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This page contains tips and suggestions for installing, painting, repairing doors, and more.



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Squeaky Door Hinge

Making a Door SqueakThis page is about making a door squeak. There may be times when you want to hear a noise when a door opens.


slamming door

Preventing a Door From SlammingThis page is about preventing a door from slamming. Whether it's closed by the wind or a fast moving young person, it is startling when a door slams shut.


French Doors

Inexpensive French Doors to Replace Sliding Glass...This is a page about inexpensive French doors to replace sliding glass door. French doors lend a bit of elegance and charm to a room.


Screen Door

Making a Screen DoorThis page is about making a screen door. When your door is open and the bugs start flying, it is nice to keep them out of your home.


A door opening inward.

Changing Which Way a Door OpensSometimes space can be gained or the home traffic flow can be streamlined by modifying a door. This page is about changing which way a door opens.


Door Hinge

Fixing Loose Door HingesHinges on doors can become loose over time. Repairing them when needed will ensure they work properly over the long term.


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Choosing Between a Fiberglass and Wooden DoorI am looking for a few options for a custom entry door for my new house. There are a few designs I like. The one I like most has glass panels in the middle. I am a big fan of wood and glass when it comes to windows and doors.


Hanging a Door That Is Too Narrow for Frame

Hanging a Door That Is Too Narrow for FrameI need to replace a louvered panel door. However the door that was purchased is 29 x 80 and the frame is for a door 30 by 80. How can I get this done inexpensively as I do not know how to DIY this project?


Using Decorative Window Film on a Kitchen Exterior Door - 9 light kitchen door

Using Decorative Window Film on a Kitchen Exterior DoorI am having a lot of renovations done. Among other things was the installation of new interior and exterior doors. I had a 9 light exterior door installed in the kitchen. I want a lot of outside light coming through, (I start a lot of seedlings in the kitchen), yet I want privacy.



Looking through a sliding glass door to a balcony in a tropical place.

Window Treatment for Sliding DoorsFind an attractive and convenient way to block light and view through your sliding glass doors. This is a page about window treatment for sliding doors.


Hand removing a screw from a door hinge.

Fixing a Door that Won't Stay OpenIf you have a door that closes and you would rather it stay open, that can be annoying and something that needs to be fixed. Fixing a door that won't stay open is pretty easy and can be done in just a few steps.


Blanket Curtain in a doorway hung with binder clips and shower curtain rings Without Sewing

Shower Curtain Ring and Binder Clip CurtainsWhen you get creative, a useful curtain can be added for very little effort or cost. This is a page about shower curtain ring and binder clip curtains.


adhesive hooks

Attaching a Hook to a Hollow Core DoorThis page is about attaching a hook to a hollow core door. Having a place on the back of a door to hang something can be convenient.


A screen serving as a temporary door.

Installing a Temporary DoorThis is a page about installing a temporary door. Sometimes the layout of certain rooms would be enhanced and provide more privacy with the addition of a temporary door.


Painting vs. Varnishing

Finishing a Door: Painting vs. VarnishingThis page is about finishing a door: painting vs. varnishing. Depending on the look you want and the time you have will determine how you finish your door.


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Keeping Garage Door from Freezing ShutWith all the snow we've had, my garage door's gaskets (at the bottom) froze to the cement. After thawing them out, I sprayed the gaskets with Pam! Now they don't freeze to the cement.


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Preventing Tears in a Screen DoorI have a front screen door and the kids keep pushing their hand on the screen to open it. Is there something to put there to stop the screen from ripping? I looked at metal grating, but its really ugly and they didn't recommend Plexiglass.


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Adding Frosting to GlassHow do I frost the glass on my french door?


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Inexpensive Door for a BedroomI need ideas for an inexpensive door for a bedroom. We have lots of wood and such but not a lot of time or space to do work as we have small house and its winter here. Any ideas?


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Updating Vinyl Accordion DoorsI have vinyl accordion doors in my kitchen which separate the laundry area. They are in excellent condition but I would like to update them with something organic. I was thinking about decoupaging rice paper or gluing bamboo or even painting. Any ideas? Thank you!


Making A Removable DoorI'm living with a family, in a room in their basement. They've been wonderful in accepting me and Roadie (fat, sweet, tabby cat), a cat that has been known to pee on the carpet at times. We've tried unsuccessfully to let him upstairs. He keeps peeing in the same spot (on the couch, often right in front of us).


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Fixing Lock on Sliding Pocket DoorI have a sliding pocket door that leads to a bathroom. The small hook in the door that is supposed to lock the door has become bent, and is now not usable. I have tried using a hook and eye as a lock. However


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How to Change Bathroom Door LockI would like to change the door lock on my bathroom door.


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Sealing an Exterior DoorHow do you repair the bottom of your back door or front door to stop air from going out and coming in and bugs from coming in (through the cracks)?



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Painting a Metal DoorHow do you paint an Exterior Metal Door? On the the Inside and on the outside?


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Check Door Hinges PeriodicallyI just read the hint about checking the screws in your doorknobs. While I was going around, I found that my door hinge pins were all elevated. A couple were half out.


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Tighten Screws In DoorknobsTake a screwdriver along and check all the doorknobs in your home. It may save you some work later. I found that every one of mine needed two or three turns of the screwdriver.


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Refinishing a Wood DoorI want to strip and stain a wood front door that is currently painted. What is the best and easiest product to use?


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Stubborn LocksIf you have a lock that is not functioning well spray it with some graphite lock spray. You can buy it at any hardware store. One popular brand is called Lock-Ease.


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Fixing a Glass Door With Scratches (From A Dog)My dogs have really scratched my glass door. Is there any way to fix it short of replacing? Thanks in advance, PD



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Repairing a Screen DoorI have a screen door, but the screws holding the closer keep pulling out from the aluminum post because it's hollow. I tried larger screws but they eventually pulled out also. How do I fix it?


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Painting or Varnishing a DoorMy question is, should I paint the door first or varnish it first? Please offer suggestions, because the sun's rays are reflecting directly on our front door.


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Making a Screen DoorThis isn't really home Improvement, but store improvement. I work at a thrift store where 100% of our proceeds go to the shelter and we have shelter animals right at the store who are up for adoption (11 cats running around, never a dull moment).


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Changing Which Way a Door OpensHow do you change a right hand door to a left hand door? It is not a pre-hung door.


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Using Pipe Covers as a Draft StopperI saw somewhere that you can use pipe covers to make a draft snake. Something to put between the doors to cut down on drafts. Does anyone know how to make one? Thank you.


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How Can I Stop a Door from Slamming?I have a dilemma. My roommates continuously slam the outside door and the door that goes out into the garage (which my room happens to be in between). Can I put anything in the door that will lessen the noise from the slamming, but not prevent the doors from closing?


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