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This page contains tips and advice about home improvement projects for your kitchen.

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Man paining cabinets white

Refinishing Laminate CabinetsThis is a page about refinishing laminate cabinets. Some special preparation may be needed to refinish your laminate cabinets; but it can be done.


Kitchen With Cherry Cabinets

Paint Color Advice for a Kitchen With Cherry...This is a page about kitchen paint advice with cherry cabinets. Choosing the right wall paint color with dark wood cabinets can make a big difference in the look of your kitchen.


Old fashioned kitchen with white laminate cabinets and white Formica Counters

Transforming Old Formica CountertopsThis is a page about transforming old Formica countertops. After years of use Formica countertops can become dull and worn.


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Making a Deep Kitchen Cabinet More Accesible?Is there an easy and inexpensive way to modify a deep-to-the-side corner cabinet that's under my kitchen counter to make it more accessible? The way it is now, I have to get on my hands and knees and shove my items to the closed-in side to the right. So, in order to get to these baking pans, etc. I must unload part of the cabinet in front of me first. Any suggestions?


painting a countertop

Painting a Laminate Counter TopPainting your old laminate countertops gives your kitchen a brand new look without the expense of buying new countertops! Look below for first hand experience and step by step instructions for painting laminate countertops.


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Replacing Kitchen Cabinet Doors and Drawers?I have 2 kitchen cabinets that need a door replaced and a drawer replaced. I have no idea how to find someone to make replacements for these 2 pieces and what the cost would be. Does anyone have any idea who to contact about this?



Refinished Kitchen Cabinets

Refinishing Kitchen CabinetsThis page is about refinishing kitchen cabinets. An inexpensive way to give your kitchen a new look is to refinish your cabinets.


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Using Peel and Stick Tiles on a Countertop?I live in an old home and can't financially replace my countertops with Formica or the other normal ways. I found some peel and stick tiles at our local home improvement store.


DIY Backsplash - aqua wall behind sink with the placemats cut in half and mounted behind sink

DIY Dollar Store Placemat BacksplashAn inexpensive way you can create a new backsplash for your kitchen is by using cheap placemats. This page contains the steps for a DIY dollar store placemat backsplash.


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Backsplash Without Using Ceramic Tiles?I want to put a back-splash behind my stove besides ceramic tiles. Anyone have any other ideas? Inexpensive!


A marble pattern like that of a painted countertop.

Envirotex Countertops and Food Safety?Painting laminate countertops to resemble stone became quite popular several years ago. They were finished with a layer of Envirotex sealer. This is a page about Envirotex countertops and food safety.


Man talking to paint store employee

Painting CountertopsThis is a page about painting countertops. One DIY project that can save you money and brighten up a kitchen or bath is painting the old countertops.


Mounting a Spice Rack on Your Wall, Spice rack hanging on a wall.

Mounting a Spice Rack on Your WallThis is a page about mounting a spice rack on your wall. Putting your spices on a spice rack is a great way to organize your spices. A wall mounted rack keeps them out of the way yet still convenient.


Protecting the end of your faucet.

Protecting Your Sink FaucetThere are lots of ways to help keep your kitchen sink looking new. Here's one more.


The painted kitchen backsplash.

Easy Kitchen BacksplashGreat way to spruce up your backsplash.


A dish drainer with no bottom tray.

Finding A Bottom for a Smaller Dish DrainerI wanted to give myself some more counter space. My drainer took up a lot, and didn't prevent water from going under and sitting there for days. So today I found the perfect size. It's sturdy, smaller and will encourage me to do my dishes more often. However, it didn't come with a drainer tray. So before I went to another store to find the perfect one, I looked around at what I had at home.


A faucet with a multifunction sprayer on the end, with markings in Sharpie.

Marking a Sprayer on a Kitchen FaucetSometimes, it can be difficult to tell what setting your sprayer may be on, but marking it can make it simple. This page is about marking a sprayer on a kitchen faucet.


A small kitchen with wood cabinets.

Renovating a Small Kitchen?Having a tiny kitchen can pose many challenges when updating the space. This is a page about renovating a small kitchen.


Pots and pans on a pot rack.

Making a Pot RackThis is a page about making a pot rack. The possibilities are endless when it comes to making your own pot rack. You can use endless materials, customizing it for your needs and decorative style.


Bright kitchen with orange cabinets.

Paint Color Ideas to Brighten KitchenKitchens can often be small and dreary. An easy way to brighten the space up is by using colorful paint. This page contains paint color ideas to brighten kitchen.


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Recoating Giani Top Coat With Epoxy?I did a Giani counter top. It is a good system, but the top coat is not so good. I want to epoxy over the water based acrylic clear top coat. Can I put oil based urethane over the top coat? Can anyone recommend a clear primer for the epoxy?



Old kitchen with green laminate countertops.

Can I Glue New Laminate Over Old Laminate?It is possible to lay new laminate over old as long as you use the proper adhesive and methodology. This is a page about, "Can I glue new laminate over old laminate?".


The corner of a wood cabinet door.

Restaining Old Kitchen CabinetsRather than replace old kitchen cabinets consider restraining them. You can have a new clean look for a lot less money. This is a page about restaining old kitchen cabinets.


RE: Painting Counter Tops To Look Like Granite

Painting Counter Tops to Look Like GraniteCreating the look of granite on your countertop using paints can be a real challenge. This is a page about painting counter tops to look like granite.


Painted laminate countertop.

New Countertops for Less Than $100You can refurbish your laminate countertops for under $100. Learn how to get new countertops in this page.


Raising a Cutting Board

Raising a Cutting BoardThis is a page about raising a cutting board. If you need to raise the height of your cutting board to help keep your counter clean, you can glue feet to the bottom.


Kitchen Counter Tops being installed

Saving Money on Kitchen CountertopsThis is a page about saving money on kitchen countertops. Replacing kitchen counter tops can be very expensive. There are ways you can save money by refurbishing the existing ones or using cheaper materials.


Close up of a man's hands attaching a cabinet door to the cabinet hinge using a screwdriver

Frugal Ideas for Replacing Cabinet Doors?This is a page about frugal ideas for replacing cabinet doors. Older cabinet doors can show their age and usage making your kitchen look shabby.


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Staining Kitchen Cabinets?I put a weathered gray stain on my cabinets in my kitchen. The cabinets were sanded to bare wood and I put a wood conditioner on them. They turned out gray blue. What to do to to correct? The manufacturer has no help for me.


Tile Countertops

Installing Tile Countertops?This is a page about installing tile countertops. Tile countertops are a less expensive alternative to granite for updating and customizing your kitchen or bath.


Thrifty Kitchen Makeover Ideas

Thrifty Kitchen Makeover IdeasThis is a page about thrifty kitchen makeover ideas. Without having to do an extensive remodel, there are a number of ways to give your kitchen a new look.


Kitchen Cabinets

Glazing Kitchen Cabinets?This is a page about glazing kitchen cabinets. You may want to add glaze to your cabinets to give them an antique look.


Faux Tin Kitchen Backsplash

Making a Faux Tin Kitchen BacksplashThis is a page about making a faux tin kitchen backsplash. If you like the look of metal for a backsplash, there are ways to make it appear similar to tin.


Choosing Kitchen Backsplash

Choosing Kitchen Backsplash Color?This page is about choosing a kitchen backsplash color. You want to choose a color for the panel behind your counter, sink and stove that looks good with other colors in your kitchen.


Copper Kitchen Sink

Considering a Copper Kitchen Sink?This page is about considering a copper kitchen sink. Know the cost and necessary care for a stunning copper sink before installing it in your kitchen.


Tiled Kitchen Wall

Kitchen Wall Tile Color Advice?This is a page about kitchen wall tile color advice. Making sure your tile color is right is an essential step changing out or adding tile to the kitchen.



A nice kitchen with granite countertops and white cabinets.

Coordinating Granite Countertops With Kitchen...Make your kitchen look even better by coordinating your cabinets with the color of your granite countertops. This is a page about coordinating granite countertops with kitchen cabinets.



Installing a Tip Out Sink Tray?This page is about installing a tip out sink tray. A convenient creative way to use of all your kitchen space.


Homemade Spice Rack

Homemade Spice Rack IdeasThis page contains homemade spice rack ideas. There are creative ways to keep your spices close at hand and easy to find.


Kitchen with light colored cabinets.

Choosing a Kitchen Cabinet Color?This page is about choosing a kitchen cabinet color. Determining what color will be best for your kitchen cupboards can be fun.


Kitchen Countertops

Choosing the Right Kitchen Countertops?This page is about choosing the right kitchen countertops. Depending on what you have to spend, there are many different materials to make beautiful countertops.


Kitchen Countertop

Building Your Own Countertops?This is a page about building your own countertops. Building your own countertops gives you the freedom to customize the look of your kitchen or bath and perhaps save money at the same time.


commercial kitchen

Setting Up a Commercial Kitchen at Home?This page is about setting up a commercial kitchen at home. It is important to follow your local health deoartment's rules and regulations when planning to produce food in your house.


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Applying Daich Coating to a Countertop?This is a page about applying Daich coating to a countertop. Rather than replace your laminate countertops, there are spreadable coatings that will renew and beautify them.


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Use Place Mats for Shelves in FridgeI hate cleaning the shelves in the fridge. I've found that cloth place mats are generally the size of the shelves in the side by side fridges. I've learned by placing the cloth place mats on the shelves, when it comes time to clean, it makes cleaning the fridge so much easier.


Renovating Your Kitchen on Budget, Red tool box full of tools.

Renovating Your Kitchen on Budget?This is a page about renovating your kitchen on a budget. Updating any room in your home can be a pricey adventure, but the kitchen is especially difficult to do inexpensively. Finding ways to purchase appliances for less or saving on labor costs can add up to big savings.


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Refurbishing an Older Formica Kitchen Counter Top?I have a very old counter top in my kitchen (1970s) and I would like to redo it. It is a laminated top and it is coming up on the edges and is stained terribly. I cannot afford a new one, so I would like to see if anyone knows of a way to redo the old one.


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Health Concerns With Painted Countertops?Are there any issues with food preparations on the painted countertops, especially with the use of Envirotex or the poly?


Wax Paper on Wood Table

Uses for Wax PaperThis is a page about uses for wax paper. Wax paper can be found in most household kitchens. It's very useful for use in food preparation and storage. However, it can also be helpful with crafts and other things around the house.


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Adding Molding to Laminate Cabinet Doors?Before painting laminate cabinet doors in a kitchen, I would really like to add trim to make the flat surfaces look more like real wood. Is this possible? And how do I do it?


Completed tile back splash made up of small tiles and 7 large tiles

Take Photo of Tile Design to Assist InstallerI recently hired a professional tile layer to install the tile back splash in my kitchen. I decided to lay out my tiles on the floor in the design that I wanted. I then took a photo of the layout to show to the installer.


Kitchen sink with wooden cutting board cover

Sink Cover to Maximize Counter SpaceMy husband constructed two wooden cutting boards to fit my double sink to increase my counter space. The stove is to the left of the double sink; there is no space to the left of the stove for cooking preparation.


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Kitchen Backsplash Ideas?I have a small galley type kitchen. I am painting my cabinets light gray, the trim white, and walls sunny yellow. The cabinet hardware is flat black and the countertops are black. I have one stretch of cabinets 11' long and the other, between stove and fridge, is approximately 5' long.


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Painting the Inside of Kitchen Cupboards?The inside of the kitchen cupboards, like the shelves, have been marked over the years by canned goods, etc. My wife would like to paint them. Would you suggest Melamine paint or another product?


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Ledge When Replacing Cabinet HingesWe have just completed an extensive remodel on our condo. We want to make it old people friendly while we can still walk around. DH (aka Joe) is changing out the hinges on the kitchen cupboards. The old ones have 30 years of paint and gunk on them.


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What Product Can I Use to Make Old Formica Countertops Look New?Is there a product out now used to make older kitchen Formica countertops look new? Something I can do myself? Thanks!


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How Do I Build a Kitchen Island?I just bought a fixer-upper and badly need a kitchen island, but with all the other expenses, I can't afford one. I have an antique table that would work, but it's not tall enough. Has anyone ever made a kitchen island, and what did you use to make it?


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Kitchen With Black and Silver Granite Countertops?My kitchen countertops are black with silver granite. What colors would be best for countertop accessories and walls?


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Painting Arborite Composition Countertops?How would I paint my kitchen counters? They are blue Arborite, a paper and melamin composition material similar to Formica. I did hear that Hardrock paint is good; is that true?


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Brightening Cabinet Finish Without Stripping?Does anyone have a way to make dark kitchen cupboards with an antique finish look brighter? I don't want to strip, but they are way too dark for the small area. Any hints will be welcome.


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Removing Formica from Countertop and Staining Underlying Wood?I am thinking about removing my Formica from my countertop and staining the wood. I would like to know what would be the best products to use to seal it and make it permanent?


cabinet end panel

Finishing the End Panel on Cherry Cabinets?I have few cherry wood cabinets. There is no panel cover on the side of cabinets. I need to find cherry, wood color paint or 1/6 inch cherry colored wood to cover the side of the cabinet. Any suggestions for where to look?


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Refurbishing a Fiberglass Sink?I have been using fibreglass sinks in my kitchen, it's been over 10 years now and it has scratches and stains. Is there any way of maybe re-coating or polishing it to make it look new again?


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Painting a Kitchen Countertop With Back Splash and Trim?Do you have to remove the tile back splash and trim around your kitchen counter or can you paint and seal right over it? Great job on everyone's projects!


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Wood Stain Not Drying on Cabinets?I stripped the stain from cabinets that have quite a bit of age on them. Now that they are stripped, I have applied Minwax stain on them, but the stain is not drying. What did I do wrong and how can I fix my dilemma?


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Building a Corner Support for New Countertops?I am redoing my kitchen and do not like corner cabinets and the way doors open. Plus the area is small and the stove/oven will have to fit next to the 45 degree turn. The problem is what do I build in this corner to support the countertops.


Island Stove Top Results in Grease Splattering on Carpet?My stove top is in the island. Oil splatters over into the carpeted walkway in back of it and also to the right side. I have been tying to figure out what I could put behind the stove that would be easy to take to the kitchen sink for cleaning.


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Inexpensive Backsplash Ideas?We have recently retired and moved to GA. We purchased a single wide mobile home with a beautiful "stick built" addition. The kitchen however, is just "mobile home" quality. I'd like to paint the cabinets, install a back splash, and "clean it up"!


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Inexpensive Countertop and Backsplash Ideas?I am looking for cheap kitchen countertop and backsplash ideas.


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Thrifty Kitchen Update?How do I update a kitchen on a limited budget?


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Ideas for Transforming Kitchen Countertops?I am looking for ideas for transforming my kitchen countertops.


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Is Envirotex Safe to Use Near a Range Top?I'm considering painting my countertops and either using Envirotex or polyurethane as a top coat. My concern is that I have a cook-top, not a free-standing unit, and was wondering if the heat emitted from that would have any affect on the counter-top?


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Painting Kitchen Cabinet Hinges?I want to replace my current copper (could be brass) kitchen cabinet hinges with new stainless ones. My kitchen cabinets are probably as old as my 30+ year old house.


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Painting the Aluminum Strips on Older Formica Counters?I am doing faux painting on my laminate countertop. I need to paint the aluminum strips that are along the front and side edges. What can I do to prep the aluminum?


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Repairing a Hollow Veneer Cabinet Door?How do I repair a hollow veneer cabinet door? In sections the veneer has been sanded through some of the layers. This is a raised panel, hollow core kitchen cabinet door, painting isn't an option.


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Paint Advice for Backsplash?Can I use Rustoleum hammered finish on my kitchen wall backsplash? Will it look metallic?


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Choosing a New Kitchen Sink?I am planning on getting new granite counter tops, however I'm torn which type of sink I should get: stainless steel, porcelain, or Corian. I think they all have their downside, especially staining. Any suggestions or comments would be helpful.


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Refinishing Laminate Countertops?How do I refinish my laminate countertops?


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Sealing Wallpaper on Countetops?I decided to wallpaper my kitchen countertops. So far, so good. What type of sealer should I use, that is both colorless and water-resistant?


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Cabinet Hardware Advice?My cabinets are brown. I wanted to just paint the doors and add different handles. What color would go with the brown? I am just trying for a quick fix, as I am retiring in a couple of years.


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Painting a Counter Top?How do you paint a kitchen counter top?


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Drying Times for Painting Laminate Countertops?Do I have to wait for each color to dry before applying another color?


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Moving Handles on Cabinets?What can I do to update my kitchen cabinets? They are pecan finish and they still look great so I don't want to change the color. The problem is they have center pulls to open them, yep, right smack dab in the middle of the door.


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Tile Floor and Countertops Don't Coordinate ?My hubby and I remodeled our kitchen and the ceramic tile floor and granite countertops don't really go together. Is there anything we can do without spending a lot of money?


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Sealing a Painted Formica Counter Top?I painted a Formica countertop and a professional painter told me that I could put a waterbased polyurethane on for a final finish. Any comments on this?


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Making Kitchen Countertops Out of Wood ?I need information on using Pine boards to create a kitchen counter top.


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Backsplash Ideas for Granite Countertops?I am looking for some advice and designs on installing a kitchen backsplash after installing a granite countertop. I would like to see pictures if possible or designs or suggestions. Please help!


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Beware Using Glitter When Refinishing Counter TopsI refinished my counter tops with granite spray and enviro and thought it would be a good idea to use glitter to resemble granite. What a disaster! The glitter stood straight up, made bumps all over the counters. I haven't tried sanding them, but plan to do that soon. If that doesn't work, I will try to pour another layer of the enviro over the counters.


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Preventing Cabinet Doors from Warping?I am refacing my kitchen cabinets with solid alder slab doors. How do I prevent warping of the doors?


Redoing Fake Butcher Block Counters?My counter top is fake butcher block, I would like to redo it somehow. Any ideas that are cheap and easy to do? My kitchen is done with pale yellow walls and apple decor. Thanks.


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Cabinet Color for Small Kitchen?I have a small kitchen, I would like to know the best combination for the cabinets and countertops? Would you recommend the dark cabinets or light? I have white tile floors. Thanks.


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Revamping Kitchen Cabinets?I need ideas for a way to revamp my kitchen cabinets! They are old home made kind with thin wood. I would like to put a trim on them and either paint or stain them. Any neat ideas for a color out of the ordinary? We are also putting in new wood floors that we haven't yet picked a color for! Help.


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Orange and Pearl Color Scheme In Kitchen?I just bought a small house and am having trouble decorating the kitchen. We want the kitchen to have some cozy color thus we looked for orange and pearl (for the cabinet) with black for the surfaces and edges. However, we do not know which color for the floor.


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Giving Your Kitchen Flair and CharmWith a little flair and imagination, you can create a kitchen of great charm and character, and for relatively little cost. Give your cabinets a face-lift with a new coat of paint or stain (don't forget to sand off the varnish first).


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Flecks for Painted Countertops?Where can I buy flecks to sprinkle on my newly painted counter tops?


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Use Magnets To Keep Cupboards ClosedI live in an older mobile home and let's just say, they didn't put in the best quality kitchen cabinets. I had a hard time keeping my cupboards shut whenever I closed them until I used magnets.


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Building a Backsplash on a Flat Formica Counter Top?How could I build a backsplash on a flat Formica counter top? My sink is on a flat counter top with no vertical surface for a backsplash.


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Should I Choose a Dark or Light Counter Top?I am needing to choose a counter top for my kitchen. I have light maple cabinets and the kitchen is not very big but it has a lot of windows and a big sliding glass door. I have looked at so many colors and I am stuck on whether to pick a dark or light counter top. What is the rule of thumb on this subject, or is their one?


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Shining Quartz Counter Tops?Is there a way to shine Quartz counter tops?


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Refinishing Formica with Spreadstone?I am thinking of refinishing my Formica counter top with Spreadstone product. Do I need to remove the sink or can I go up to the lip, or even over the lip to make it look like an under mound? If anyone has already used this product please let me know how it is holding up.


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What Do You Think of Your White Cook Top?Does anyone have a white electric cook top? Would you buy white again? Are they hard to keep clean?


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Buying Cabinets Vs. Building Your Own?Were going to be putting in new kitchen cabinets, and doing a new tile floor. I have priced ready built cabinets, but am also considering building them. Can someone tell me the cost difference in the two? I would like to go with oak cabinets.


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Cabinet with Unfinished EndThis is another idea to save money when installing new cabinets. If your cabinets do not end in a corner, you need some kind of "cap" to finish them off. I cut a piece of masonite to fit, and then glued can labels that I saved ahead of time....just whatever I used in the kitchen such as beans, tuna, peaches, etc. Thin down some white glue and spread it on the masonite board to cover. A damp sponge works well for this project.


Kitchen Makeover

A Beautiful Unique Kitchen MakeoverAfter sanding, priming, painting and adding antique silverware to my twenty year old, dark, dull and just plain outdated kitchen cabinets, putting in new counter tops, new appliances and painting the walls, I now have a beautiful, unique kitchen that I am proud to say was done by ME!


Painting a Faux Granite Counter Top

Painting a Faux Granite Counter TopI wanted to share my personal experience and tips for any of you considering doing this. I researched this project thoroughly before I actually took the plunge, and in my opinion, this method produced the best results.



A marble countertop.

Options for Kitchen Remodel?I am in need of some advice. I am so confused on what color do my faucets and hardware need to be if I'm doing white cabinets, a light sage green walls and this countertop. Hubby wants stainless steel appliances but I feel like if we do stainless steel appliances, I can't do the matte black hardware on my cabinets? Any input is appreciated.


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Choosing a Kitchen Sink Color?I have a black stove and a black refrigerator. What color sink would match, black or stainless?


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Painting Kitchen Countertops?I have a yellow kitchen and need to update my 1965 counter top. I want to paint it. How do I do it and should I do it in black with black and white cupboards?


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Kitchen Sink and Faucet Color Advice?We have remodeled our kitchen. We went with cream cabinets, brushed bronze hardware, stainless steel countertops, and the color of the walls is seasalt. The appliances are stainless steel with black. What color faucet and sink should I go with?


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Painting Laminate Countertops?After proper preparation, I sealed my countertop and did a granite look finish with acrylic paints. I was sold an acrylic water based polyurethane as a top coat and followed the directions. It has peeled off in 2 areas. I have touched it up and recoated, but am now concerned that this will continue. Can I sand, and put a coat of oil based polyurethane over this?


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Updating Oak Kitchen Cabinets?I am looking to update my kitchen cabinets. They are high quality oak cabinets, but from the 70s. I don't want to paint them. Any suggestions would be very helpful. I will be changing the knobs. These same cabinets are in my bathrooms and laundry room.


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