color AdviceChoosing just the right color curtains can complete the overall color scheme of your room. This page contains curtain color advice.


A window treatment of vertical blinds and curtains.

Hanging Curtains Over Vertical BlindsWhile probably the most practical window treatment solution for large areas such as sliding doors, they are not easy to cover with curtains because of the depth of their valances. This is a page about hanging curtains over vertical blinds.


Bedroom with patterned valances

Curtain Valance Color Advice?This is a page about curtain valance color advice. Valances can be hung alone or above curtains. Choosing a color that completes your room is fun even if a bit bewildering at times.


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Lightening the Color of Sheer Curtains?Is it possible to fade my purple sheers to a muted or dusty purple?


Curtain hanging over wooden blinds.

Hanging Curtains Over Wooden Blinds?If your new blinds are not mounted in the window casing it can make installing curtains a bit more of a project. This is a page about hanging curtains over wooden blinds.


long curtains

Making Curtains LongerThis is a page about making curtains longer. If the curtains you already have, or the ones you really want to buy are too short for the windows, perhaps you could lengthen them.



Brown leather sofa with throw pillows.

Curtain Color Advice for Dark Brown Furniture?It can be challenging to decide what color curtains to get to go with your living room furniture. This page contains curtain color advice for dark brown furniture.


Purple curtains in a bedroom.

Bedroom Curtain Color Advice?Choosing a complementary or even contrasting color for your bedroom curtains can help achieve the overall color scheme you are seeking. This is a page about bedroom curtain color advice.


Shower curtain on a rod.

Use Shower Curtains for DrapesDecorative shower curtains can often be purchased much more cheaply than drapes. This choice for window coverings allows you to change your "drapes" more frequently. This is a page about using shower curtains for drapes.


Curtain Color Advice  - living room

Curtain Color Advice?What color curtains go good with brown furniture? I also have white windows, light brown doorways, and white walls. Please also suggest color ideas for rugs and cushions.


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Curtain Color Advice?What colour of curtains can fit or match with a pink and black chair?


Green and Beige Throw Pillows on Couch

Curtain and Throw Pillow Color Advice?The curtains and throw pillows you select can help complete the color scheme for your room. Choosing a color that helps achieve the best effect can be a process of trial and error. This is a page about curtain and throw pillow color advice.


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Curtain Color Advice?I live in an apartment with taupe walls. I have a green and brown plaid couch and chair, 1 green chair, 2 burgundy chairs, and brown carpeting. What color curtains and lamp shade should I have? I have dark brown curtains up now and a tan lamp shade. Is that too much for one room?


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Kitchen Curtain Color Advice?I have soft yellow walls, white cabinets, and black/white granite countertops. What color curtains would you recommend?


French doors with sheer window curtains.

Window Coverings for French Doors?Finding just the right window coverings for you french doors will help to create the look you are trying to achieve on these rather formal doors. This is a page about window coverings for french doors.


A front door with two tall vertical windows.

Inexpensive Window Covering for Small Vertical Windows?Window coverings can be quite expensive, especially for odd shaped windows. This is a page about inexpensive window covering for small vertical windows.


Curtains hung with string.

Frugal Ways to Hang CurtainsYou do not need to spend a lot of money on expensive curtain rods. This page contains some ideas of less expensive ways to hang your curtains. This is a page about frugal ways to hang curtains.


Person hanging white curtains

Hanging Curtains Without Damaging Walls?College dorms and some apartments will not allow you to install curtain rods. Similarly, depending on the window's installation tension rods may not work. This is a page offers some suggestions for hanging curtains without damaging walls.


Burgundy Carpet

Curtain Color Advice for Burgundy Carpet?When installing new curtains in a room with burgundy carpet, it is important to match the color well. to tie the room together. This is a page about curtain color for burgundy carpet.


corner of room with windows and couch

Living Room Curtain Color Advice?Whether your living room is formal or casual, you want the curtains you choose to complement the room and its furnishings. This page contains suggestions for living room curtain colors.


Dining room with curtains.

Dining Room Curtain Color Advice?No one wants to have a curtain color choice disaster. It can be hard to envision what color curtains will work best with your furnishings and paint color. This is a page about dining room curtain color advice.



Curtain Color Advice for Multi-colored Wall - wall with horizontal blue, green, and yellow stripes

Curtain Color Advice for Multi-colored Wall?Selecting curtains for a room with a multicolored wall can be confusing. You may want something that complements or coordinates with the several colors already featured, but not a color or pattern that clashes. Here are some suggestions to consider for making this decorating choice.


Blackout Curtain

Blackout Curtain Color Advice?Choosing curtains to complement your room's wall paint and furnishings is sometimes difficult. When buying black out curtains this task may prove even more of a challenge as there are fewer choices.


Curtain and Rug Colour Advice - yellow couch

Curtain and Rug Colour Advice?I am planning to buy curtains and a rug for my living room. I have a yellow mustard sofa and pale cream walls. Please suggest the right colour that will look good.


Beige Couch

Curtain Color Advice to Coordinate with a Beige Couch?Neutral colored furniture can be difficult to find coordinating curtains for, depending on whether you want them to match or pop. This is a page about curtain color advice to coordinate with a beige couch.


Kitchen Curtains

Kitchen Curtain Color Advice?Choosing the right color for your kitchen curtains can help brighten it up and complete your room's color scheme. This is a page about kitchen curtain color advice.


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Living Room Curtain Color Advice?I have a black leather lounge suite and dark wood dining room with red leather seats. This is an open plan room. I also have red and gold oriental rugs. There is one big window. What colour curtains/drapes will work here?


Bottom of white curtains without a rod.

Hanging Curtains Without a RodThis is a page about hanging curtains without a rod. There are other creative, even less expensive, ways to hang curtains without using a traditional rod.


Full length curtains over a sliding glass door.

Hanging Curtains Over a Sliding Glass DoorThis is a page about hanging curtains over a sliding glass door. Despite their extra width, it is an easy task to hang curtains over your sliding glass door.


view of walls

Bedroom Curtain Colour Advice?I was wondering if someone could help me figure out the shade of the room. I also would advice on what colour curtains would go best.


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Dyeing Black Lace Curtains?Can I re-dye my sun faded black lace curtains with Rit dye?


Red tieback curtains on a white background

Dyeing CurtainsThis is a page about dyeing curtains. Depending on the fabric, dyeing your curtains may be an inexpensive way to update your rooms.


living room

Curtain Color Advice?We just moved into a new apartment and I need advise on the color of curtains I could put up and the throw pillows. The walls of the living room are a cream color and I have black leather sofas and a TV stand in coffee color. Attached are the pictures of the living room and the sofa (I have 3+2 seater).


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Curtain Color Advice?In my living room, which also opens into the dining room, I have Lennox tan walls. My couch is a pattern print and the color palette in the couch is tan, wine, and blue. My end tables are a brownish/reddish maple wood, and my floors are item number 2 oak floors, natural, not stained, just poly coated.


Frugal Curtain Tiebacks

Frugal Curtain TiebacksThis is a page about frugal curtain tiebacks. Besides tassels, there are decorative, inexpensive ways hold the curtains open.


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Curtain Advice?I have a living room with gray sofa and love seat, lime green accent chairs, with a cream and black carpet. What kind of curtains should I go for?



Curtain Rod

Installing a Curtain RodThis is a page about installing a curtain rod. Installing a curtain rod is a relatively easy home improvement project.


Metal Door

Attaching a Curtain Rod to a Metal Door?This is a page about attaching a curtain rod to a metal door. Attaching a curtain rod to a metal door is quite a different job than when working with a wood or composition one.


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Choosing Curtains?I have a red accent wall with a bay window and then another accent wall directly across the room. The rest of the walls are a very light beige. I have leather "off white, egg shell" sofas.


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Frugal Window CurtainsThis page is about frugal window curtains. Purchasing drapes, window curtains, or coverings can be expensive.


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Curtains to Complement Red Carpet?I have red carpet in my bedroom with rose white walls; what color of curtains goes with it?


Hanging Curtains With Pleat Hooks

Hanging CurtainsThis is a page about hanging curtains. Hanging new curtains is a wonderful way to quickly change the look of a room. Getting the curtains hung correctly is the the key to making them look great.


Measuring Windows for New Curtains, Gold colored curtains and white sheers hanging on a wondow.

Measuring Windows for New CurtainsThis is a page about buying the right sized curtains. When buying new curtains it is important to select the right size for your windows. There are a number of different lengths so you must also decide on the look you are going for.


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Curtains for Living Room with Chocolate Sofa and Red and Beige Walls?I have red carpets in the living room with a chocolate brown sofa and red and beige wall. What colour curtain should I use?


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Changing the Color of Roman Shades?I recently put up some Roman blinds, at great cost. But, the colour is not quite right. Can I spray them to change the colour?


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Curtains to Coordinate With Maroon Wall and Cherry Tables and Floor?What is a good curtain color for my window? My accent wall is a deep red, almost maroon, my tables and floor are cherry wood, my furniture is beige?


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Curtains to Coordinate With Navy Furniture?My furniture in navy blue, what color should my curtains be?


Doorway DrapingsAny type of fabric can be used to drape door and entry ways. The pictured doorway is draped with two red tablecloths and one turquoise shower curtain. A staple gun was used to secure the fabric in place.


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Hanging a Curtain Sconce?How do I hang a curtain sconce?


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Curtain Rods That Swing Open and Closed?I am looking for a unique curtain rod which allows two curtains to hang on two rods, one on each side of the window frame. They can swing open and swing close. I am looking for the these types of rods made of hardwood. Could you help me find these rods? Thank you.


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Campbell's Soup Kids Valance?I am looking for a Campbell's Soup Kids valance to put above my kitchen sink. What store can I find one or can I go on line to get them? Or do they even have such a thing? Thank you.


Curtains for Room With Reddish-Pink Walls?My living room has reddish-pink (mix color) walls on all 4 sides and I want to put screens to the balcony door. Let me know which color curtains will go best with the color red? I have attached a picture which I hope can give you an idea of the wall color.


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Curtains To Coordinate With Gold and Rust Colored Walls?I just painted my living room Cider Toddy and on accent wall Fragrant Clovers, (Gold and Rust). Now I'm trying to figure out what color and type of curtains would go best with these colors. What do you guys think of chocolate? What do you guys think would be great with these colors? Thanks.


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Hanging Cafe Curtains With Clip Rings?I am trying to make cafe curtains with drapery ring clips but am unsure how far apart to clip the rings. I need to purchase the rings now, since they are on clearance, and have not made the curtains. How far apart should I clip the rings on cafe curtains made using drapery fabric with a lining so they will hang nicely?


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Using Rings on Rod Pocket Curtains?I went curtain shopping yesterday and the girl at Bed Bath and Beyond told me that you can use any rod pocket curtains and put them on the rings instead. Has anyone done this? I thought maybe it might look weird because you'd see where the rod is suppose to go in the curtain.


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Use Magnets to Put a Curtain on a Steel DoorIt is really hard to put a curtain on a steel door, but all you have to do is put magnets in the rod holder slot and stick it on the door.


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Inexpensive Drapery Material Ideas?Does anyone have any solutions for inexpensive drapery material?


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Covering a Roll-up Shade?I need instructions for covering my roll up shades with fabric to match my comforter. I'm sure it can be done, I'm just not sure what adhesive to use that will remain soft and not crack up when the shade is rolled up and down.


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Antique Theme Curtains?I am restoring an old house (1940) and want to keep the antique theme inside. I am trying to be frugal at this point. I hung some curtains that I had, tan tab style in the breakfast room, they look "blah".


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Drapery Rod Finails Ideas?Does anyone have crafty ideas for drapery rod finails instead of the bought ones?


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Campbell Soup Curtains?My daughter is re-doing her kitchen decorations. Over the years she has collected Campbell's soup collectibles. I saw some Campbell soup curtains somewhere and did not mention them to her as I thought she was no longer collecting Campbell's. Now I cannot remember where the curtains were.



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Curtain Color Advice?What colour curtains work best for a brown sofa and cream yellow walls?


A room with brown walls.

Curtain Color Advice?What color curtains would match theses walls with brown leather furniture?


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Curtain Color Advice?I am changing a bedroom color scheme. The room is quite big. It has a window facing south. The furniture is brown and the walls are cream. The new bed throws are shades of wine. What color do you suggest for curtains? And what about the wall color?


Curtain Color Advice to Complement Beige Walls - living room

Curtain Color Advice to Complement Beige Walls?What color curtains would be best? The walls are beige, the tables are black, and couch is gray.


Rug and Curtain Color Coordination Advice

Rug and Curtain Color Coordination Advice?I bought a bold area rug for my living room. It is a Lyons multi-colored area rug. My furniture is black, grey, and white. What curtain color should I use to tie in the space. I was thinking yellow and grey.


Furniture Color to Coordinate with Curtains - sort of metallic gold curtain

Furniture Color to Coordinate with Curtains?Does anyone here knows what colour this is? It's a curtain and I do not know what colour it is. Also, what colour furniture can go with this?


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