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This page contains tips and advice on a variety of home improvement topics.

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gravel driveway

Inexpensive Alternatives to Paving a Driveway?This page is about inexpensive alternatives to paving a driveway. Paving a driveway can cost more than you can afford.


Faucet running in a kitchen that uses well water.

Removing Sulfur Smell from a Well Water System?Well water can be the best water you have ever tasted, but sometimes it can have a strong, unpleasant sulfur odor. This is a page about removing sulfur smell from a well water system.


A rug sitting on a wood floor.

Keeping Rugs From SlippingRoaming area or throw rugs can be annoying. Keeping them from slipping can be tricky depending on the surface they are on. This is a page about keeping rugs from slipping.


digital watch

Tracking Down a Continuous Beeping Sound in House?Is something beeping in your house but you don't know what it is? The chirping could be coming from a watch, a fire detector or carbon monoxide alarm. This page helps you track down and stop the continuous beeping.


Man in a wheelchair on the top of home access ramp

Assistance for Building a Wheelchair Ramp for Low Income Homeowner?This is a page about getting assistance for building a wheelchair ramp for low income homeowner. If you or a loved one are low income and in need of a wheelchair ramp, here are some places to contact for assistance.


Chipped Paint on Old Chair

Sealing Chipped Paint on Old WoodThis is a page about sealing chipped paint on old wood. Rather than stripping an old painted chair or floor, you may want to maintain the "old" appearance by sealing the chipped or pealing paint.


A row of shingles on a wall or roof.

Using Roofing Shingles to Side a Shed?Leftover roofing shingles can be used as siding for a storage or garden shed. You will want to follow the appropriate installation process for best results. This page gives some advice about using roofing shingles to side a shed.


Checkerboard Contact Paper

Using Contact Paper on CountertopsThis is a page about using contact paper on countertops. If you are looking for an inexpensive, quick fix for old, outdated, and damaged countertops, try contact paper.


Wood Preservative

Removing Wood Preservative Odor?This is a page about removing wood preservative odor. The chemicals used to treat wood often emit lingering odors which can be irritating if not dangerous.


A woman closing curtains in a large window.

Keeping Curtains ClosedIf curtains that won't stayed closed or breezes that cause them to flutter open bothers you, try using a clothespin or a clip of any sort to keep them closed.


Man Repairing a Laminate Counter

Repairing a Laminate Counter?This is a page about repairing a laminate counter. When you have problems with your kitchen or bathroom countertop, there may be ways you can revive it.


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Creating an Outdoor Curtain for Privacy?I am in need of an idea on how to make a free-standing outdoor curtain. I rent and the neighbors just moved in with a big plastic play center for their backyard.



Laminate Flooring

Using Laminate Flooring for Countertops?This is a page about using laminate flooring for countertops. If you have leftover laminate flooring you might be wondering if it can be used on countertops.


Smoothing Concrete

Smoothing and Sealing Concrete?This page is about smoothing and sealing concrete. When you are finishing your slab it is important to have it level and smooth.


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Hot Water Smells Like Burned Rubber?Why does my hot water smell like burned rubber for the first 10 seconds that I run it. It is in a newly-built cottage with all new plumbing and a new water heater. No one is living in the cottage yet, so the hot water only gets used for about one gallon each day. I'm trying to purge the water heater hoping that will do the trick.


Uses for Laundry Baskets

Uses for Laundry BasketsThis page is about uses for laundry baskets. Clothes baskets can be used in a variety of ways around the house.


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Black Stains on Ceiling?I have black stains on my ceiling, in the corners and following my truss line. Any ideas what causes this?


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Waxing Shower Tiles?Should I wax shower tiles to help prevent hard water build up?


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Problems Hanging Shelves?I have just hammered a hole in my wall. I am trying to hang up some shelves so as to give myself some storage space. i have become comfortable with the drill, but now I have 6 holes and no shelf. What am I doing wrong?


Handyman Fixing Cabinet

Handyman Tips and TricksThis is a page about handyman tips and tricks. Many household repairs can be done by the homeowner, rather than having to call a professional handyman or repair service.


Stone Wall

Hammering or Nailing Into Stone?This is a page about hammering or nailing into stone. Often we need to attach something to stone facades, walls, etc.


King Sized Bed in a Small Room?I have a king size bed and a small bedroom. I don't know the dimensions. How on earth can I make this work since I now have to live without my dresser?


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Something in My Home is Making Me Itch?What could be causing me to itch? Sometimes it feels like something is biting me too, but I have no rash. It seems to only happen inside my home. We went on vacation and it went away.


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Keeping Wheelchair Ramp Ice-Free?I just recently got a wheelchair ramp put together for my son Ryan. The 3 guys who put it together put underlayment over top. They said not to put rock salt on top of it or to use a shovel. Any suggestions about what I can do about the up coming snowy weather? What can I do to keep the snow off and to keep my son from sliding?


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Bedroom Feels Damp?My bedroom feels constantly damp, so does my bedding and clothes. I cannot find the source of the problem. There is no dampness on any of the walls or floor and I cannot find any cracks that might be letting in air. Does anyone have any ideas?


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Mounting a Tri-fold Bed in an Armoire?I am looking for the cheapest way to have a tri-folding bed come out of an armoire.


harvest gold vintage laminate countertop

Bubbles When Sealing Countertops?Updating your vintage laminate countertops can be done by painting and sealing. One issue that homeowners may experience when working on this project is bubbles developing in the sealant. This page offers advice for what to do if you have bubbles form when sealing countertops.



A folding TV tray table on a white background.

Saving Space in Living RoomIt is really easy for your living room to become too crowded with excess furniture. Finding dual purpose pieces or simply eliminating the clutter may help create a lovely more spacious living room.


Handyman installing a door.

Cracks Above Door JambsOlder homes settle over time and cracks may appear, but it is important to make sure this isn't a symptom of a more serious structural issue. This page has information about cracks above door jambs.


A stack of colorful sponges.

Uses for SpongesBesides cleaning you can use sponges in a variety of ways for crafting, water thirsty plants, for dispersing fabric softener, reducing moisture for different kinds of storage, quick knee pads and much more. This page is about uses for sponges.


Shelving pieces removed from packaging and placed in a car's trunk.

Don't Underestimate Your Car's Trunk CapacityMy fiancé and I learned over the weekend is to not underestimate our trunk, but to work with it. We saved time and money from not renting a truck (or borrowing) to haul this bookcase home - that we got an incredible deal on from Target!


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Removing a Large Mirror Glued to the Wall?We have a large mirror on the wall in our bathroom. It is about 3 feet tall and 5 feet long. It is attached with glue or some kind of adhesive. Does anyone know how to remove it? Especially without having to break it?


Pile of blue towels in different shades near a dryer.

Extending the Life of Your DryerThe lint catcher screen can become blocked with fabric softener and not allow the air to flow freely. Cleaning this buildup regularly can help keep your dryer working properly. This is a page about extending the life of your dryer.


Milky Rusty Water from Well - brownish water in toilet

Milky Rusty Water from Well?I am having a very thick milky rust filling up in the toilets and now through the sinks! We are in SW Florida and have had a lot of heavy rain the last 2 days. We have never had this happen in the 25 years that we have been here. My softener has not worked in about a year. We just had a new pump put in.


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Covering a Tile Kitchen Countertop?So I have tile kitchen counter tops (not smooth). I would love to have flat surfaces on my counters. Is there a way to fill in between the tiles and cover it with something or would that be expensive?


Female foot in warm Stripe wool sock in bed.

Mysterious Wet Spot at Foot of Bed?You must determine the source of the moisture. It could be an animal relieving itself, or a leak in the wall or ceiling. This is a page about mysterious wet spot at foot of bed.


Person applying Stucco to a wall.

Can You Stucco Over Paint?Stucco is typically an exterior home treatment that is applied over chicken wire that is affixed to the walls by tradespersons skilled in this process. The surface is actually the wire base. This is a page about, "Can you stucco over paint?".


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Purifying Tap Water?What is best way to purify tap water?


Close up of the inside of a patio umbrella.

Making Patio Umbrella into a Half UmbrellaIf you need only part of an umbrella for a tight space, you can cut down a full size patio umbrella to fit. This is a page about making patio umbrella into a half umbrella.


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Camouflaging Ugly Dog Crates?I have 2 very ugly rather large dog crates residing in my family room. Any ideas to camouflage these would be great.


A man caulking around a window.

Caulking Tips and TricksA common household project is caulking around sinks, tubs, toilets, windows, and more. It can be an intimidating task the first time. This page contains caulking tips and tricks.


Boy With Bad Tasting Water

Remedy for Bad Tasting Water?Filtering you water is the best way to ensure you get rid the bad taste in your water. This is a page about remedy for bad tasting water.



Man removing concrete with a jackhammer

Removing ConcreteThis is a page about removing concrete. Removing concrete slabs, walls, and other structures can be done in a number of ways.


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Keeping Rugs from Sliding and Curling on Carpet?What can I use to stop rugs slipping and curling on a carpet?


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Preventing Rugs from Slipping on Carpet?What can I use to cheaply keep rugs from slipping on a carpet?


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Temporarily Blocking View of Neighbor's Cluttered Back Yard?I live next door to someone who has a very cluttered backyard. I would like to entertain friends and family out back when summer comes, but the abundance of junk, that has been there for years, would instantly distract my company, and make everyone uncomfortable.


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Bed Doesn't Fit Through the Door?My family is going to paint my shared bedroom, but we can't find out of a way to get my bed out of the small door. Does anyone have any suggestions?


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Finding Old Fireplace in Remodeled House?We moved into our home a year ago and were told there was a chimney for a fireplace. The house was built in '54 and has been remodeled. How can I figure out where it was without tearing out all of my drywall?


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Temporary Frame Color Change?I have a large mirror frame which I want to "paint" red for my kitchen. However, I want the red to be removable later to restore the original wood color. What paint can be "washed off"?



Color Advice for Drapes?This is a page about color advice for drapes. Window coverings give you privacy, as well as add to the decor and mood of a room.


Couple Planning Home Improvements

Planning Home Improvement ProjectsThis is a page about planning home improvement projects. Knowing when to hire a contractor, the cost of materials, and what you can complete yourself, can make tackling a remodel project much easier.


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Using Recycled Water in a Humidifier?Can I use the discharged water from my high efficiency furnace in my humidifier? I've read it can have a higher acidity level than regular water.


Fuse Box

Using Fuse BoxesThis is a page about using fuse boxes. Older homes that have not had the electrical system updated may still be using fuseboxes rather than circuit breakers.


Small House with Curb Appeal

Inexpensive Curb Appeal IdeasThis is a page about inexpensive curb appeal ideas. There are many ways to improve the look of your home from the street.


Area Rug in Dining Room

Area Rug TipsArea rugs are frequently used in high traffic areas and on hardwood or tile floors. While very functional and decorative, they do have some drawbacks, such as slipping or bunching. This is a page about area rug tips.


nail polish bottles

Keeping Bottle Tops From StickingThis is a page about keeping bottle tops from sticking. Often the substance in a bottle can get on the cap, and seal the bottle. There are ways to prevent this from happening.


TV with hidden cords.

Hiding Electric CordsThis is a page about hiding electric cords. Exposed electrical cords such as those for wall lamps or the clutter of multiple cords under your desk can look unattractive and disorganized.


house window

Keeping Birds from Striking WindowsThis is a page about keeping birds from striking windows. There are several strategies you can use to eliminate a confusing reflection in a window without blocking out sunlight or compromising your view.


Woman Spraying Perfume

Fragrance Tips and TricksThis is a page about fragrance tips and tricks. Scents can be used in a variety of ways to improve the smell around your home and belongings.


Protecting Food

Protecting Food from Off-Gassing in the Cupboard?This is a page about protecting food from off-gassing in the cupboard. Unfortunately foods stored in your kitchen cupboards can pick up odors and tastes from the chemicals used in manufacturing the cabinets.


Man Hammering Nails

Protecting Fingers When Hammering NailsThis is a page about protecting fingers when hammering nails. As many do-it-yourselfers know it is not uncommon to miss the nail and mash a finger. There are some tips and techniques you can use to reduce the possibility of this injury.


Man Sanding Wood

Sanding TipsThis is a page about sanding tips. Home improvement and craft projects often require sanding wood and other materials prior to painting or otherwise finishing the surface.


Mixing Concrete at Home

Mixing Your Own Concrete?This page is about mixing your own concrete. Small amounts of concrete can be made in a bucket, wheel barrel, or cement mixer.


Man Changing Air Filter

Controlling Indoor AllergensThis page is about controlling indoor allergens. Keeping your indoor air free of dust and dander is important for your family's health. Regularly changing your furnace filter and air cleaners can help keep the air cleaner.


Electric Fan

Using Electric FansThis page is about using electric fans. Keeping the air moving can help you be more comfortable by spreading the cool or warm air.


Improving the Exterior of Your Home

Improving the Exterior of Your HomeThis page is about improving the exterior of your home. Adding shutters, a new paint job, container planters and landscaping are all ways to make your house look better.


Removing a Nail

Protecting Wood When Removing a NailThis is a page about protecting wood when removing a nail. It is easy to dent or otherwise damage wood when trying to remove a nail.


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Using Flecto Varathane Diamond Wood Finish?Can this oil based product be used on exterior wood?


curbside trash can

Tricks to Tell When the Trash Has Been Picked UpThis page contains tricks to tell when the trash has been picked up. It can sometimes be hard to tell whether your garbage can is ready to be brought back to the house from the curb.


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Varnishing Over Varnish?Is there a varnish I can paint over the dark varnish to make it very light without stripping or sanding?


Purple Placemat

Uses for PlacematsThis s a guide about uses for placemats. Placemats can also be put to other uses from lining shelves to making crafts.


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Creating an Outdoor Kitchen?Can I use regular kitchen cabinets and laminate countertop for my outdoor patio/lanai? It is slightly covered. I don't want to spend thousands on outdoor cabinets and thought this would be much cheaper.



Yellow Stains on Ceiling?This is a page about yellow stains on ceiling. Yellow ceiling stains are often the result of water damage or smoke. Finding out the cause will help prevent them from reoccurring after you repaint.


A Victorian house.

Preparing Your Home for a VacationThis page is about preparing your home for a vacation. There are a number of ways you can save energy and food when you leave your home for some time.


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Removing Home Security Equipment?The prior owner had this system installed. I have not activated it and don't intend to. The problem is in my entrance closet is an ADT box containing wires. The box has come loose from the wall. The molly bolts came out and left holes in the wall. The box and contents are just dangling there.


Soundproofing Foam

Soundproofing a Room?This is a page about soundproofing a room. Soundproofing a room to use as a home theater or music studio will keep the neighbors and other members of your household in blissful silence.


Static Electricity

Preventing Static ElectricityThis page is about preventing static electricity. There are many materials that can give you a shock.


Black countertop.

What Type of Countertop Material Is This?I'm trying to find out if this countertop is granite or what it could be so I know how best to safely clean it (etc).



Humidify Your HomeThis is a page about how to humidify your home. You can get relief from dry indoor air, by adding humidity. Luckily, this does not necessarily mean purchasing an expensive humidifier.


A petunia growing in a crack in pavement.

Growing Plants in Pavement Cracks?This page is about growing plants in pavement cracks. Sometime you may want to have fragrant or pretty plants growing in the spaces of the driveway, paving stones, or sidewalks.


Tile Floor

Painting a Tile Floor?This is a page about painting a tile floor. Rather than replacing an outdated or dingy tile floor you may be considering trying to paint it.


Teddybear sitting next to a childproofed outlet.

Child Proofing Your HouseMaking sure that children are safe when they are in your home requires some thinking. This page is about child proofing your house.


Sanding Wood

Refurbishing WoodThis is a page about refurbishing wood. Years of use can dull or stain wooden items such as floors or cabinets.


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Reducing Humidity Inside the House?I live in an area where there is constant high humidity. Inside the house it is on the average between 75% to 85% humidity as per my hygrometer. This is above normal and it is not good for the body. Is there anything I can do to lower the humidity levels inside the house? Thank you so much for your prompt response.


Re-Caulking Around Toilet

Removing Old CaulkingThis is a page about removing old caulking. The first step in recaulking around fixtures, countertops, and other areas is to remove the existing caulking.


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Camouflaging a Beam on Vaulted Ceiling?We are updating our ceiling by drywalling over a wood beam. How much can we shorten the beam that is at the peak of our vaulted ceiling? We want to drywall over it and make it as unobvious as possible.


Cutting PVC pipe

Cutting PVC PipeThis is a page about cutting PVC pipe. Whether you are putting in a sprinkler system, doing some plumbing, or using PVC for a craft project, knowing how to cut it successfully will ensure project success.


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Putting a Sticker on Glass?I purchased a sticker with peeling film, but it does not have any glue on it. Is there any way to fix this sticker on glass?


Tools for home improvment.

Organizing Home Improvement ProjectsThis page is about organizing home improvement projects. Having all the materials and tools ready to complete a project will save you time and money.


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Reducing Noise from Children's Room in an Apartment?I am moving to an apartment (renting). Having 2 young boys and a baby I am worried about the noise they'll make for the downstairs neighbour. How can I insulate their room for noise? I don't want to be a bad neighbour and at the same time I don't want to prohibit my kids from playing.


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Making a Self Contained Sink?How do you make a self contained sink if there is no running water available?


Preparing Your Home for Guests, A guest room in a home.

Preparing Your Home for GuestsThis is a page about preparing your home for guests. There are many ways that you can prepare ahead of time for having guests stay at your house. Planning ahead will reduce stress and help make your guests more comfortable.


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Cheap Brackets for a Glass Shelf?I need brackets for a glass shelf that are not expensive. Can any one help? All I can find at Home Depot are just out of my budget. They start at $4.99 and up. Thanks.


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Remedy for Smelly Water? We have rotten egg water. When we wash our hair it still smells like the water does. Anyone have any ideas on how to get the smell out?


COntractor standing outside a home that is under construction.

Hiring a Good ContractorThis is a page to hiring a good contractor. Finding the right contractor is a very important part of any construction project. A good contractor will save time and money in the long run. A bad contractor can bring an endless headache.


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What are Ceiling Tiles?I noticed a tip using ceiling tiles. Can someone please enlighten me as to what they are? I haven't a clue. Thank you.


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Making Laminate Countertops Shiny?How do you put a shine on laminate countertops? Thanks.


Black Spots in Sink?We have been getting these weird black spots in our sink. When washed away, they run like mascara. I can't figure out where it is coming from and I am worried it could be harmful to our health if it is indeed coming from the water.


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Paint versus Varnish for Finishing Doors and Windows?Which is better, for the doors and windows of a home, paint or varnish?


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Charging a Battery with a Wind Turbine?What does it take to control the current when charging a battery bank with a wind turbine?


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Making a Colored Rug White?I have an 8x10 mostly white rug with some orange and pink circles. I want to make the whole rug white. Does anyone have any suggests on how to accomplish this?


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Painting Bathroom Tiles?How do I paint bathroom tiles?


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caulk removing tool

Tool for Removing Old CaulkingI needed to remove the old caulking between the backsplash and the counter. I found a really neat tool at Lowe's that made this task very quick and easy!


Spring Spruce UpsSpring invites sprucing up, but budgets don't necessarily invite it. When your heart wants some fresh colors and subtle decorating changes, don't let your bank account stop you. For a few pennies, a fresh look can welcome you.


tiles and plans

Home Improvement: Surprising Places for...When shopping for larger home improvement items, price outside the box. While the do-it-yourself option seems to be the most frugal, that's not always the case. Expecting to find the best deal at a large home improvement store rather than a specialized dealer is also a false assumption.


Smart and Thrifty Curb Appeal Ideas

Smart and Thrifty Curb Appeal IdeasWith Memorial Day behind us, the unofficial start of summer is here. If the increased time you've been spending outdoors has made you notice some of the unsightly features of your home's exterior, then set aside time to increase your home's curb appeal.


Cultured Marble Counters

Refinishing Cultured Marble Counters?To make this project easier I removed my faucet and drain.


Top Ten Secrets of a Handyman

Top Ten Secrets of a HandymanI convinced my husband, who runs his own home repair and maintenance business, to give me his "top ten" repairs that homeowners can do themselves and his secrets for making them easy.



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Help Getting a Wheelchair Ramp?I live in Westland Michigan. My next door neighbor fell and had a stroke. She needs a wheelchair ramp and we do not have enough money to help. We can't find one that is affordable and we're not sure what to do.


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Locating a Consecutive Beeping Sound in My House?I am experiencing a beeping noise in my house. There are 3 consecutive beeps a pause and then it beeps again. This has been going on for 48 hours and I cannot find the cause?


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Sulfur Smell Coming from Well Water?I recently shocked my well and instead of smelling bleach as I ran it through the pipes I started to smell sulfur, is this normal?


Wallpaper to Coordinate with Discontinued Graham and Brown -  paintable wallpaper

Wallpaper to Coordinate with Discontinued Graham and Brown?I am looking to match this old wallpaper. In my hallway at present it's up the stairs and landing. I am having some work done where one wall will have to be stripped, which is a long wall and can be a feature. I can't face stripping it all off. It's superfresco paintable I think, but can't find it anywhere. I am thinking of keeping it up my stairs, but don't know what to match it with.


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Mounting a Tri-fold Bed in an Armoire?I am looking for the cheapest way to have a tri-folding bed come out of an armoire.


Installing Sunscreen Netting on Aluminum Carport - carport supports and car in background

Installing Sunscreen Netting on Aluminum Carport?I would like to install sunscreen netting on the upright stanchions of the aluminum awning that shelters the driveway of my mobile home. Any ideas of how to do this? This would give me some privacy from my neighbors and keep the sun off my beautiful red car. You can see one of the stanchions in the picture, but there are actually four of them along the driveway.


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